Indoctrination 02: Potluck


“Mmmmmm,” I stretched as I woke happily naked in bed. The sun was just peeking over the mountains and the soft light shone through the bedroom window, bathing the room with a summer glow. I love this time of year when nights are warm enough that we can sleep with the windows open and smell the crispness of the early morning. Somewhere out there a lone meadowlark was welcoming the day with a cheerful song, accompanied by the coarse cry of a ring-neck rooster in the back field.

I stretched again and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. My hands ran down to my bare breasts, giving each a soft squeeze and my nipples a quick pinch. Moving down across my tummy, I rubbed the inside of my thighs where they met my privates, and then gave a light scratch to the crinkly curls of my pubes. Mmm, need to trim and shave this before the party, I thought to myself. Ya never know….

I felt wonderful this morning. Today is a perfect day for our summer potluck barbecue.

I wish I remembered my dreams at night because last night’s must have been a doozy. I could feel the wetness in my pussy and a nagging I-wanna-fuck-something tingle going on down there. No doubt it’s because I haven’t had a hard dick in me for over seven days. Not that I haven’t had my share of orgasms from various dildos and vibrators, and best of all, my loving husband’s magnificently talented tongue. But I craved his hard cock to fill my intimate void.

Okay, truth be told, I’d gladly take any hard cock to fuck me senseless right now, and then I’d have my husband, Rick, make love to me. He’s truly a gifted lover. Oh, he fucks great, too, but the way he can put passion into it when he’s loving me is beyond words. I never fail to have multiple orgasms when being fucked, but when he slows it down and devotes his passion to me, the orgasm is on another level. Simply indescribable. The difference between the climax from my husband’s passionate worship and fucking anyone else is like the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it.

But, as badly as I want my husband to fuck me like a rented whore until I scream in tongues, I need to stand by my decision. You see, I caught him breaking the rules the other day, and breaking the rules has consequences.

I rolled onto my side and spooned behind him, listening to his soft sleep. I draped an arm over and laid my hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat and the rhythmic rise and fall of his breathing. Slowly I danced my fingers through his chest hair, playing with the thick curls just hinting of gray. I found a nipple and lightly caressed it with just the pad of my finger until it began to wake and stiffen. His breathing changed ever so slightly and his panty covered butt snuggled closer against my mons.

My hand glided down his torso, pausing here and there to caress warm flesh and combing through dark hair on his belly. Lower I traveled, up and across, and then down his hip, sliding to the inside of his thigh. My fingers were affectionately lollygagging along his thigh, over the top of the lace waistband, and down the other side. I drug my palm over the lump noting the silky softness of the material. Snaking my way inside his satin boyshorts I let my fingers trace the metal cage that incarcerated his penis, denying outside pleasureable influences.

Yes, I’ve had him wearing a cock cage for four days now, ever since I caught him masturbating to online porn. It’s not the jerking off or the porn that bothers me at all, it’s the fact that he did so without inviting me to join, almost like he was sneaking behind my back to do it. He knew I was home, upstairs, doing mundane domestic chores. It had already been three days since the last time we had been intimate, so I was already in the mood for some sexy play. He could have very easily called me to sit with him so we could enjoy it together. But he didn’t, and now he’s suffering the consequences.

Well, actually, we’re both suffering; him just more than I. I’m still having marvelous orgasms from his tongue, and I make him sit and watch or help me bring myself off with our toys. But I sure do crave having something warm and fleshy inside me right now.

It was almost a week ago when I was just finishing up folding the laundry and I noted that I hadn’t seen my husband in the last hour or so. I imagined he was down in his study tying flies, or working on another fly rod or something. It was just past noon, so I went down there to see if he’d like some lunch. Normally he would have lunch already made for us while I did the laundry, but he must be so engrossed in whatever project he’s working on he lost track of time, I thought. Turns out he was engrossed alright, but in someone else’s fly and rod of another sort.

As I was headed to his office I saw him sitting on the sofa in the den. The sofa is situated in such a way that its back faces the door, so while seated, you can’t see who enters the room. I noticed he had earbuds in that were connected to his laptop, so obviously he didn’t hear me enter the room. I stood quietly behind the sofa and was intrigued by what had captured his rapt attention.

