Indian Office Colleague


This time I go back in time to the good days. When I was young and free. Not really, all of us are young and free in our 20s but don’t really know about it. We usually end up wasting our golden years for no reason, but somehow we do remember those years better when we become older.

Here I take you through my turbulent 20s. I had finished my college and was working in an IT firm in Bangalore. I was 24 years old and the world was at my feet. I had a well paying job, a place to stay (although rented), a hot boyfriend and everything to explore on the weekends.

I was enjoying my independence, my parents stayed miles away from me and the occasional phone calls by my mom where I would mostly lie about my choices would be the norm.

It was all going good for me until the day my boyfriend decided to dump me. He was a couple of years older than me and his parents were getting him married. His was a conservative family where they would not allow him to get married to me due to caste reasons. And he instead of fighting such trivial customs decided to mount another girl which probably seemed to be the easy option for him. I blame him more than the society but that’s another story for another day.

As my perfect life came crashing down, I found it difficult to manage work in the office. Enter Prakash, he was in my team and I used to work with him often. He was in his mid-40s and probably having a mid-life crisis. He was married and had 2 kids, as I had deduced from the family photo on his desk.

Although we worked together, I had kept him at an arm’s length away from me. Discussions with him were always about work. He tried hard to talk to me casually but I ignored him most times. Sometimes we girls know the ulterior motive of men and hence stay away from them.

When he was with me he always behaved but when I was not watching him he ogled at my young body. Many times I noticed him checking out my hips and bosoms, especially when I would wear tight clothes. In fact he will be waiting for me to bend down so that he can get a glimpse down my blouse or shirt.

Once for an office party I was sitting next to him at a restaurant. As the night progressed everyone was sufficiently inebriated, and soon for every joke as we laughed he would put his hand on my legs. I was wearing a dress, so quite touchy in my judgement. I didn’t protest however because he didn’t have any malicious intent. In fact it was just his basic instincts coming to the fore aided by alcohol.

Coping Mechanism

Coming back to my break-up, it was quite hard for me to handle. I would sometimes cry in office washrooms, and in general get terrible mood swings. I felt lonely and wanted to be loved and to be needed. I was vulnerable and maybe Prakash understood it.

He started being extra nice to me. He would volunteer to help me on my projects, helped take some workload off me, and even brought me lunch on some days when his wife made something special.

Prakash came to the office by bike and had been offering me free pick up and drop (as my home is on the way for him) from my house since forever. As I opened up to him in my difficult times, I happily accepted his offer and he became my everyday bike chauffeur.

As we started commuting together we both opened up to each other. He got to know about my boyfriend, I learnt more about his wife and 2 kids. He showed me his wife’s pic, and I could make out that the double pregnancy had turned her more plump and she looked very different from the photo on his desk. No wonder he was chasing younger women now (Typical male behavior).

After about a week or so, we became good friends. He was very protective of me and took extra care about my mood swings. I needed someone to lean on in this difficult phase of my life and a relationship of convenience was born.

Unknowingly I started becoming a bit touchy with him. It would particularly happen when I had a rough day at work and he helped me. That day while returning from work on his bike I would hug him from behind and hold onto his chest. He particularly enjoyed my cuddles on the bike and would say, “I think I did something right today!”

I would reply, “yes you were a good boy!” Pressing my boobs into him from behind and rubbing my hand on his chest over his t-shirt. I will be sticking to him like a leech with no gap between us. Many times when we stopped at a signal, we would get stares, probably due to the age gap. I was 24 and he was 44, twenty years older to me.

Apart from the daily commute we had started to text each other too. No phone calls as he was home and we didn’t want his wife to suspect anything. Anyways we were just good friends. But while texting he would casually tell me he wants to see me. I knew it was not a good idea to encourage such behaviour but as time progressed I caved in.

I started sharing selfies with him on and off. He used to get quite excited with all my pics and would without fail praise me for my looks. Made me feel good about my body and also eryaman escort made me more confident, especially coming out of a rough break up.

One issue however with the sharing at home was that I never wore a bra. So I had to be careful that I don’t end up sharing selfies below the neck. But as you would expect from a guy he wanted more angles and more pics.

