Incestuous Harem 7: Bratty Sis Gets Soaked


Incestuous Harem
Chapter Seven: Bratty Sis Gets Soaked
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Vicky Samuels

“What is going on? I’m on a break?” I texted to my sister as I hurried to the upstairs girls’ restroom. I had thirty minutes to satiate my hot pussy. Everyone participating in the debate match today—I coached my high school’s team in addition to teaching history—would use the nearer ones. And I needed privacy.

My pussy was on fire. Everything was happening at the houses today.

My sister and I were far closer than sisters ever should be. For twenty years, we had shared the same man, Cheryl’s husband Clinton. He was our Master. He dominated us, punished us, gave us just what we craved. We made love for his amusement, committing incest to please him. The six months since his death had hit us both hard.. Particularly my older sister, who loved her husband just a bit more than I did.

And now my nineteen-year-old nephew Clint was stepping up as man of the house, dominating not only my daughter, Melody—who had a huge crush on him—but my sister and my innocent, eighteen-year-old niece, Alicia. It shocked me. Not Melody, I had been waiting for the pair to get passed the kissing cousin stage, but the rest of it. My sister fucking her son, submitting to her son, quiet Alicia losing her cherry to Clint.

It made me so wet. I wanted to join in the fun, but I was stuck at school on this dumb debate tournament. Why did I ever agree to coach it? It didn’t net me an extra paycheck but cost me plenty of my personal time.

I was on the second floor hallway, moving from the auditorium, alone, my feet echoing, when my phone made the melodic beeps of an incoming Skype call from my sister. I accepted it, and almost dropped my phone at the sight of the video she streamed me.

My other daughter, Lee, was bent over Clint’s lap. Melody was beside him, Lee’s legs draped over my eldest daughter. Lee was eighteen and a brat, often acting like a girl half her age. She had only gotten worse since Clinton, her true father, had died. She was bare bottom, jogging shorts and panties around her ankles while Melody’s hand cracked down hard on her rear.

“Five, thank you, Melody,” Lee said, her face crimson, her short, black hair half-covering her cheeks. She always kept it in a pixyish bob which only enhanced her bratty appearance. Her asscheeks were as red as her face.

Melody, nineteen and blonde, had a huge grin on her face, a mix of triumph and glee at spanking her younger sister. Her hand stroked Lee’s ass. “You’re welcome, Lee. Now what do you say?”

“That’s right,” my sister whispered into her phone as she filmed. “Lee is joining the fun. She’s totally getting off on being spanked and humiliated like we always thought she did when Clinton disciplined her.”

“Shit,” I hissed, diving into the ladies restroom. My thirty-four-year-old pussy was on fire. My eldest daughter stroked my youngest daughter’s ass. It was so sensual. Lee moaned out her confusion while Clint, looking so strong and handsome, had a glint in his eye. The same glint his father would have when he dominated Cheryl and me.

Damn, he looked like his father did the first time I entered his bed at eighteen, trembling and virginal, Cheryl at my side. They were both sixteen. I was a gift from Cheryl to her boyfriend, her bustier body pressed against me, her hands spreading my thighs.

She’s a virgin, Clinton, my sister had moaned. Just for you.

I burst into the last stall, the door swinging shut. I yanked up my skirt and pulled down my panties. My legs spread wide and my right hand plunged between my thighs. I rubbed at the hot flesh of my pussy, fingers sliding over and over my wet labia. My left hand gripped my phone so tight the plastic case creaked.

“Mmm, that’s right,” my sister purred. “Lee is going to be a wild addition to Clint’s harem.”

Clint’s first spanking fell hard on my daughter’s ass. I could hear the stinging reverberation, my ass aching in sympathy. He didn’t hold back. He was spanking her hard, intent on inflicting pain. And my daughter bucked. She cried, tears falling down her face.

But I knew those moans. She was a masochist. She craved the pain, the humiliation, the shame. It all made her wet and excited. Clint was giving her just what she needed. I wonder if Lee even realized why she acted like a brat, if she understood what she craved.

She was about to.

My fingers plunged into my sopping pussy. My hot flesh clenched on my digits as they reamed in and out. My toes curled in my shoes as I watched the second spanking fall, loving the sound of Lee thanking him. Where had he learned that form of discipline?

“He’s just like his father,” I moaned as the third spanking fell. My fingers plunged faster, pleasure racing through my body. I so wish I was there.

“I know,” Cheryl sighed. “And he loves Melody like he loved us. Maybe Alicia, too. I think he’s realizing just how precious she is.”

“Damn,” I panted.

“He even has a thing for Asian girls.” The phone shook, and I heard my sister let out a wanton moan.

“Really?” I groaned.

Pam Hiragawa dancing through my thoughts. She was eighteen and on my debate team. If Clinton were alive, I would have been grooming the girl to be ready to join us in bed, a gift to him. Cheryl and I always tried to find new Asian girls for Clinton to enjoy. It was a game we played.

My pussy clenched so hard as my daughter gasped and moaned, tears pouring down her face. Her short, black hair tossed about her as she writhed. I heard Alicia groan nearby, watching with her mother.

And Melody. My wicked eldest daughter had her hand sliding up Lee’s thighs, moving towards her pussy as Clint reddened her ass. She bucked and gasped, hardly noticing when Melody reached her goal. One daughter touched the other daughter’s cunt while their half-brother’s hand cracked down again.

