In The Subway

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It’s late. I’m dead beat. The day’s been exhausting, physically and nervously. I’m waiting for the subway on the platform with a single idea in my head: a hot tub and my bed.

The subway arrives. Packed…I slide in the best I can and let myself doze off, stuck between the other passengers.

After a station or two, I notice a strange sensation… an unexpected move… a hand passing in my back… like a caress. A wave of panic takes hold of me but I can’t move. Resigned, I let the unknown hand follow its track. I look around me without coming up to guess who the author is, since it’s impossible for me to turn around.

Then, little by little, I let myself gained by the relaxation it provides against my will. All the piled up stress vanishes under the caress… Like it guessed my giving up, the unknown hand moves away from my shoulders to caress my back… wanders lower and lower. I sigh.

A sudden move pulls me out of my daze. The travellers around me are getting off like a herd and threaten to drag me out with them. I get away and close to a wall. Barely have I put my back on it to rest that a woman comes in front of me and puts, in a natural move, her arm around my waist…

I don’t even have time to be surprised that she brings her mouth to my ear.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” she whispers.

And without letting me time enough to answer, she adds:

“I had a shock when I saw you… like an orgasm.”

At last I look at her. Eyes shining, she awaits an answer, a secret hope. Her body presses softly against mine, in rhythm with the train’s shakes. Her perfume, stinging flavour mixed with her skin’s hot one, excites my nostrils. I guess the temptation to put her hand on my chest and to snuggle into my arms. She’s beautiful, impatient…

Then I feel her hand slide again in my back and I understand. A shiver crosses my body then, uncontrolled, and I feel a new energy overflowing me, desire taking hold of my body.

Without a word, I take her in my arms and a radiant smile lights her face, like a silent thankfulness. She nestles against me, breathes deeply like she wants to get impregnated with my odour. And an unknown heat spreads out along my thigh, the heat of her desire…

She undulates, imperceptibly. Her hand, in my back, lies upon my ass and presses my body against hers. Her head rests on my shoulder and she smiles, eyes closed, like a fulfilled lover. Without daring a caress, I observe her, totally absorbed by the caress she gives to herself. And my mind imagines bare the curves of her body, the smoothness of her skin, her pubic hair entangled with mine, her sex sliding slowly on my thigh…

She gives a deep sigh and opens her eyes…

“Kiss me,” she says.

I take her lips and she takes my mouth. Her embrace gets insistent, her caress hard. I imagine her sex, wet as her mouth. Then a jump. Her body becomes rigid and my mouth welcomes the cry of her orgasm…

When our lips part, a tear shines in the corner of her eye. She puts her head against me and whispers:

“Thank you.”

With my hand, I caress her cheek and her hair. My desire gets pressing but I savour the moment. As we get close to my station, I tell her ear:

“I want you.”

For only answer, her pubis, still stuck to my leg, slides against mine. Satisfied with the examination, she smiles and puts a kiss on my lips.

“I’m ready,” she says.

She’s all but prude. Her whole face tells me “Take me, here, there, on illegal bahis the seat, standing up, anywhere”. I’m suddenly scared by such blind submission and I drag her out of the wagon at the first station, far from our mixed up figures that I see where my mind imagined them.

Hand in hand, we errand, feverish, looking for asylum. A delirious passion pulls us along the streets, at random. Under a porch, she pushes me against the wall and grabs my mouth. Our breaths blend and tire out. Panting, we resume walking, stumbling. Further, it’s me who pulls her against me. With each stop, our hands get bolder and each of us restrains the other from being too impatient.

Then a cab stops, doors open, luggage are pulled out, a hotel…

We pull one another inside.

“A room, please.”

We don’t hear the clerk’s questions who, with a smile, doesn’t insist. Key in hand, we rush into the stairway. It’s who will find the door and open it first.

The door closes on our heels and there’s silence, only disturbed by our too fast breaths.

No more rushing. We discover our sanctuary in slow motion. After a long silent look, we find back our places into each other’s arms. On her face I can see the same impatient desire, begging, insistent. We exchange an endless kiss, into which each drains a new energy from the other’s lips. A long and slow caress of tongues that makes us shiver. I long for her and our sexes press against one another.

