Impossible Virgins Chapter 3 A Rude Awakening


Impossible Virgins Chapter 3 A Rude AwakeningChapter 3: A Rude Awakening Several hours later, both Toppsy and Lulu had been transported from the mainland to the Island by Ramirez. Jordan and the two girls who had spent the night on the mainland carried the two buxom dancers into the main auditorium with help from some of the other girls on the Island. A large mattress had been set up in the auditorium for Toppsy and Lulu to lie out on. Both girls had been stripped naked, and were lying on their backs. Both girls’ arms had been fastened to the mattress with Velcro straps over their biceps and forearms. As their chests heaved with their breathing, the massive breasts of each girl rose and fell like the tides. The position of their arms kept their humongous tits from sliding completely to the sides of their chest, and touching the mattress. “Damn!” muttered Tiffany. “I know it’s been years since I was at that photo shoot with Lulu, but I’d swear that her tits have gotten even bigger since then.” Dee Dee had administered some additional anesthesia to them, to keep them sedated until they were ready for them. Tiffany watched Dee Dee gave each girl an injection with a hypodermic needle. “What’s that for, Dee Dee?” “This is the equivalent of giving them one my ‘pills’, similar to what I gave Jordan, to prepare her body for the huge cocks on the Island,” said Dee Dee. “Since they’re both sound asleep, I can’t very well get a pill down their throats. This is the next best thing.” “How soon before we can start having fun with them?” “Twenty-four hours should do the trick, Tiffany. Any sooner than that, and we risk the possibility of seriously hurting them with our cocks. That’ll still give us almost two weeks to do whatever we want with them here.” “I have to agree that it’s worth the wait,” said Tiffany. “That way, they can bitch all they want about being ****d and fucked later on, but there won’t be anything else wrong with them that they can prove to anyone. “Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do with these two. They’ll stay like this, and get their beauty sleep, and let your medicine work its magic on them. This time tomorrow, the fun and games will start in earnest on these two. I’ve come up with a fun way to make sure that your serum has worked on them, and waking them up at the same time.” “Just what have you got in mind, Tiffany?” “I’m keeping that as a surprise for tomorrow. Just make sure that you have all the cameras and lighting set up and ready to go in here. “I told Clyda to spread the word, and I’ll let you know this also: I’ve got first crack at Lulu tomorrow. I’ve been waiting almost ten years to do this chick, and I’m not letting anybody have her before me. I also told Jordan that I’d let her be the first one to have Toppsy. She deserves that for her good behavior lately, and for putting up with these two while she played chauffeur.” “Playing favorites, aren’t we, Tiffany?” “To a degree, yes,” admitted Tiffany. “Rank does have its privileges around here. But these two are going to be the center of attention for their stay here. And once Jordan and myself are done with them, I’ve guaranteed anybody who wants it a chance to screw these girls also.” Twenty-four hours passed on the Island. By now, a large number of the amazons had gathered in the seats of the auditorium to watch Tiffany and Jordan, as they were the first ones to have Toppsy and Lulu at their mercy. Both Tiffany and Jordan were standing near the edge of the mattress where Toppsy and Lulu lie prone. Each girl had brought her cock to its full erect length of two feet, and was gently stroking the shaft and fondling her balls. “I thought you said that these two would be waking up by now, Dee Dee,” said Tiffany. “It’s been just over twenty-four hours since they arrived here.” “Sorry, Tiffany. I said that’s how long it would take the medicine to work, so they could handle our cocks. How long it takes before a person comes out of the anesthetic is a little different for everyone.” “Well, I’m not gonna wait any longer,” said Tiffany. “After almost ten years, I’m finally gonna give this oversexed cunt the fucking she deserves. Besides we have to test whether or not your medicine has done its work, don’t we?” “Sounds good to me, Tiffany,” said Jordan. “And if that doesn’t wake up these two sleeping beauties, I don’t know what will.” “Open wide baby,” said Tiffany, as she pried apart Lulu’s