“Oh, my god,” I panted, my clit throbbing beneath my grinding heel of my hand. I bucked and shuddered. “Lee’s going to cum.”

“Uh-huh,” Cheryl groaned.

The tenth spanking fell. My daughter Lee thrashed. Her body bucked as she screamed out wordless pleasure. I knew the signs. She had exploded into subspace, drifting on the euphoria brought about by being dominated, the mix of pain and pleasure. Her small body quavered and danced. My pussy clenched on my fingers.

And Clint was moving, Melody helping him, a huge grin on her lips. “Fuck my bratty sister, Clint,” she hissed as they rolled the thrashing Lee onto the couch. She half sat, leaning back, her head tossing, still cumming. “Fuck the little slut. Pop her cherry.”

Melody grabbed his hand. My daughter and Clint stared into each other’s eyes, kissing hard as she brought his dick to her sister’s pussy. Lee thrashed and moaned out her delight. She wanted Clint to fuck her.

And he did.

“Oh, god,” I moaned, my pussy juices dripping out my snatch as I watched Clint’s firm ass flex as he drove into my daughter’s cunt. One hand shoved into Melody’s jeans, frigging her pussy as he pounded Lee. “He’s fucking her. He popped her cherry. My little girl’s a woman.”

“Yes,” Cheryl moaned, the camera trembling. “My son is such a stud.”

Her maternal pride made me gasp and heave. Clint pounded Lee. They fucked her hard. He and Melody called her such humiliating, degrading names. And she loved it. Melody hissed about pissing on her and Lee thrashed hard.

She was into humiliation. Of course she would love being pissed on. Just like her mother.

“Cheryl,” I moaned, my orgasm suddenly exploding through me as I pictured Lee being pissed on by Clint’s huge cock, soaking her in yellow urine, her bratty mouth spluttering as it filled with the nasty liquid. I was kneeling next to her, the piss splashing into my mouth as I held my daughter.

The restroom door opened.

And then Clint turned to me. Your turn, Aunt Vicky. Piss all over the disgusting slut.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned as I bucked and groaned, staring at the image streaming on my phone of my daughter thrashing beneath Clint, my other daughter bucking as he fingered her to an orgasm. Our family was so wild, so hot. The pleasure rushed through my mind.

Ecstasy boiled my thoughts. I moaned and gasped.

The stall door opened. Pam Hiragawa stood before me. “Mrs. Samuels…” Her slanted eyes widened. The Japanese girl—her skin that wonderful shade of pale olive, her hair black silk, her eyes slanted and brown—clapped hands over her mouth, gasping as she watched me masturbate.

Seeing my student’s gaze on me, her eighteen-year-old body trembling in shock, made me cum harder. “Yes, yes, Pam,” I panted “Oh, yes, watch me cum. Mmm, yes.”

Her eyes were locked on my fingers reaming my pussy. Juices squirted out of me as I bucked harder on the toilet. The porcelain creaked beneath me. My legs kicked out, my heels brushing her jean-clad legs. She had a petite frame, her loose clothing hiding any curves. She had such an innocent look about her.

“Oh, god, Pam, I’m cumming so hard. Keep staring at me.”

“Mrs. Samuels,” she moaned again, lowering her hands. She shifted. Two dimples appeared, tenting her blouse. “W-What are…?”

“Masturbating,” I groaned, shuddering. “Oh, my god, yes.” I shuddered a final time, my pleasure bleeding off.

“I…I…” Pam looked around. “I didn’t know. I called your name, and you said yes.”

“Did I?” I panted, pulling my fingers out of my pussy, staring at her eyes. They were locked on the triangle of black hair adorning my pudenda, the tip pointing at my shaved pussy. Just the way Clinton liked me. My sister wasn’t shaved, but she had to dye her hair blonde for him. And though he was dead, we still groomed ourselves his way.

“What are you looking at, Pam?” I asked, standing up.

The Japanese girl blushed and looked down. “Sorry, Mrs. Samuels.”

“Mmm, you have nothing to be sorry about.” I put my phone in my skirt pocket and cupped her chin with my left. I lifted her face. “You’re curious about pussy, huh? A little bicurious desire in you? Or are you gay?”

“I’m not gay,” she said.

“Nothing wrong if you are,” I told her. “I’m bi myself. Like pussy and a hard cock.” I brought my wet fingers to her lips and smeared my juices on her. She trembled, her pink lips glistening. Then her tongue brushed out, swiping across my tart juices. She shuddered. “Nothing wrong at all.”

I smeared more juices on her lips and leaned in, kissing her. Not hard, not aggressive, just letting our lips touch. She quivered while my heart thudded. It was such a risk. I was her teacher. She was a student. I could get in so much trouble.

And that only made the kiss sweeter.

“Mmm, we’ll talk after the debate, okay?” I told her.

Pam just nodded her head, petrified, shocked, unsure what to do, her hips squirming. New desires were awakening in her. She was so cute. I bet Clint would love her. “You know my nephew, Clint Elliston?”

“I…I didn’t know he was your nephew,” Pam said, “but we have English and PE together.”

“He’s cute, right?” I grinned, pulling up my panties. “I bet you have a crush on him. Big, strong guy. I bet you’ve rubbed that hot pussy thinking about him.”

