Indian Summer


Some nights aren’t meant to be spent inside sleeping. I live where the cold burns your skin in the winter and then melts it in the steam and heat of summer. My name is Anne and its Indian summer. It had been heavy and hot that day, but now that it was full dark, the air smelled different; cut grass and wood smoke.

I’m 21 but I still live at home. My family has a large farm and I am employed by my parents. I don’t know if my parents would be angry if I was out in the middle of the night, but I wasn’t quite ready to test those waters.

My friend Kelly was having a bonfire in a very remote part of her Dad’s mint farm. Our family’s farms abutted each other and we often used a private back road to visit each other. I worked the screen out of my window and grabbed the fire safety rope ladder that my Mom kept in the closet. I was dressed in cut-off jeans and a light pink tank top; I could grab one of the windbreakers in the garage in case it got colder. The fire and shared bottles would keep everyone warm.

Kelly was going to have her new man with her. I hadn’t asked her who else was supposed to be there. Nobody available interested me at the moment so I anticipated a solo night with good conversation and a few laughs.

My bare feet were silent on the cold, wet grass as I jogged over to the garage on the far side of the yard. Earl, my father’s foreman, lives in a roomy apartment attached to the back of the garage. He would help me roll my father’s car a ways down the lane before I started the engine. The 63′ Lincoln with canlı bahis şirketleri suicide doors made me wet. It’s the only thing that I’ve ever coveted. I was trying to get my Dad to sell it to me; we’ll see was all he said.

“You’re on your own now, this should be far enough. Keep it low and slow and your old man shouldn’t hear a thing”, Said Earl as he slapped the roof. I tossed him a pack of his favorite black and tans and grinned at him as I pulled away. I liked Earl, he was nice and he wasn’t a gossip.

The car emitted a low, healthy rumble that made my pussy tingle as I picked up the pace a little. My dark hair moved softly in the mint scented breeze from the open window. I shivered and my nipples got hard. Damn, maybe I should cut out early and spend some time getting myself off in my soft cozy bed at home. I decided to wait and see. Ghost mist was hanging heavy here and there on the long road and then disappeared when I shut off the headlights as I approached the fire.

Kelly ran up, leaned way in the window and gave me a big wet kiss on the cheek “Hey there babe, guess who’s here, and alone” she laughed, wiggling her eyebrows in a provocative way. She smelled like her favorite rum and her eyes were sparkling.

I scanned the few scattered people around the fire and my eyes locked on to one man instantly. “Oh my god Ben is here? Do I look awful? Man I didn’t even wear any shoes.” I whined.

“Anne, you never look awful and you also know that Ben won’t mess around on his wife. I just like to tease you”. canlı kaçak iddaa Kelly said swinging her arm around my waist and handing me her bottle. “I know”, I smirked taking a pass on the sticky, sweet hooch. “The wanting and not having is the best part, it gets me hot” I laughed.

Ben was Kelly’s boss as well as her cousin. No one could stand his wife but he was good to her anyway, and that was part of his charm. All night I watched him, from my perch on an old fallen log. I was stone cold sober all but I was drunk on lust. He was looking back at me from across the fire. The sky had begun to pale, and everyone was gone except for Kelly, her boyfriend, Ben and me. I headed to my car, the two love birds were already zipped up in a big camping tent, so that they could keep an eye on the fire as it burned down; Ben was going to walk home through the field.

As I reached for the door handle, I felt a quick movement, disturb the air behind me. I gasped as Ben spun me around, pressed my back against the door and whispered quietly. “I’m going to stay faithful. I’m not going to take you into the dark and fuck you blind; do dirty bad things that I know you would like.”He said as he ground the hard ridge of his erection harshly against my cleft. He bent down and bit the inner curve of my left breast sharply; there would be a bruise. To my utter surprise he kissed me softly before he turned and walked away.

I sat in my car eyes staring ahead at the three mile straight-away that led to my bed. My breath was fast and ragged; my bare toes canlı kaçak bahis were curled over the hard metal pads of the breaks and the clutch. Tiny bits of gravel, trapped between my foot and the pedal, ground into the soles of my feet and made me shiver. I felt like I was going to fly apart.

With deliberate swift movements I started the car and moved to the very beginning of the road. I held my breath, popped the clutch and took off. I was working her hard with a smooth steady hand. When I looked down and saw 105 on the speedometer, I backed off and slowed it down until I was coasting into the turn that crossed over to our farm.

I stopped the car and shut off the engine. Whimpering, I pulled of my top and then worked my cut offs down. Roughly I pulled on my swollen nipples; grinding my soaking pussy into the warm leather. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to cum. I scratched over the bruise that Ben had left, needing to feel the ache. I spread my legs wide and pinched my vibrating clit and plunged my middle finger as deep in my pussy as I could, swirling it around, until the juices were running down my fist. As soon as I rubbed the pad of my finger on my g-spot the orgasm hit…hard. My vision blurred as my pussy clenched onto my finger over and over again. The soles of my feet were on fire and my whole body was flushed with pleasure that almost hurt. I started to cry and just gave myself up to it; sobbing it felt so incredible.

Finally, reality seeped in and I pulled my rumpled clothes back on, stopping to breathe for a minute when I was finished; wanting to soak in the joy of being a female. I was taking the car back to Dad, but today we were striking a deal. We had bonded and the car was mine. She was the perfect partner for enjoying my Indian summer.

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