In Praise of Strong Black Women


Hello, there. Jack Saint Pierre is the name. Who am I? The Hero of this story right here. A six-foot-tall, slender young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. And I am a very kinky guy. Just ask my girlfriend Sandra Guillaume here. The first time I laid eyes on her, I knew that she was the woman for me. I was coming out of the student center at Carleton University when I saw her bending over to pick up a fallen book. I fell in love with that big, heart-shaped ass of hers. And I’ve never looked back. I approached her and that’s all it took. We just clicked and have been together ever since. A match made in heaven apparently.

I’ve got a thing for tall, dark-skinned Black women with big tits and big butts. And at five-foot-eleven and two hundred and thirty pounds of Black female loveliness, Sandra definitely met my criteria. The Black woman is my standard of beauty, folks. No White women for me. These blonde-haired, blue-eyed sluts don’t do Jack for me. Never have and never will. I love my Black women. Fortunately, I found a Black woman who loves me. It was purely fate that we met. Sandra wasn’t a student at Carleton University at the time. Nope, she was visiting some friends at our campus but she’s actually a student at the University of Ottawa. Whatever the case, I’m glad we met.

Sandra is the kind of sister a brother like me dreams of meeting. A beautiful and intelligent young Black woman who actually likes Black men. Lately, I’ve been noticing quite a few Black women walking around with White guys. And to be honest, I don’t like that. Not at all. White men act like the world is theirs. Even though White folks constitute less than ten percent of the total human population of the modern world. I’ve never felt jealous of a White man until I saw one with an extremely beautiful Black woman. That shit pissed me off, for real. Most White guys you see Escort bayan dating Black women won’t marry them. To White men, Black women are strange, exotic and oddly arousing at times but it’s White women they consider to be their standards of beauty. Sisters who chase White guys are wasting their time, most of the time anyway.

Anyhow, that’s how I feel. Most of the time. Since most of the Black men I see around the city of Ottawa seem hell-bent on dating fat White women, I can’t blame Black women for trying something new, as they say. It’s clear that as a Black man who loves Black women, I’m a minority within a minority. I don’t know why every other Black man I know is into White women. Especially since when Black men are in trouble, White women are usually the cause of it. Remember the Kobe Bryant trial? White women are good for one thing and that’s getting Black men in trouble. They never stand with us when something’s going down. That’s why I don’t like them at all. They’re so fake it’s not even funny.

Folks, I must tell you this. I love my Black women. From my grandmother Mercy to my mother Anne and my beloved girlfriend Sandra. I got much love and respect for Black ladies. They have a brother’s back when the shit hits the fan. That’s one of the countless reasons why I love them. I don’t like what I see around Ottawa, man. Black men and Black women have all gone interracial and the Black Love is dead. Yet Ottawa is the most bigoted city in the western hemisphere. The same White men and White women you see dating outside their race are the same ones who laugh at ethnic jokes made by their White friends. How about that?

Why do I love my Sandra? Oh, man. This is going to take all day. I love her cute smile which just melts my heart. I love her sweet dimples. I love her long, neatly braided hair. I love her round nose. I love her full lips. I love her curvy body, her Bayan Escort large breasts, her wide hips and most of all, her big, heart-shaped booty. Oh, yeah. I love my woman’s booty. I noticed it before I even saw her face. Oh, man. I didn’t mean to sound sexist or anything. I am just really enthusiastic about my woman’s beauty. Like I said before, Black women are my standards of beauty. Other women don’t do Jack for me. And my Sandra is one of a kind.

My Sandra is amazing in so many ways. I love her not just for her incredibly sensual body but her incredible mind as well. She’s ranked among the top ten students at the School of Engineering of the University of Ottawa. The other top nine students are either White, Indian or Chinese. Yeah, my lady is single-handedly uplifting all of us. That’s quite a burden to be placed on her lovely shoulders. Me, I do alright in my Criminology classes at Carleton University. I usually get a 3.0 GPA which isn’t bad at all. However, my academic accomplishments pale before the sheer brilliance of my lady. Sandra is a genius, but she isn’t too upfront about it. She doesn’t think her intellect is such a big deal. Did I mention that she self-published a fiction novel last year? Yeah, my lady is all that and then some, folks. And she doesn’t like to brag. I love that about her.

The Black Love doesn’t seem to be a big thing around the city of Ottawa. Other Black men desert Black women and seek to find love and acceptance in the arms of White women. It’s a rare White woman who will stand with a Black man against the onslaught of racism you will find in the city of Ottawa. Folks here are worse than the bigots found in the Southern parts of the United States. They’re just more discreet about it. Like I said before, I notice a lot of Black women walking around with White guys. Those same White guys who consider White women to be their standards of beauty Escort and rarely speak up when Black females are denigrated by arrogant White women with a sense of superiority. Such a dangerous game they’re playing. Oh, well. I have my life to live and they have theirs, I guess.

Presently, I am lying in bed and my Sandra is fast asleep next to me. After a night of passionate lovemaking, she is spent. How I love making love with her. My lady knows exactly how to take care of me. And I try my best to keep up with her amazing passion. The fever of her kisses. Her hot tongue down my throat. Her hand on my dick, gripping my member tightly. Her fingers up my asshole. Her sweet lips sucking my cock. Her arms locking tightly around me. Her big booty grinding against my groin. Her tight pussy gripping my dick. I cannot get enough of her. And she knows it. I love how her big booty bounces when I take her from behind. I can’t get enough of her tight ass gripping my dick on those few occasions when she feels like having anal sex. I am amazed, scared and thrilled by her dominant side as she makes me kneel before her and suck her strap-on dildo. I cringe and moan as she thrusts her dildo up my ass while looking into my eyes as she takes me roughly as I lie on my back. My woman rocks my world!

Oh, yeah. This Black man is thankful for the Black Goddess who lies next to him. I know what a rare and wonderful treasure she is. And I would never take her for granted. I know what she represents. The core of the Black race and the future of the Black community rests within the Black woman. She is the most loyal of women. She stood with the Black man when he had nothing and the whole world mocked and jeered him. She stood with him in the worst of times. And she should stand with him as he rises in the world to take his proper place as an individual of worth, knowledge and power. Taking my woman for granted is something I will never do. That’s why I’ve got this engagement ring tucked under my Sandra’s pillow. She’ll find it when she wakes up. It costs me two months pay but she’s worth it and so much more. What can I say, folks? I love my Black Goddess.

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