“Mrs. Samuels,” she gasped, shocked.

I put my arm around escort her. “Pam, Pam, Pam, you are so innocent. I’ll take that as a yes.”

She just squirmed.

“Now, why did you come looking for me?”

“I just…” She swallowed. “Want to talk about my performance.”

She was stiff, uncomfortable. Her research was great, but her presentation was stilted. “You were wonderful. Just the best out there. So smart and articulate. I think we’re going to win because of you.”

“Really?” she said, beaming at me. I tightened my arm on her, the lie winning me affection.

“Uh-huh. But we need to help your confidence. And I know just how.” I smiled at her. “That’s what we’ll talk about later.”

She swallowed. “Just…that?”

“Oh, I think you’ll learn all sorts of things tonight.” I licked my lips. How much would Clint love me if I brought him this sexy, young thing home? I would be his cool aunt.


Clint Elliston

“Jesus, you really want to be pissed on,” I grinned at Lee as she squirmed beneath me, my softening dick trapped in her hot, tight pussy. Melody’s fingers twisted the brat’s nipple, making Lee squirm more. “Well, that’s going to happen. All of us.”

“All?” Alicia squeaked.

“Even you, Princess,” I told her. I groaned, pulling my dick out of Lee’s pussy, my shaft coated in her pink froth. I had popped her cherry hard. I had spanked her ass until she came. Far harder than I had spanked Melody.

I had hurt Lee, and she loved it. I couldn’t help myself. All these years of putting up with her brattiness, being called Lint, dealing with her teasing. All of that frustration poured out of me as I disciplined her, and she had loved it.

Melody shuddered as my hand came out of her fly. Traces of purple stained my fingers along with her cream, leftover from the grape Popsicle I shoved up her cunt earlier. I licked my fingers clean of her sweet juices as she grinned at me.

She was eager to piss on Lee. I bet Melody always wanted to. She kept bringing up watersports since last night. She didn’t want to be pissed on, even if she would submit and let me do it. But she wanted to watch, and she wanted to do it.

Damn, she was wicked. I was learning so much about her. I thought we knew everything about each other, and since we made love last night, we were finally opening up are innermost desires, those secret impulses we kept hidden out of fear.

No longer.

“Lee, get your ass upstairs in the master bathroom right now,” I growled. “Climb in the tub naked and ready to be pissed on.”

“Oh, god,” she moaned, my cum pouring out of her cunt as she shuddered. The brat’s small breasts jiggled in her sports bra. She peeled it off, throwing it on the ground as she stood up.

“Lee,” I growled, “don’t make a mess.”

She gasped and shuddered. “Sorry, Clint.”

Clint not Lint. That was great to hear.

She grabbed her sports bra, jogging shorts, and panties from the floor while my cum dribbled down her legs. Then she darted upstairs. I glanced at my mom and Alicia, grinning at them and nodding my head after Lee, who was already scampering up the stairs, making so much racket in her excited desire to be pissed on.

My dick twitched. Melody grabbed my cock, her tongue licking at the tip, swiping up her sister’s tangy juices. I groaned, stroking her blonde hair, her hazel eyes staring up at me. I shuddered as the pleasure raced up my sensitive dick.

Then I grabbed her arms and pulled her up. Mine went around her waist, grabbing her ass and pulling her tight. I kissed her on the lips, tasting Lee and a bit of salt. I didn’t mind tasting myself. Not on Melody’s lips. She shuddered, her arms slipping about my neck, her body pressing tight together.

I broke the kiss, my forehead resting on hers. “Damn, Melody, that was so hot.”

“I know.” She shuddered in my arms. “Finally we got payback on the little brat.”

I smiled. Melody and I had been best friends all our lives. For nineteen years we had played together. Since we were only a month apart in age, Melody the older, we naturally hung out. We had been inseparable. She was a tomboy, so we had fun playing war and knights and cowboys, racing around our shared yards or playing with other boys in the neighborhood. And our friendship had blossomed into love. She was my queen now.

My submissive, sexy queen ruling my harem at my side.

“Damn, Clint,” she groaned, her hips humping, rubbing her jeans against my dick hanging out of my fly. “We’re going to piss on her. The brat. Oh, my god, I’m so wet.”

“And I’m getting hard,” I groaned, gripping her ass. “We’re going to have so much fun humiliating Lee. She gets off on it.”

“Little slut,” she moaned. “We should get clothes pins and cover her body in them. I bet she would go wild.”

I groaned. “Damn, you have great ideas. I love you so much, Melody.”

“Mmm, love you, too,” she purred and kissed me hard.

And then I heard Alicia let out a loud sob. I caught a glimpse of my little sister, her pigtails flying, as she darted past us for the stairs. Her sock-clad feet tromped up to the second floor. And then her bedroom door crashed shut, rattling the house.

I broke the kiss. “The fuck?”

Melody sighed. “She’s in love with you, Clint, and you just made this wonderful, gushy pronouncement to me, telling me how much you love me—which I enjoyed, by the way—but you’re her big brother.”

“Well, I do love you,” I said, growing irritated. “She has to understand that. You’re my queen.”

“And she’s your little princess. Your submissive sister. She reads all those romances.” Melody smiled. “And, I think, you’re growing to love her, too. I seen how you grin when she holds your hand.”

“Yeah. But I love you.”

