Imitate and Elaborate Pt. 01


In which an observation is made:

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had noticed the change in our sex life. Not only had we been having less of it lately, but we also seemed to be putting less effort into the sex that we actually had. Stupidly, I had thought she didn’t particularly mind; every time we had ever tried anything moderately elaborate it had been my idea – so I figured she didn’t care that we had gotten a little complacent lately, and if the sex had gotten a little perfunctory. I was wrong.

It is not particularly flattering to hear the words, “I’m bored” from your girlfriend while your dick is thrusting in and out of her. I don’t exactly blame her: I was pumping straight in and out without variation while thinking about what we could make for dinner in an attempt not to cum while I waited impatiently for her O. “Get off me.” A bit humiliated, I scrambled to comply. “Get on all fours with your knees at the edge of the bed. Stick your ass out more.” I did as I was told and she grabbed a scarf and blindfolded me with it. “Do you know why you are in this position?” She asked.

Lamely, I could only reply, “So you can spank me?” This was new. She’d played the domme before, but she’d never assumed the role spontaneously.

“Try a little harder, dear.”

“Because you were bored?”

“Are you suggesting that it is my fault that you are about to be punished?”

“No, ma’am. I’m about to be punished because I bored you.”

“Your about to be punished because you’ve been LAZY.” She said. This was a bit unfair, mind – if I have been lazy, what has she been? Still I wasn’t about to protest, she was, after all, clearly about to make the effort. And also I rather enjoyed her spankings. “… So I am going to have to whip you into shape,” she continued before the sharp sting of a flogger landed across on but cheek.

“Shit!” I yelped. When did she get that?

“Quiet!” She barked, as she whipped me again. I managed to grit my teeth and stay silent. “That’s good, my love. Very good. Here comes another one, stay quiet for me, alright?” She whipped me hard then, hard enough to leave kırklareli escort a mark, I thought. I heard her squirt some lube on her hand before she reached over to stroke my flagging cock in long, firm downward strokes. With her other hand she soothed my sore ass, and kissed and licked where the flogger had bitten. “How are you doing?”

My cock was getting expertly milked as she ran her tongue teasingly over one cheek. What could I say? “I’m ok” with a little whimper thrown in as she went over the head of my cock with a slight twist of her hand.

“Good. That’s good, love. Are you ready for more?”

“Yes, alright.”

“I’m going to whip you five more times, after each, you will say: I will work harder. Understand?”

“I will work harder…”

“That’s right –” WHIP!

“I will work harder!”

“Two,” On the left this time.

“I will work harder!”

“Three,” Right.

“I will work harder!”

She paused, my cock was softening again. She stroked it back hard, and kept stroking until I was getting close. “Two more,” she said, “are you ready?”

“I’m ready.”

“Four,” She aimed right of the middle and I couldn’t help the inarticulate noise that came out of my mouth. “That’s two more for flinching,” she said and I swear I could here a smirk in her voice. “Five,” right in the middle again, “what should you say?”

“I will work harder.”

“Six,” a long one across both cheeks.

“I will work harder!”


It landed across my thigh and I yelled for the last time, “I will work harder!”

“We both will,” she said, before taking me by the chin and kissing me deeply. “Now get up. And take that blindfold off.” As I did, she sat against the headboard of the bed with her legs wide open. She patted the space between her legs, saying, “Sit here, you deserve a reward.” I sat, my back against her breasts, my head upon her shoulder. “You were so sexy, I loved watching you squirm.” She grabbed my needy cock in both hands, “put a bit more lube on, will you?”

I did as I was told, and she began a slow two handed stroke kırşehir escort over the length of my cock. “I love this cock of yours, do you know that? The feel of it, in my pussy, my mouth, my hands – all hard and hot.” She was maintaining a firm but slow pace, methodically sliding over every square inch from base to tip. I knew she was mostly saying this to flatter me after that surprise whipping, but I liked it anyway. I moved my hips just a bit, almost instinctively. She moved her left hand off my cock and held me to her. Her right hand kept up the same slow, maddening pace. “Do you have any idea how hot I think you are? when you’re pressed up against me? When I can feel this dick? Do you have any idea how wet I am right now?” There wasn’t anything to say, and I was too busy bighting my lower lip to respond, so I just let her keep going. I was always a quiet fuck – too many teenage years masturbating in secret. “I want you to moan for me,” she said as she moved her hand to my nipple and stroked it teasingly, “let me know how good you feel.”

I whimpered self-consciously. “So good,” I said, meaning it completely and yet sounding unconvincing even to me own ears.

“You can do better than that,” she said making short hard strokes on my cock head.


“Better, my love. Put a bit more lube on.” I was plenty slick already, but I did as I was told, pouring a string of lube on my cock head. She gathered it there and scooped it up with her already slick hand. Then she began to slick up the fingers of her left hand. “I’m going to finger you now, would you like that?”

“Yes. Please.”

“Get up for a second.” I did and she closed her thighs, “Lay across me and slide your cock between my thighs.” My dick was still so slick, I rested as close to her cunt as possible, while I exposed my ass on her lap. She began to finger me slowly, one finger making its way into my little by little, in and out, in and out, running a little deeper each time. “How do you feel?”

Out of my mind, is how I felt. How did our desultory fuck lead to this? “Great,” I said, “this feels great.”

“Should kızılay escort I add another finger?

“No, please, this is enough.”

“Alright. I want to feel you thrusting. Stroke your dick between my legs.”

And since when did she talk like this? I obeyed, happily. With each out thrust I pushed her finger into me and she curled it against my prostate. She put her other hand on my head, stroking my hair affectionately. “Are you going to cum?”


“Good. I want you to cum for me.” I sped up my thrusts. I wished I was back in her cunt, but then I wouldn’t have her finger in my as, or her hand petting my head so sweetly. “Make some noise, I want to hear how good your feeling.”

I didn’t have to try this time: a string of “ohh! Oh god, this feels so good! Uunf! Aaah!” was being pulled from my mouth as if on their own accord. She began to stroke in and out of me fast and hard striking, forcefully at my prostate.

“Cum for me! Cum for me, my love!” And I did, with her name on my tongue, I came so hard.

“Christ, I love you.” I said, breathless and too exhausted to move.

“I love you too. And also I have a proposal.”


“We have sex a minimum of two weeks out of every month. On the first week one of us holds the leash, metaphorically speaking – and literally, if we like… Oh get off, will you! … But – do you know how to play horse?”

“That basketball game?”

“Right. The second week, the other person holds the leash, but they have to imitate and elaborate on the scene from the previous week. That way, if I want to get tied up, for example, I can tie you up one week, and the next time you do me. So instead of having to tell each other what we want done to us, we do it to the other one first. We take turns going first each month.”

“Does that mean you want me to finger your ass?” I say, grinning.

“Today doesn’t count. And also, no, you wanna do things to my ass you ask first. For our purposes, what I do to your butt, you can do to me cunt.”

“Yeah, ok. So one month you go first, and I do to you what you do to me plus some, then the next month we switch. Sounds fun. But if today doesn’t count, then who should go first this month?

“You, obviously. Now just one more thing.”


“I want your mouth on my pussy. One of us hasn’t cum yet.”

I very happily complied.

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