“Look – notes from Sigma Tau!” Amie ran into the room throwing three notes on her bed. “There’s one for all three of us!”

Tabitha, Amie, and Amber all ripped the fancy envelopes open. Amber read hers out loud. “Congratulations, pledge. Meet me at six o’clock in the Sigma house lobby. Sherrie.”

“No way! We’re going to be Sigmas! This is too cool!” Amie hugged Tabitha and Amber. They had been waiting for this note, ever since they got to the University campus.

“This is awesome! I’ve got to get ready!” Amie retreated to the closet to pick out some clothes for the meeting that would occur in a half hour. She had to look her best, she knew – but not too serious. She had to look cool. Amie was the tallest of the three girls, almost five foot ten. She looked taller, though, as she was a gorgeous blonde with a great body and a pretty big chest. She knew that she would wear her new jeans, but was trying to decide which shirt to wear. She picked out a white sleeveless cotton shirt that accented her curves perfectly, and then threw the outfit on the bed.

Tabitha went over to her dresser to take out her blue short sleeved v-neck shirt. It was pretty tight and accented her body well. Not as well as Amie’s, she thought, but then again she wasn’t built like Amie. Hell, few girls were, she thought. But she knew she got just as many looks as her Nordic roomie did. Since Tabitha was Italian, she had a beautiful face, a clear complexion, and perfect dark brown hair with blonde highlights that rounded her face, a little longer than shoulder length. She worked out almost every morning so her body was fit and tight. She was growing a little bit of an “Italian ass,” but she kept it in check. Her bra size was average B-cup, but her tits looked pretty large compared to her relatively slim, small body. She thought “Greek life” was a little weird, but her best friend Amie was so excited about it and begged her to do it with Amber, so she decided to go along. Besides, she figured that it might help her later in life.

Amber had already put on her green silk button down shirt and jeans, and was ready to go. Amber was about Tabitha’s size, with dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders, and a nice body with pretty small, perky tits – a full A-cup. She had some very active nipples, which she always tried to put on display by wearing thin shirts and no bra, which was exactly what she did tonight.

“Are we ready to go, girls?” Amie said, coming out of the bathroom that was attached to their dorm room. She was looking hot, and she knew it, Tabitha thought. If only she could have tits like that, she’d be perky and bubbly too. But she’d also be kind of stupid like Amie was, she thought again, laughing to herself. But she still loved Amie. For everything she wasn’t, she was a great friend.

“Ready!” Amber said as she slipped her shoes on. The three looked at themselves and each other in the mirror, and each adjusted their hair before walking out of the door. “Let’s get it on!” Amber yelled. The girls all laughed.

In the Sigma Tau lobby, Sherrie was sitting on a couch looking at her watch. Two minutes of six, she noted. There was a knock on the door so she walked over.

“Hello, girls, welcome to Sig!” Sherrie said with a smile. She was about five foot six very slim, and extremely tan after a summer of life guarding at her father’s country club and a few visits to the tanning salon, Tabitha thought. Sherrie’s dark brown hair was dyed a lighter brown very striking, light blonde highlights. She wore it pretty short and styled up which made her look taller than she was. She was wearing a loose button down linen shirt, a pair of tight jeans, and no shoes, showing off her Sigma Tau toe ring. “Come on in, pledges.”

“Hey, I’m Amie,” Amie said as she stuck her hand out for a firm handshake. “Thanks so much for having us over!”

“I’m Amber,” Amber shook Sherrie’s hand.

“And you must be Tabitha,” Sherrie said, shaking her hand as well. Tabitha smiled. “Please have a seat on the couch.”

The three co-eds sat down on the couch together, Amie on the left, Amber on the right, and Tabitha in the middle. Sherrie sat across the coffee table from them in a single chair.

“Well, you’ve been chosen as the top three pledges this year which means that as President, I’ll be your mentor until you’re accepted as a full Sigma Tau sister,” Sherrie said matter-of-factly to the three girls on the couch. “It’s going to take some real effort and energy, so be sure to keep up, and let me know if there’s a problem. Understood?”

All three heads nodded.

“Good. Now, go get some dinner, get back to your room, and I’ll be in touch with you soon.” Sherrie said as she stood up and pointed toward the door. Amie, Amber, and Tabitha looked at each other confused and then walked toward the door. Sherrie walked them out and closed the door behind them.

