Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Cleaning up.

How glad James was as he felt the force holding his lips together weaken! At last, he was able to breathe through his mouth; he was able to articulate words! Yuna’s feet scent had been such a torture, and, even though he couldn’t escape the odor entirely, he appreciated greatly not to have to sniff foot-stink incessantly. He was already soaked in their repugnant sweat!

His joy was short-lived, as the realization of its cost struck James. His dear, loving sister, was getting her shoes and socks off, not understanding the slightest what she was about to force her brother to do.

“How do you find my bare feet, Jay?” she asked innocently. “Do you think they’ll be to your taste? I apologize already if they’re a bit salty, and I’m sorry I didn’t wash up the foot-gunk and toe jam that accumulated in between my toes,” she smiled, “I thought you would be hungry after the recent events!” she grinned. No escape for her pervy Jay-Jay! He would eat up every last drop of sweat on her feet, any grime, and any dirt he would cross path with! Once it would be done, she would have to dirty them again, she thought. It was hard work, but she would do it gladly for her brother! She knew he would be grateful.

“H-hungry?” he uttered. This couldn’t be. “…Y-you… You don’t expect me to feed myself on your f-feet, Faith? I’ll die!” he stated, horrified.

“Awhh,” she turned her head to Yuna, “Our poor slave fears he won’t have enough to eat on our feet!” she said, knowing it wasn’t what he meant. “Don’t worry, you’ll actually have *way* more than you actually can ingest!” she smiled. “Yuna, can you do something about that? We want Jay to be able to drink every single drop of our sweat, don’t we?” she turned back to James, a wicked grin on her face, and hugged him with her sweaty bare feet.

“Sure,” smirked Yuna. “I’ll make it so James’s stomach can digest any amount of food, without ever getting full!” she said cheerfully, as a devious idea emerged in her mind. “And I’ll make it so he can’t eat anything non-related to feet anymore!” she laughed, obviously unaware of the terrible fate she was inflicting on Jay. “Aren’t you kocaeli escort happy, slave?” she continued. “Don’t you want to thank your two… *mistresses*?” she highlighted the word, winking at Faith, who returned a pleased smile. She was so wet! Tonight, she would convince James’s sister to let her get him to her home. She needed some time alone with her victim.

Faith released her grasp on her brother to allow him to answer.

James was demolished. He should have kept his fucking mouth shut! He should have known, by now: there is no way to talk sense into these girls! Any attempt got him more screwed every time. Not being able to eat anything non-related to feet? This was the worst! How could he escape, then, if he was doomed to starve, were he not fed by their disgusting feet? The mere thought of it urged him to puke once again, but he managed to retain himself. Faith’s gruesome bare feet stink stuck to his skin, and it’s nauseous that he replied.

“T-thank you…” he breathed, his mind strongly reluctant to pronounce the sentence, “Mistresses…” he mumbled the last word. He had to go their way. He had to.

James’s resignation thrilled both girls. At last! They had managed to break his mind; the first step of Jay’s torment was achieved! Yuna was obviously the more aroused by the whole thing, but even the innocent, angelic Faith felt a tingle down there, seeing her brother in such a powerless, helpless situation. He was at their mercy! She was not used to being in power, and the more she helped James and Yuna realize their fantasies, the more she liked it.

“You’re welcome!” she answered joyfully. “As you appear to appreciate what’s to come, we will begin right away!” she teased. “Meanwhile, Yuna will cast the spells which will allow you to live your dream!” she smiled, and got her left feet out of the way as she got her right one closer. “Good news is; as you’ll eat up the sweat with your mouth, you’ll have no choice but to sniff up the stink with your nose!” she said deviously. “Now begin!” she said with authority. “Lick, clean my whole foot, slave!” she smiled nonetheless.

Faith’s bare foot was right to his kolej escort side, and he cursed his height: it would take ages to clean it! He could see layers of sweat, and some places were stained with dirt and whatever she had walked on. The stench was as obnoxious as the sock’s, which of course didn’t help. It was disgusting, but there was nothing he could do. If he refused, he would be punished. They would make it worst. No one would help, no one knew he needed help. He approached his head to the repugnant feet, and began to lick.

He was immediately stunned by the repulsing taste that got in his mouth. It was awful, but he was forced to endure it. He lapped his sister’s appalling sweat for a good ten minutes, until he finished the sole.

Meanwhile, Faith was in heaven. She would never have thought someone licking her feet would feel so good, but it did. It relaxed her a lot, and she enjoyed every single minute of it. Every lick was fully pleasurable, and she would have loved for the moment to last forever. Yuna had finished casting the spells, and they decided to watch a movie while tiny Jay worked on their feet.

“Hmmm, it feels *so* good Jay… Don’t you dare stop, I want my foot to be spotless by the time you get to the other, otherwise I might get very angry!” she warned, in order for him to keep going for as long as possible. It was perfect. She was pleasured by his licks, and he was satisfied by licking up her awful sweat. She was so glad he had forgotten to delete his history that day, it had allowed for everyone’s life to step up for the better. She giggled at the thought. She didn’t envy her brother’s ‘better’ life one bit.

Jay’s feelings were in total contrast with his sister’s. Each lick was atrocious to him, as it brought to his mouth unnamable substances. His body was heavily exhausted by today’s events, which made for his dreadful, humiliating task to be even harder. The worst thing, he noticed, was to feel his hunger fade the more sweat he ingurgitated. Yuna had probably managed to cast the spell she spoke of, he feared.

At last he was done with the sole, and went on to the toes. He gagged konak escort as he remembered the devastating scent of their crevice, and hoped it wouldn’t be as bad. Of course, it was. As he approached the toes, the odor became stronger and stronger, overwhelming him with the smell. Yet, he had to keep going, as he would otherwise probably provoke his sister wrath. She seemed to be enjoying his service so much! Indeed, from time to time he could hear small moans of pleasure coming from her, which convinced him that stopping would only give her the chance to execute her warning.

With unwillingness, he got to the toes, and was devastated to realize his sister did not lie. In between the toes were lodged huge portions of soaked toe jam and grime. He would not be able to do it. He would get punished again, those girls were so gross!

But James’s reluctance was short-lived as Faith clenched her toes, trapping his head in between, forcing him to ingurgitate a mouthful of rancid toe-waste.

“Tsk, Tsk!” smiled his sister. “Don’t think I didn’t see you hesitate right now! You have no right to be a difficult guest, you will eat whatever we present you!” she laughed, wiggling her toes. “Get back to licking, NOW!” she said harshly, to adjust into her role.

And he did. He was crying, eating every bit of toe jam he found, licking afterwards. He would have begged to go back to licking her sole’s sweat again, if possible. As humiliating and disgusting as it was, it was still better compared to what he was doing now. He was, without a doubt, living the worst time of his life.

Inconveniently for him, his sister was having one of the best time of her life. She loved to have her sole licked, but having her toes and toes-crevice licked… God, it was heavenly, it felt so incredibly good! Even more so than when he was licking her sole! She knew one thing for sure: her little brother would go back there many times from now on.

As the movie went on, Jay finished with the foot and passed to the other one, providing his sister more and more pleasure, whereas he was, in fact, receiving nothing but humiliation, nauseating, repugnant toe jam, grime and sweat.

Yuna, sitting by Faith’s sides, couldn’t wait for her turn. She was so wet, her panties so dripping with womanly juices that she worried the sofa would be stained with it. Hopefully, her jeans would be enough to retain it, until she got Jay to her sweet home.

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