cunt lips with the head of her cock. “Have I got a surprise for you today.” Tiffany’s cockhead and several inches of the shaft slid inside. Next to her, Jordan did the same with her cock to Toppsy. After several minutes of pushing and thrusting, each girl had a foot of their cocks buried in Toppsy and Lulu’s pussies. “This one feels pretty smooth and deep,” said Jordan. “Maybe these two aren’t the prudes that we thought they were.” “Part of that is due to Dee Dee’s work,” replied Tiffany. “But Lulu here is living up to her name. Every time I shove my prick in, I can feel it going deeper. She’s gonna be able to take me all the way to my balls in no time.” “Yeah! I can feel her sister really loosening up too. We’re gonna have lots of fun with these two girls.” Within ten minutes, both Tiffany and Jordan had succeeded in burying the full length of their cocks in Toppsy and Lulu’s cunts. “Well, now we know that they can take all of us inside them,” said Jordan. “But it’s not gonna be much fun if they’re gonna sleep through it all.” “Don’t be too hasty, Jordan.” Tiffany was now rocking back and forth into Lulu’s cunt with short asyabahis yeni giriş strokes of five to six inches with her cock. “I’m starting to see signs of life over here.” A smile had spread across Lulu’s features, and she was beginning to moan contentedly as her body responded to Tiffany’s prick inside of her. Jordan started thrusting her own shaft into Toppsy’s womb, and matched the rhythm of Tiffany’s efforts. Within moments, Toppsy was writhing on the mattress, and emitting low groans of pleasure. “Shouldn’t be too long now,” said Tiffany. “Let’s make sure these gals wake up pretty soon, Jordan.” Tiffany shifted gears so she now pulled out eight to nine inches deep from Lulu, and then rammed in, letting her balls slap against her asscheeks. “Let’s show these two what it’s really like to be fucked,” said Jordan, as she intensified her own humping of Toppsy. In minutes, both Toppsy and Lulu were soon groaning, and then crying out in full-blown ecstasy as their orgasms overcame them and coursed through their bodies. The shock of an orgasm finally brought the two buxom dancers into wakefulness. “Hey, where the heck are we?” asked Lulu. “What happened to our clothes?” “This doesn’t look like the hotel,” added Toppsy. She tried to move her body and arms, and found she couldn’t, due to the straps. “And who the hell tied us down?” she exclaimed. “It’s about time you two woke up,” said Tiffany. “I thought you were going to sleep through all the fun and games.” It was only now that Toppsy and Lulu realized the position that they were in, and saw Tiffany and Jordan standing with their crotches nestled between their legs. “Who the fuck are you?” shouted Lulu, as she realized what had been done to her. “Some kind of dyke that likes to use strap-ons? Get this damned thing out of me!” “Oh, it’s a lot more than just a strap-on, I can promise you that,” said Jordan. “Hey! You’re the gal that picked us up at the airport,” said Toppsy, as she recognized Jordan. “What’s going on here?” “I’ll take over here,” said Tiffany. “You’re in the Bahamas, but not on the Island that you think you are. Don’t worry about just where, because we aren’t going to tell you. You’re going to be our guests for a couple of weeks.” “You mean we’re your prisoners,” Lulu spat out. “There’s laws against k**napping, you know!” “First, somebody has to know you’re missing. As far as anyone knows, you two are off on a vacation in the Bahamas. Nobody’ll think to look for you for at least two weeks.” The realization that they were completely stranded and at Tiffany’s mercy began to sink in on Toppsy and Lulu. “And as for who we are,” continued Tiffany, “you’re right about Jordan here being one of our group. We had her pick you up at the airport, and deliver you here to us. “But I want you to take a good look at me ‘super-tits’,” Tiffany spread her arms out on the side next to Lulu’s body for support, and leaned forward, so her face was close to Lulu’s. “Think back to early on in your modeling career. It was ’91 or ’92 on a photo shoot where five girls were all gathered at a big mansion in the country. You were there of course. “Along with two gals who called themselves Jessica and Jerica Fox. There was also a blonde gal who was known as Staci Stax. And then me of course. All we did was pose together naked in various settings for the photographers.” “I remember that one now,” said Lulu. “You called