Impregnating Ellen


I once had a fuck-buddy, Ellen, who loved to role-play getting pregnant. What man wouldn’t cooperate wholeheartedly with an idea like that? She was on the pill, but we never used condoms, so it was easy to suspend disbelief. She was 35, same as me, but she looked much younger. She had lustrous black hair down to her shoulder blades and deep blue sparkling eyes. Her kilowatt smiles could make any guy’s heart skip a beat.

One night, upon returning from a several-month business trip abroad, Ellen called me on the phone and told me she was tired of waiting for a man to marry her before she could have a baby. She wanted one much sooner than that, and she was willing to be a single parent. Figuring this was probably one of her games, I let her tell me how difficult it was to find a good commitment-minded man and how she was worried that her “biological alarm clock” would go off soon. I knew where she was going with all this talk, but I let the conversation play out “naturally”, and she eventually confessed that she had a favor to ask me. She of course hemmed and hawed until she finally blurted out that she wanted me to impregnate her. I paused for all of five seconds to create the tiniest bit of suspense, then told her I couldn’t think of any reason why not and I’d be happy to help a friend in need. She pretended to be so ecstatic as to squeal her excitement; I heard her voice bouncing off the walls of her kitchen. Since I had understood this little charade all along, I already felt an edge of lust, so I suggested she come over so we could get started that very evening.

When she arrived, I greeted her at the door as if I were nervous. I was in fact a little bit nervous, because I was not accustomed to this level of role-playing. Without planning anything, and without speaking to each other for months prior, she and I were playing a game similar to ones we’d played before, but neither she nor I had once broken character so far, and I wasn’t sure how long I could keep it up without laughing. For her part, she acted a little scared now that she was in the same apartment with the man who was soon to be the biological father of her child, so I offered her a glass of wine and suggested she lose her shoes to loosen up. We made small talk on the couch in my living room, catching up on what happened to us during her trip. After a few minutes of this, she suddenly became quiet and serious and, looking down towards the floor, told me we were avoiding the real topic of this meeting. I agreed and asked if she needed me to take the initiative. After a moment, she nodded, and I asked if she wanted this to be clinical or passionate. She responded that she’d heard that women who have orgasms during sex were more likely to become pregnant, and I took this to mean she’d prefer the passionate option. I had of course known Escort bayan how she would answer, but I was trying to play along.

I moved closer to her on the couch, put one arm around her shoulders, and with the other hand gently turned her face toward mine. Looking into her eyes, I asked her if this was what she really wanted, and she said yes. I kissed her then, softly at first, but soon more insistently, as my hand found her ample breast and began to caress her nipple into stiffness I could feel even through her bra. Our tongues intertwined. As she began to rub my half-hard cock through my jeans, she and I both felt it grow to its fully aroused size, and she broke our kiss long enough to tell me she’d had no idea I’d be that big. She was playing her part perfectly, and it was making me want her more than ever before.

I stood from the couch and took her hand to tell her I wanted her on her feet as well. I enfolded her in my arms and kissed her again, my hands roaming freely over her back and ass, occasionally pressing her belly into my crotch to show her I was still hard for her. I broke the kiss to pull her dress over her head and toss it onto the couch. She’d worn her purple bra and panties, my favorites, but I dispensed with them quickly. She relieved me of my T-shirt, boots, and jeans. As she helped me step out of my jeans, she looked up at my rigid cock holding open the leg of my boxer shorts, stood, and kissed me as she stroked me through my shorts. I knew she liked to feel the precum leaking out of me, and this time I could feel her smile almost immediately as we made a tiny wet spot under her fingertip through the thin cloth. I reached down to test her wetness, but before I could, she quickly skinned my shorts down to my feet and pulled insistently on my hand to get me down on the floor with her. In the past, we had usually moved to the bedroom at this point, but this time she was evidently too impatient.

Lying on my left side next to her on the carpet, my right hand wasted no time in finding her pussy slick with anticipation. My middle finger parted her cunt lips and began sliding slowly upward in search of her clit. As her fingers wrapped around my straining cock and began to slowly stroke me, I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to fuck her and give her my baby. She smiled and nodded, and at this I felt my cock swell even larger and leak another drop of precum. I reached down and gently lifted her hand away from me, telling her that we needed to conserve my ability to fuck in order to give her the best chance of becoming pregnant. All the while, my middle finger spelled the alphabet on her sensitive little clit, dipping down from time to time to bring up some more of her sweet nectar.