“What the heck was that about?” Amie asked.

“I have no idea. I thought we were going to hang out!” Amber added.

“I bursa escort don’t know, but I guess we wait for the next move now. Let’s go get something to eat,” Tabitha suggested and they walked down the street to Guiseppe’s, the local pizza shop.

After about three hours and a few drinks, the girls returned to their dorm, opened the door to their room and flicked on the light.

“What the . . .” Amie said. Amber and Tabitha looked in amazement at the empty room.

“What the hell is going on? Where’s our stuff?” Amber asked, walking across the bare hardwood floor.

“Should we call security? Is this some kind of prank?” Tabitha asked.

“Wait, here’s a note on the window sill,” Amber picked up the folded piece of paper.

“Hi girls, we took the liberty of moving your stuff to Sigma Tau. Come on over to see your new digs.” It was written in Sherrie’s hand writing and signed with a big “S.”

“That’s weird! How did they pack all of our stuff in three hours?” Amber said, still stunned.

“I don’t know, but the note said to get back to Sigma, so let’s go, girlies,” Amie said. She walked out of the door, the others following closely behind her. “This is so exciting!”

They walked back down the street to the Sigma Tau house. The porch light was on, along with a few other lights in the windows. Tabitha rang the bell.

“Hello, girls,” said a tall red-headed girl who answered the door. “My name’s Tiffany. You must be Amie, Amber, and Tabitha.”

“Yeah, we got this note!” Amie handed the note to the red head. Tiffany took it, but didn’t read it, and smiled broadly as she turned around and walked toward the door at the back of the entry-way. She was a gorgeous woman, tall with wavy, bright red hair down to her mid-back, and very light skin. She had a very curvy body — extremely big breasts, a small waist, and a heart-shaped ass that swayed back and forth as she walked. She had a tight, white tank top on with the Sigma Tau symbols on the back, and a pair of black spandex shorts that accented her extremely curvy hips.

“Come this way, girls,” she said without turning around. The girls entered and followed Tiffany down the hall to the door. She opened the door and motioned them in to a room that looked like a giant library, with books lining the walls from floor to ceiling on oak book shelves, a large marble fire place, a big oak desk with a large leather chair behind it, and three ornate wooden chairs in front of it. There were various paintings on the walls of some distinguished looking women.

“Have a seat, make yourselves comfortable,” Tiffany said, motioning the three girls to the three empty chairs in front of the desk. Amie took the first seat, Tabitha the second, and Amber the third. “Sherrie will be here in a minute.”

Tiffany walked toward the door but didn’t leave the room. Instead, she stood by it, watching the three girls in their seats.

After a few minutes another door opened from the other side of the room. Sherrie walked in. Tiffany whispered into her ear, and Sherrie nodded, taking a seat in the plush leather chair behind the desk.

“Hello again, girls,” Sherrie said, looking them all in the eye, one by one. “What do you think of my office?”

“Cool!” Amie said first. Tabitha and Amber nodded in agreement.

“Well, Sigma Tau is a unique sorority. We get a lot of money from our famous and successful alumni, and they take care of us pretty well,” Sherrie continued.

“We heard that this was the best sorority in the nation but we had no idea!” Amber said.

”Oh, you have no idea,” Sherrie smiled at Amber and pulled three pens out of a drawer and put them on top of the three stacks of paper that were in front of the girls on the desk. “These are your contracts. We are a VERY exclusive sorority. If you want to be a Sig, you have to sign them right now – no questions asked. This locks you into the sorority until you graduate, and then after graduation, too. By signing it, you agree to three basic things. First, you agree to go through the entire process of initiation into the sorority. Tiffany and I will be your mentors. Second, you agree to pay dues to the sorority once you graduate. The dues will be set according to your ability to pay once you get a job. And third, and best of all, your entire education will be paid for with a full Sigma Tau scholarship, and you will get additional living expenses as well. I think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty sweet deal.”

All three girls looked stunned. Sherrie looked at Tiffany. “Not what they expected, eh, Tiff?”

Tiffany smiled.

“So, there are the contracts and the pens. You don’t have to sign, but if you don’t you have to leave now and never come back. If you do sign, you’ll get your entire education free and a lot of perks once you’re out in the working world. Just look around the room. There are pictures of our most famous Sigs. Some of them you might know – Senators, Congresswomen, CEO’s, the first female Army General, a bunch of actresses, bursa escort bayan writers, singers, an astronaut, and a couple of former Miss USA’s. We even have a Playboy playmate,” Sherrie said, pointing to the framed magazine on the bookshelf to her right.