yourself Tiffany Towers, if I recall.” “Very good, Lulu. Do you also recall what happened when Staci tried to feel up your tits a little?” “Yeah! I told her to get the hell away from me. I’m not into weird shit like that.” “And that goes double for me!” added Toppsy. “Well, to make a long story short,” said Tiffany, “after a while, I found that I was into doing it with girls, as well as lots of other kinds of unusual sex. And so is Jordan and all the other girls that you see gathered around us here now. “I was fascinated by the size of your tits, Lulu. I couldn’t get you out of my mind after that day. Years later, I hit upon the idea of telling you and Toppsy that you’d won a contest, and luring you down here to the Bahamas, so we could have you all to ourselves.” “All right, so you’ve got us where you want us,” grumbled Lulu. “But aren’t you gonna get bored just playing with our tits and using some dildos on us after a while?” “Oh, but that’s where I’m saving the biggest surprise of all for you,” responded Tiffany. “Jordan, let’s pull out for a minute, and let our two guests know just what we’ve got in store for them.” Tiffany and Jordan both began extracting their cocks from Toppsy and Lulu’s cunts. The two blonde dancers were confused for a moment as both girls had to take several steps back, in order to remove the full length of their shafts from them. Like the girl in a horror movie who can’t run away from the monster or the slasher, both Toppsy and Lulu stared at Jordan and Tiffany in complete and utter shock. Tiffany and Jordan stood with their hands on their hips, letting Toppsy and Lulu take in the full sight of them for a moment. Each girl had a spectacular two-foot erection that was pointing up and out from her crotch at a forty-five degree angle. Each shaft had a network of veins running up and down it like ivy on a wall. The urethra shafts on the front of their cocks were as thick as a garden hose, and pulsed with a life of their own. The skin of their cocks was a dark reddish-brown, and was coated with the sweat and juices from their pussies, and glistened in the lights of the room. asyabahis güvenilirmi Their cockheads were larger than their fists, and the opening at the tip was large enough to stick a finger into. Both Jordan and Tiffany’s balls had swollen so that they were larger than two tennis balls. Toppsy and Lulu’s eyes grew wider and wider as they stared at the two shemales. Tiffany and Jordan playfully stroked their slippery pricks, enjoying the sounds their hands made as they ran them up and down the rough, ribbed surface. They moved closer to Toppsy and Lulu so that they could each get a closer view of their magnificent cocks. Knowing that she had a captive audience, Tiffany grabbed the shaft of her cock with one hand, and brought her cockhead to her lips. With delicate slowness, Tiffany playfully kissed her massive prick, and began to tease it with the tip of her tongue. Jordan followed Tiffany’s example, only she quickly gulped her entire cockhead in her mouth, making a variety of slurping and sucking noises. When she released it, the saliva on her cockhead shined brightly in the room. By now, the two dancers’ mouths were open so wide, Jordan felt that she could shove her cock down either throat without touching their teeth, but she held off, waiting for Tiffany’s instructions. “What’s the matter with you two?” Jordan asked with a wicked laugh. “Haven’t you ever seen a cock before?” “Those damned things belong on a fucking horse!” cried Lulu. “What kind of sick, perverted freaks are you two?” shouted Toppsy. “Look who’s talking!” responded Jordan. “Your tits are so fucking huge, they ought to have ‘Goodyear’ labels on the sides! How do you even walk around with those things?” “Hold it down, Jordan,” interjected Tiffany. “We all look the way we do because we want to. Lulu and Toppsy have tits like they do because they’re dancers and models; we all have huge cocks because we wanted them, and Dee Dee’s found a way to make it work for us.” “You mean to tell me that you two aren’t the only ones like you?” asked Toppsy, in disbelief. “Absolutely,” replied Tiffany. “There’s about fifty of us on the Island. A few girls are even bigger than Jordan and I are. Most of the rest of the girls are within a few inches of what we’ve got though.” Toppsy and Lulu simply stared at Tiffany in amazement. “I can see you’re not convinced, even though the proof is right here in front of you,” said Tiffany. She