Inevitability Pt. 01

Adriana Chechik

The city lights blurred into luminous bubbles outside the window, the darkness of the night blackening the glass and reflecting the image of my own exhausted face back to me. The train, as always at this time, was full to bursting with restless, tired, irritable commuters, and I couldn’t wait to step off onto the platform and make a break for home.

A few minutes later, the train pulled in at my stop, and I sighed in relief as the cool evening air rushed over my clammy skin. I was so glad to have a day off the next day; it had felt like a long time coming – I was so excited to have a luxurious, self-indulgent day of doing absolutely nothing.

As I started along the familiar path for home, I felt the soft buzz of my phone in my pocket. Taking it out, I immediately recognised the name on the text. Dana. My best friend and long-time partner in crime.

“Hey Cass, you busy tomorrow?! D xx”

I groaned inwardly. I had a sinking feeling that my non-existent plans were about to be trampled all over.

“Hmm… Depends what for!”

A little back-and-forth ensued, which of course culminated in me agreeing to help Dana. She was an event planner, and was due to be dressing a venue the next day for a fancy soirée, but had to take an unexpected business trip and would be leaving that morning. I, being the dutiful friend that I am, would be stepping in to take over the venue-dressing duties.

My nice leisurely evening now changed to a quick meal, and an early night to get up bright and early for my new ‘job’.

The next morning, I woke up and took a long hot shower, and slipped on a light summer dress to match the beautiful weather. I was just about to grab my car keys and leave, when a text flashed up on my phone. Surprise surprise, Dana again.

“Cass, thanks so much again for agreeing to help today! I felt bad about you doing all the work yourself, so I’ve roped Rob into helping you too. He’s going to meet you at the venue. I know you 2 don’t get along, but please just be nice today, for me! 😉 D xx”

My heart did a somersault as the words sank in. Rob was Dana’s boyfriend, and as much as she thought we hated each other, the exact opposite was true. Rob and I had enjoyed a drunken, super-hot kiss in a bar roughly a week before Dana had introduced him to me as her boyfriend – neither of us had known about the other, and we didn’t dare mention it to fiery Dana. We decided from that point on that we had to stay apart as much as possible, the chemistry between us was so strong that we’d already had a couple of near misses.

How was I going to cope with a whole day with him, completely alone? I bit my lip and checked myself over in the mirror. I instantly cursed my choice of dress. It had a bustier-style bodice which sat pretty low and flaunted the curve of my breasts perfectly, and a tight fitting waist which accentuated my curves. I looked damn sexy, and I knew it. Way too sexy for seeing Rob, but there was no time to change. I just had to hope he didn’t think I’d done it for him.

I jumped in the car, driving along with an apprehension about seeing him and spending the day alone together. I’m ashamed to admit though, I did feel a thrill of exhilaration at the prospect too. We’d never spent any real time alone, not since that one sexy-as-hell Escort bayan kiss in the bar.

I pulled up to the venue, a gorgeous period-style mansion house that Dana had rented in its entirety for the party. It was completely deserted, except from one other car. Rob.

He was standing, leaning against his car with his arms folded and sunglasses shielding his eyes. His arms, folded as they were, looked so big and powerful and manly. He’d grown his facial hair a little since I’d seen him last, a shadow of stubble hugging that strong jawline. Oh god. He was so sexy. I could feel my heartbeat quickening, and I tried to steady my breath as I walked towards him.

“Hey. Dana conned you into this too, huh?”

I felt my laugh come out a little higher pitched than I was intending.

“Yep, so much for my day off. Did she send you with all the stuff?”

Rob gestured to a few bulging boxes to indicate that yes, she had. He picked up a couple with ease, nodded his head at the building and simply said “Let’s go.”

We set to work, filling balloons, hanging banners, setting up tables. Tension hung in the air as we deliberately avoided one another, occasionally brushing arms or hands and sending sparks flying over the room. This was absolute torture. I could tell he felt the same, and I could feel his eyes on me all the time when he thought I wasn’t looking. On my face, my legs, my breasts. He wanted me, every bit as much as I wanted him.

Finally, we’d finished with the downstairs, and Rob explained that Dana had left instructions that some of the bedrooms needed prepped for guests that were staying over. I swallowed, hard. Me and Rob, alone in a room with a bed? We needed to get these preparations done and get out of here as quickly as possible.

We had five bedrooms to sort in total, and with each one we became less nervous in each other’s company. More eye contact, looks held lingeringly and purposefully, more less-than-necessary skin contact. God, Cass, keep your nerve!

Finally, we got to the last four-poster bedroom, and as much as we tried to extend it, our work was soon done. Rob picked up the last of the boxes, and made for the door. As much as I’d been praying for this moment to happen, so that we could get out of each other’s company, now that it was here my overarching feeling was one of horror that we’d be parted. Against my better judgement and almost against my own will, as he got to the doorway, I called out to him.

“Rob, wait!”

He stopped, one hand on the door, but didn’t turn around. Facing away from me, his voice suddenly very low, he simply asked “Why?”

I took a deep breath. It was now or never, and with the thought of missing this opportunity my inhibitions were suddenly gone. I wanted him too much to ignore.

“For this.”

As he turned slowly to see what I was referring to, I began to unzip my sundress. My eyes locked with his, and I held his gaze as I let my straps fall from my shoulders. The dress fell gracefully to the floor, and I stepped out of it and gently kicked it to one side. I now stood before him in only my bra and underwear, and I could see him looking at me hungrily, greedily, as if he would devour me by sight alone.