“And your father loved two women.” Melody said with patient words. “I don’t mind sharing you. And not just with sex slaves. But Alicia.” She nodded her head. “I could share your heart with our little sister.”

I licked my lips. “Should go talk to her?”

She arched an eyebrow then sighed the way she did when I was being a clueless guy. She squeezed my hand. “She needs that right now. I’m sure you’ll know just what to say to make her feel loved.”

Melody leaned in and gave me another kiss.


Alicia Elliston

I threw myself on my bed, my pile of stuffed animals shifting. Floppy, a blue bunny, fell across my back as I buried my crying face into my pillow. My glasses pushed against the bridge of my nose and the rims pressed on my brow. I ripped them off, tears falling, and plopped them on my nightstand. Then I buried my face into my pillow.

He loved her. Not me. Her.

And why wouldn’t he love Melody? She had boobs. She had an ass. She had curves. She was fun. She could laugh and joke with him. She had all these little things she did, looks and glances and playful punches, that he understood. It was like they had their own private language.

And what did I have?

No tits. Just a pair of small buds pretending to be boobs. Every other woman, even bratty Lee, had tits in the family. But not me. Mom and Zoey, my older sister, had huge tits. Aunt Vicky had big boobs, and Melody’s were nice and round. Lee’s were handfuls, but they at least filled a bra. I still had a training bra.

I would never have boobs.

And he loved her. Even though I gave him my virginity. He called me his little princess, but my big brother didn’t love me. How could I compete with Melody? She was blonde while I was a brunette. Drab, boring, brown hair. She dressed so sexy while all I had were little girl clothing.

I hugged my pillow tight, the fabric growing wetter and wetter as I rubbed my face into it. It wasn’t fair. I loved Clint for so long. He was supposed to be like the sexy men in all the romance novels I read. He was supposed to love me.

Not her.

A loud rap came at my door. “Alicia.”

It was Clint. “Go away!”

He grabbed my door knob and twisted. It rattled. “Alicia, unlock this door right now.”


“You’re not being a good, little sister right now.”

My legs kicked. “I don’t care. I don’t want to be your little sister. I hate you!”

“Alicia,” he groaned. “Let me in. I want to talk to you.”


He turned the doorknob again. “I’m going to count to three. You better let me in.”

“No! I hate you!” I didn’t know why I said those words. But I was just so angry at him.


I clapped my pillow around my ears.


My stomach twisted. What would happen when he said three? Would he spank me like he did Lee?

“Threeeeee…” he stretched out the word.

I bolted from the bed, darting to the door.


I yanked it open, the lock popping as I twisted the knob. I stared up at Clint. He was fuzzy without my glasses on. Then I turned and darted to my bed, flopping on it and not looking at him. Why couldn’t he just leave me alone?

He moved to the bed and sat down beside me. He stroked my pigtail. “Okay, Alicia, sit up. Let’s talk.”

I shook my head.


His voice was so stern, so demanding. My big brother wanted me to sit up. So I sighed and did, my face wet with tears. I couldn’t look at him.

He grabbed my glasses off my nightstand and placed them gently on my face. The world grew sharper. Then he lifted my chin, his dark eyes staring into mine. “Princess, you know I love you.”

“You love Melody!” The words screeched out of me. “You love her big boobs and her ass and her lips and…and….”

“I do, Princess.” His thumb stroked away a falling tear. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t love your petite body, your tiny tits, and your yummy pussy.”

I shook my head. “Yes, it does. You don’t like me. Look at me.” I glanced down at the pink dress I wore. “Everything I own is so girly. And Melody… She’s so grown up.”

“And I love that you’re so girly.” He smiled. “You’re my little sister, Princess. I want that. I like that. I like it when you hold my hand and call me big brother in that cute voice.”

I blushed, squirming at the heat in his eyes. “Big brother…”

“I love your petite body and girlish voice and your pigtails.” He seized one, twining it about his finger. “I love your pigtails. And I love you.”

“But… Melody. You love her.”

“I do. And… I think I’m falling in love with you, too, Princess.” He took the end of my pigtail and brushed my face with it.

I smiled at the ticklish end. “You are?”

“I love you both. Not the same. I could never love you both the same. You’re two different persons. I love different things about you. But you’re my princess, and she’s my queen. You’re both special to me.”

“And Mom? And Lee?” I swallowed. “What about Zoey and her big tits?”

“I’ll never love Zoey,” he laughed. “I’ll fuck her.” His grin grew horny. “I’m looking forward to fucking her cock-teasing ass. But I won’t love her. Or Lee. Or Mom. Or Aunt Vicky. Not the way I love you and Melody.”

I sniffed, feeling suddenly so foolish.

“So you’re okay with that?” he asked. “Me loving Melody and you?”

I nodded my head. “She’s my big sister.” I leaned against him. “And you’re my big brother.”

“Awww,” someone sighed.

I izmit escort bayan jumped. Melody leaned in the doorway watching us, a big smile on her lips. She had stripped out of her clothing, her shaved pussy glistening. I really needed to shave mine. All of it. I wouldn’t have a landing strip like Melody, but completely bare. Then I would look even more girlish. I bet Clint would really like that.

Clint leaned in and kissed me as Melody moved into the room. I shuddered at the feel of his strong lips on mine. My eyes closed, feeling how much he loved me. How much I loved him. My heart beat so fast beneath my blouse.

