Impregnated in an Adult Bookstore Parking Lot


Impregnated in an Adult Bookstore Parking LotAfter making myself as soft and feminine as I knew how, under my male clothing was a full woman in heat. Whether than log in to internet porn, I thought it would be a fun idea to go out to an adult bookstore. It was mid morning and I had some time. Maybe I would browse some reading material, and even buy some transgender magazines or something. I was wearing a very long loose t-shirt, swimming bottom, and running shoes with ankle socks. My legs were visible from just above the knees down to the ankles and it was obvious that I shave them. After I arrived at adult bookstore, all girl underneath, I started looking through the she-male/transgender written material. The toys caught my eye so I headed over to that section to explore the new and fun items. There were a few more customers in the store looking at various things and I sort of noticed they were aware of me looking at the toys. That was awkward so I headed back to the reading section. I grabbed a fun looking title and accidentally dropped the paperback book. As I bent over to pick it up, a man clearly and obviously stared at me. He asked me if I like that material and I answered in a shy manner, “yes.” He said he was a big fan of trans- women and that looked like some good content. I told him that I was actually a closet cross dresser and my interest was to be like the woman in the story, and not the man. That seemed to intrigue him. After more conversation, I let him know I was currently dressed as a woman underneath my normal clothing, which really just consisted of shaved legs, shaved body, hot painted toenails, and no panties. This seemed to really interest him. He said he thought I would look fantastic as a woman and would love to see me in that role. I thanked him for the kind comment. He then said that he really wanted to see my bare foot to see if I were telling him the truth and for real. So I opened up my phone and showed him some photos of my legs, toes, and ass. He said I was smoking hot but wanted to see it in person. I was like, “No, there are too many people walking around here, I can’t.” Giggling in a nervous way I backed away some and he bravely stepped towards me and quietly said to just act natural and keep looking at stuff and when the coast was clear to show him real quick. That was a decent plan and seemed safe enough so we waited and when there was no one else in that particular room, I looked at him, quickly removed one shoe and sock and showed off. The man acted very into what I showed him and put his hand around my waist saying, “Wow, baby girl you have it going istanbul escort on there. I wonder what the rest of you looks like.” All I could do was smile, thank him, and put by sock and shoe back on. We talked a little more and he told me that he had some sexy woman attire in his car that he had purchased for a trans-woman. He thought it might fit me and asked if I would be interested in showing what I looked like with it on. Politely I declined and said I was just there to get a few things and leave but thanked him for wanting to see me in full woman role. He told me that it would not take long and it would be safe in his car because he had tinted windows in the back and no one would really be able to see. It still kind of made me nervous so I suggested going into the theatre instead. But he said they watch that too closely and his car was safer and that he was parked in an area they don’t watch as much but staff does walk by occasionally so we had to be quick. He could tell that I was thinking about it from the look on my face so he then said, “I will tell you what, if you model this clothing for me, I will let you keep a pick of an item.” I was like, “Okay, what exactly do you have? What if I don’t even like it?” He tells me I won’t be disappointed and says he knows he won’t be. As we continued to talk, he continued to say different things to get me to his car, and was touching and putting his hands on my shoulders, waist just a little the whole time. I finally agreed that I would after I purchased the toy and some reading material. As I lined up to buy my stuff, he also had something he wanted to purchase so he stood behind me staring at my legs. When the cashier rang up my items, he cut in and said, “I got this.” I said, “Oh no, I can’t let you pay for that.” He insisted and the cashier asked if there was anything else and the man asked for some poppers and lube. He paid for his items and mine and we headed out the door. We walked all the way around to the back where a large vehicle was parked that did appear to have pretty dark windows. This is when he grabbed my ass for the first time. I moved away and nervously giggled as he just stepped closer to me opening the door for me. I reluctantly sat in the back seat and waiting for him to open the other door with a bag he got out of the trunk. All I could do was hope he would see me in this attire and it would be the end of it so I could get home and start my own fun day. After all, he did tell me we had to be kind of quick. He gets in the car, sits next to me, and proceeds to avcılar escort take the plastic off the bottle and untighten the top. He handed me the bag and again put his hand on my shoulder pulling me towards