In Her Cousin’s Footsteps Pt. 05


Lacey felt her world changing as she took those few shorts steps into Kristi’s room. When the door closed quietly behind them, it felt like she was leaving another life behind her. She trembled as she waited to follow Kristi’s lead, but was relieved that her cousin was acting nonchalant, as if it were a best friends’ slumber party.

“This will be fun, like back in grade school, having sleepovers with friends,” Kristi said.

“Um, yeah. I don’t remember the last time I did that,” Lacey muttered, now suddenly unclear about the arrangement. Why did she get her hopes up, she wondered? Why would she expect someone like Kristi to actually be attracted to someone like her?

Kristi sat down on the right side of the bed.

“I like to read sometimes before I go to sleep. Is that okay with you?” Kristi asked as she grabbed a book from the end table.

“Oh, and I’d ask what side of the bed you want, but this one’s so small it doesn’t really have sides,” she laughed.

“Either side is good, Kristi,” she said quietly, trying to control the pouting of her lower lip.

With the small twin bed pushed against the corner of the tiny bedroom, Kristi settled in next to the bedside table and the reading lamp, leaving Lacey standing at the foot of the bed, with a choice of climbing in from there or easing over her cousin to get to the other side. She was surprised to see Kristi reach into the table drawer to pull out a pair of glasses before opening the book.

Kristi was lying on her back on the right side of the bed with the pillow propped up under her. Lacey paused, looking at the footboard which suddenly seemed way too high to easily climb over. Kristi pretended to read the book, hoping her outward demeanor would bely her internal nervousness.

She looked up over the top of the book. “Change your mind, cuz? I’m sorry it’s such a small bed,” she lied, not at all sorry about the tight sleeping arrangement.

“No, um. I’m just not really good at hurdling footboards,” she giggled nervously.

Kristi looked down and realized that she had given her cousin no access to the bed.

“Oops, sorry. I’m so selfish! Here,” she said, sitting up and bending her legs to give Lacey room to pass.

Lacey smiled and eased past her on her hands and knees. Kristi watched the t-shirt rise over Lacey’s cute boy shorts and resisted the temptation to reach down to touch her cousin’s butt. Instead, she pulled the sheet and bedspread down for Lacey to slide under.

“If you need another pillow, I can try to scrounge one up somewhere,” Kristi said, extending her legs under the sheets after her cousin got situated.

Not surprisingly, Kristi’s right side was forced to graze against Lacey’s left side under the covers, but neither one complained. Kristi couldn’t concentrate on the book. She chose instead to mentally count down, estimating the appropriate amount of time before turning the page. Seconds ticked by, then minutes. She glanced over at Lacey who was fumbling with her iPhone. They lay quietly on the small bed, before Kristi’s book dropped onto her chest and her breathing deepened. Lacey looked over and was surprised to find Kristi sound asleep.

Lacey bit her lip, wondering if she should just nudge her awake or allow her cousin to sleep. She decided to delicately attempt to remove Lacey’s glasses. She folded them and reached for the book, methodically prying it from her cousin’s fingers. She removed her own glasses and slowly reached across Kristi’s sleeping form to place her phone, the book and the two pair of glasses on the small table. As she did, she couldn’t avoid pressing her body slightly against her cousin’s. Despite her half-hearted effort to minimize the contact, her left breast pressed against her cousin’s small right breast with only the thin fabric separating their bodies.

Although they had hugged multiple times throughout the course of the week, this was so different. The electricity from the simple pressure of body on body was too much to resist, and Lacey found herself prolonging the reach. She looked down through slightly blurry vision at her sleeping cousin and listened intently to her breathing. Their faces were so close at that moment that she could feel and savor Kristi’s warm breath against her cheek as she exhaled. She hovered over her older cousin, longing to press her lips to Kristi’s. Instead, she diverted a light kiss to Kristi’s forehead and rolled over to her ‘side’ of the twin bed, reluctantly withdrawing contact with Kristi’s body.

They both stayed in that position, each on their backs, calves touching under the sheets, until Lacey felt herself drifting off to sleep. It wasn’t long before each shifted in their sleep, resulting in an intertwining of their smooth legs under the sheets, followed by semi-conscious apologies and occasional adolescent giggles. Both girls were ‘side-sleepers,’ and coincidentally they each preferred rolling onto their right sides. Eventually their bodies naturally found themselves in those positions, with Lacey in more of a fetal position on her side with one hand resting down between her thighs just above her knees, and the other arm tucked bursa escort under her pillow, cradling her own head.