The bedsprings creaked as Melody sank down beside us. She reached out, stroking my face. I broke the kiss with Clint, licking my lips, then leaned in and kissed my big sister on the lips. Her arm slipped around both of us, her lips hot and soft, so different from Clint.

I smiled when I broke the kiss. “Maybe…” I whispered. “Maybe, I love you, Melody. You’re my big sis.”

“And I love you, Cupcake,” she smiled. The tip of her nose brushed mine. “Now, what do you say we all go piss on Lee? She’s been such a brat.”

“Yes,” I said, nodding my head. She had been. When we were younger, we were close. But Lee, a year older than me, discovered sports while I found books. And then I was a nerd. Lee and her friends, especially Carmelita, liked to pick on me. They were such bullies. “It was so much fun watching you two spank her. And…” I squirmed, feeling my full bladder. “I want to pee all over her. She deserves it. She’s so mean to me.”

“She is?” Clint frowned.

“Her and Carmelita bully me during PE.” Alicia swallowed. “We all have the same class.”

“I know that Latina bitch,” Melody hissed. “She’s in my US History class.”

“Well,” Clint grinned. “Lee wants to be humiliated, let’s give it to her.”

“That was beautiful,” Mom moaned. She, too, was naked and watching us, tears burning in her eyes. “Sir, you are a wonderful son.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Clint said, shifting his shoulders with embarrassment.

I couldn’t help giggling with Melody at his discomfort. He was Mom’s master, but that didn’t change the fact that he was still her son, and all mothers seemed to have the ability to embarrass their children, even Clint.


Leann “Lee” Samuels

I trembled in the bathtub naked. The white surface—was it porcelain or some other material—was cold on my skin. Goose-pimples covered my arms and shaved legs. My pussy dripped with Clint’s cum. I shoved my hands between my thighs, scooping the gunk and brought it to my lips.

What did it taste like?

I licked it. I tasted my tangy musk faintly, but the salty flavor was far stronger. I moaned, sucking on my fingers, loving the taste. I shuddered and shoved my fingers down again, rubbing at my wet pussy, gathering more of his cum to bring it to my greedy lips.

I was so wet. They were going to piss on me. My cheeks burned with shame almost as much as my ass throbbed with pain. He had spanked me so hard. He hadn’t held back. I could tell I would have bruises. I would feel this pain, reminding me of the consequences of being a brat.

Part of me wanted to continue being a brat.

My heart beat faster. My small breasts jiggled as I shifted in the large tub. It was deep and wide, big enough for two or three adults to cuddle into. I wonder if my mom, Aunt Cheryl, and Uncle Clinton—no, he was my dad; I was still shocked to learn that—would slip in here and have long, hot baths. No wonder our two families lived side-by-side. Uncle Clinton—Dad—wanted to keep both his women close to him.

“Well, don’t you just look eager,” Aunt Cheryl said as she walked in naked, her bleached-blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders, her huge tits jiggling. She had the biggest tits in the family, large and pillowy, with fat, dark-red nipples. Zoey and my mom’s tits were a close second and third—I wasn’t sure whose were bigger—then Melody, me, and Alicia.

That nerd had the tiniest tits. They were practically nonexistent.

“I am eager,” I said. I swallowed. “Is something wrong with me, Aunt Cheryl? I want this. Even though it makes me feel so humiliated, like I’m just a filthy, dirty, disgusting girl.”

“You are.”

Her words made me shudder.

“And you love it. You’re wired to crave this. Your mother is, too. She’s more of a pain and humiliation slut then I am. Your father used to cover her tits in clothespins then fuck her pussy and piss in her cunt when he was done, washing out his cum.”

“Wow,” I breathed “I had no idea Mom was so kinky.”

“Everyone is kinky in their own ways.” Aunt Cheryl unfolded the tripod I hadn’t noticed in her hand, the legs extending the locking with loud clicks.

I blinked “Aunt Cheryl?”

“Oh, well, we’re recording this. Clint wants all your friends to see. Especially Carmelita.”

My eyes widened. “What?” My pussy clenched. They would all know. It would be humiliating. Everyone would laugh at me, tease me. And Carmelita would be the worst. She was such a bully. My body shuddered. I shoved a hand between my thighs, rubbing at my pussy. “He wouldn’t.”

She arched an eyebrow.

“He would. Oh, my god, he would.” My pussy clenched, and I rubbed harder at my hot flesh. “Holy shit.”

“You can walk out of the tub right now,” she said, attaching the digital camcorder. She opened the flip screen on the side. The red light flashed on. “If you don’t want to do this, just leave. It’s your choice.”

I stared at the camera, my jaw chattering. Everyone would know I was filthy. My cheeks burned with shame. I swallowed as Clint, Alicia, and Melody walked in naked, his cock thrusting hard before him. It was so thick.

“I’m ready,” I croaked, startled. All my friends would see this? Carmelita. She was a bitch. She was so cruel to anyone that crossed her. I stayed on her good side to avoid her bullying. I glanced at Alicia, her arms cross, her cute, girlish face fierce.

I swallowed. She hated how we bullied her in PE, making fun of her small tits. I really only did it because Carmelita did it. Alicia grinned and said, “I just drank a big glass of water.”

I nodded, shuddering.

