In the Kitchen

Cum Shot

I get home from work and begin to make dinner. When you arrive, dinner is ready and the table is set. I have a candles lit, the lights are turned down, and soft music is playing the background. You walk up behind me and wrap your strong arms around me. I lean my head back to rest it on your chest and you lean forward to kiss my neck. As you caress me with your warm kisses, excitement shoots through me. Your lips graze from my ears to my shoulders sending goose bumps down my legs.

I feel myself begin to heat up and swell with desire. I turn to face you and gaze into your clear blue eyes. Resting my hands on your face, I pull you into me and rest my lips upon yours. Your soft lips taste sweet and delicate. I run my tongue slowly on your top lip until I feel your lips part. Your tongue enters my mouth and swirls around my tongue, begging me to take you. I melt into your arms and passionately return the kiss. As we kiss I slide my hands down your chest pausing at your nipples. I can feel how hard they are through your shirt and I teasingly trace them. I begin to unbutton your shirt and after about the 4th button I push it off your shoulders and begin to kiss your chest. My tongue lightly traces your nipples and you can feel my lips squeezing them, taking them into my mouth.

Working Escort bayan my way back up, my lips glide up and down your neck and I take your ear lobe between my teeth and pull at it. You giggle a little. I feel your hands move off of my shoulders, softly making their way to my chest. I unbutton my blouse and you trace the edges of my bra with your fingers. My bra is lacey blue and you can see through it like I’m not wearing anything. My nipples harden with desire and you circle closer and closer to them with your fingers.

I hop up on the counter top and with both hands you cup my breasts. With my hands behind me, I arch my back, pushing them closer to you. Kissing the tops of my breasts, I can feel your warm breath on me. You reach behind me and unhook my bra and as it slides down my arms you pull me into your chest. My breasts press against you and you kiss me more passionately than ever.

I hop off the counter top and fall to my knees. I want to take you in and suck you. I slide your pants down and being to kiss your thigh. Gently I run my fingers along your inner thighs, as I get closer to your hardness, I see you twitch with excitement. When my fingers reach you I begin to rub you very softly. I hear you moan as I tease you. Bayan Escort I let my tongue explore your hardness. Starting at the base I lick up to the tip, without touching the tip, I move back down. After doing this a couple of times, I notice wetness coming from you. Dying to taste you, I take your tip in my mouth. My tongue moves around it like it is candy. I trace your ridge with my tongue and slowly move down. As you enter my mouth farther, I cup your balls and begin to rub them. Moving up and down your shaft I feel you getting harder and harder. Pulling your cock out of my mouth I linger on the tip and bite down a little, sucking it harder.

I pull off and walk about 3 feet away from you to the kitchen table, where our food is waiting, but instead of sitting down, I bend over and slowly lower my skirt. When you see my matching blue thongs you begin to walk towards me with clear intent. When you reach me, your hands begin to rub my bottom and I feel your cock rubbing my wetness. I reach back to slide my thongs down and I take you, grabbing your hard wet cock. I rub it against me, each time pushing it farther in me. When it finally enters me completely you moan feeling how hot and wet I am. I squeeze tightly around you and you pause for a minute to Escort calm down.

You lean over me, reaching around me to grab my breasts. You find my nipples and roll them in your fingers. I take one of your hands and suck on your fingers, one at a time I take one in and slowly pull it out. Then you stand tall and tell me to turn around, when I do you lift me up and take me to the couch.

You lay me down on the couch and push my thighs away from each other. You see my lips swollen with desire and when I feel your lips touch mine, I almost explode. Your tongue enters me with such purpose and lust that I can’t control myself. I grab my tits and squeeze them with delight. My juices flow around your tongue and I call out to you to take me.

Standing up, I feel you enter me and as you push deeper and deeper, I grab you and push you in and out at a steady pace. I want to feel every inch of you in me. I want, no I need to feel your hardness explode in me, sending me over the edge. As my breasts press against your hot chest, I kiss your neck and whisper in your ear, how sexy you are to me. I love every inch of you, your soul, your body and I want you to take me now. As I am whispering I feel you explode in me, you begin to pulse and I feel your hot juice fill me. I begin to climax at the same time, pulsing so hard around you that you bite down on your lips. I see your eyes close tightly with stimulation and I pull you close and kiss each eye gently.

As we calm down, we glance at the table and decide to eat later.

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