On the screen was the kocaeli escort image of a woman impaled on a large cock while she was looking off camera, seemingly at another person. In large bold font the caption on the screen read, “Is this what you wanted, honey? A large cock fucking your wife’s cunt?” I felt a tingle down there.

I could tell by my husband’s movements that he had his dick in his hand and was slowly massaging it. Another image appeared, this one showed a woman on her back, legs splayed, with creamy white cum oozing from her red and puffy freshly fucked pussy. The caption, “Okay, cucky, your turn. Clean me up and get me ready for the next one.” Several more tingles.

The next portrayed a crossdresser and a woman kneeling in front of a man with a big soft cock. The woman had one hand on the base of the large member, the other hand on the back of the crossdresser’s head. Overlaid on the image, “A sissy cuckold’s job is to prepare his wife’s boyfriend to give her what she craves.” The next image was similar but the man was hard and with the words, “Here, sissy, instead of waiting to eat his cum from me, you can have it straight from the source.” Holy shit. I involuntarily rubbed my thighs together.

There were images of men and crossdressers being pegged by women and fucked in the ass by men. Some had the woman present portraying the wife, others with just the man, with the captions intimating being fucked by a real man is the best way to feel like a complete girl. I noticed that my husband’s flogging would increase appreciatively when images of a cuckold or crossdresser was eating a creampie or sucking a cock. By now I was pretty wet.

My husband clicked on the next image and a video started playing. In it a woman was on her hands and knees with a man beneath her in a 69 position. Behind the woman another man with a large thick cock (aren’t they all in these movies) was fucking her mercilessly doggy-style. The man beneath was licking her clit, and occasionally the cock would slip out of her pussy and fuck the man’s mouth for several strokes. My husband’s ministrations increased noticeable and I now had my hand inside my panties rubbing my own clit. Gawd, I need his cock in me right now! I need to sit on his lap and ride him until we cum, I thought to myself.

But before I even finished that thought I watched as the cock on the screen pulled out of the woman’s used pussy, followed by a sloppy trail of cum dripping straight into the open mouth of the man below, and simultaneously my husband shot his own load of cum into his free hand. He instantly brought that up to his mouth and sucked all the cum from his palm and fingers. Oh my fucking god, that was hot, I thought.

And then I got pissed. I left the den and went up to our bedroom where I grabbed the cock cage and headed back downstairs. He was still sitting there licking clean his fingers when I walked up behind him and pulled the earbuds from his ears. He looked at me a little in shock and surprise as I walked around to the front of the sofa.

“I hope you enjoyed that orgasm; it’s the last one you’re going to have for the next week!” I said sternly. “Put this on,” I said as I tossed the cage into his lap.

“Honey, can’t we wait ’til tonight to play?” he asked with a grin creeping across his face.

“No! Put it on NOW!” I said evenly but a bit louder. “I’m serious, Rick.”

The smile left his face, as did some of the color. He knew me well enough to know that I was genuinely pissed off at him. He wasted no time scrunching and squeezing, forcing his softening cock into the cage. He snapped the lock shut and handed me the key with a slight tremble. “Honey, what did I do wrong?” he finally asked with a mournful look.

“I just caught you beating off to porn and cumming all over yourself while I was UPSTAIRS folding laundry!”

“Why didn’t you just ask me to come help you fold clothes?”

“I didn’t need help folding the damn laundry; that’s not the fucking point!”

He looked confused, and after a moment started, “But I thought you didn’t mind me looking….”

I cut him off, “I don’t fucking mind you looking at porn. I don’t mind that it turns you on to see pictures of cuckolds and sissies eating creampies and sucking huge cocks. I don’t care if you like jerking off to those images. I don’t care if you blow every cock in the county. But I do fucking care that you chose to exclude me from your little jerk session. I was right upstairs, Rick. It’s not like I was at work or you were in the shower, or something. I was right fucking upstairs! You know I like looking at porn, too. You know I like watching you stroke your hard dick until you cum. After all the roleplaying and naughty talk we’ve done together, you know I like all those same scenarios. You’re the one that told me you wanted to be included if I ever fucked around. Well, don’t you think that would go the same for me? Don’t you think I want to be a part of everything you do? You said it should enhance what we have, not replace anything. Well, how in the fuck can it enhance us if you leave me out?”

