Just lie back and imagine me with you. Listen to my voice. You won’t be allowed to touch yourself unless I give you permission. Your hands will be my hands. Even though we’ve never met, I know you. I already know you. Your body, your wants, your beauty. They are the same as mine. Just listen, and picture what I’m saying as though I was right there with you.

Turn onto your stomach. Imagine my eyes on you, sweeping down the slopes of your beautiful back. I would just look at you, memorizing your curves, not saying a word. You start to get impatient. Imagine me straddling you, my weight settling on the small of your back, skin to skin. Picture my hands brushing your hair aside, my fingernails lightly scraping down your neck to settle at your shoulders. I would start by massaging you. Can you feel it? My fingers digging deep into your tight muscles to loosen the knots at your shoulders and back? Can you feel the brush of my hands as they travel down your back, spreading to your sides? Mm, you sound like you can feel it. I would revel in the lovely suppleness of your skin. I would take my time, massaging all your tension and stress away. Touch your shoulders now. Give yourself a little massage, and imagine it’s me. Can you feel my knees pressed tightly against your sides while I lean into the motion of the massage?

Finally, you are relaxed. Your mind, at least. Your body is another story. I know this because it is the same for me. Imagine my weight shifting momentarily against your back followed by the cold, viscous sensation of liquid being trickled on you. You soon smell the saccharine scent of maple syrup. You get irritated because it’s so sticky, but I promise you I’ll clean it off. Picture me following through, laying the flat of my tongue on your spine and licking up in broad strokes, like a cat would with cream. Can you feel the heat, the wetness of my tongue as it explores you? Can you picture all the other places I could taste, if I was with you right now? Ah, yes, just as I thought.

The syrup is soon gone, but my ministrations don’t stop. Imagine me going from long, slow strokes to the teasing tickle of the tip of my tongue as it dances over you. I finally sit back and survey my work. Your luscious body is glistening and damp from my saliva. Imagine my hands starting at your neck again. But this time it’s not to massage, it’s to explore, to claim. Imagine me sliding my hands down the perfect column of your back before I suddenly give a hard, brief squeeze to your ass. Oh, yes, you like that. That sudden heat pooling down deep, I have it too. God, you are beautiful. Your skin is unblemished ivory, smooth and soft. So soft, like a pillow. Fuck, I want you. I wish I was there now.

I briefly lose control. Imagine me sliding up your body and twining my fingers through the rich bursa escort fall of your hair. Without warning, picture me wrapping it around my fist and yanking your head back, not enough to hurt but enough to show you I mean business. Mm-hm, I hear how much that arouses you.

You arch up, your hair pulled taut. You can only see me from the corner of your eyes, as I’m still straddling you. What do you think you would see? Lust, heat, urgency? Picture it as I lean in to place soft kisses along your jaw, a sharp contrast to the dominance with which I’m holding you. You like that? Mm, maybe dominance and submission is something we can explore another time. Maybe in person. Do you want to kiss me back? I won’t let you yet. I keep your head held in place. Imagine now as I kiss up your jaw and nibble lightly at your earlobe while my breasts are crushed to you and I rock gently against you, leaving evidence of my own arousal on the small of your back.

Fuck, I am so hot right now. Turn over. I would get off you and sit on my ankles while watching you.

Ohhhh, yes. You are completely exposed to me now. Imagine us just watching each other, wordlessly. I’m in awe of your body; it’s stunning. Touch yourself as I would you now. Use your hands to explore your torso before gently cupping your breasts, and imagine they’re my hands. Tell me how they feel. Ah, yes, so sweet. I imagine your own hands on me as I touch myself too. We are the same. I touch myself, and I also touch you. I feel me, and it is feeling you. I know you want to touch me too.

No, you may not go any further yet. Massage your gorgeous tits like you imagined I did to your back. Stick two fingers in your mouth. Get them nice and wet, and then circle your nipple with them. Imagine it’s my tongue, my hot mouth on you. Tweak your nipple, and then picture it’s my teeth instead as I roll my eyes up to watch your reaction. Oh, yes, baby. You think you’re moaning now, just wait.

What’s that? You’d rather imagine me watching your reaction from another place on your body? Ah, yes, funny you should mention that. I was just thinking the same.

But first, picture me moving up to kiss your exquisite mouth, my tongue parting your lips to delve deep and explore. Picture one hand cupping your jaw while the other plays with aching passion on your breast. Can you feel the weight of my body pressing you down into the bed? I would arch up just enough to let your own hands squeeze and knead my tits. Ah, I can’t stand it. My nipples are so hard against your fingernails, can you imagine? The heat deep inside us is turning into a sharp ache.

