In the Stacks Pt. 01


I woke up early, the clock by my bed saying 3:30am in bright red numbers that drilled into my retinas. Two hours of sleep isn’t a lot to work with but when I wake up I am fucking awake. Last night still hurt, my throat was still raw from the screaming and my eyes were still caked with makeup from all the crying.

“I just don’t see myself with you for the long term.” That was how my now ex-boyfriend started the conversation. We had been dating for three years, living together for the last eight months and I came to our apartment to find the bastard packing.

I slept in my clothes last night. I had felt good yesterday morning, woke up and had a quickie with the man who was leaving me, and dressed in clothes that were casual but made me feel sexy. Jeans that were practically painted on, my best supportive bra, and my almost too tight Rolling Stones t-shirt. I turned heads all day and enjoyed the attention. They are not sleeping clothes. The underwire of my bra felt like it was trying to guillotine my breasts, I lost circulation in my left leg when I twisted in my sleep, and my shirt was bunched up around my neck. I fought against the clothing till I was free of every article and hobbled my way to the bathroom.

After using the toilet I got into the shower, letting the hot jets of water massage the knots out of my neck, shoulders and back. It wasn’t as good as having someone in the shower with me, feeling their hands work my body, but it helped the physical pain. I put my face into the streams of water and with a fresh rack of sobs for my relationship, got all of yesterday’s ruined makeup off.

I stepped out of the shower and as I ran the towel against my skin his words swirled in my head. Things started off all “babe it’s not you it’s me” but didn’t stay that way long. Who knew asking him to join me on the apartment lease was too much commitment, or that asking him if he ever wanted kids was pressuring him to get me pregnant. My going to work was keeping us apart but I wasn’t doing enough to support his dream of screenwriting. Even coming home to throw him on the bed and fuck his brains out five days a week was me being just too damn clingy.

Throwing the towel into the tub, I stomped off into the bedroom and threw up the light switch, my sadness replaced by anger. I stood in front of my full length mirror and looked myself over. When we first met he had joined the ranks of previous lovers in comparing me favorably with the actress Christina Hendricks. Pale skin, broad shoulders to help support my massive e-cup breasts, that at 33 years old hadn’t begun to sag, with large cherry blush areolas and big thick nipples perfect for sucking. My stomach wasn’t perfectly flat, I enjoy my food, but still tapered in before widening out into my hips. At 5 foot 11 I’m a big, curvy, natural red head with just the slightest dusting of freckles on my cheeks and breasts. But what was sexy as hell at the beginning was now too fat to love.

Well fuck that! Good riddance to bad rubbish. I’m strictly monogamous in a relationship, I take a loving commitment seriously, but outside of a relationship…well…momma’s got needs. I decided right there as I watched myself in the mirror running one hand over my tits while the other gently petted the fire red bush between my legs, I’m going to get mine now. I’m going to fuck everything on two legs and it will start today.


While my personal life might be a bit of a dumpster fire right now, my work life is amazing. I’m a librarian at the city’s downtown library. I say downtown to distinguish it from the county library and the university library. Small little university town in Nowhere, Tx but I love it here. I’m surrounded by some of my favorite things at the library: books, hot college students, and avid readers. Books are my favorite things in the world, if they had mouths and genitals I’d never leave home. I’d stay at home and get fucked by words till I was pregnant and gave birth to stories. And yes, that’s the closest I can get to poetic.

I made my way up the concrete steps and felt a bit of a chill. Apparently a cold front was moving in. Southern Texas isn’t really known for cold winters but when an average day has 100% humidity, dropping down into the 70’s can be down right bone-chilling. I didn’t dress for the weather, I dressed for ease of access. A buttoned down dark red blouse with several buttons left undone to give everyone a generous view of my cleavage and since I went braless my now hard nipples poked into the thin fabric. My skirt was more modest, at least on the outside. Just a simple black skirt that while hugging my waist flared out and reached down to mid-calf. No one would know I left my panties at home and if, no, when I met someone I could lift up the front but still be covered at the back. My hair I left down and decided against contacts so I was wearing my thin framed black glasses. It may be cold outside but I’m confident it’ll warm up soon.