“We’re all ready, sir,” smiled Aunt Cheryl. “Camera’s recording.”

“Good,” Clint growled and stepped forward. “Lee, you are a fucking brat. You deserve this. Open that fucking mouth wide, whore. You’re a piss slut. A fucking dirty, filthy piece of shit.”

I shuddered, rubbing harder at my pussy at his words. I was so filthy. So disgusting. My pussy clenched beneath my fingers as I opened my mouth wide, my tongue sticking out. I wanted this. Oh, god, I wanted this. The camera was pointed right at me. Everyone would see what a filthy thing I was.


I almost came.

Clint seized my short hair hard. He jerked my face towards his cock. Melody pressed up behind him, her arms reaching around his torso, and grabbed his dick. Her small hands wrapped about his girth. Her grinning face peered over his shoulder. She had to be standing on her tiptoes to do that.

“Oh, I love holding Clint’s cock as he pisses,” Melody purred. “Every morning, slut, you’ll drink his morning pee. That’s what you are. His piss slut.”

“Yes,” Alicia hissed, her pigtails swaying as she nodded her head. Her nipples were hard thrusting from her little breasts. “Do it, big brother. Piss on her!”

“Yes,” Clint groaned.

He peed.

I tried not to flinch as the powerful, acrid stream of urine splashed into my open mouth. I groaned, the bitter liquid sloshing about my mouth. I swallowed it, my mouth closing to gulp his down. His piss splattered across my chin and cheeks. I felt it drip down to my throat, making me feel so dirty, so filthy.

The camera’s red light blinked. Everyone would see this. Everyone would know I was a whore.

I rubbed harder at my pussy as Melody moved his cock around, splashing his piss across my face. I closed my eyes as the warm urine washed across my forehead, soaking the roots of my hair. It poured down my cheeks to my neck, then to my round breasts. Other streams poured down my back, reaching my spine, racing to my ass.

“That’s it, you filthy slut,” groaned Clint, pleasure crossing his face as he released his bladder. “You’re just my filthy cunt. My slave. I own you and can do anything to you.”

“Yes,” I moaned, rubbing so hard at my pussy, my fingers flying through my folds. Then I plunged my fingers into my cunt for the first time, my hole opened by his cock. “I am. Your cunt, Clint. Your slave!”

“That’s right,” moaned Melody. “We’ll brand you. We’ll have you marked permanently A tramp stamp. Clint’s Sex Slave.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned as Melody pointed his cock at my mouth.

I opened wide, swallowing the last of his piss. The final spurts squirted out as I frigged my pussy so hard. His piss tasted so nasty. I swallowed it, my pussy clenching. I was such a filthy whore. A nasty girl. Pleasure rippled out of my cunt. My head snapped back.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I screamed as I came, the camera recording my pleasure at my humiliation. My stomach was so warm, his piss filling my belly. “Oh, my god, I’m your whore, Clint. Your filthy slave. Tattoo me. Mark me. Do what every you want to me!”

“Now suck the tip of his dick,” moaned Melody. “Clean off every drop.”

Cumming, I leaned forward and latched onto the thick tip of Clint’s dick, my lips spread so wide. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked. My tongue flicked across the tip of his dick, gathering the last drops, savoring each one of them.

“That’s it, little slut,” moaned Aunt Cheryl as she climbed into the tub. “Time to drink more. Mmm, my niece is such a nasty whore.” She seized my hair, yanking me off Clint’s dick and turning me in the tube. Piss dribbled down my body, rolling across my stomach as I kept frigging my spasming cunt.

“So nasty,” Clint growled. “Piss in the brat’s mouth, Mom. She wants to drink it all.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “I’m a nasty slut. Do it, Aunt Cheryl.”

“Your mother is going to love this video,” Aunt Cheryl moaned before yanking my mouth to her pussy by my hair.

I pressed against her trimmed, black pubic hairs, her true color. She smeared her hot cunt against my lips and then groaned. She shuddered, her piss splashing into my mouth. There was so much streaming out of her. I couldn’t swallow it fast enough. It overflowed my mouth, spilling down my chin and cheeks. Hers had a stronger flavor than Clint’s, bitterer.

My pussy clenched on my fingers as I gulped and drank her down. Out of the corner of my eye, I stared at Clint’s hard dick as Melody stroked it. Alicia came up to his side, her hand joining my sister’s, fisting his dick as he watched me with hungry eyes.

He loved it. I was his filthy slut.

Another orgasm rippled through me as I gulped down Aunt Cheryl’s nasty pee. I was such a freak. Such a filthy freak. My fingers churned through my pussy, ripples of bliss shooting through me. I shuddered.

“Oh, yes, you are a delicious pee slut,” panted Aunt Cheryl. “I can’t wait for you and your mother to share this joy. We’ll all piss on you.”

“Yes,” growled Clint. “Now lick my mom’s pussy clean.”

I didn’t hesitate. I had never izmit sınırsız escort wanted to be with a girl, but being forced to lick my aunt’s pussy, to clean the piss from the folds of her cunt, and taste her spicy musk made me shudder. Another orgasm rippled through me as I devoured my aunt’s cunt.

I couldn’t stop cumming. The shame propelled my lusts.