I want you to spread your legs for me. I want you to think of me watching your delicious pussy bared for me as I imagine the same. I picture the ripe pinkness of your exposed cunt so similar to mine, bursa escort bayan your juices spread all the way to your upper thighs. Ooh, no, not yet. Just wait. Imagine me leaning forward to breathe you in, the tip of my tongue tickling your inner thigh as I get a taste of you. Picture it as I spread your lips wide, exposing you even more. I can tell by your gasp that you have. Beautiful, baby, you are so beautiful. Imagine me leaning my head against your thigh and just looking you over at my own lazy perusal. Finally, picture me taking my finger and tracing the outside of your pussy lips as though I had all the time in the world. I know you want to fuck. I do too. But if we can’t share this in person, then at least I’m going to make it last.

Pretend it’s me, and lift your finger to your lips to taste yourself. What is it like? Mm, yeah, baby, I bet it’s even sweeter than that. Oh, God, I can’t take anymore. Touch yourself now, and imagine it’s me. I’m going to do the same and imagine it’s you. Take my fingers, and part your gorgeous lips. Dip the tip of my index finger in your pussy for just a moment. Ooh, yeah, like that. So tight, baby. Come back up, circle your clit. Now let my finger just graze over it while my other hand comes back up to squeeze your tits. Oh! Oh, yeah, fuck, that’s it!

No! No! Stop immediately! You are too close to coming already; I hear you! Lay your hands flat at your sides, palms facing down. You are not to touch yourself. I don’t care what you want. Just breathe. Come down a little. No, you may not close your legs. I know what you’re planning, and it’s not going to work. Just ease back.

Better? Mm, good. Imagine me giving you a well-deserved kiss, the silky slide of our lips rubbing back and forth against each other. Perfect. Imagine me now reaching next to us and bringing back your vibrator. Yours is pink? Mine is blue, the size of the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and perfectly shaped. You too? Wonderful! Oh, it’s a shame we’re not with each other now so we can use these on each other at the same time. Oh, God, I’d love to fuck you with yours while feeling the deep thrust as you fuck me with mine, knowing you’re sharing all the same sensations I am. Or, better yet, me using both of them on you for double penetration. No, it’s possible. We would work up to it. You could do it, trust me.

I know you don’t need lube, any more than I do. Turn yours on. Ah, yes, I hear it. Mm, you hear mine? A harmony. Oh, fuck me, I would love to work that giant cock inside you and fuck you with it as only I can. It would be so good, baby.

No, not yet. Instead, I want you to imagine it’s me holding that vibrator, eyes going back and forth from your pussy to your face. Rim the lips of your cunt with that cock, feeling the vibrations in time to the pulse of your pussy. escort bursa Run it lightly, oh so lightly, over your clit. Ahhhhh, God, yes. If I was really there, I would suck that clit between my teeth and wouldn’t stop licking until after you came at least four times. Then, I would combine clit and fingering for another four comes. After that, I would get creative.

I can just see your pussy clenching, waiting to get filled. Take my finger, and dip it into your creamy hole. Mmm, so tight and wet. So perfect. Take the vibrator now, and rest the head against your opening. Oh, fuck, I want it too, baby. My hips are arching off the bed now, wanting and waiting for you to fuck me.

Work it in now. Ooh, carefully. It’s so fucking big, it’s a process. Ease it in, feel the flesh-like dick spreading you open. Ohhhhhhhh, yeah. Thinking of your beautiful body spread before me, a giant pink dildo thrust all the way into your greedy twat is almost enough to get me off.

Yeah, work it in and out. No, not fast! Slowly, as I would do. I’d want to watch every nuance on your face while your pussy was hungrily swallowing that fake cock.

Oh, God, yeah, I am doing the same to myself. I’m imagining it’s you kneeling before my legs, fucking me any way you wanted. If my own hands were free, I’d be playing with my tits for the enjoyment of both of us, maybe occasionally running my hand down to meet yours so we could finger my clit together.

I can tell by your gasping that you’ve sped up. That’s all right, baby, I can’t stop myself either. Are you thinking that it’s me fucking you harder? Mm, that’s good. Me too. Ahhhhhh, fuck. It’s so good. Let me hear your moans. I want to hear the moment they turn to screams.

Shit, I love when you talk dirty to me too. I think what I’d really like, if I was there with you, is one long 69 session. This would be after I’ve made you come eight times with my mouth. I would swing around, lean over, and settle my snatch right up against your face. While you were occupied giving me pleasure, I would bend over your own gorgeous twat and start hungrily snacking on that clit. Then, when I would feel you start to buck beneath me, I’d switch to tonguing your juicy hole. I’d go back and forth until you were crazy. Then, when you think you couldn’t take anymore, I’d attack: sucking your clit, furiously fingering your pussy. Just as you started to come, I’d take the finger from my other hand and work it into your ass, pumping you three different ways for a blistering finish.

I know, baby, I can’t take anymore either. You’re fucking me so hard with this cock! Your fingers are rubbing so fast on my clit! My tits are bouncing up and down with the force. I’m almost there, baby, almost. OH, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, baby. I want you to imagine me with you now. Since I can’t wake up with you tomorrow, imagine me leaning down to give you a gentle kiss. Picture me walking out your bedroom door. Maybe next time we can do all these things in person.

Good night.

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