“Hi escort izmit Ms. Cassie, how are you today?” a voice calls out as I walk through the entrance. It’s Bob, our janitor, a nice guy in his mid sixties. I smile and make small talk, I’ve always liked Bob. He’s semi-retired and only took this job so he wouldn’t just be sitting around at home alone. I’ve never noticed how attractive he was in a “take me daddy I’m a bad little girl” kind of way, before. I caught him giving me the once over as well but he kept a simple polite smile on his face and never again broke eye contact. Either he’s not a boob man or he is one of the best behaved guys on the planet.

Leaving him I got to my desk and started my day. I have a stack of books to put back on the shelves, emails to read and book transfer requests to get through. Also need to start organizing the schedule for our inventory.

There’s not too many people here yet so I decide to start returning books first. It is an almost zen experience, just me and the stacks. I’m moving upstairs and downstairs as I zip from history to astronomy to romantic fiction. I’m on my hands and knees struggling to get a large medical reference book back on the bottom shelf when I hear a soft voice ask, “Excuse me, do you work here?”

The voice has a subtle accent, maybe Vietnamese or Korean and I turn to see the cutest toes peeking out of a pair of open toe black wedges. My eyes slowly move up delicate ankles and the sexiest bronze thin legs I’ve ever seen in real life. My view is obstructed mid thigh by a bubblegum pink miniskirt but I’m rewarded for my diligence by a return to bronze skin on a taut stomach. Her shirt is a lime green tube top but it’s so thin and tight it functions more like a bra for her small titties. Her shoulders are dainty and they lead me to a seemingly long, graceful neck. Strawberry red lips, a button nose, almond shaped brown eyes with high arching brows. Her black hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail with a big lime green scrunchie.

I’d be ashamed most days for so obviously devouring someone with my eyes this way, but I didn’t need to worry this time, she’s staring straight down my shirt. I’ve never been ogled quite so blatantly before but her eyes seem to absorb every ounce of tit flesh in front of her. “Yes miss, what can I do for you?” I ask, unable to keep my voice from taking on a husky quality. I haven’t been with a woman since college but the moisture building between my legs as this fragile goddess stares at me tells me I’m ready to dive back in.

“Umm, the psychology section?” She asks, not breaking eye contact with my chest for a moment. I’m still on my hands and knees looking up at her and decide to have some fun with this. I rock gently from side to side, sending my breasts swaying back and forth. Her eyes track every movement, her tiny pink tongue makes a brief appearance as she quickly licks her lips.

“Why would you need that?” I ask straightening up to a kneeling position. I can see the disappointment on her face as her view is obstructed but it brightens again as I make a show of placing my hands at the small of my back and leaning backwards. I make sure to bunch up my blouse so my tits strain against the fabric as I stretch my back out.

“Fourth year psychology student.” she’s completely mesmerized. I straighten back up and stretch out my arms, exaggeratedly working out the knots in my back and making my breasts bounce with each movement.

“There’s no way, that makes you what, 23?”

That question finally breaks her concentration. She looks me in the eyes, a question starting to form and then I see her lips curl into a dirty smile as she realizes what I’m asking.

Her eyes bore into mine as she says, “I’m definitely old enough for all the rigors that come with the degree.”

“Good.” I say and then use the bookshelf to my left to help get on my feet. I tower over her, I’d have to slouch to rest my chin on top of her head. I watch as she finally takes all of me in. For a second I worry that I’m too much, that maybe that asshole was right about me, but then she looks at me. There’s an eagerness there, like a climber seeing a new mountain for the first time.

I gesture for her to follow me, putting a sway in my hips that I can feel her watching. “I’m Cassie by the way.”

“Yuna.” she responds.

“Looking for anything in particular?”

“2nd edition of Psychology of Human Sexuality.”

I stop and turn to look at her. She snaps her head up and gives me this innocent grin and a shrug that is too cute for words. I shake my head with a smile and keep going. We finally get to the right aisle and I tell her it is on the third stack of shelves, top shelf. She suddenly looks disappointed and walks away. I give a quick look around, this section is at the back of the library to try to keep minors from finding any thing like Yuna asked for, we are quite alone. I turn back around to see her on her tip toes, completely stretched out trying izmit escort to get the book.