turned to face the girls in the auditorium. “I want those of you in the first row to come down here for a minute. Take your skirts or panties off, and show these two unbelievers what you’ve got. It doesn’t matter if you’re hard or not. They’ll get the idea pretty quickly.” Ten girls came out of the first row, and stood close together near Toppsy and Lulu’s heads. Their skirts and panties were quickly removed. Several girls already had semi-erections, which were well over a foot long, and growing before their eyes. The others had their cocks in their flaccid stages. None of the girls had a piece of meat that was less than eight inches long, even while it was soft. “Individual results will vary,” said Tiffany. “But they’ll all be roughly about the same size as Jordan and myself when they’re hard. “Take a good, long look at just what’s in store for you, Lulu. And you too Toppsy.” Even though the other girls did not have full hard-ons like Tiffany or Jordan, Toppsy and Lulu gazed at the massive amount of cockmeat around them, and fear began to well up in the pit of their stomachs. “Okay, you can take your seats again girls,” said Tiffany. “I’m sorry to be a bit of a tease here.” Reluctantly, they filed back into the first row. “Jordan and I get first crack at these two bimbos, and then it’s open season on them for everybody. First come, first served.” “You’ve got to be fucking k**ding!” exclaimed Lulu. “There’s no frigging way we can take something that big inside of us!” “And we’ll never survive letting all of you take a turn with us!” pleaded Toppsy. “Boy, you two really haven’t been paying any attention, have you?” asked Tiffany. Toppsy and Lulu just gave Tiffany puzzled looks. “Remember a few minutes ago, when you both woke up to an orgasm? If I say so myself, you both sounded like you were really enjoying yourselves just then. Well, Jordan and I both had our cocks fully buried in your pussies, and you’re none the worse for wear from that.” “That isn’t possible,” retorted Toppsy. “I know the way my body works, and there’s no way that I could absorb something that fucking huge.” “We had to be having a bad dream,” added Lulu. “All right,” sighed Tiffany. “I can see that a demonstration is called for here. Jordan, we’re gonna fuck these two again, and this time they’ll be wide awake, and see and feel everything.” “You don’t have to tell me twice, Tiffany.” Tiffany and Jordan took a step back, and lowered their cocks so that the heads were once again level with the blonde dancers’ pussy lips. “Oh my god, no!” shouted Lulu. “You’ll split me in two!” “I’ll never walk again!” exclaimed Toppsy. “Geez, what a pair of babies,” muttered Jordan. “When was the last time you had your box banged, and really got off? When Carter was in office?” “None of your damned business!” retorted Toppsy. “Just do it to her, Jordan,” said Tiffany. With that, Tiffany and Jordan slowly inserted their pricks into Toppsy and Lulu’s pussies. At first the two dancers screamed hysterically. Just like when the power of suggestion is used to make a person fear being burned, an ice cube on the skin can asya bahis giriş cause them to think that they have been stabbed with a hot poker. The thought of a massive cock invading them caused both Toppsy and Lulu to react violently. Thanks to having been primed and readied from the earlier action, both Toppsy and Lulu soon absorbed the two massive cocks in less than a minute. After a moment, Toppsy and Lulu finally stopped their thrashing and screaming on the mattress, as they slowly realized that they were not seriously hurt. “Are you two finally finished?” asked Tiffany. She and Jordan were standing with their cocks fully inserted into their pussies. “You ought to win an Oscar for that kind of performance. Like I said earlier, both Jordan and I are now buried to the balls inside of you, and you’re still alive and kicking.” “But how…?” asked Toppsy. “We owe that to Dee Dee over there,” said Tiffany. Dee Dee stood up from her seat, smiled and waved to them, and sat back down. “Dee Dee’s the brains of the operation here. Not only has she found a way to give us the massive cocks and balls that you’ll see around here, she’s also found a way to enable our bodies to absorb them. The scientific explanation would only bore you to death. Suffice to say that we can fuck ourselves silly in any way that you can possibly think of, without hurting each other. You’ve been given an injection that will let your bodies