Soon I stopped bothering and sent him my pics without much thought. But we always made sure to delete the messages. Some of my pics with cleavage visible or with nipples poking through the t-shirt also found a way to chat. He diligently praised me for all the pics.

One day we finished early and as he came to drop me, I invited him to my room for tea. He happily obliged and came with me upstairs. Once inside the house, I told him to sit on the sofa and told him that I will quickly freshen up and make tea.

I went to my room and changed from my office wear to home clothes. A tank top and tight cotton leggings. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled as I knew that I was being a complete tease. My hips look prominent in the light gray leggings and my yellow tank top was loose showing reasonable cleavage along with my pink colored bra straps.

I tied my hair in a ponytail and went out. I looked at him and said, “Give me 2 mins, tea will be ready.”

As I worked in the kitchen he had a complete view of me from the sofa. My sixth sense told me he was probably ogling at my hips. Took me 10 mins to make tea, then I went to serve it to him on a serving plate. I bent down to keep his tea on the teapoy and ended up showing copious amounts of cleavage and probably the inseam of my pink bra.

We both had tea and casually discussed work, and some random topics. He left an hour later around 7 pm. I casually gave him a hug and thanked him for his company.

After this meeting, it became the norm for us to have tea at my place whenever we finished work early. Most of the time it would be casual talks and tea. But sometimes the hidden exhibitionist in me would come to the fore. In two such incidents I nearly gave him a heart attack!


It was a Wednesday, so mid week we randomly decided to go to my place for tea. Again the usual drill he sits on the sofa as i goto change. As soon as I entered my bedroom my mind made me do something devious. I removed my work clothes, including my panties. Then I wore light yellow thin fabric leggings. As I looked in the mirror there was nothing left for imagination. I had a proper camel toe and my hips looked practically naked. I kept my bra and wore a tank top and headed out to make tea.

I think I saw him gasp for air as I walked past him into the kitchen. As I made tea he came over to chat with me. He was behaving like a little puppy with starry eyes and I was enjoying the power I had over him. I would direct him to get stuff and he will willingly oblige just like a dog wagging his tail behind its owner. Only in this case he had a wagging dick that was begging to be released.

After making tea I purposely sat in front of him on the sofa with my legs a little spread apart. He had a nice view of my camel toe and it made him go crazy. He was stealing glances but was also paranoid that I would catch him.

In between, I was checking my phone and pretended to be engrossed in some chats. This allowed him a clear view of my camel toe. I casually scratched it lightly, completely ignoring his presence.

Soon tease time was over, oops I meant tea time was over. He had to go with a heavy heart and even heavier underpants.

I masturbated after he left. Felt really good.


This time it was a Friday and again it was tea time. We reached my place, it was a frustrating day at the office and I was already worked up. As we opened the door my roommate was there in the living room. She greeted me and I introduced her to Prakash as my office colleague. I told her we are just finishing some work and he will leave soon.

So I took Prakash to my room to pretend we were doing work. I locked my room door and immediately said to Prakash, “That was a surprise!” He replied, “yes…but you handled it well.”

I replied, “I am pro at handling such situations.” He smiled back at me.

Then I said, “Hope you don’t mind me quickly changing into something comfortable.”

He said, “of course it is your room.”

Without any hesitation I thanked him and pulled my T-shirt over my head and threw it into the laundry bag. He was shocked but pretended to be all cool.

I could have worn another T-shirt immediately but I decided to unzip my jeans and show off. I was wearing a red lace bra and matching red tanga panties (Google it boys ;). Then I took all the time to find a fresh T-shirt and matching leggings. Soon I was dressed in home clothes leaving Prakash probably with a hard on under his jeans.

I went to the kitchen and made tea for all three of us. I gave tea to my roommate and then went with two cups to my room. Again locked it.

We escort ankara had tea sitting on my bed and chatted for sometime. Then it was time for goodbyes. Since we were in the room this time I gave him a nice hug and said, “work was tough today and you helped me a lot.” He replied, “you are welcome” and soon left.