him. He said, “Open is up and look inside baby.” The bag contained spiky black open toed heels, a blonde wig and silver dress. He says, “Put on these heels and they are yours. You don’t need to put on the dress because your long shirt already looks really sexy on you.” First I applied the blonde wig. It seemed to get me right in the mood to take the next step. So I took of my shoes and socks, and as I was putting on the first heel, he put his hand on my other leg and started to rub. As I put on the other heel, he says, “Come on baby, let me kiss your neck.” As he said that, he put his hand on my mouth gently and kept pulling me to him, giving my shoulders and neck little kisses. He was starting to talk dirty to me and say things like, “Have you ever been fucked before?” I told him that I already gave him my email and he would find out another time and I had to go and we could keep in touch that way. He then told me to just let him rub my thighs and kiss my neck for now. As he was kissing my neck, he moved his hand down further between my thighs. This made me push his hand away and tell him I did not like men touching me there. So he says, “Show me your ass then baby so I can touch that.” I said, “Okay just real quick and then I have to go.” Naively I kneeled on the seat and bent forward so he could see my ass as he did before in the bookstore, long shirt covering my ass. He told me to lift up my shirt so he could see more of my legs and I quickly did that for him and included lifting up my loose trunks so he could see the backs of my thighs. This must have turned him on hugely because he immediately grabbed my hips and pulled my whole body towards him hard. He pulled me directly on him facing away, grabbing my chest with both hands and pulling me down tight. He said, “Come on baby girl put out for me. I bought you that toy, the least you could do is show me how you appreciate that.” He started to pinch my nipples and bite my neck. I figured that he wanted a hand job and that would be easy enough so I said, “Okay.” I started to reach around to fondle his cock over his pants but he already had it out fast and was slipping off my swimming bottoms all the way off in one smooth motion. I barely felt him with my left hand and he felt huge but I could not tell yet because he was facing me away. He said, “Thank you for agreeing to let me do this. I really need to şirinevler escort cum and you are about to get the fuck of your life.” Pulling my hips tighter to him, he started to enter me. The lube quickly poured all over his cock and shoved his cock in me but just the head. One hand gently covered my mouth and nose as he opened my legs by the knees and pulled me back so there was nothing stopping natural gravity from bringing me down and him going deeper. My whole body relaxed into it for a few seconds as he started to pump me from the bottom but was still only about half way in me. Covering the side of my face with his hand more, he started to bite the other side of my neck as he pumped harder and said, “ Kiss me baby.” I did not respond soon enough and he said, “Kiss me or I will give you a hicky.” So I turned my mouth to his and he started to forcefully deep kiss me covering my nose and face with his other hand. As he did this, my body continued to relax causing him going deeper , gravity pulling me down and then his strength pulling me down. He was now all the way in and my right foot was on top of the back of the front seat and he had his hand under my left knee at this point still making out with me and enjoying being inside of me. He starts to pump from the bottom pulling me down hard and pumping gently. It felt like he was even deeper in me now. Only about a minute had passed since he went all the way in. He then maneuvered me around to my back, still inside me but now laying on top with both of my legs up and back on his shoulders. He seemed to go even deeper in that position and was now pumping so hard I thought the vehicle was moving. It truly felt good so I looked up at him and removed my mouth from his just enough to whisper, “Fuck me.” He says, “I knew you wanted it, now I am going to make you pregnant and make you mine.” I said, “No you can’t cum in me, please let me give you head until you cum in my mouth.” And it was too late. He started to cum and went very deep, pulling me hard, and force kissing me with his tongue touching my throat. Once he was done, he pulled out and he looked huge. I could not believe I had him in me. He was the size of the toy I bought but it is different when a man has the control. As I removed my heels to get ready to leave, he put the heels and wig back in the bag and handed the whole thing to me and then said, “I will email you and set up a time to get some more of that fine ass. You can have this dress and I want you to wear it for me. You are going to get fucked all night the next time, not just a quickie.” I thanked him, put my shoes back on, left my swimming bottom in the car with him like panties and grabbed the bag ready to leave. He stopped me for a second for one last kiss on the lips. With that he said, “Since you showed me those photos on your phone, I know who you are so it will be easier to get ahold of you when I need some good pussy again.”

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