Rob still had one hand on the door, and for one awful moment, Bayan Escort I thought he would still choose to leave. But then, as quickly as the thought had appeared, he slammed the door shut and began stalking purposefully over to me, taking great strides to get to me as quickly and as powerfully as he could.

At once his face met mine and he was kissing me with a ferocity that made my knees weak. Our lips moved together with an urgency borne from a single shared desire. I was pulling at his shirt, grappling with it until I pulled it up over his head. I took in the sight of him, standing before me with his beautiful, strong, naked chest. God, he was so perfect.

He lifted me up onto the bureau behind us, and my legs wrapped around him to draw him closer. His hands were in my hair, my fingertips gripping his muscled shoulders. He brought one hand around to cup my face, holding me there for a passionate, lustful kiss, while the other trailed down my back to my bra strap. With one swift movement, he unclipped it and pulled it down and away, leaving my breasts bare and exposed. He took a step back so he could drink in the sight of me, groaning lowly as he did.

Perched on the edge of the bureau in only my lacy black underwear, I could feel a growing wetness between my legs as we kissed as deeply as our mouths would allow. His hands found my breasts, caressing my nipples with a surprising tenderness that made me moan in pleasure. His kisses moved down to my neck, down my chest and onto my breasts, his mouth hot and gorgeous against the soft flesh there. His tongue flicked at my nipple, pausing occasionally to take it into his mouth to suck. “God, Cass, these are just as fucking perfect as I’ve been imagining,” he murmured.

As much as I was enjoying this attention, I was growing wetter and wetter and becoming desperate to get his jeans off and have him fuck me. I pulled him back up to my face to start kissing him again, rougher and more purposeful this time, while my hands found his belt buckle. I unclipped his belt and unfasted his jean zipper, my hands slipping under the fabric of the waistband at the back, giving his perfect ass a squeeze while he growled in response. I pulled his jeans down over his hips, letting them fall to his ankles where he kicked them off.

Looking down, I could see a large bulge in the crotch of his underwear, promising that in a few minutes I was going to be having a lot of fun. I stroked his cock through the fabric of his boxers, it twitched against my fingertips, begging to be unsheathed. Obligingly, I removed the boxers. A gorgeously thick, long, rock-hard cock sprang from underneath, already a sliver of pre-cum glistening on the tip. As soon as I set eyes on it, I wanted it inside me, as deep as possible.

While I took a grip of his penis in my hands and began to stroke purposefully, Rob had started to stroke his own finger on the material of my pants. He found my clit almost instantly, toying with it with one single finger as I writhed against it. I needed more than this. As if he read my mind, in the next breath he broke off to tug my underwear off, pulling them off with next to no effort.

We were now both completely naked, all thoughts that I was with my best friend’s boyfriend shamefully gone from my mind. He stepped Escort back, deliberately, to allow us both to fully appreciate one another’s nakedness. He was even hotter without his clothes; his gorgeous face rugged with lust, manly shoulders and chest tensed, perfect abs, a delicious trail of hair from his navel, down to a huge perfect cock, stiff and bulging at the sight of me. I knew that he was getting a good view too, my long hair mussed from foreplay, my full breasts with hardened nipples, my legs open and my wet pussy ready and waiting for him.

“I’ve waited so long for this, Cass.”

“That makes two of us.”

All of a sudden he was back to me, pushing me further back on the bureau and my legs further apart. He brought his cock up to meet my pussy, I pushed back, sliding my lips over the hard length of him, enjoying the feel against my clit. He brought the tip of his penis down to the edge of my entrance, holding it there as much as I tried to push back onto him and take him within me.

“I need you to say it, Cass.”

I knew what he meant. He needed to know that we were really doing this. There was an unspoken understanding between us, that this would be the moment of no return. If we did this, there would be no turning back. I nodded, bit my lip lustfully, and said…

“Rob, I need you inside me. Now.”

He needed no further encouragement. With one forceful thrust, he was inside me as deep as anyone had ever been. I gasped as the size of him filled me, stretching me deliciously. I felt my eyes roll back into my head as a wave of pure pleasure hit me. He held himself in place for a minute while we both caught our breath, and then with no further preamble began thrusting, hard and deep.

My hands gripped the sides of the bureau as I spread my legs wider for him, leaning back so he could get a better view of my breasts bouncing as he thrusted. He was groaning loudly now, my moans of pleasure merging with his as our flesh slapped together, the sound of his balls smacking against my ass ringing in the air. I moved my hands to his ass to draw him even deeper into me, his hands found my breast and hip and gripped them.

It was rough, and hungry, and animalistic, and hotter than hell. Just as I was about to scream out my first orgasm, he pulled out of me and spun me around, bending me over the bureau. He pushed my legs apart with his knee and plunged his cock deep into me again, wrapping his fist into my hair and gripping onto it. I cried out in ecstasy, and I could feel both our climaxes threatening to overpower us.

I ground against him, tightening and releasing the muscles in my pussy around the hardness of his cock, driving him wild. In reciprocation, he snaked a hand around my hip and down to my clit, flicking over it with one expert finger as I near blacked out from the unexpected extra sensation. With a few more thrusts, we both came screamingly together, our orgasms tearing through us with a power and ferocity that I’ve never before felt. I felt his load shoot deep inside me as the ripples of my own climax rolled over me. We stayed like that, panting together, for a few heady moments.

After a while, Rob pulled out of me, gently turned me round and kissed me deeply on the mouth. He traced a finger over my jaw and tipped my chin up, so that I could look into the piercing blue of his eyes. He smiled a lazy, languid, roguish smile as he murmured…

“I’m not done with you yet, Cass.”

I hope you all enjoyed your introduction to Cass and Rob. Their story will continue soon…

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