We part. In me fight the will to rip her clothes off and take her there on the floor and the will to slow down time, that our caresses last forever. She prevents me from a cruel choice.

Slowly her hands go to my shoulders. They grab the sides of my jacket and make it slide down my back. Then she waits and I too let her coat fall on the floor. The game lasts like this until we’re out of clothes. Together, we discover in awe the body of our future lover.

She’s beautiful. And the desire that possesses her makes her even more beautiful. At this moment, all in her calls for forbidden pleasures. But she smiles and her smile is a promise of divine surprises. Holding my hand, she takes me to the bathroom. We get into the tub that can hardly holds us both. She makes me sit, with my back turned to her. Then she gets busy a few seconds and a cold shower falls on us. We both scream until the water gets deliciously hot. She kneels and her hands rub my shoulders, my arms, my neck… I surrender to the smoothness of an imprecise caress, in my back, on my belly. She braces me, puts her lips on the nape of my neck, presses her breasts against me. I feel the nipples, hard enough to pierce my skin. I turn my head, look for her lips, find them.

Like a sleepwalker, I stand up and turn without stopping kissing her. My hard dick bumps into her womb. My arms hug her. We hold each other so tight that not a single drop can slip between our bodies. Then I feel her hands getting busy in my back. I too grab a bar of soap and repeat the same moves on her body. Very carefully, she passes the soap on every inch of my skin, rubbing until it’s covered with foam. After the back and torso, she kneels and whitens my legs, cautiously avoiding the cock pulsating in front of her face. However, she doesn’t avoid observing it and her approving smile excites me even more. At last, she takes it, delicately. She leaves a layer of soapy foam along the pole, wraps up the harden balls and polishes the gland with the tip of her fingers. The caress of her slippery illegal bahis siteleri hands makes me moan endlessly. I want to get away from it and surrender to it even more.

Satisfied with her work, she stands up, still holding me. Our lips join again. It’s my turn, I start to give her back her caresses. Restraining from speeding up my moves, I forget no parcel of her skin. But the temptation to use her is too strong and my hands get pressing, biting on her small hard tits. She purrs and undulates. Under my rubbing, her short pubic hair becomes a foam fountain that I spread against her sex. Her belly rolls onto my hand as to invite it.

We’re soon out of soap and we laugh. We slide onto one another in an erotic game of seduction whose result is already known. Out of patience, we mutually splash, leaving behind us a flow of foam that gets drained slowly. Without drying herself, she runs out of the bathroom. I chase her meet her in the middle of the room. She waits for me, soaking wet. She plays the chased animal, followed by the predator. I slowly come closer, like a feline ready to pounce. She moves back but her legs bump on the bed. She sits then moves backwards again. I am almost to the bed when she finally put her back to the wall, legs slightly spread. I then discover her inner thighs. Noticing my look, she puts her hands over her pubis, so as to mask her vulvae, but the prude gesture turns into an invite when, with two fingers, she parts her outer lips.

The feline growls and jumps. She screams with surprise when I fall back onto the bed, between her thighs. My head lies on her belly and the chaser becomes sibling. I brace her hips. Her hands caress my hair. I could sleep her, my cheek against her womb, berthed by her breathing, but her intimate smell awakes my sleepy desire. Lower down, the warmth of her thighs heats up my body and attracts me.

I give her belly little kisses. I feel her shiver. I slide down her hip, moving her down with me. I plunge my face into the chicksdown of her hair and drunk myself with its smell.

I raise my head. Almost lying down, she bears on her face the same begging and alluring look. She puts her hands on her thighs, on both sides of her sex, and spreads her legs, like opening a gift. My blood ruches. I enter the valley, my eyes riveted to her intimate flesh. Still shiny from the bath, they long to be caressed, tongued, sucked, forced. I move.

