In order to overcome all the strangeness

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In order to overcome all the strangenessFor a certain period of time it was never completely out of question. Really, this whole situation didn’t seem to cast a shadow upon their relationships. At least not that much as one might’ve thought. It was… okay for the most of the times.Usually it was in the morning when they had been giving in to their routine. The late evenings were fine too, even though dad was home, watching TV. But he didn’t like to be bothered anyway.Ron had been felt guilt. He couldn’t get angry enough to become really pissed off to give them out. Besides, he was only two years younger than his brother. So… Sometimes he could somehow relate to him in a sense of… in that very sense. In a sense of being a very horny individual.Occasionally, he would woke up in the middle of a night, thinking about their relationships. In his head there was a chaotic mess, an uncontrollable whirl of thoughts and feelings that led to an overwhelming sensation. Sometimes the feel was so strong, his knees got all trembling on his way to the toilet, where he had to jerk himself off furiously. Ronny never wanted any of this, but mom’s birthmarks have found a way to his head. Mostly, it was brother’s fault, who might’ve forget to erase snapshots from his phone. The pictures had struck Ron’s imagination very badly.It was rushed shots, not direct at all. Only once or twice there was a corner of mom’s mouth. Then several shots below the chin. Sticky and gooey splashes. Ron never seen anything like that. He was a little bit scared, despite he kinda already got used to noticing the weird stuff that had been happening around.All the weird phone calls. Talking on the phone, mom used to never raised her voice. Then later, her friend Samantha would come and they’d share some cordial laughs in the kitchen. Sometimes voices would thinned down to a whisper.For Ron it was weird to feel himself as a reason for a sudden quiet.”What were they talking about?..” He wondered, returning to his room.Ron was a regular teenager. He couldn’t help himself, but feeling pushed out from… from being involved in some funny doings. ***Being awake at night, he definitely knew what they were talking about. Mom and Samantha. It was obvious, actually, judging by the Samantha’s looks, who strived to look younger. And, by the way, same thing happened to mom at some point, though she was far more cautious to avoid making it too ostentatious. In time he’d been become kinda envious of his brother, Steve. But he couldn’t accept his attitude, like it was some sort of a trifle. Ron was rather anxious about it. Steve wasn’t that secretive. Ron asked about a lot of stuff. They’ve been talking about everything. That’s how Ron found out he was right about Samantha. “She’s a canlı bahis happily divorced mother of two obsessed lovers, who can’t get enough of her. Almost a year they share one bed. Can you imagine that amount of sex?! But she’d never acknowledge that, you know. To me anyway. Sneaky woman…””What about mom?Steve sneered.”What about her? Is she sneaky or not? I guess so!” “No! I mean… Maybe Samantha told mom about how things been going. Do they really fuck her brains out…””Oh yeah! Fuck, you’re right! I should’ve ask her!”They continued to talk about Samantha related stuff. Finally, Ron asked: “What it would’ve take to do the same thing in our bed?”Steve smiled. “Do you mean, like… You, me and mom? You know, mom is still kinda nervous, don’t you?. Especially, when your name is mentioned…””But why?””Well, it’s different with our family. Our parents in love with each other. Haven’t you been heard all the noises from their bedroom? They’re not gonna divorce, and… I don’t know. I think, she’s afraid to harm you or something. Or spoil you.””You think so? What about you then?””Well… Maybe she’s afraid to spoil herself.Steve sneered again, Ron started to laugh too.”It’s not clear yet. I think, it’s better to wait a little. I’m going to college soon. So maybe you don’t have to worry, you know? This whole mess might be figured out itself by then.””Maybe you’re right.”*** Steve was gone in a couple of weeks. His assumptions were correct, though it took a time to get to the things gradually. “Mom, did you ever thought what if Steve wouldn’t passed the exams?” “Why you asking that?”Having spent a lot time with Samantha, Audrey got more relaxed. But without Steve its all got a bit weird, ’cause Audrey couldn’t think of anyone, who would might had a chance to cherish “those” things in a proper manner. For an exception of Ronny, of course, who started to act this strange. “I wish only best for your brother. Don’t you know that?””Yes, mom, I know… But what about…””What about what?””Well, we talked a lot about you.””And what exactly were you talking about?”Audrey’s husband didn’t care much about all the fancy little things. She took a time to show him that she wanted to try something new. He didn’t say nothing, but didn’t say much. It was clear though, that he was glad she let him fuck her ass.”Wouldn’t it be great if he still were here? Steve? “Yeah, honey. It would.””He told me, that you were worried about me.””Hm?””You know… about sex and stuff.””Did he… Wait. What exactly Steve did tell you?””Well, nothing much. I figured it out by myself, I guess… I’m not stupid, mom. “I’m not calling you stupid. It’s just… I don’t want you to think it’s normal.”She got nervous a little, so Ron did a step back. “Hey, mom… Can bahis siteleri I ask you about Samantha?””What is it?””Had she been doing it too? What