In that position, her butt innocently violated Kristi’s space, jutting out across the imaginary line of the twin bed. Fortunately, it was a perfect complement to Kristi’s body with their comparable heights. Initially, the girls were pressed against each other in sleep, but Lacey’s body heat soon penetrated through fabric to Kristi, waking her. Realizing the position that they were in, Kristi’s left arm slid over her cousin’s side and stopped at her waist. Kristi felt a rush seeping through her body as Lacey stirred in sleep, and she nearly panicked as she felt Lacey’s left arm move to gently place her hand over Kristi’s hand. Kristi couldn’t resist moving her left leg across to mimic the bend of Lacey’s left leg. In this position, she found herself spooning tightly against her cousin’s panty-clad ass, with her left hand mere inches in either direction from the point of no return.

The heat had a similar impact on Lacey, waking her. She remained still as she felt her cousin’s arm wrap around her waist. She tried hard to control her breathing, feigning sleep, and when she felt the gentle warmth of her cousin’s hand, she stifled a moan. After several seconds, she removed her hand from between her own knees and slowly reached up to hold her cousin’s hand tightly against her. She kept her eyes closed in the darkness – unsure if her cousin was awake or asleep – and suddenly not caring either way. When she felt her cousin’s body press tightly against her, she felt a familiar moisture building between her legs and knew that – had she been alone – she would have had to touch herself. Now, however, she forced self-restraint out of necessity, but the desire continued to mount with only subtle movements of her cousin’s hand against her bare stomach under her t-shirt. Still pretending to sleep, she shifted, rolling slightly to her left. That tiny movement resulted in Kristi’s thumb resting against the base of Lacey’s breast. This time, Lacey couldn’t help but let out a very feint moan before quickly squelching it. Again, as if her own hand had a mind of its own, it followed Kristi’s up, nudging her hand to press more tightly against her right breast. They remained motionless for several minutes, both awake in total darkness but unsure if the other was. Finally, Kristi opened her hand, hesitating before lightly cupping Lacey’s full breast, with Lacey’s hand following along to cup Kristi’s hand. Kristi’s fingers soon found her cousin’s hard nipple, pinching it lightly as much out of fascination as excitement. The breast was so much bigger than her own, and the feeling of the firm yet soft flesh was more incredible than she could ever have imagined. She felt Lacey’s hand move and froze for a split-second as her young cousin shifted more to her left to rest on her back.

Kristi was now facing her cousin, still nearly in the fetal position. Her leg slid over Lacey’s, with her left thigh now pressed against Lacey’s inner thigh. Lacey finally built up the nerve to move her left arm, sliding it across her cousin’s body and finding her firm clenched cheeks, still encased in the amazing lacy panties that she had only a glimpse of earlier in the night. The resulting touch was absolutely electric for both girls. Even though it had been less than a week, Lacey had imagined the feel of her cousin’s ass almost since their first day of practice. Lacey again felt her cousin’s warm breath, this time against her sensitive neck and ear. She smiled in the darkness, feeling Kristi’s perfect left ass cheek while Kristi lovingly felt her breast. They were now aware that each partner was awake, but no words needed to be spoken. Kristi gently kissed Lacey’s neck, then nibbled her earlobe as her breathing became heavier and heavier.

Lacey no longer could suppress her desire and a light moan escaped from her lips. She turned her face slightly toward Kristi and their noses touched briefly. Each of them smiled in the darkness while playfully brushing their noses together with tiny eskimo kisses until – no longer able to resist – their lips met. Kristi released her hold on Lacey’s breast at the same time Lacey moved her hand from her butt. Kristi’s left hand now cupped her cousin’s face as they kissed, and Lacey’s stray hand fell to her side as her right hand reached to pull her cousin closer.

Lacey was overcome with desire as she experienced her first real kiss. Neither cared about the hint of morning breath, and Lacey nearly melted when she felt the tip of Kristi’s tongue pressing between her lips. She instinctively opened her mouth slightly, allowing her cousin’s soft probing tongue inside. Kristi withdrew for a split second, and Lacey opened her eyes, wondering if she did something wrong. She was relieved when she felt Kristi gently biting her cousin’s lower lip before sliding her tongue back into Lacey’s waiting, longing mouth. Their tongues played and each moaned into the other’s mouth at the same moment. Lacey felt Kristi move her free hand down over her t-shirt to touch her breast again through the fabric, but to her surprise it was only a brief stop bursa escort bayan there before continuing down her body to her bare stomach. As Kristi reached her soft cotton panty, she felt Lacey tense up. Not wanting to ruin the tender moment, she instead returned her hand to Lacey’s face and they continued to make out.