The Pact

If any of you has gone through a breakup you will know that anything can be a trigger for the memories and you randomly feel low. All major dates like anniversaries are difficult to digest, Worst is the Facebook and Google Photos memories, on this day 1 year ago, etc.

All these days I would feel low but the worst day was when my ex was getting married. That’s a whole different level. I was feeling really low at work and kept thinking about how he is happy and I am sulking.

Prakash knew something was wrong and kept consoling me in his own ways. He even completed some of my work. Around 5 pm I left the office with him at my peak of frustration. I told him on the bike and he was supportive about it.

We reached my place in about 30 minutes and Prakash followed me up. In the elevator ride which takes 30 seconds I had decided how I am going to remove my frustration.

I was fed up with being sorry about myself due to philandering men. My boyfriend used me and then cut me out conveniently. Prakash had a wife and kids, a happy family still wanted to as they say ‘score’ with me. I was tired of men controlling me so I wanted to be a dom now and I was clear about what I had to do.

As we entered my flat, I went straight to my room. I was wearing a formal skirt and top. I dropped my panties on the floor and went to the loo. I relieved myself and then went to the living room like a boss.

Prakash was sitting on the sofa, I went to him and kept both my legs at the side, and got up on the sofa. Then I lifted my skirt exposing my naked unshaven pussy and told him, “I want you to lick me.”

He was a bit taken aback by my gesture but he obliged like a little puppy and started to lick my cunt. The picture of an older married man who is much senior to me in the office licking my dirty cunt underneath my skirt made me feel so great. My intense arousal was laced with power rush and it felt fantastic.

I loved that I had so much control over my puppy. Prakash was licking my wet pussy, like a pet. I had purposely not wiped my pussy after peeing and I was sure he would be licking some of my urine off my vagina.

I even held him by his hair and shoved his face deeper on my pussy. Then I told him to suck on my clit. And he instantly followed my instructions.

His hands were on my legs as he licked, I lifted them and kept them on my hips and softly whispered to him, “squeeze my hips baby.”

He immediately went wild playing with my hips, squeezing them and moving them apart as he sucked on my clitt. I was enjoying it and somehow felt good to do it on the day of my exes wedding.

I told Prakash to finger me and he shoved his middle finger in my extremely wet cunt. He simultaneously licked, squeezed and finger fucked me. I was now on the cusp of an orgasm.

I held his head and shoved it between my legs and braced for a warm rush. I squirted big time on his face. I was engulfed in pleasure. I felt empowered and extremely lightweight. I collapsed on the sofa. Prakash understood and let me relax and calm down.

As I lay on the sofa, Prakash started to undress himself. I stopped him and said, “Baby not today. You know how I am feeling na.”

The look of disappointment on his face could not be hidden behind his fake smile. He sat on the recliner next to me and started to check his phone.

I took a couple of minutes to calm down and then got up. I said to him, “thank you, that was great! I needed that today.” Again humiliating him tacitly

He replied, “happy to help, anytime. Let’s do it again. (winked at me)”

I replied, “sure we can do it but I want some ground rules.”

He eagerly lent his ear and said, “I am okay with anything!”

That is when I knew I had got myself a slave. He gave complete control to me and he had no idea what I had planned.

Below are some of the Rules that I told him:

You can never initiate sex, infact never speak anything about it with me

Office is off limits, we will behave as ideal colleagues in office

There is no question of love or relationship, it is purely sexual we are kind of fuck buddies (His eyes lit up)

No photos, no chats, no videos, there should be no digital proof

Only I can initiate sex and I will always be in control, No means No

He patiently listened to the rules and agreed promptly to our pact. He seemed to be super happy as he probably never had a fuck buddy before let alone his fuck buddy being a 24 year old young lass.

The Flings

Soon after our pack the very next day we left early from work. He casually asked me if we could have tea at my place. There was not a shadow of doubt what he was sincan escort thinking.

I agreed to have tea. As we got into the elevator, I casually grabbed his cock over his trousers and said, “only tea nothing else.”

He smiled and nodded. I replied, “That’s like my good boy.”