you did with Steve.”Ronny… I don’t know what d’you expect to hear…””The truth. Can you be honest?””Why are you so interested?””I don’t know how to say it, mom… But sometimes I feel like I’m sorta pushed out. “Oh, honey… You didn’t supposed to… Come here. Why didn’t you tell me anything? “I didn’t want you to regret anything. Really. And least of all, I didn’t want to get in the way of your… Ways. Or whatever you feels like.””Ronnie…”They got close enough to each other to let their embrace to become even more tighter. Audrey could feel Ronny’s breath with her cheek. His arms were embracing her waist, caressing her along the spine. Clocks were ticking. They measured all the moments of this prolonged sentiment.”Are you comfortable?””I could get used to it.”Audrey chuckled. She completely forgot how the first time can be. It was so long since she did it with Steve. Almost two months ago. It is true that for the first couple of times it had been felt kinda extreme. They definitely had to face certain things in order to overcome all the strangeness. At the time, blushingly conscious of Steve staring at her, Audrey had been trying not to look at his face. Her heartbeat was racing. No one else was home. It was disturbingly quiet, and the sounds she and Steve had been occasionally making seemed very loud.Audrey has been remembering it since then and not always it been consciously. The memories have their own way to appear on one’s mind. Especially this type of memories. Audrey’s psyche has become vulnerable in some way. Why would she want that to happen again? Why anyone would want that? She’s not like Samantha. She couldn’t just accept it as some little guilty pleasure.It was messed up to let it become a guilty pleasure.It felt completely wrong, but at some point it started to seem like there has been something appeared in the way of their previous life, when they had not been so used to the thought of being with each other intimate up to a point of having sex; to the thought of them defiling each other daily. It was some time ago, yet still Audrey didn’t returned her inner sight from the days of recent past, when Steven struggled to hold himself from cumming too early. Helping him was the most sloppy parenting she had ever done in her life. That’s when Samantha influenced her a lot. They’ve been friends for a long time. Audrey was asking her about lots of stuff, including personal which in her case always had a tend to become controversial, ’cause one of her sons had become a handicap at some point. The other one just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. One thing led to another… bahis şirketleri After divorce Samantha never started dating again. But she started to take a really good care of herself. For some reason she got her nipples pierced. Her wardrobe is full of weird clothes, including quite erotic and sometimes very fetish things. She even got herself a few tatoos.So probably it wasn’t a very bright idea for Audrey to ask Samantha whether or not it’s okay to not getting cold feet? ‘Cause Samantha didn’t care less about risk-taking involved. For her it was rather a matter of safety. Condoms. Pills. While Audrey had been troubled with something else. She was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to break this habit later. And that eventually her younger son would get involved. ***A tempo Ron took was a bit slow. And it was a bit weird to feel mom’s pussy being stretching out by his hardened shaft. He wondered if he was big enough to make her cum. Ron looked at her face. She was watching him with her eyelids semi closed. Her cheeks have become a little pink. She got herself so dolled up recent months. Sure she didn’t wanna dad got suspicious. Still… She got tanned. The one of the many things she started to do along with Samantha. So now she’s been having these beautiful tan lines. “They’re so beautiful, mom…” “Thank you, dear!” After a smoochy kiss, Audrey turned her head away, opening for Ronnie her neck. He started to nibble it gently. She gave him a tight hug. Her skin felt warm, but not as warm as her pussy. Together they kept pushing their pelvises towards each other. Ronnie couldn’t get enough of mom’s bouncy tits. He stared at them. They were marvelous. Their light oreolas and the plump nipples. He felt a severe desire to suck at them as long as he could, but the warm depth of wet pussy was too distracting. There was plenty of time. But not for Ronnie. Penetrations were too deep and the movements have been become quite frequent. He literally was slapping his balls over mom’s asshole. And he could hear how all the slight moans were becoming more and more loud. It was a great feeling. But Ron couldn’t last anymore.”Aahhh! I’m so sorry!””Its fine, its fine! Here! Let it…” “On your belly?””Yeah…”After the last movements had been made, Ronnie took himself out. Audrey started to finger herself immediately. She’s been watching him jerking himself over her body. Her moaning has growed into something sobs-like.Ron wasn’t sure how to react. The wild look on mom’s face got him a bit of repulsed. It suddenly seemed a bit too natural for his empty balls. “Are we even going to be fine?” He thought worryingly.It was still hard not to look on her bouncy titties, though. So much naked flesh was exposed for a view.Those tanned legs…They were resting about ten minutes, when he heard her saying: “Try not to think about it, honey…”It was a strange thing to hear. Yet he answered “Okay” and they have spend some more time in a complete silence.///to be continued\\\

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