“Why are the contracts so big?” Tabitha asked, eyeing the large documents.

“What are you, pre-law? You can sign them or not, Tabitha,” Sherrie said sternly. “It takes a lot of legal language to get your entire education paid for in return for your agreement to remain a Sig in good standing for the rest of your life. No one has ever decided not to sign. We screen pretty carefully and weed out the idiots before they even get this far.”

“I’m in!” Amie said, grabbing the pen and paper.

“That’s the way, Amie,” Sherrie said. “Initial every page and sign the last one.”

Amie started initialing. Amber grabbed her stack and started as well. Tabitha picked hers up and started reading the first page.

“Tabitha, we ALL sign it without reading. It’s a matter of trust. Just sign or leave,” Tiffany said. “It’s the best deal you’ll ever get, I guarantee it.”

Tabitha breathed in and let it out slowly. She looked around the room, picked up the pen, and initialed every page. After she signed the last page, she looked up and smiled. Amie and Amber had already finished and watched Tabitha sign her name.

“OK, then, it’s settled. Welcome to Sigma Tau!” Sherrie said as Tiffany picked up the contracts and pens. She walked over to the fire place, lifted the painting off of the wall, and revealed the door to a safe. She entered the combination digitally, opened the door, placed the contracts inside, and closed the door again, replacing the painting.

Sherrie walked around the desk to the book case opposite the door they walked into. She pulled out a large red book revealing an old, ornate looking door knob on the wall. She turned the knob and a large part of the wall opened out, revealing a stair case. Amber, Amie, and Tabitha stood up and walked toward the stair case.

“Your new room is downstairs to the right. Tiff will take you down,” Sherrie said as Tiffany walked through the door first.

All three girls followed Tiffany into the doorway and walked down the stairs behind her. The door closed behind them, causing Tabitha to jump and stumble on the stairs. She caught herself on the railing. Amie and Amber both laughed. They all had a lot to drink and were feeling it.

“Careful, Tabitha,” Tiffany said as she continued down the long staircase. As the bottom, there was a long hallway, like in a fancy hotel, with dozens of doors along both sides of the hall. Tiffany stopped at the first door on the right.

“OK, here is your new room. Just one thing — I need to take your clothes before you go in there.” Tiffany said.

“What?” Tabitha asked.

“Just part of the deal you signed to take part in the initiation,” Tiffany smiled. Amie and Amber looked at each other and then at Tabitha. Amie was the first to lift her shirt over her head, revealing a white lacy bra which was seemingly straining to hold in her two large breasts. She then took off her shoes and slid her jeans off revealing her matching white thong. She handed her tank top and jeans over to Tiffany.

Amber then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down over her ankles, kicking her shoes and the jeans off. She had on a pair of tight, white cotton panties. She then unbuttoned her shirt and slipped out of it. She had no bra on, so her two small breasts were sticking straight out, nipples erect. She handed her jeans and shirt to Tiffany.

The three girls looked at Tabitha who pulled her navy blue shirt up over her head. Her bra rode up slightly as she removed her shirt causing her left breast to pop out. She pulled the bra back down and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, letting them fall to the floor. She kicked them off along with her shoes and handed them to Tiffany.

“Um, bras and panties, too,” Tiffany said.

Amie reached back and unhooked her bra, releasing her giants. She seemed relieved to have them out of their constraints. Her nipples were not erect, but her areolas were slightly puffed out. Amie took her thong off and handed her underwear to Tiffany, who was momentarily transfixed by Amie’s moving breasts. Amber took her panties off at the same time and handed them over as well.

Tabitha looked at both of her cute friends and the beautiful red head she just met. She unhooked her bra and let it fall off of her shoulders. Amber, Amie, and Tiffany all stared at Tabitha’s perfect B-cups sitting perfectly on her chest. They could tell that she was very aroused as her nipples stuck out about half of an inch on top of her dark pink areolas. Tabitha handed her bra to Tiffany and then pulled her black bikini cut panties down, handing them over as well, revealing her dark brown, trimmed bush.

Tiffany opened up the door to the room and the lights automatically turned on.