Lacey sensed the lost moment and immediately regretted it. In the moment of passion, she boldly and uncharacteristically reached for her cousin’s hand again and – to both of their surprise – guided it down to the band of her own panties. They kissed deeper, with Lacey again a willing student as she mimicked the movements of her cousin’s tongue. Fearing that they may be pushing things too far too soon, Kristi knew that she needed to slow their pace, desperately fighting the urge to reach into her cousin’s panties under the sheet. Instead, she simply ran her hand between Lacey’s parted thighs and over the outside of Lacey’s panties, surprised to feel the moisture already seeping through the cotton fabric. As Kristi massaged her cousin’s mound through her boy shorts, Lacey moaned once again into Kristi’s mouth and their kisses intensified. Lacey’s hand again moved, finding the base of her cousin’s t-shirt and sliding it under to reach the small breast. She easily cupped it in her small hand and traced her finger over Kristi’s nipple.

The touch sparked Kristi, who broke the kiss long enough to whisper, “God, Lacey, oh my God…”

Those were the first and only words spoken to each other through the entire night, and as each casually explored the other for the first time, desires ultimately gave way to sleep, followed by amazing dreams.

Lacey awoke first, nestled against her cousin with her hand resting around Kristi’s waist. She blinked, wondering if it was only a dream. Kristi stirred, and turned to face her. Her hair was wild, with strands seemingly everywhere. She brushed it away with her hand and looked at Lacey, confused for a moment, before reaching down to hold Lacey’s hand against her stomach and angling her face to kiss Lacey’s forehead.

“How did you sleep?” She asked lazily. Neither could resist an embarrassing guilty smile.

“Okay, but… “


Lacey shifted to her side, holding her head up with her left hand and her elbow on the pillow as she looked at her cousin.

“Was it, real? Last night? This morning? Us?”

Kristi just blushed and smiled, nodding ‘yes’ as she beamed, then blurted out, “You’re not going to freak out, are you Lace? Please don’t freak out on me, okay?”

“I won’t if you don’t. So…what’s next? I mean, I feel like I should feel guilty, but I don’t. Do you?”

Kristi reached to hold her hand, and said quietly, “Nope. No guilt here.” She shifted, changing the subject.

“God, I hope we left coffee and filters here. I’ll check.” She smiled at Lacey and hesitated, briefly considering pulling her cousin to her but she thought better of it.

Kristi slid out from under the sheets and Lacey watched as she padded out into the hallway. Kristi turned around and caught her cousin admiring her, but this time Lacey didn’t blush. They both smiled as Kristi disappeared down the hallway.

Lacey heard shuffling and coffee brewing, and although she was never an addict, over the past week with Kristi she had become conditioned to wanting it. Now she longed for it, not just to taste the coffee, but to sit down with Kristi again. But what would they say? What could they say? They’re cousins after all, it’s not like they have a future together, do they? But she realized that was getting way ahead of herself. Even though the early morning/late evening experience was by far the best of her young life, she wondered if she was just another conquest for her cousin.

She finally pulled herself out from under the covers and looked at herself in the mirror, actually liking who was staring back at her. She seemed different. Felt different. Although she and Kristi hadn’t gone far, to Lacey it was several steps beyond where she had ever been, but also a few steps less than she had imagined in her more recent fantasies. Still, it was amazing, natural, warm, passionate.

She stepped into the small hallway and saw her cousin pouring coffee into two cups in the main area. Kristi looked up and admired her cousin from head to toe – or more accurately from legs to eyes – and smiled.

“Sorry cuz, but we don’t have any creamers or milk, so it’s black for us this morning,”

“I’m good with that,” Lacey said, taking the cup from the breakfast table and sitting down across from Kristi.

They sipped quietly before Kristi blurted out, “You’re a really good kisser, you know that?”

Lacey almost spit her coffee out, but caught herself and blushed, saying, “Well I have a really good teacher.”

“Can you believe we actually fell asleep? Was it me or did we both just doze off?”

Lacey responded, “I…I think we just both kind of were in a warm safe place and drifted off together.”

“Well, don’t be embarrassed but to be totally honest, it was the best near-sex I have ever had.”

