I don’t know when it started. . . Maybe it was when we played “doctor” as kids. Maybe it was the little looks we gave each other in the early stages of puberty. Whatever it was it happened after months of conversations, so thick with subtext, we were surprised no one said anything to us, but mom and dad kept us from anything sexual so they never read to deep into anything we said. But before all that let me tell you a little about us. My sister Terra, is the nicest little thing on the planet. Her soft gray/blue eyes always so full of life and hope. She stands at 5’6” a head full of whitish blond hair that falls past her shoulders. Her skin is smoother than a babies, and of a nice milky complexion. Not pale, just bright. Her curves are gentle, and subtle. She doesn’t have an obnoxiously large ass, or playboy tits, but she is beautiful non the less. My name is Samuel. I’m almost the complete opposite of her. Most people would describe me as kind of cynical. I have emotion but I never show it around anyone, save for Terra. I’m 6’1” with dark black hair. I’m kind of flat. No abs, no muscles, no ass. Just plain. Boring. I’m the kind of kid no one looks twice at walking down the street. We sat on the couch watching some sitcom and talked. “So what do you want for your 17th birthday,” she asked, her voice full of enthusiasm like always. “Whatever you want to get me will be nice. And don’t even think of getting something expensive, just make something like you used to. Hand made gifts are always the bests because they’re from the heart” She just giggled as I said that. “Your always so deep and brooding.” The day finally came. It was a small party. Just a few friends and family. The gifts were opened and there istanbul travesti was nothing from her. After everyone went home she finally came up to me. “I miss us both being 16,” she said with mock sadness, “but oh well, 9 months and I’ll be 17 too. Well Its time to give you your gift” She put her hands over my eyes and stole a quick kiss. “Happy birthday,” she whispered in my ear. I kept my eyes closed thinking about what happened. I could hear her quickly scampering away. After a few days of thinking about what happened I wanted to talk to her. For a whole year me and her would flirt and tease each other. It was playful at first, but we soon figured out that there was more to it than just a brother and sister fooling around. There was some sort of romantic link between us. I marched up to her room and opened her door. “Hey,” she said as she looked up from her book and smiled. She was laying on her stomach with her feet up in the air. She had tight jeans on and a white undershirt. I sat on the end of her bed and said, “listen we need to talk. We both know that there is something between the two of us.” She just stared blankly at me so I went on, “We can keep going on like this, flirting and sharing little kisses, but you and I know there’s more than that.”  She just kept on smiling. “Okay,” she said. “What do you mean “okay?”” “I mean okay. It was innocent when we were little but now we’re starting to develop. I think me and you are old enough to start exploring. Mom and Dad have kept us from dating and all the stuff on the computer but its not that hard to figure out. I think its time we fill in the gaps.” I listened intently as she said all of that. It took a moment to realize istanbul travestileri what exactly she meant. “If you really want to do this than make up your mind. Until than I’m going back to my book.” She started reading again and I just stared at her. She moved her feet gently in the air and hummed to herself. I walked over to the door and closed it softly. Mom and dad were at work for a few hours so we had the house to ourselves. She looked over briefly and went back to her book. I walked over to her and slid my finger along one of her cute little feet. She giggled, but kept on reading. I rolled her pants up to the length of shorts. “You have cute legs,” I said. I knew nothing about the female body and sex. I knew I liked what I saw, and she said go for it so I did. “Thank you,” she said as she turned over onto her back.  She lifted her arms above her head and closed her eyes. I ran my hand up the soft exposed skin of her leg, enjoying the feeling. She opened her eyes and sat up, cross legged. “Okay lets do this” She pulled my shirt above my head and put her hands on my chest, and ran them over my stomach. “Ohh that feels good,” She said. She felt my arms up and down and sat me down on the bed. “Your turn.” I grabbed her shirt and lifted it above her head. She fell onto her back again and closed her eyes. I felt her shoulders and her arms. So smooth and soft. I kissed her stomach gently. I don’t know why I did it, it just felt right. I kissed my way up to her neck and began sucking on it. She let out a small little moan as I kept sucking. I stopped and looked at the little red mark It left. I gave my sister her first hickey. I went back down to her lips, closing my eyes we met. travesti Her lips were soft and moist. We kissed each other slowly sucking each others lips, sharing our first real intimate moment together.  As we broke apart she opened her eyes and blushed, quickly closing them again and looking to the left. I suddenly became aware of her bra. I stared at it transfixed, almost afraid. I reached under her and she arched her back for me. She looked so cute at that moment as I slowly undid her bra. She blushed even more as the clamp came undone. Her lips had pursed tightly together as she moaned even more. I took a deep breath and took her bra off.  It was beautiful. She was smaller than most girls, but more than enough for me. They were nicely rounded, with small little pinkish brown nipples. I took one in my mouth and started sucking on it. She gasped as I did this and started breathing a little quicker. I licked around it and kissed the other one. They were so soft. It was like nothing I had felt before. I imagined that this was what clouds felt like. Angels are lucky. She opened her eyes and kissed me once more. I sat down on the bed cross legged. She sat facing me on my lap, and wrapped her legs around me. We pressed our bodies together lightly as she started to suck on my neck. After she had finished she looked into my eyes and said “I love you, big brother” I could only look back at her and smile. I had always wanted someone to say that to me. I never felt loved till now. Not in this way at least. We sat there, bodies intertwined, and held each other for a while. We both became increasingly aware of my erection. “Maybe we should get back to exploring,” she said with a blush. We both stood up and looked at each other, taking our bodies in.  The room was getting hotter, as we both began to sweat. She turned her back to me and starting zipping down her pants. Slowly they fell to the ground and stepped out of them. She was wearing white blue striped panties.

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