In The Dark

In The DarkThe sound of giggles and heels clicking on the cobbled streets filled the air. All she could smell was piss and beer on the wind. The sign of a good night out with the girls, she thought. And it had been. They had started off in a chain pub, she couldn’t remember which, they were all alike, weren’t they? A few bottles of wine between the 6 of them, and they’d been tipsy by the time they left. Next on the list was one of their old teenage haunts, it used to be an amazing rock bar but had seen more and more ageing, greying rockers in recent times than glamororous band members. They ended in a club, but spent more time at the bar and chatting in the toilets than dancing. If you’re 30 plus it just looks a bit tragic, clopping round the dancefloor like an old goat slipping on ice.A good night though, but now she just wanted to be home, tucked up in bed. It was a warm night though, and at least it wasn’t raining to spoil the walk. 10 minutes and she’d tipobet be back indoors. She took a left up the darkened close, Edinburgh was full of them. Some picturesque, like a scene from Harry Potter, some down which you wouldn’t send your worst enemy. She’d lived here all her life though and knew the streets like the back of her hand. She pondered what food to make when she got back home. Was she sober enough to not set the house on fire if she cooked? She wasn’t sure..Then everything went fuzzy. She felt a hand over her mouth as she made to yell. “Don’t make a sound,” a deep voice growled in her ear. She was pushed up against a wall, and felt her assailant roughly tear at her tights between her legs. She breathed deeply, and braced herself for what she knew was coming. She could feel his hard cock struggling to break free of his clothing, pushing against her. She was strangely aroused by this. She could feel the man was fairly slight, she could tipobet güvenilir mi have fought back, but in her darkest recesses of her mind, something stopped her. He held her arms above her head with one hand while pushing her legs apart with his. His other hand was now massaging her pussy, roughly but still skillfully enough to make her wet. And then he took her, all at once he thrust his cock inside her, and she gasped. It filled her, and she felt alive. He slid in and out of her, pushing hard and fast. He was fucking her in a desperate, passionate way, and she felt herself tighten around him. She needed this. She knew it was wrong, and God knows how dangerous, but somehow that made even more arousing. She wanted this stranger to treat her roughly, to use her, to take pleasure from her and discard her. These thoughts were running through her head as the man’s breathing was getting heavier and noisier as he grew closer and closer tipobet giriş to bursting inside her. She moaned and bit her lip to avoid being heard. Then she orgasmed harder than she ever had before, her nails scratched down the bricks of the wall as she spasmed uncontrollably, she almost screamed in pleasure and the man knew she was not going anywhere, He let go of her arms and grasped her tits from behind with both hands. He slid one hand inside her top and pulled at her nipple. He moaned a little as he did this, as did she. She thrust back onto him as he fucked, and gave up trying to conceal her pleasure. He grew noisier with each thrust and she could feel he was about to cum. He erupted inside her, emptying himself fully, continuing to thrust until he had no more to give. He slid out for one last time, and she heard a zip, as he covered himself up again. She slumped on the ground, used and pleasured in equal measure. She straightened her top and ripped her tights completely off. He stood over her and helped her to her feet.Leaning in to his wife’s neck, he planted a tender kiss. “Is that what you had in mind?” he asked cheekily. “It was better than I could have hoped.” She smiled. “Come on, lets go home.”

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