In the pub but ends in the woods


In the pub but ends in the woodsSpring time and contracted to job in Swansea boys were all up for going but me and 4 other’s head down to renovate a flat. We find a nice boozer with digs usually the place to keep the troops happy, not really a big drinker but sure they will make up for it. We find a nice place home cooking and next to a rugby park and woods, barmaids a looker D was her name Black hair super tan size10 and nice body all over sexy.We settle in week 1 job drags on a bit so I stay late most night as the troops head back and make a start on drinking usual way with them, D was great accommodation to the troops flirty and not ripping me to shreds for having coffee in the booth doing paper work. I notice her hubby picked her up every evening’s and got to know him as Ryan , he was chatting with a coffee by the end of the week watching his sex bomb wife tease the shit out off the boy’s, it didn’t seem to bother him. Week 2 and all the chat at work was how they all wanted to fuck D usual shit , as the nights went on D’s outfits go more provocative she was Sexy, she played pool looked after them well we would share eye contact and she looked slightly embarrassed but carried on regardless night ended with usual coffee with hubby. Nice guy couldn’t help but tell me how hot wife had been last couple of day’s ,forward but honest in the describes obviously was enjoying the teasing she was giving out. Week 3 same bullshit plowing out there chops, works meeting it was Weds , informed them to tone down the drink and change subject at work we plough on and head back. After dinner boys head up stair’s even tho D is in leather knee highs, large fishnet stockings and tied in a bow white blouse, the pubs quiet only a few other dinner’s D comes over with a coffee and sits looking embarrassed “You OK? Notice hubby missing last couple of night’s?” She now looks glum “He’s had to go to Bristol ,family thing” ,I then inform her had chat with the troops and to calm it down little did I expect them to jump at it but hey ho . D’s then informs how ataşehir escort we light the boozer up and she liked the attention embarrassed I think on how she was acting I reassure her she has been a great host intact super ,making her blush before she goes and clears up the tables as the pub closes , she is in no doubt I’m watching her move around I’m imaging her feeling hot as Ryan like to inform me. Pub empty she comes over with a drink sitting with me “Do you need to do all this paper work” , looking iinto her sexy eye’s I let her know ,” I’m not really , doing paperwork I’m watching you and keeping away from the boy’s, ” she looks blushy,”You watch me who’s teasing now” my phone goes an D moves to give me privacy I grab her hand and pull her to the booth which she does ,taking her hand to my cock as I talk to the fiancée, wrong but hot!! D pulls my swollen cock free and starts wanking me listening to fiancée and looking at D am turned on then D slips her other hand down between her legs and is now master batting herself hitting on her bottom lip she moves and I chat watching her slide under the table , my cock feels the wetness of her mouth the flick off her tongue and I cough as she goes to work on my cock her mouth is amazing as I struggle to talk my balls tighten and feels this while massaging and stops sucking. Removing herself I now chat watching her go to the stool in front of the booth my cock rock hard ,she sits opening her legs and what a site one of the most sexy pussy I have ever seen smooth labia and wet lips tanned as her body and 1 sexy clit as she circles her fingers around with ease , I cut the chat hanging up and walk toward where D is admiring her love hole cock and balls hanging free I squat and take pleasure in licking D’s sexy hole ,lapping as she moans “oooh, aahh, oooh fuck Yes” I know she is close and is enjoying the pleasure so I stop telling back to have a look and what a sight , “Oh ,you Bastard !!!” ,”You better put that to good work” pointing at kartal escort my still throbbing cock, I approach her as she sits up we lock lips my cock parts her wet lips and push my helmet in her tight hole she wraps her legs round me and I fill her pussy with 1long thrust, fucking her standing up I turn and lay her down on the table at the booth “Yes I fucking want it !! Fuck me fuck me” she is in heaven then I look down and my cock is fucking into the sexy hole her lips encases my shaft with every thrust ,the sight has me boiled over “I’m going to” D shout “Cum cum in me fuck oh fuck ” her pussy pulse’s as I empty all of my cum in her cock twitching as she vice grips me ,pulling out she continues to lay there cum dripping out of her pussy. We sort ourself out and I offer to walk D home we chat the whole way and share a kiss at the door . Next couple of night’s D’s on fire and now after close I walk her home enjoining the Blow job in the woods on the way. On the Sun Ryann reappears small talk and he walks D home Obviously ,next night he asks questions about D and if I noticed anything looking at him knowledge of the fact he knows something I come right out with it “Ryann, she sucked my cock a couple of time’s mate?” Angry he’s pushing for more and letting me know he’s angry he demands to know where it happened,well not wanting him to know my cum was dripping at the table we sat at I stayed the woods , he wanted to know more so I filled his head with more filth and the told him, “Look you got a kick last week telling me how hot she’s been” ,going to talk stopping him,”Your hard the now its your thing,so why don’t we both walk her home tonight and we will show you !!?”.”Are you fucking mad” he says,”No but you know what ,you will like it”,” Do you think she will go for it” . Hooked there and then.Telling him exactly where the tree was and to cause a seen to anger her and storm off wait for me to walk her home he can watch us , we both watch D in her boots, black fashion stockings pendik escort , side split skirt and blouse do her thing then true to the plan he causes a scene storms off and makes her Angry. Telling the boy’s to wrap up D cleans up rage , I kindly listen and and offer to walk her home ?? Which she agrees to ,as we walk I pull her into the Wood’s “Really here , tonight” kissing her I notice Ryann in the bushes “We don’t need to we could walk on””No chance ,I took my knickers off in the pub” sexy bitch hands them to me, as she frees my cock.”You want this sexy D” She now stands back and sucks my cock “Your fucking big ,you will fuck me tonight”Ryann moves out from the bushes watching D suck me hard ,he approach D’s body, startled I grip her head not allowing her to see, she jumps as his hands lift her skirt exposing her knickerless ass and soaking pussy, he Start’s to put his cock in her pussy , moaning not knowing who’s iinside she suck me harder.” Put in her ass” shocked Ryan shakes his head.”Go down lick her pussy wet her ass and fuck her” she stop’s not turning and looking at me .”Put it in me ” sexy D wants this .Going back to my cock he goes to work on her pussy and rimming her ass , moans of pleasure escape her mouth.He is now behind her and she squats slightly making it easy for him to enter her ass , taking it slow in and out till he’s ball deep she stop’s taking in the pleasure.”Oh fuck its good fuck me fuck me” looking at me as Ryann fucks her.”Ryann lay down and let her fuck you” her eye’s nearly pop out her head.”Ryann ,Ryann you fkn midden”??” No not k**ding get down on my cock you sexy bitch!!”He lays down and facing me cowgirl cock in her ass ,she signals for me to come get sucked, I shake my head and tell her to lay back ,going down between there leg’s D look’s shocked and I put my cock in her pussy ,Ryann holds firm as I pump into her pussy with vigor she screams”Oh my god oh my fucking I’m I’m Cumming ” she bucks uncontrolled as me and Ryann fill her holes with our cum making her cum harder a second time both her holes tighten locking us 3 in a an orgasmic mess in the woods. Once relaxed we all get dressed and D and Ryann head for home locked in each others arms , leaving me to walk back the short distance. I genuinely cant wait to hear D’s reaction tomorrow and hopeful Ryann gets into details of what happened when they got home ?????? ….

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