accommodate our pricks while you’re here with us. “While you’re here, you’re going to absorb more cock and swallow more cum than you’ve ever seen in your life. You’re gonna screw and suck like never before, and that includes both of you getting your asses fucked big time.” Toppsy and Lulu’s mouths opened even wider than before, and they began another series of protests, but Tiffany quickly cut them off. “Shut the fuck up, you two! In case it hasn’t dawned on you, you aren’t exactly in a position to make demands or give orders. Not only could I see to it that you actually feel all the pain that you think you might, but I can also get really nasty and make it so that you’d actually be charged for the airfare and hotel costs, on your so-called vacation!” Realizing that they were truly behind the eight-ball, Toppsy and Lulu lay on their backs in a passive mood. “That’s more like it,” said Tiffany. “You don’t have to be wallflowers and lie there lifeless on us. Once you get over how big we are, I think that you might even enjoy this.” “Don’t hold your breath, honey,” muttered Lulu. “Then you’d damn well better learn to act like you are,” retorted Tiffany. “While you’re being fucked senseless over your stay here, I want you to know that we’re filming every minute of the action with you and your sister.” Toppsy and Lulu stared at Tiffany with hate and indignation. “That’s right. You two are gonna be stars. We run a very lucrative video and photo business over the Internet, and to private collectors, who eat this stuff up. You didn’t seriously think that we’d pay to bring you all the way down here, if there wasn’t a way that we could profit off it, did you?” “All right, all right!” exclaimed Lulu. “You’ve got us where you want us. And I’ll admit that somehow, someway, your prick doesn’t hurt when it’s inside me. I guess we don’t have any choice but to be video stars for a while.” “Now you’re starting to be sensible,” said Jordan. “If we cooperate, how soon before you let us off this mattress and untie us?” asked Toppsy. “That’ll depend on just how well you perform in your video scenes,” said Tiffany. “And since you know what’s expected of you, we’re gonna pick up where we left off. “Dee Dee, come over here and undo the straps on these two. Jordan and I are going to pull out of them again.” Once again, Tiffany and Jordan pulled out of the two dancers. Toppsy and Lulu were then released, and they spent a moment limbering and stretching their limbs. “Okay, here’s the deal,” said Tiffany. “I’m gonna fuck Lulu first. She’s the root of this whole thing, so she’s the sacrificial lamb today. Toppsy, you’re going to watch it from close range, and act like you’re really turned on, as we go along. Jordan, you can play with Lulu’s tits a little, and do some extra bits. But the emphasis is going to be on me fucking Lulu senseless. “Even if the two of you haven’t really done any hardcore work in the business, I expect you to act enthusiastic, and put on the best show that you can. You should have figured out that much from being in strip clubs and associating with other girls there that have done it.” Toppsy and Lulu nodded their heads in agreement. “Just because it wasn’t filmed or in a magazine, doesn’t mean we don’t know what to do with a cock,” said Lulu. “Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with us,” added Toppsy. “Sounds good,” said Tiffany. “Last but not least. If either of you try to make some type of getaway, you can obviously see that you’re considerably outnumbered here. And if you do try anything, I’ll personally make certain that it’s a mistake that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. “Okay. You’ve both seen how your pussies can take the full length of our cocks with a little priming. I guarantee that your ass and your throat can do the same thing too. So when the time comes for one of those scenes, just suck it in, and take it from myself, Jordan, or whom-ever you’re working with. None of this ‘it’s too big’ or ‘it’ll never fit’ crap. “All right, Lulu,” continued Tiffany. “Get over here, and show me that you really do know what to do with a cock. Jordan, you’ll help out and do what I tell you to help make this a better scene for the videos. Toppsy, you can finger yourself and play with those monster tits of yours as you watch us. Be prepared to do whatever we tell you to do; I may want you to join in the action later on in the scene.”

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