Imaginary Lover

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Female Ejaculation

This story was inspired by one very hot man – he knows who he is. . .

It all started when he changed his avatar. Jessie had mostly lurked on the message board, posting here and there, but the forum with the pics was her favorite. He was a prolific poster there, and she had smiled to herself more than once at the various signatures he had used – an eclectic mix of quotes from obscure literature, as well as late 20th century rock-and-roll lyrics. She admired people who had actually read and found meaning in multiple genres, possessing the same quality herself. Most of the members, including Jessie, had used a mix of widely available commercial avatars as well as real life photos, and most changed them fairly frequently. She was working at home that day and had decided to reward herself for completing a thirty-page report by cruising the net for a few minutes.

Since Jessie visited the board every day, she noticed almost immediately when his new av went up. She actually gasped when she noticed – the picture of his erect cock was so erotic. She was instantly aroused, feeling the wetness from her pussy making her panties damp. Somehow she knew that it was really a pic of him, but to find out, she posted immediately under him in one of the other forums, and ended with a simple comment, “Nice av.” A few posts later she saw the reply that bursa escort confirmed her thought. It really was him.

Men are stimulated visually, but women need emotional stimulation to become aroused. Who came up with that psycho-babble bullshit theory? As far as Jessie was concerned, there was nothing hotter than seeing a man’s stiff prick, unless it was the rush she got from feeling his cock get hard in her mouth. She right-clicked and saved the av to her pictures. Then she loaded photo paper in the printer. Very shortly afterward, she placed the picture in the drawer in her nightstand.


It was later than usual when Jessie lay down to sleep that night. The seasons were changing, from spring into summer, and tonight was probably one of the last nights till fall that it would be comfortable to sleep with the window open. She’d had trouble sleeping the last few nights, but hoped the combination of a soft cool breeze blowing across her naked body and the sound of wind chimes outside her window would lull her to dreamless slumber.

She closed her eyes and tried to clear all the day’s clutter from her mind. She had to think about something else but work, or she’d have another night, tossing and turning till dawn sleeping only in short, dream filled naps. She remembered a visualization exercise bursa escort bayan she had learned a few years ago in a session at a metaphysical fair she had attended. She just needed something on which to focus. The bedroom curtain fluttered in the breeze, and she felt cool air drift across her body. Her nipples responded, becoming taut, sensitive peaks and she reached up to pinch them as the image of the avatar appeared in her mind.

Jessie kept her eyes closed, and focused on his stiff cock. She knew how hard and warm it would feel, the satiny head grazing her lips as she opened her mouth to taste. His hands would be twined in her hair as she knelt in front of him, fucking her mouth. She wondered if she would be able to take it all into her throat, feeling the hot spurts of spunk coming faster than she could swallow, cum dripping out of her mouth as over her head he groaned with the pleasure.

She let her hands stroke her skin lightly as her fingers trailed down her belly to her mound. She parted her lips with her hands as she let her finger graze her swollen clit, slick with her juices. In her mind, she was on all fours in front of him, feeling the tip of his cock as he rubbed it up and down her slit, teasing her unmercifully until he plunged into her tight, wet heat. She reached under her ass with two fingers of her other escort bursa hand, fucking herself with them as she imagined him taking her from behind – making her take all of it, hard and deep, one hand wrapped up in her hair as he held her hip with the other, driving into her cunt over and over, until it hurt just so damn good. The rush of sensations flooded over her as she felt her pussy tightening on his rigid shaft while the waves of her orgasm rocked her. He still fucked her, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he emptied his balls deep into her pussy, before he withdrew to let her lick their juices off his prick.

As she lay back on her pillow, Jessie could feel the ripples of pleasure echo in her belly. She waited for her breathing to slow down before rolling over to her side. Sleep claimed her almost instantly, and when she woke to the sound of the alarm the next morning, she was pretty sure she had not changed position all night. She clipped a couple of pink roses from the bush by her front door to put in a vase on her desk at work. The workday fairly flew by – as did the next one, and the one after that. Each night, she gazed at the picture, fantasizing how his cock would taste or feel in yet another position or setting. She smiled as a little chill danced over her, remembering last night’s interlude. . . watching him stroke his throbbing dick till it erupted, feeling his hot cum showering her clit and pussy as she rubbed and fucked herself with her fingers. Then, deep, restful sleep from which she did not wake till morning. She wondered if he had a cumshot. . .

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