In Public Ch. 02


Jeff and Bruce were thrilled with their adventure at the movie theater. Even though it hadn’t been possible to do more than have Jeff suck Bruce off, since that usher had then camped out on the side of the theater for the rest of the movie, it had been thrilling and fun. They were eager to find another spot to try out their new ‘dangerous’ past-time – it had led to several weeks of amazing sex as they thought about it and talked about it and occasionally re-enacted it at home in front of their own TV. Both of them were excited about the results and they felt like it really added fuel to their love-life – it couldn’t be described as being in a rut anymore, that was for sure!

Although they were planning for Bruce to bring Jeff to work one day, they happened to be at an amusement park over the weekend. Walking along holding hands they were happily engaged in conversation when they saw one of those photo-booths that was covered by a curtain. Inside there were lots of giggles and squeals and shuffling around; stopping to watch, amused, they waited until a high school couple came out, still giggling. The couple held hands and caressed as they waited for their photos to print and then squealed as they looked at them, the girl holding the strip of pictures to her chest as she laughed and blushed deeply.

Bruce chuckled, “Well, they were definitely doing SOMETHING interesting in there.”

“You know…” Jeff was more interested in the actual photo booth, “That curtain goes down almost to the ground, you can see that someone’s in there because you can see their feet , not because you can see exactly casino siteleri what they’re doing.”

“Oh?” Bruce looked at carefully and then turned with a slight smile to his partner, “Jeff… you are getting naughty! I would never have expected THIS kind of behavior from you!”

Jeff blushed, which was incredibly adorable and Bruce laughed, leaning forward to give him a lingering kiss.

“Absolutely I think we should get our photos taken,” and Bruce pulled Jeff over to the photo booth. They peeked around, knowing that they were not being good, and not really caring.

Bruce put in enough money for three photo sessions, which should give them plenty of time – between each session the pictures had to print. They could just leave it in the slot, which fortunately was in the booth, while they occupied themselves. And this time they’d even have photo documentation of their escapade!

As soon as they were inside Bruce sat on the seat and pulled out the small tube of lube that he and Jeff always carried with them now, greasing up his quickly hardening dick, he pulled Jeff backwards onto it. Jeff hit the “begin” button as the head of Bruce’s dick pressed against his asshole; with his mouth open in a wide “o” he began to sink onto Bruce’s shaft, panting as his ass stretched open. It was so tight and hot for Bruce, knowing that people outside could see their feet, would know that someone was sitting on someone else’s lap, but not knowing what was going on inside the booth.

He reached around and grabbed Jeff’s dick, sliding his hand down it as Jeff continued to slide onto his straining slot oyna pole. The camera’s flashed four times as Jeff continued his erotic slide, catching his slightly pained but excited face as his ass was invaded, stretched open; the hand on his dick sliding up and down as he sank down. Jeff breathed out a sigh of relief as Bruce’s dick was completely buried in his tight ass, wiggling a little so that his inner muscles rippled over Bruce’s dick.

While the first set of pictures were printing they began a steady fucking, Jeff bouncing up and down on Bruce’s rod, muffling his moans as his ass was opened up. Both of them were extremely turned on by their location, they could hear people passing by occasionally, voices talking… it reminded them to keep quiet as they fucked. Bruce could feel his dick sliding slickly along Jeff’s interior, tight and hot and occasionally convulsing. He squirmed underneath Jeff as Jeff ground down on his dick, squeezing Jeff’s dick hard and rubbing his thumb along the tip the way he liked it.

The camera began to flash again as they were in the middle of their session, catching both of their excited expressions, the loving way that Jeff leaned back to kiss Bruce, their deliberate movements. As it stopped Bruce whispered in Jeff’s ear,

“Let’s try to time it so that the next time it takes pictures it’s while we’re cumming.”

Jeff nodded and began to pick up speed as the pictures began printing, grinding his way up and down Bruce’s shaft as the fisting of his dick became harder and faster. Both of them were having trouble controlling their noises now, they canlı casino siteleri were so excited, knowing that their climax was coming up. The printed pictures fell into the slot and Jeff gasped, slamming himself down onto Bruce’s dick just as Bruce thrust roughly upwards.

The camera began taking their pictures as Bruce started coming, his hand tightening on Jeff’s dick. The second picture actually captured the cum starting to shoot from Jeff’s dick, and his ecstatic face as his boyfriend filled his ass. By the last picture they were looking content and replete, Jeff leaning back against Bruce with Bruce’s slowly softening cock in his ass.

“That was fantastic…” Jeff breathed, panting a little.

They stayed there, just cuddling and kissing until the last of the pictures had printed. Then they ground the small puddle of cum on the floor into the dirt and took their pictures, giggling over them outside as they looked them over. Definitely something for the home photo albums. Their favorite by far was the one where Jeff was leaning back to that you could see Bruce’s ecstatic, orgasmic expression, and there was actually cum shooting out of Jeff’s dick toward the camera.

“We should make porns,” Jeff said, grinning as they tucked the pictures into their wallets.

Bruce leaned over and kissed him, “It would be damn good porn.”

As they walked along the path they saw a group of college kids who were ogling them and then giggling and pointing back towards the photo booth.

“Oops,” said Bruce as he watched them pull the curtain inside and lean in to inspect the booth, “I think they knew what we were up to.”

“And gave them a few ideas,” Jeff observed as a couple slid into the booth, firmly closing the curtain while their friends whooped and hollered outside.

“Kinky kids,” laughed Bruce.

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