She moaned above me, her large tits jiggling as she leaned back against the wall. Her pussy ground on my face, smearing hot cunt across my lips. Her pussy lips were so thick. I lapped at them, exploring them, searching for every drop of pee.

“That’s it, you little slut,” growled Clint. “That’s how you clean a pussy after you’ve drank a woman’s piss. Every morning, me and Melody will expect you kneeling in the shower to drink our morning piss. Every morning, slut. You hear me, you little piece of shit?”

“Yes,” I moaned between licks. “Oh, god, yes!”

Rapture flooded through me. My body shuddered and heaved as my fingers kept fucking through my folds, driving me wild, keeping my orgasm alive as I lapped at Aunt Cheryl’s spicy pussy. The more I licked the more I liked it.

“Everyone’s watching you be a filthy whore,” hissed Melody. “My little sister is the biggest cunt in the world.”

“She is,” Alicia moaned. “You’re such a bitch, Lee.”

Hearing quiet Alicia spout out those words made me shudder. Her eyes were so fierce behind her glasses. She was so eager for this. And so was I. I had been so mean to my cousin—no, remember, she was my half-sister—and I had to make it up to her.

“Oh, god, you little slut,” hissed Aunt Cheryl. “My fucking niece is a budding dyke. Oh, god, yes!”
A new flood of juices poured into my mouth, delicious, spicy pussy cream. It was so much better than piss yet didn’t make my cunt as hot. I drank it down, reveling that I made my aunt cum for the cameras.

Everyone at school would know once Clint showed this video off. Shit.

“Your turn, baby girl,” Aunt Cheryl moaned, stepping out of the tub, her large tits heaving. “Damn, she eats pussy with gusto.”

“Good,” Alicia said as she stepped in, her barely budding tits jiggling. She had wispy, brown hair covering her pussy. A fresh aroma filled my nose. I didn’t hesitate to bury my face into her cunt and find her urethra, latching on.

Clint moved. He climbed into the tub behind me. His cock smacked my ass, dragging down into my crack before finding my pussy. I ripped my fingers out, making room for his dick, and groaned as he rammed it into me.

“You made me so fucking hard, slut,” he growled. “You’re just a whore You’ll do anything. Just a freak.”

My pussy clenched on his dick, and I moaned into Alicia’s cunt. She trembled, pushing up her glasses as she looked down at me. I stared into her brown eyes while her fresh pussy juices dribbled into my mouth.

“Do it, Princess,” Clint groaned as he drew his cock back through my folds, the friction making my body tremble.

“Yes, big brother,” Alicia screamed.

Her piss spurted into my mouth. She groaned, hands rubbing her belly, her entire body shaking. Her urine gushed into my mouth. There was so much pressure. Her stream splashed against my tonsils. I groaned, swallowing as fast as I could as Clint rammed his dick over and over into my cunt. I trembled, rocking back into his thrusts.

“That’s it, piss in her mouth, Cupcake,” hissed Melody. “Drown the little bitch!”

“Yes,” snarled Clint, slamming his cock into me, his groin smacking into my well-spanked ass.

I moaned in pain and pleasure, my hips rocking back as I gulped down Alicia’s piss. Hers had almost no flavor, so light and delicious. I swallowed as fast as I could, drinking her diluted piss as she shuddered, small fingers massaging her belly.

Her stream slowed. I gulped it down, my belly bursting with piss. I shuddered, my tongue sliding out, lapping at her tight slit. Her pussy was so different from Aunt Cheryl’s. No thick, protruding pussy lips, but a tight cunt that my tongue had to burrow into to find her folds.

“Yes,” she moaned her eyes fluttering. “Yes, that’s it. Oh, you were such a meanie to me, Lee. You and Carmelita. Always so horrid.” Her fingers flexed. Then her hands snatched out, grabbing my black hair, holding me in place. “So lick my pussy, meanie! Make me cum for being so terrible.”

“For being a bitch,” growled Clint as he pounded me, driving my lips tight into our little sister’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, such a meanie bitch,” she moaned in her girlish voice, pigtails dancing as her head tossed back and forth. “Lick my pussy and make me cum!”

She ground on me as Clint ponded me. I moaned pain and pleasure into her cunt, savoring Clint’s hard thrusts. My ass burned with each slapping impact of his groin. I loved it. I rocked, my body covered in piss. I could taste it in my mouth mixed with Alicia’s fresh musk.

Another orgasm built in me, churned by Clint’s hard cock and the piss swelling my belly. I had so much in me. I felt so full of the nasty stuff. I shuddered and groaned, rocking back and forth, my tongue flailing through Alicia’s tight snatch.

“Grind on her face, Cupcake,” moaned Melody. My older sister rubbed at her pussy, her hazel eyes so hard. She licked her lips, eager to piss in my mouth. “Make the bitch apologize with her tongue.”

“Yes, big sister,” moaned Alicia. Her hips ground her pussy on my mouth. “Oh, big brother, I’m going to cum on her mean lips. She said such terrible things. She called me a flat-chested nerd. Said my glasses made me look retarded. That I dressed like I was in the first grade.”

“Bitch,” growled Clint, fucking me even harder. “Make her cum!”

I found Alicia’s clit. I sucked hard on it. My little sister bucked and moaned, her tiny tits jiggling. Her nipples were so hard and pink and suckable. My cunt clenched on Clint’s thrusting dick as my excitement built and built.