When I remebered how sweet she always tasted, I couldn’t resist Bayan Escort kneeling between her legs and lapping at her pussy with my tongue. As the tip of my tongue circled her clit, I could feel my heartbeat pulsing in my cock. I slipped one finger, then two, into her hot little pussy to find her G-spot and give it the gentle press she loved. Soon, I had her moaning and bucking under my face, and it was difficult to keep licking in quite the right spot. I knew she had begun to cum as she rythmically cussed (“…oh God, oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit, oh God…”) and I felt her cunt spasming around my fingers. She could cum like this for minutes sometimes, wave after wave of orgasm washing over her.

When finally it seemed she could climax no more, I knew she’d feel spent and need to lie there, just breathing for a few seconds or minutes, but still randy as a goat. So I leaned over her, my hips hovering over hers, and whispered in her ear that she’d cum long and hard enough that she was risking triplets if I fucked her now. In between ragged breaths, she whispered back that she wanted as many babies as my beautiful cock could give her. As I lowered my hips toward hers, I looked down and saw my purple, swollen cockhead approaching her pussy, and as I felt it graze her outer lips, she shuddered and her eyes grew wide.

“You’re really going to … do it, aren’t you?” she asked. In answer, I began to push past her outer lips to find her cunt hole, every millimeter a sopping wet joy. She had always been a particularly wet girl, which was good, because after having cum like she just had, she was often almost too tight to fuck. I slowly pressed my cock into her, feeling her stretch deliciously around me, yielding slowly to me. It felt like it took ten minutes to work my way into her as deep as I could, my balls resting heavily against her ass.

I told her I was so full of cum that my balls ached, which made her impatient again. “Then fuck me, lover,” she breathed, “Fuck me… and pump me full of your cum.” Slowly, I withdrew until my head was the only part of me in her and then pushed into her a little more quickly. “Oh, yeah, gimme that cock,” she whispered. I picked up the pace of my thrusting and leaned down to suck one of her nipples the way I knew she liked.

I was really giving it to her now, with long strokes but varied rhythm to keep myself from cumming too quickly. The role-playing had given me an extra rush; my cock had grown about as rigid and long and thick as it ever had; I felt deliciously powerful. I began to drive into her with force, scooting her ass forward on the carpet a little each time. She grunted when I hit bottom, my balls slapping against her. I couldn’t last much longer, so I looked into her eyes and made sure she knew it: “I’m… gonna… cum… in… you.”

She Escort knew her part: “Oooh, yeah… sh-shoot that… cum in me… gimme that… gimme that sperm… gimme your… baby… hmm-mm-make me… pr… pregnant!” I held on for as long as I could, but finally my body took control and I felt the semen welling deep inside me. I could tell she was on the verge of orgasm, too: “Fuck! Me! Fuck! Me! Fuck! Me!” My cock began to spurt hot jets of potent sperm, boiling up from deep inside me and streaming through the full length of my straining prick into her willing, wet cunt. My load squelched in her pussy as I continued to pound her and fill her with hot cum. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip and imagined my thick semen pooling around her cervix, sperm swimming strongly into her uterus. As my own orgasm subsided, I could feel hers clenching my cock, urging me on. I didn’t slow until she quieted and her eyes regained their focus.

Our custom after a climax like this was for me to stay inside her well-used cunt for as long as I could stay hard. I rocked against her, dick deep inside her, tonguing her erect nipples. She loved the orgasmic after-shocks she got and I just plain didn’t want to stop fucking her.

“I just emptied my balls into you… You’re full of my sperm…”

Dreamily, she smiled and continued the thought, “…swimming inside me, looking for my egg… I’m gonna have your baby…”

We went on talking like this for a minute or so, and then I slowly pulled out of her and helped her clasp her knees to her chest, saying “This will help my little guys find their way.” She loved to stay in that position for a long time, savoring being full of cum, and I loved the way it showed off her messy cunt, my pearly semen overflowing onto the bed.

The next morning, I got another call from Ellen, but this time she was more reluctant to get to the point. She had a confession to make. She had stopped taking the pill when she left on her business trip a few months earlier. She was pretty sure she had been fertile the night before. She had meant everything she said, this time, about wanting a baby. At first, I was shocked and worried about the legal issues, but she assured me she really wanted to raise a child on her own and that she’d gotten a transfer to a new department in her company so that her job would no longer involve travel. When I calmed down, I asked her why she hadn’t just told me the truth, and she said she had worried that I wouldn’t cooperate. We left the conversation there.

After we hung up, I did some thinking. Once I got used to the idea, I started to like it. I felt honored and aroused at the same time. So I called her back. I told her not only should she have trusted me to cooperate but that I was willing to prove it. Both she and my stirring cock knew exactly what that meant. Over the next few weeks, she and I fucked like rabbits, and she missed her next period, just as we’d hoped. Her belly’s now swollen with my baby, and she is hornier than ever, but that’s a story for another time.

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