I put my lips close to her lips and wander along her vulvae. With little tongue moves, I explore the entrance of her pussy, I excite her already erect clit. Her fingers go back and forth into my hair, like I was a pet. Her pubic hair is so smooth that I brush my face on it, but the hands on my head push me gently back to her sex. I lick her thoroughly. I savour, with the ravished astonishment of the discovery of an unknown flavour, the honey that flows from her lips.

Further up, her throat let go a whispered song, like a melodic purr, punctuated by little screams and appreciation when my tongue caresses her vulvae’s sensitive spots.

“Mmmmmm… yes… there, yes… Oooooooh…”

Under my tongue, I feel her relaxed, totally absorbed by the pleasure she gets and that no shaking or any dodging disturbs. And when I take her clit between my lips, she unconsciously raises her pubis to my mouth to better offer it to me.

Like in the subway, her orgasm is indiscernible. She expresses it only with her hands clutching and a long lenient sigh.

I look at canlı bahis siteleri her, suspended in pleasure. I wish I could always see her like this, beautiful, offered and enjoying the happiness of living intensely. Her eyes fall on me and in them I read again the love and gratefulness that trouble me so much. She pulls me close to her. I lay down on her body, pressing her ever-harder breasts. My dick pulsates between her thighs but she doesn’t seem care. She squeezes me against her and whispers to my ear.

“Thank you… thank you… I love you…”

I don’t know what to reply. Her odour, her soft skin, everything about her makes me fall. I want to plunge into her, melt inside her, but she remains still. I kiss her fiercely. She kisses back but doesn’t open.

“I want you,” I tell her.

“I know,” she answers smiling.

“Not you?

“I’m a virgin.”

She adds, as I remain puzzled:

“I save myself for the one who will share my life. And I don’t know anything about you.”

My desire stumbles. Here I am, stunned, while she gets away from my arms. Then, surprising me again, she turns around and shows me her ass.

“Lick me.”

Seeing my hesitation, she grabs her ass cheeks and parts them, unveiling her shiny pussy and shaved asshole. Hypnotised, I do so, taking from her pussy to lubricate her ass. I plunge my tongue, further on as it opens.

“Deeper,” she begs.

My mouth leaves her ass to lick her pussy, but a finger takes its place. Barely wet, I put it in slowly, taking care of pressing the sides to enlarge the way. She’s still static, head in pillow but I feel her ass muscles squeezing my finger enough to crush it. Once it’s fully inside, she asks again:

“Open me, open me good.”

So, I start to go back and forth, up and down, right to left, I explore, leaving no sector of her asshole uncharted. And when she thinks she’s ready:

“Come. Take me now.”

That’s when I realise I have no condoms. But once again, she surprises me.

“On the table… there.”

Like magic, a box is here, waiting. She takes it, pulls out a condom she adjusts smoothly on my dick, giving it an approving caress. Then she resumes the pose, raising her bottom high, ass cheeks spread.

I let my dick wander along her wet lips then I put my gland to her asshole. I thrust and she moves to meet me. I slide into her effortlessly and we both give a sigh of content.

“Fuck me, please, fuck me.”

I lose control. I grab her hips and start a frantic move, pushing my dick in her ass, pulling her ass to me. I pierce her without restrain, without hearing her cries. Because she screams now. Her who showed nothing of her pleasure now doesn’t hold back anymore. An interrupted whine, cut by “Yes”, “Encore”, “Harder” that excite me even more. Then her cries change, higher, shorter and her asshole squeezes me so much that it’s almost painful.

“Keep going,” she screams in her orgasm, “encore!”

I push harder, folding her back under my arms weight. And she comes again, still begging me to keep going.

“I’m gonna come,” I soon warn her, unable to hold back any longer.

“Tell me, tell me, I want you…”

I don’t have time to tell her, orgasm pounds me. But as soon as I come, she turns around in a jump, tears the condom apart and jerks me off madly. The pleasure is too strong and I scream. My sperm springs out and falls back on her tongue, inside her mouth. She takes my gland between her lips and sucks up the liquor that keeps flowing.

I can’t see. I’m just a pulsating sex, painfully sensitive, submitted to the caress of her mouth and hands.

Once drained, I fall down to her side. I feel her warmth against me and I sink into oblivion.

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