I make my way up behind her quietly and whisper in her ear, “Would you like a hand with that?”

She turns around quickly, startled at first but then she gives me a devilish smile and with surprising strength pulls me in for a kiss. I’m taken aback by the intensity for a moment as she runs her tongue over my lips, demanding entry. I relent willingly, enjoying this young woman exploring my mouth. Her hands are tangled in my lush mane, pulling me deeper into her mouth as I pull her body to mine, crushing her into my more than ample bosom while rubbing my hands along the tight skin of her back.

Withdrawing her tongue she kisses me even harder, sucks my bottom lip between hers and bites down. I moan as the sudden pain triggers a wave of pleasure. So she wants to play rough? I’ll show her how it’s done. I grab her ponytail and pull her head back, arching that graceful neck, and start kissing from her jaw down along the carotid artery to her collar bone. After doing it with kisses the first time I trace my way back up, this time nipping at the sensitive flesh. She gives some slight squeals of pain and surprise but those soon change to moans.

She’s managed to undo another couple buttons on my blouse and is now playing with my breasts. It feels great as her fingers grip them hard before gently massaging, then pushing them against me only to then pull them toward her. Then her hands run down to my nipples, she plays with them roughly pulling and twisting.

“You like those don’t you?” I ask pulling back to look at her.

“Yes, I’ve only seen boobs this big on porn.”

I just smile and then pull her close and force her face into my cleavage. She flails around at first as I smother her with my tits, then begins licking and kissing on them. I relax my grip as she explores every inch of them with her mouth. I let out a moan when she finally puts her mouth around my right nipple and sucks gently. I pull her further into me, “Oh God that’s nice.”

No sooner had the words left my mouth than she bit down hard. I was in so much pain and shock that I couldn’t even yell. Then before I could react she switched to my left nipple and bit it too.

“I don’t do nice, hope that won’t be a problem.” she said defiantly.

“Fine.” I say and slap her hard. The sound of my right hand meeting her left cheek seems to fill the whole building. She stumbles back against the shelves behind her. Before she can recover I’m already on her, my left hand grabs her throat while I pull down her tube top with my right. My first boyfriend did this to me and I was uncomfortable for a week, time to pay it forward. Keeping her pinned to the shelves by her neck, careful not to press too hard, I bend down till I can see her small breasts. Just the slightest swelling of skin and a small brown nub. I place my mouth over the whole thing sucking hard while closing my mouth till finally only the nipple is between my lips. That’s when I bite down and suck as hard as I can, making sure to give her a hickey on her nipple. She’s flailing and gasping for breath by the time I finish the first one, she nearly passes out from the second.

I straighten up and let go of her neck and bring her in for another kiss. We are both fighting for domination during it and it’s the most alive I’ve felt in a long time. I reach down, lift up her skirt, and come in contact with bare skin. Not only is she not wearing any underwear but she’s smooth shaven as well. I slide my index and middle finger on either side of the hood of her clit and gently squeeze. She breaks the kiss first and takes in a lungful of air.

“Don’t you dare go soft on me. I want you to force me to cum!”

“What if I decide to fist you right here?” I ask. She actually shuddered at the suggestion.

“I’m a screamer.”

“We’re in a library, you have to be quiet.” I say slightly worried this is getting out of hand. Yuna just shrugs

“I’ll gag you with your scrunchie.”

She gives me the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen as she reaches up and pulls the large fabric band out from around her hair. She holds it up to her face, “Then fucking split me in half.” and with that final command she stuffs the scrunchie in her mouth. She lifts her arms over her head and turns around, leans over to grab the highest shelf she can and widens her stance till her legs are more than shoulder width apart and her back is arched to offer her ass.

I drop down to my knees, surprised at the ease of her compliance and slightly hesitant. I run my right hand along her pussy trying to get her ready, but she’s already so wet that two fingers just slide in without warning. She moans as I work the fingers in and out, then starts grinding down on my upward thrust, moaning for me to add more. A third finger goes in and I’m jabbing upward and pushing out on the withdraw, trying to widen everything. There’s a loud sucking izmit kendi evi olan escort sound as my fingers move in and out. She’s producing enough juice to drown someone!

