In Search of a Muse: Mia


To date, all of my stories have been inspired by muses (as their titles explain). By that I mean that a woman reached out to me (usually with a forum response or message to me as a writer here) and confided either a fantasy or a favorite experience they thought would make for a naughty bit of erotica. If I enjoy it, from there I’ll try to build a story that is either inspired by their experience or fulfilling their fantasy.

This one is a bit different. A female friend of mine, Mia, knows I’ve been writing erotica for ages on a couple profiles here and elsewhere. And, seeing my newest trend of seeking muses? She wanted to be one herself. She’s 5’6 and quite thin, with fit & athletic legs. Her ass is ever-tempting. Her hair frequently changed color courtesy of artistic dye jobs (but at the time was dyed a chromatic rainbow of blues and purples). Her lips were rarely tinted with lipstick but remained perfectly inviting. And her breasts? Mmm: full C cups of perfection. She kept a thin trail of brown hair as a bush atop her pussy. Needless to say – she caught many eyes, both for what they could see and for what they yearned to see.

I was thrilled. But…knowing that she’s married and beyond my reach? A pleasure I couldn’t claim? It felt as though writing about her would be a playful chance to imagine what joys her body could offer.

…but perhaps, just perhaps, I was mistaken. As I said – she’d known about my writing on two profiles for Literotica, and enjoyed most of it. And reading my most recent stories, she confided in me by agreeing to provide a few of her fantasies and kinks that she thought we shared:

1. Lingerie play – nothing but the thinnest of barriers between her most intimate areas and the world or anyone near enough to watch, ranging from elegant to sultry/alluring attire. It invited fun – and leaving it in place until the last possible moment of desperate need? Well – how fun would that be…?

2. Light bondage – being bound with her hands behind her back, or tied in other similar compromising positions that invited sexual submission.

3. Loss of control – submitting herself to the desires of another, although secretly hoping for great pleasure in the process…and often sharing other desires to facilitate that in her submission.

4. Roleplaying, particularly consensual nonconsent scenarios – enjoying the thought of extremes fake taxi porno of loss of control, but in a ‘safe’ environment.

Before long? She agreed to model for me as part of her work as a personal muse. She agreed to let me pick out some new panties and pieces for her to wear, and for her to model each piece for my personal enjoyment. It doesn’t require a genius to predict this, but I moved quickly to prepare for this encounter.

I picked three pairs of panties that mingled the line of sexy and adorable: a black, lace thong, a pale blue cotton bikini with lace trimming, and a pair of sheer white lace boyshorts with a pink bow crowning the center of the waistband. I mailed the three gifts to her, and we arranged timing when she would be alone – avoiding her husband.

She answered the door clad in a towel. And…we both knew what was beneath it. The second the door closed behind me, I took grip of the corner and pulled it from her – exposing her scantily clad body. She wore the white boyshorts at the moment, paired with a simple white cotton bra.

Her eyes met my own briefly, and she spoke firmly even as her eyes fell down and refused to meet my own:

“Just…through the underwear. I figure it’s not cheating if you’re not directly touching…”

I smirked. The idea was that she’d be modeling for me. And, in fairness, I had all intentions of having her do that. But first? First, it would seem, we both had intentions of exploring her other kinks and fantasies. She enjoyed losing control and being a bit of a rope bunny? Fair enough. Hell – all the better. I was prepared for that, even…

I grabbed her wrists firmly, pulled them behind her back, and tied them in place with a zip tie. Her eyes grew large and she struggled and squirmed against my grip and movements, but she didn’t scream or yell. It was as if her body was compelled to resist, but her mind and will had already consented. I bent her awkwardly over my knee and began spanking her, a few soft blows to begin with – but quickly transitioning into harsh, painful strikes. The panties, though…as cute as they were? They were limiting the blows and preventing that lovely echoing sound from accompanying each strike. I longed to take them off, but somehow felt it best to opt to follow her limitations (at least initially). My fingertips paused above her pussylips and family stroke porno rubbed her mound briefly through the panties, loving the warmth and wetness that awaited me there. I debated taking the waistband by the fingers and yanking them down to her ankles, but resisted the temptation. I continued fingering her through the lacy material, focusing on her clit and feeling her body relent as she began to grind into my fingers greedily. She moaned with the most delectable and raw desire, and I strove to meet it. And, of course, I continued spanking her ass. As my hard blows landed on her panty-clad ass they eventually became strong enough that they echoed briefly in the room despite her panties muffling the blows. Any silent dignity Mia had originally maintained was abandoned. She moaned even more hungrily, and proceeded to quietly beg:

“Rub me. Finger me. M-Master? Please – just touch me anywhere.”

My spanking paused. My focus returned to her cunt, rubbing it lovingly but slightly roughly through the well-soaked material of her panties. She resumed her efforts to grind into my hand and increase the speed & pressure of my touch on her pussy. I did my best to adapt to her desires, longing to hear, see, and taste her moment of climax. She struggled against the zip tie that still firmly held her hands behind her back. It seemed to be instinct, but she clearly wanted more attention. I let one hand remain attentive to her pussy – rubbing and gently fingering barely into her slit, but the other hand was now roughly exploring her breasts. They were soft, yielding, and welcoming – and as I grabbed them over her bra she yelped quietly, but quickly transitioned into even more sated moans and soft growls of acceptance.

Whatever photo session this was meant to start as, it had become a session of meeting the most intimate needs of my model – and given her beauty? I couldn’t dream of refusing.

Eventually, with tender-yet-dedicated attention to her clit (still through her lacy-white panties), much rough fondling of her breasts, and MANY spanking interruptions on her sore ass – Mia came for me. Her body shook with desperation and she struggled with all her might (a futile effort) against the zip tie still binding her wrists. Her moans stopped and her breathing was labored… Her voice, though? It was gentle and pleased.

“Thank you, female agent porno Master.”

At this point? Her panties were beyond soaked. They were drenched in her essence and scent… And it was almost time for them to finally be moved out of the way.

I took Mia to her bedroom and guided her to her own bed. I had her positioned face down in her pillows, ass up and facing me. This, perhaps, was the best view of her I could hope to take in. It meant her breasts were hidden, a true tragedy…but her ass and pussy were readily available and quite nearly on display. It was time to fix that and put both to a thorough use.

Now, mind you again – her face was buried in her pillows now. She couldn’t see what was approaching, although she had to have some idea of what to expect. I quickly, quietly lubed a small toy I found in her lingerie drawer. I made quick work of cutting her bra and panties off with a knife. She gasped in shock, but in post orgasmic bliss didn’t seem to think to yelp or scream. Perhaps she didn’t dare at this point. I picked up that small toy and, ever so slowly, guided it into her ass. She gasped in surprise, but soon transitioned into a full-body shiver paired with moans of growing delight as it made increasing progress. Feeling she was adapting well, I had to resume a bit of the spanking and landed a firm blow against her right ass cheek. She yelped, before moaning with the toy’s continued thrusts inside her. I continued the pattern, striking her ass cheek firmly before thrusting inside her – sometimes once or twice, sometimes more…and repeating. And then I finally took my cock out of my pants and boxers, doing my best to keep the pace of her toy in her ass at the same time. At last, I was going to enter her sweet pussy. One solid thrust and I felt myself reaching the fullest depth of her that I could hope to – and she rewarded me when she screamed with raw delight and pleasure.

There was no further attempt at spanking – plenty of that would come later. For now it was just fucking her exposed pussy and using her own toy on her tight, little ass.

Mia moaned for me, begging for more – more speed, more force, more ferocity. And as best as I could? I gave it to her. My pace grew with each stroke and thrust. My gripping of her breasts started as fondling and grew into grasping. And when I came inside her? I felt her pussy contract and clench, tightening to hold me as each stream of cum erupted inside her. Moments later? She fell limp to the bed.

I cut the zip tie from her wrists, and her arms fell around me. Time was almost up on our escape from reality, but briefly – so pleasurably and briefly – she had been mine.

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