Alicia’s head snapped back. Her pigtails danced. Fresh juices flooded my mouth. She gasped and moaned, heaving as she came. Her voice echoed through the bathroom She wiggled against the wall, rubbing her hot flesh on my pussy.

“Oh, you meanie,” she panted. “You bully. Oh, yes. That’s it. Oh, you’re such a cunt, Lee. But you made me cum so I forgive you!”


Melody Samuels

“My turn, sis,” I grinned at Lee as I helped the trembling Alicia step out of the tub. “And my bladder is just bursting.”

“Yes,” Lee moaned, rocking back into Clint’s thrust. He fucked her so hard, looking so strong and powerful.

I stepped into the bathtub, my bladder truly bursting. It was so hard to hold it watching everyone else piss in her mouth. But now it was my turn. My bratty, bitch of a little sister deserved this. Her face was covered in drying piss, her black hair matted to her cheeks, her eyes glazed, pussy cream coating her mouth.

I seized her black hair. “You’re just the lowest thing in the world,” I told her. “Just fucking scum, Lee.”

“Yes!” she moaned, her eyes growing glossy. She shuddered and bucked.

“Damn, she’s cumming,” moaned Clint. “Piss in her mouth, Melody.”

“Fuck her ass,” I grinned at him.

He laughed and ripped his cock out of Lee’s pussy. It dripped with her juices. My sister shuddered, still cumming, as I seized her black hair. Oh, it felt so wonderful to yank her mouth to my pussy. I was a submissive for Clint, but with Lee, I was dominant.

Was that unusual?

“Holy shit,” Lee gasped into my cunt as Clint rammed his cock into her asshole. He slammed against her asscheeks. She yelped, her flesh jiggling as he drew back and slammed in. “Oh, my god, that hurts! I love it.”

I leaned against the wall, treasuring this moment. I stared into Clint’s dark eyes, burning with his hunger. He smiled at me, nodding his head as he plowed her asshole. I groaned, released my bladder, and unleashed the flood.

I trembled, groaning as my piss flowed out of my cunt. A hot stream splashing into the brat’s mouth. It was almost orgasmic, better than any piss I had experienced. My entire body tingled as I humped my hips, spraying my pee all across her face. I just didn’t piss in her mouth, I let my urine coat her cheeks and chin, to dribble down to her breasts as she rocked and moaned, bucking into Clint’s thrusts.

“That’s it, you little whore,” I gasped, my pussy on fire. I was so excited hearing my urine splash across her face. More ran hot down my thighs. I didn’t care. “Drink it. Revel in it, whore.”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“God, that’s so fucking hot,” Clint panted. “Piss on her face. Use the fucking slut.”

“Just like you’re using her ass,” I moaned, my body trembling. The final spurt of piss splashed into my sister’s mouth. “Now lick me clean! Make me cum, bitch!”

It was so wonderful to humiliate her, to make her drink my piss and feel her tongue lap at my folds, licking up all the drops of my piss that had splashed into her cunt. I groaned and shuddered, grinding so hardon her mouth. Alicia and Aunt Cheryl fingered each other’s cunts while they watched, the camera recording.

We weren’t going to show anyone outside the family this video—we didn’t want to get Aunt Cheryl in trouble—but Lee didn’t know that. She did this thinking Clint would show it off to her friends, humiliate her.

She was such a slut. I loved it.

Her tongue brushed my clit. My pussy was so on fire, my body trembling with such excitement, I gasped in shock as my orgasm exploded in my depths. It came on me so quickly, only a few licks of her tongue and my pussy walls spasmed.

My juices squirted into her hungry mouth. I stared at Clint, loving the slap of his groin into her spanked ass as she drank my cum. I shuddered, grinding harder and harder. My moans and gasps echoed through the room. My head tossed back and forth.

“Yes, yes, yes, Clint. Oh, my god. This is so hot. Fuck her ass. Fuck my bitch-sister’s ass while she drinks my cream.”

“Fuck,” he grunted, face twisting in pleasure. “Fuck!”

And then he slammed into my sister’s asshole. His body shook as he dumped his cum into the little slut’s mouth. I leaned forward, grinding my hot flesh on his mouth, and seized his hair. We kissed so hard, both of us using Lee for our pleasure.

It was wonderful. My sister was made for this. We would do such nasty things to her. Together!


Clint Elliston

I broke the kiss with Melody, Lee’s ass milking the last drops of cum from my balls. The air reeked of piss. I reached behind me, turning on the faucet. Water hissed, cold at first, splashing around my feet, but warming up.

“You are one nasty slut, Lee,” Clint grinned. “Time to clean you up. Mmm, I can’t wait until your mom gets home. She’s the first person who gets to see your video.”

Lee looked at me over her shoulder, face smeared with piss and pussy cream. I wanted to see her like that all the time. “Yes,” she hissed. “If that’s what you want. You own me, Clint.”

Damn, that was hot. Her ass clenched so hard on my cock. I loved our family. Next Aunt Cheryl, then Zoey. I couldn’t wait to have my cock-teasing, older sister finally pay for wearing those skimpy shorts, flashing that beautiful cameltoe at me every chance she could.

I flipped on the shower, warm water crashing over us. Mom and Alicia slipped in. Four naked, beautiful, submissive women. My women. My family. I loved being the man of the house.

To be continued…

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