We entered the house and looked like my roommate was home as her room door was closed. I invited Prakash to my room and latched it.

As he sat on the bed, I started to undress myself. I was wearing a formal button-up shirt and formal trousers. I removed my trousers first exposing my yellow panties. Then I removed my t-shirt exposing my matching bra.

Prakash was staring at me. So I playfully scolded him, “What are you looking at?”

He replied nonchalantly, “nothing.”

I didn’t like his attitude so I came near him and said, “oh nothing.” You need to be taught how to behave and I pushed him on the bed.

Then I climbed over him and face sat over him. I was vigorously rubbing my pussy over his face. Surprisingly he was not resisting and lapping it all up.

I was almost suffocating him as I rubbed my loins over his nose. Then I shoved his nose in between my ass crack.

After about 5 mins, I yanked out my panties and I asked him to lick my cunt. Like a thirsty dog he licked me with his tongue. I was enjoying the control I had over him but also felt a bit guilty about it.

So I told him to undress. He literally pulled down his pants and boxers in 10 seconds flat. His cock was erect and up. I said to him, “come to mommy.”

He came to me and I went berserk on his cock. Licking it, sucking it, deep throating it. He was enjoying my first blow job to him. His dick was about to explode with excitement.

He obviously was not expecting a sexy romp as he was completely unshaved down there, he had thick pubic hair. His cock was about 5-6 inches long but extremely thick. It was dark colored and seemed to be circumcised.

All my past boyfriends were similar sizes but not this thick. I was looking forward to having it inside me. I pulled my bedside drawer and removed a condom from it. I told him to wear it quickly and he obliged.

He entered me and it felt really good after a long time. He was fucking me in missionary and grunting as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper. I had my hands on his ass and I controlled his thrusts by my touch. I would push him harder if I needed faster thrusts and hold him back if I wanted to reduce the intensity.

Soon we exchanged positions. He was lying down and I got up over him. I sat on his cock and started to ride him. He was not used to this position, his wife probably never tried it with him.

I started by grinding my wet pussy over his cock making it more stiff. Then I inserted it inside me and rode him like a cowboy. My boobs jiggled as we fucked and I moaned in pleasure. I was pressing my own boobs and moaning uncontrollably.

As I increased the intensity he didn’t last very long. In about 4-5 minutes he ended up cumming as we both collapsed over each other.

We cuddled for sometime and then he left soon after.


Once we left the office around 5pm on a Friday. It was a long week so we thought about grabbing a quick drink before we head home.

We have casual dressing on Fridays in the office so I was wearing a waist pleat skirt with a top. The skirt was just above my knees and the top was sleeveless with a floral pattern. Underneath I was wearing black bikini style panties and a matching bra.

We left the office and went to a local pub. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. I was in the mood for some fun. So I whispered in Prakash’s ears, “Let’s pretend to be lovers and be completely shameless. Are you in?”

He replied, “Yes I am in.”

In an instant from being very formal he started to behave all lovey dovey. Lots of touching was happening. He would hold me by the waist and speak. Sometimes he would adjust my hair. It was quite a rush for me getting all this attention in a public place.

I too got into the act and was flirting with him and touching him on his chest or his arm. I could see 2-3 tables there were guys and they were observing our behaviour.

Soon I got up to visit the loo and whispered in his ear, “I am going to the loo, once I come back I want you to feel my ass.”

I went to the loo and came back and he did just as instructed. I was standing at the bar asking for another drink and he was feeling my hips over my skirt. I am sure other people also saw this and that was turning me on more.

After about 30 minutes they started playing some music and we got up and went to the dance floor. It was not too crowded, only a few other couples and some guys.

It didn’t take us long before I was in front of him and he was grinding me from behind. Our moves were definitely getting dirtier. He would casually move his hand over my boobs, he was turned on and rock hard, I could feel his erection as I grinded on him.

I could see many guys getting their share of cheap thrills. Also probably filled with envy given our age gap. As I danced harder one of my bra straps fell off my shoulder and I let it stay there. I was putting on a proper show, doing all vulgar moves to bollywood songs.

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