I paused, kolej escort glaring at him, and then continued a bit softer, “What you just did was terribly inconsiderate and selfish. I’ve already been through the selfish thing, and I won’t do it again. And I won’t sit by and suffer in silence, either. You just robbed me of sharing an orgasm with you. You owe me. You may not be cumming for a week, but don’t think for a moment I’m not going to get mine. Either by you or someone else. But don’t worry, I won’t do to you what you just did to me; if it’s someone else, you can damn well bet you’ll be there to watch.”

I looked at him and could clearly see the pain and anguish in his teary eyes. There was a lone wet trail down one cheek. He was wounded deeply because he knew he had hurt me. I dearly love this man for his empathy. I believe he knows no greater pain than when he believes he’s wronged or disappointed me. His compassion for me, for us, is without bounds.

I have never yelled at him like this, nor he at me, for that matter. Our issues to resolve have always been minor because we don’t subscribe to the 50/50 thing like most couples. We’re a 90/10-90/10 sort of team: I give in 90% of the time, and he gives in 90% of the time.

I sighed. “Why, baby?”

“I dunno. I…. don’t know.”

“Well,” I said softly, “you’ve got a week of no cumming to think about it. And I want you wearing panties the entire week so your caged cock is constantly reminded of the silky softness it’s missing.”

So here we are, Day 5 of his penance. Which really is a first for us. We’ve played around with the cage for a day or two at a time, roleplaying the Dom/sub game, but never applied it principally as true punishment or control. Here I was doing both. I was not only punishing him for his excluding me from his play, but also controlling when he was allowed to cum. I found a certain excitement in all of that. I sensed that he did, too. He has been more attentive, more submissive and subservient, not annoyingly so, but rather, affectionately so.

Again I became aware of the sultriness in my pussy as I spooned against him, recalling the past week watching him squirm with desire as he watched me pleasure myself or I pulled his face into my wet pussy. I continued to let my fingers wander around the cage, touching his flesh at every opening. I felt his cock twitch, and then twitch again, trying to grow within the confines. He moaned and murmured.

I pulled my hand out of his panties and back to my own privates, dipping one finger between the folds of my slit, followed by a second. I left them there to linger and dawdle, enjoying the sensation of massage. After a minute or two of this I pulled my sodden fingers out and painted my ambrosial juices across his lips. I took another dip and placed a thick drop just below his nose. The savory fragrance should have him wake soon in a favorable frame of mind.

I decided to give myself a little pleasure while I waited, so I grabbed Wanda–my Magic Wand vibrator–and turned it to a low hum. I rolled onto my back, parting my thighs, and touched her to my begging clit, instantly feeling the electrifying pleasure course through my body. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the center of my pleasure zone. It felt so fucking good I knew I’d be over the edge in no time. A montage of lust crossed my mind’s canvas; a pussy full of cock, a tongue torturing a clit, painted lips wrapped around hard cocks, his ass being pegged, and so on. The sensation continued to build while the montage rolled, and soon I was reaching the peak, teetering, and then flying over the crest into a glorious orgasm. My legs quivered and my pussy clenched as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. I breathed a guttural moan as my body went limp. I opened my eyes and saw my husband facing me, lying on his side, his head propped up and resting in his open palm. He had the cutest grin on his handsome face.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Mmmm, sorry, did I wake you?” I smiled.

“Happily. You know I’d love to wake to the vision of you in orgasm every morning,” he said before leaning in and giving me a soft kiss on my cheek. I rolled on my side to face him and returned the kiss fully, grabbing his head and grinding our lips together, while invading his mouth with my tongue. I hope he doesn’t mind my morning breath, I thought. Mmmm, I can taste and smell me on his lips, too. I smiled inwardly thinking how hot that was. I rolled him onto his back and threw my leg over, straddling his waist. I gave him a quick kiss on his lips and then laid my head on his shoulder, leaving his cage nestled in my warm wetness.

“Penny?” I asked after a few minutes.

“I was thinking that if you took my cage off, I’d be able to, um… you know.”

“Mmm, I’m sure you would, but you have two more days, love.” After a few moments, I continued with a smile, “However, if you behave yourself today and do exactly as you’re told, maybe we can see about getting you time off for good behavior.” He smiled back and held me tighter. We laid like that for another 20 minutes when I said, “Honey, konak escort we need to get up and start getting things ready.”

“Why don’t you scoot up here and feed me breakfast, first,” he suggested.