My pinkie slides up next soon followed by my thumb. I form my hand into a fist and just rotate my wrist, letting my knuckles drag along her vaginal walls. I must of hit her g-spot because she’s quivering and shouting into the scrunchie in her mouth. As I make small thrusting movements I lean in and nip at her ass cheek and use my left hand to graze her back with my nails. I pick up the pace and she’s trying to keep up but once she finds my rhythm I either speed up or slow down. She’s just whimpering now, all her weight supported by the bookcase. I rake her back one last time, not enough to break the skin but definitely leaving marks, then slide my left arm around her hip to fan her clit.

The effect is almost instantaneous. Yuna’s whole body quakes and I feel something against my fist inside of her. I pull my fist out of her vagina, tearing a scream from her that I hope no one hears, and then to my amazement I see a solid jet of girl cum shoot out of her. It happens again and again as she keeps shuddering, drenching the books on the bottom shelf and the carpet on the floor. I have to act quickly to catch her when her knees finally buckle and she collapses. I hold her close to me as we cuddle on the floor. I’m petting her hair and whispering what an amazing woman she is, just in awe of the sexual display I witnessed. I kiss her forehead and just keep whispering to her as she finally stills, her eyes are closed and her breathing finally slows to normal.

When she opens her eyes and looks at me there is a hazy quality to them that tells of the height of pleasure she reached. She’ll probably be sore for a month but that look and lazy smile tell me it was all worth it. She slowly disentangles from me and stands up. She smoothed her skirt down and pulled her top back into place. She reaches a hand out and helps me to my feet, then lifts my right hand to her mouth and licks my fingers.

She finishes cleaning my hand and I go to button my blouse back up, trying to think of what to tell Bob about the mess, when she grabs my hands. “What are you doing?”

“Well I can’t go back to work with my tits out.”

She looks disappointed, “But what about you?”

I don’t know what to say. I just assumed with everything she’d just gone through that it was finished. She puts a hand on each shoulder and gently pushes me back against the other shelves and pulls me down into a kiss. All the fight seems to have gone out of her, the kiss is tender and long. When she finally breaks it its to kiss her way slowly down my neck and collarbone. She gently grabs each breast and holds them as far apart as she can to kiss down the thin bit of skin against my sternum. My heart is racing as she keeps going down, below my breasts, down my stomach, my navel, my waist.

She’s on her knees now and lifts up my long skirt. Gently guiding my legs apart she buries her face into my pubic hair, inhaling my scent deeply before she resumes her kissing. She kissed down the inner thigh of my left leg to about the knee, then switched to my right leg and kissed up my inner thigh. It was more than I could take and I put my hand on her head and guided her to where she needed to go. She ran her tongue over my engorged clit, kissed it, then finally wrapped her lips around it.

A low deep moan escaped from me as I was flooded with pleasure. I don’t know if small women need less oxygen or she just had amazing lung capacity but she seemed to not stop for breath, just continually alternating licking and sucking. Her right hand traced its way up my leg and I gasped as she slipped to fingers inside me, never once letting her mouth break contact. She pressed down against my pelvic floor and up and it felt for all the world like I had a guy’s cock thrusting in me.

My breath was coming in short gasps when she surprised me again, her left arm moving around to part my ass and slip one finger up the hole. Not rough or deep, just filling. I was so close, I knew it wouldn’t take much more, but the rest was up to me. My left hand started playing with my left nipple while the other brought my right breast up to my mouth so I could suckle it like a newborn.

I felt it then, a cold shock running through me. Looking down the aisle on my right there was a man standing there. Roughly my age, a little heavy set, and staring at the two women before him with his right hand down his pants. He looked startled when he noticed me looking at him and that shock quickly turned to shame.

Blame it on the sex but I just winked at him and placed my nipple in my mouth and sucked. Watching him watching us, while stimulating my nipples with fingers in my ass and vagina and a mouth on my clit, I groaned as I came. My eyes rolled back into my head as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over me.

Yuna brought me down gently and when I could see clearly again the guy was gone.

“You’ll never know how much I needed that.” I said once we were finally both on our feet and regained our composure.

“Me too. It was nice to meet you Cassie.” she said with a shy smile.

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