Lacey beamed at hearing those words escort bursa from her cousin. For her it was Heaven, but she was trying not to act too excited for fear of scaring her cousin. Inside though, her heart was telling her that it was real – THEY were real.

“You know, I don’t have anything to compare it to, other than… I guess my thoughts, but yeah, it was really really amazing, Kristi.” She looked down at her coffee as she confessed.

Kristi felt the mood deepen so she decided to lighten it up, commenting irreverently, “Well you wanted some softball training. Now you know how to get to second base at least!”

Lacey stared at her, mouth open. Had Kristi gone too far? They both finally broke down and laughed. “You are SO bad!” Lacey said, but they couldn’t stop giggling.

“So, wanna get some breakfast? There’s a cute little corner place nearby if you’re interested.”

“Um, yeah. But, well, should we talk about, about what happened? I mean, besides being related, there’s the whole same sex thing. I mean, I don’t really know what I mean.”

Kristi smiled, admiring how cute Lacey was, and how naïve.

“We can, I guess. We can force a label on what happened, what might happen. We can stress each other out about being cousins, maybe being gay or bi – or we can just relax and not overthink it. I vote for that,” Kristi said as Lacey toyed with her coffee cup.

Lacey nodded. “Me too. I will try hard not to overthink it.”

“Perfect. I’m not really known as a great thinker anyway. You know how us ‘jocks’ are,” Kristi kidded, twirling her hair and glancing at the ceiling.

She continued. “I’m going to take a quick shower. Someone got me all sweaty last night!”

Lacey turned beet red, but smiled and watched her cousin rise and head to her room. Minutes later she heard the bathroom door close and the sound of the shower. Her pulse jumped as she thought of Kristi and the warm soapy water running down her athletic body. The body that she felt just a few hours earlier. She wondered if Kristi left her clothing on the floor of her bedroom as she had the prior night, and she felt herself again involuntarily rising and drifting down the hall to the bedroom on the right. Peeking in, she spotted the lacy hipster panties, again bunched up near the foot of the bed. She peeked back around the corner and giggled as she heard Kristi singing (badly) in the shower. She bit her lip as she thought of ‘second base,’ remembering what Kristi said about third base being “giving or getting oral.”

She knew this time that she couldn’t resist the temptation. Taking one last peek down the hall, she quickly entered Kristi’s room and dropped to her knees, again with her back facing the doorway. The innocent sweet girl’s animal instincts took over. She crawled the few feet to the foot of the bed, staring down at the bunched-up panties. As if in a trance, she felt herself lowering onto her elbows, now inches away from the prize. No longer unable to hold back & helpless to resist the vulgarity, she lowered her face, pressing her nose into the panties that covered her own cousin’s tempting pussy just minutes before. It was as if she was outside of her body and looking down at herself.

She should have been embarrassed, even repulsed by her actions, and only a week before she would have been horrified at the thought. Today in this moment it was quite the opposite. The more she thought about the panties pressed against Kristi, the more she wanted to become a part of them in some way. She inhaled, savoring the aroma, then rose from her elbows to hungrily un-bunch the delicate panties before bringing them to her face. Still in a kneeling position, one hand pressed the fabric tightly to her lips and nose, while her other hand dropped between her legs, slowly rubbing her own neglected virginal mound. Remembering their lingering kisses, Lacey opened her mouth, allowing her tongue to escape and flattened it against the panty. Soon a lick wasn’t enough. She felt possessed as she found herself hungrily stuffing the crotch of the panties into her mouth, finding the taste both familiar yet different from her own. Her fingers slid under her own panties to find a wetness that no longer surprised her.

In the bathroom, an excited and naked Kristi almost felt guilty at the silly ‘trap’ that she laid for her unwitting cousin. Having seen how close Lacey had come to enjoying her panties the night before, she wondered if there would be another temptation, one that – based on the late-night events – her cousin would now be unable to resist. Prior to entering the bathroom, she strategically placed her panties in the same spot as she had the night before. With the trap set, she waited in the bathroom next to the running shower before wrapping a towel around her and cracking the door open to peek out. Her pulse raced when she looked to the left, no longer seeing Lacey at the breakfast table. With her heart pumping faster, she quietly snuck to the entrance of her room – another Deja vu moment. Slowly looking around, she melted at the sight before her. In fascination she watched her previously innocent cousin from behind as she knelt. The outline of Lacey’s hand rubbing her mound was almost too much for Kristi to take. She covered her mouth to avoid letting out a moan, but when she saw her own panties pressed against her cousin’s face, she could no longer resist.

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