I feigned an exaggerated sigh, “Okay, if that’s what it’s going to take to get any work out of you, this morning.” I shimmied up his body and straddled his head, then lowered my pussy to his wanting lips. He quickly brought me to my second orgasm of the morning.

The rest of the morning went by quickly as we prepared for our party. I was preparing hors d’oeuvres while Rick was getting all the meat on the grill to roast slowly. Together we were straightening up the house. I made sure the guest room was clean and ready for anyone that might want to spend the night, or needed a relatively private place to be alone… together. Ya never know…

I decided to wear a mid-length button down sun dress with jeweled flip flops. The dress was a nice light cotton so I should stay cool all day, and the neckline was diamond shaped so by design it illuminated my 36DDs, which really capture a man’s attention. Actually, I remember a few occasions in which I’ve gotten admiring looks from a few women, too. Depending on how the day went, I had the option to undo a button or two, should I want, to cool down or be a little more flirtatious. Underneath I chose a matching bra and panty set in fuchsia from Victoria Secrets. Both were very lacy and feminine. When I bought these, I also bought a matching pair of boyshorts that I had Rick wear today.

Our guests arrived and the food was served. It was a lovely day and people were having fun visiting old friends and making new ones. I made note of a small group of men in conversation with Rhonda, a dear old friend of ours. We’ve known her for quite some time, since before her divorce. She is wonderful. She’s my age, very pretty, fun, outgoing, and I think, very sexy. She was married to her ex for almost 10 years, and during that time she had talked to him about trying new things and exploring their sexuality to meet some of her needs–she was tired of being so vanilla–but he didn’t seem interested. She finally got fed up and left, and has been making up for lost time ever since. She never seems to be short of male company, but she came to the party today alone. “Maybe I’ll get lucky, today. Maybe I can get Rick drunk enough and take advantage of him,” she had said to me with a laugh.

“Good luck with that,” I said giggling with a touch of sarcasm. She’d have a tough time getting him to perform locked in that cage, I thought, smiling. And I know Rick would not let himself get into a situation in which she would discover his secret. But I also know I have nothing to worry about, she would never touch him without my permission.

I’ve no doubt Rhonda will indeed find someone, or two to fill her today.

I chatted with some friends we haven’t seen since last year and got caught up on all the latest who’s fucking whoms. I flirted with all the men and was rewarded with requited salacious banter. The more drinks consumed the more innuendoes were exchanged. There was a lot of ogling at my cleavage, and some friendly groping as men squeezed by in tight quarters. Oh, and by Rhonda, too. She cleverly, but covertly grazed my boobs and groped my ass as she snuck by between me and some others. That was a slight shock, but not unpleasant. In fact, I got a bit of a tingle from that.

Speaking of tingles, by late afternoon I found myself sitting at our bar engaged in a wonderful conversation with a handsome gentleman by the name of Tom. He is a botanist for the forest service, and smart as hell. I instantly became enamored with his brain. He spends a lot of time in the forests, hiking trails for days and gathering samples of local flora. He’s built like it, too. He’s tall and thick with muscular legs and a gorgeous ass. He keeps his hair short, his face shaved, and–ohmygod–he had smoldering blue eyes that I got lost in while he talked to me. And it was nice that he was actually looking me in the eyes, too. Made me appreciate the fact that I wore mascara and eyeshadow, today.

He did seem to notice other parts of me, however. I caught him glancing at my cleavage more than once, and he even complimented me on how inviting it was; “Distractingly so,” he said. Obviously the drinks were emboldening him, too. As the conversation between us continued, I found myself touching him to make a point, brushing my fingers on his knee. Then I began laying my hand flat just above his knee for a moment, and then two moments, and then I placed it and let it lay there purposely, occasionally squeezing lightly with my finger tips.

He followed my lead and had placed a hand on my leg. As we laughed and giggled and made pointed observations, his hand moved evermore up my thigh. He was nearly continuously rubbing my thigh now, occasionally letting it drift towards the inside. God, it felt so good, and I was getting so wet I wanted to lift the hem of my dress and beg him to finger fuck me right there. But this was getting a little borderline behaviour with so many people still here. Nonchalantly, I took hold of his hand and moved it from inside my thigh to the top and held it there. I looked him in the eyes and returned his knowing smile as I held and lightly caressed his hand, keeping it a respectful distance from where I really wanted it.

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