In the country with stepdad

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In the country with stepdadI was young when my father left, so it was mom and I for years. Mom dated some, but nothing heavy till she met Bill. He was the only guy she brought home, I guess to see how I felt about him. After a few months Bill asked if I wanted to go fishing. I told him I’ve never fished before. With a smile he said don’t worry about it, it’s easy. I said OK, I’ll try it. He rubbed my shoulder and said great, how about next weekend. Friday night he loaded fishing gear, blankets, and food in the back of his truck. I hugged and kissed mom good bye and got in the truck. The sun was coming up when we came to his cabin. Bill took the fishing gear down to the lake and I brought the rest of the our things into the cabin. Bill showed me how to bait the hook and cast the line. After a while it was getting hot, Bill said to put my swim suit on. I told him I didn’t know I was supposed to bring them. He smiled and said if you want to go ahead and take off your shirt and pants. I said OK and stood up and pulled off my shirt. As I pulled my pants down Bill watched with interest. Not thinking anything about it, I stepped out of them. We fished a little bit longer bursa escort and Bill said he’d be right back. When he came back he had his swim suit on. He stood at the edge of the dock and jumped in. He swam around a bit, then said to jump in. The water looked inviting so I dove in. We were having fun swimming and splashing each other when Bill grabbed me. Holding me, he dipped down and shot up, tossing me into the air. Laughing I said again. He threw me again and I swam back to him. Holding onto me he asked if I wanted to go higher. Yes I yelled. He said, when I go down stand on my hands. As I did he shot up from the bottom of the lake, sending me straight up. I didn’t notice my underwear slid down and off as Bill launched me out of the water. Bill swam out to the middle of the lake where a floating pier was. He motioned for me to come over. When I reached him he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. I didn’t think anything about it when I felt his hand slide down. Holding me up, he asked if I was having fun. Yes I said. I didn’t realize my underwear were gone till I felt his fingers moving over my bare dick. I stiffened with fear, and embarrassment. bursa escort bayan Bill said, relax, what’s wrong. Thinking he didn’t know my underwear was missing, I said it was nothing and tried to relax. As Bill pulled me close to him, he turned me till I was facing him. Holding me against him the waves bobbed me up and down. I could feel my dick rub on his stomach and chest. Slowly it stiffened from the stimulation. After a couple of minutes of rubbing it was hard. Bill smiled and said someones having fun. I was worried he’d be mad at me, but instead he let his hand slide down to my butt. As we bobbed up and down in the water I felt a finger press on my butt crack. My heart beat faster as he moved his leg between mine and push them apart. Bill didn’t say a word as I felt his finger push between my butt cheeks. He seamed to be staring off into the distance as he pressed his fingers against me. My heart jumped when I felt his finger touch my young hole. Afraid to say or do anything I put my arms around his neck. Smiling Bill said, put your legs around my waist. With my legs up high, he had an easy time rubbing my now excited butt hole. My dick felt escort bursa funny rubbing up and down against him, and his finger began to circle and press on my hole. I started to shake and my dick jumped a couple of times as his finger slowly opened my hole. Looking down Bill asked, you ready to go back inside. Stuttering I said yes. Twisting his wrist, I felt his finger turn back and forth as he pulled it out of me. Going in Bill said to get in the shower and clean up. Looking down at my dick while I ran the water I noticed a long clear string dripping down. I was puzzled look at it, and wondered what it was. Washing my butt, my hole hurt a little but not bad. When I got out of the shower I dried and wrapped the towel around me. Going up front to get my bag, Bill said the fish is almost ready. As I pulled my underwear up, I noticed Bill took off his swim suit. I felt funny as I looked at him. My eyes moved up and down stopping at his waist. His butt wasn’t firm, but not flabby. Looking forward, I could just see the head of his dick. I had that funny feeling low in my gut. Bill looked over at me and said, if it’s too hot in here for you you can stay in your underwear. Nervesly I said OK. Sitting down to eat, Bill sat across from me. After eating, Bill took his shower. With just a towel on he said let’s sit outside for a while. Motioning for me to come to him, he pat his leg.

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