Tabitha led the escort bursa way into the windowless room which was about three times as big as their dorm room. There was one king-sized bed, three normal sized desks with chairs and brand new lap top computers sitting on top of them, connected to color printers. On the shelves were all of their text books, and a refrigerator was humming silently in the corner next to a counter with a microwave oven and a double basin sink. There was a large plasma screen TV on the opposite wall hooked up to a sleek looking stereo with large speakers. There was a huge, overstuffed couch opposite the TV. Amber and Amie walked in behind her.

“This is so cool, but is there only one bed?” Amber asked Tiffany, who stood at the door.

“Yes, you’ll have to share the bed.” Tiffany responded, smiling. “It’s big enough. All of your stuff is here except for your clothes, your phones, and some other things. You’ll get them back, and some other cool stuff, once you’re initiated. In the meantime, everything you need for the next week is here. The maid will come by every day to clean up the room and make the bed. If you need me for anything, ring this bell,” she pressed a button on near the door. “But only if you really need something.”

“Oh cool – look at this!” Amie said from an open door way at the back of the large room. “A huge hot tub, huge shower with three shower heads, three sinks . . . this is amazing!”

“We’re here for a week? What about classes?” Amber asked.

“All taken care of, don’t worry about it,” Tiffany responded, and walked out the door. “I’ll be back in fifteen minutes to take you to the meeting” she said as she pulled the door behind her.

All three girls looked at each other. “Meeting?” Tabitha asked to Tiffany, who had already closed the door. She laughed to herself. Here they were, standing naked in a strange underground room. Tabitha looked over at Amie. “This is kind of fucked up,” she said.

“Are you kidding, Tabitha? This is fantastic! We’re getting everything for free! And did you see the pictures on the wall up there? We can do anything we want once we graduate!” Amie replied, her tits jiggling with every word.

“Yeah, but we’re prisoners! Look, we can’t get out!” Tabitha said as she pulled on the door knob. “Why would they do that?”

“It’s just to psyche us out, right?” Amber asked. “This is initiation, so they want to haze us, right?

Tabitha looked around the room, “I guess.”

The girls all freshened up in the bathroom and looked around the room for a few minutes. Then the door opened. Tiffany was standing at the door, this time in a short skirt and bright red, button-down shirt with the Sigma Tau symbols on the left breast pocket.

“OK, girls, follow me,” Tiffany said. She walked to the end of the long hallway to a set of carved, wooden, double doors about ten feet high. “Now, listen to me. We’re having our first meeting between the sisters and pledges, so be on your best behavior. Do whatever you’re told to do and you’ll be fine.”

Tiffany opened the double doors revealing a large, ornate oval-shaped conference room that was set up with chairs all around the room in a semi circle, open space in the middle, and a very ornate marble table in front of the room with several large, throne-type chairs along the wall. In one of the chairs, to the right of the marble table, Sherrie sat wearing a short black skirt and a red button-down shirt. Next to her, on her right was an empty chair, then next to her was a beautiful woman, maybe in her thirties, also wearing a black mini-skirt and red button down shirt.

The chairs on the outside of the circle against the wall were all occupied by around 40 girls all wearing black skirts and white shirts with the Greek letters on it. Some of the girls were ones they recognized from around campus. In the middle of the room, standing on the floor, were a dozen or so naked girls, the other pledges, Tabitha assumed. Tiffany led Tabitha, Amie, and Amber up to the front of the room and placed them in front of the other naked girls, right in front of the marble table. Sherrie smiled at the girls as Tiffany took her seat in the chair between Sherrie and the other woman.

Sherrie stood up and walked up two steps to a large podium to the left of the marble table.

“Hello ladies. Thanks for coming to our annual meet and greet party for our fifteen new pledges. For those of you new pledges who don’t know me, I’m Sherrie, Sigma Tau President, and this is Tiffany, our Vice President. In the seat next to Tiffany is Alexandra, our International Chairwoman.”

Alexandra smiled and waved to the room. She was a very professional looking woman with soft Greek features, curly brown hair, a perky looking chest, and beautiful legs.

“Around you, seated against the wall, are your sisters. Some of you have met each other already, but today we’re really going to get to know each other,” Sherrie said to thunderous applause from around the room filled the air. All of the naked pledges looked at each other with semi-nervous smiles on their faces.

“So, I need all of the pledges to stand in a circle in the center of the room, facing each other,” they all did as told.

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