Inspire Me


“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a romance writer who hasn’t gotten laid in a while experiences the worst kid of writers’ block,” said the review. I kept scanning the comments on Amazon of my first novel, an eBook titled “Adieu to Morning Creek”. None were as kind to my breakout ebook, and with every 2-star review my heart sank a little deeper. I had taken my entire vacation and sick leave to sit in my parents’ lake house and write this novel, which was supposed to get me noticed and hopefully lead me out of data entry and into a deal with a publisher. But now I had the weekend to pack up and get back to the city, back to my normal life, which at that moment seemed less arousing than death.

I looked out the glass door that faced the water, my reflection getting washed away in the blinding sunset. When I cloud shrouded the sun for a brief moment I saw myself in desperate denial. I was 5″6′, with flowing red hair and eyes that changed from grey to green depending on my outfit. I was wearing a one-piece swim suit that was as ratty and puckered as I felt, and a sweatshirt. Maybe a new swim suit would help me feel less bad right now. A little retail therapy could only help.

I drove to the local strip mall and parked in front of Droplet Wave. The cashier ran to the door to open it for me, and as I thanked him I discovered that he was quite handsome. He was a few inches taller than I, with onyx black hair and the sun kissed physique that comes from doing water sports. He smiled as he told me about the store’s promotional offers , but I don’t recall a single one of them.

“My name’s Chris, let me know if you need anything.” “Thanks,” I responded timidly. Chris offered a quiet laugh, his dimpled cheeks flexed in friendly response.

I went to the back of escort istanbul the store where the two-piece suits were displayed. I looked over my shoulder and saw Chris fixing the displays in the front of the store, and I felt at ease. I took 7 or 8 suits into the dressing room to try on. The lighting in the room was not very good, so I had to walk out to the big mirror in the main store to examine each possibility. I strutted out to the trendy music blasting in the background and began to relax. This was fun. I started to shake it and move it and really enjoy myself, when volume lowered for a brief announcement.

“Attention shoppers, the store will be closing in 15 minutes. Please bring your final selections to the front counter for purchase.”

I saw two or three women walk up to the counter from the kid’s and mom’s sections as I headed back into the room to change back into my driving clothes. When I got back into the room I tried to undo the clasp on the front of a pearl blue bikini halter top, but the stupid thing would not budge. I tried and tried, trying not to break the clasp on this gorgeous top. A few minutes passed, and I wasn’t any closer to taking the suit off. Finally, I called out for help.

“Chris, can you help me please.”

I heard his footsteps come closer to my dressing room door. He knocked twice and I unlatched the lock.

“I’m sorry to bother you with this, but the clasp isn’t coming undone,” I said embarrassed. “Let me see if I can help.”

I moved towards him, my breasts brushing up against his tender hands. He gallantly tried to avoid feeling me up, but as he realized how stuck the clasp was he became more liberal with his hands. He tugged and twisted at the little lock in between my breasts, and as embarrassed escort bayan istanbul as I was I began to feel excited. This seems like one of those silly situations that better authors than myself use to bring two people together in a carnal fashion. I began to think of my characters. Misty had been the star of my first book, bookish and shy but secretly a freak at heart. What would she do in this situation? Or better yet, what would her alter ego Sabrina do if she was here instead of me? I felt like I was staring into space on the floor, and realized that there was something a bit more interesting a little higher up. I swallowed my fears as looked at Chris intently.

“Do you shoplift when you close the store or are you just happy to see me?” I asked as I took a step closer. I brought my knee up to gently acknowledge his package. He froze for a split second, but that was all the time I needed for a quick peck on the lips.

I felt Chris’s mussels tense up as he gently pushed me onto the wall. His breath tasted of thin mints and cigarettes, and he became more erect with each smooch. I grabbed it as he began kissing me up and down my neck. I unzipped his pants as he pulled the swim suit bottoms down from the my crotch. I held his erection firmly in my hands and stroked him until I knew he was beyond getting soft. He grabbed my ass and took aim, plunging his member into my impatient hole before either one of us could think. I felt him fill me up a bit more than I was used to and it was lovely. I was pinned between a wall and a hard place, and I was going to enjoy it.

He began a steady rhythm but I slowed him down a bit with my responding thrusts. The music was playing a fast club track and I just started grind dancing on his disco stick. bayan escort istanbul He joined in, pinning me even harder to the back wall.

His tall, muscular frame blocked out what little light there was in the room. He left on hand to restrain me and let the other one explore my sweaty body. he began to play with my nipples, pinching and tugging on them in a gentle yet demanding way. I brought my hands down and stroked his sacks, lightly tugging on his pubic hair to tease him. I pushed him back slightly, enough for me to push open the dressing room door an inch and give him the wild eye. He nodded, and we set off on an adventure.

The doors were bolted and solid metal barricades separated the window displays from the rest of the word. I stood up on one of the bikini displays and used the manikin as a poll. It was a female manikin with her hands up, so grabbed her wrists and spun around playfully. Her suit had metal studs on black nylon and was very sexy. Chris seemed to be intrigued, so I grabbed her butt and humped her in the front, going down and coming back up with my breasts smacking her entire body.

I felt a pinch from behind and jumped. The clasp came undone and I was completely exposed to this stoney partner. Chris’s penis had landed between my ass cheeks. As he aimed, I braced myself against the dummy for the ride of my life. It came fast and hard, kind of like how I was. His penis rubbed against my g spot from inside of me, and my body erupted in an orgasmic fit. I couldn’t speak. Chris kept pounding and pounding until we were both as dead as the manikin. After a few minutes I shyly offered to pay for the suit.

“Keep it as a souvenir,” Chris said, “Just know that I wasn’t intending on this happening. I’m not ready for a real relationship and I don’t want to upset you.”

Chris’s words stung like the first few minutes of anal sex, but then I let Misty do the talking, “It’s ok. I write romance novels, so I kinda got what I came here for.”

He was speechless as I opened the metal gate and left the store, ready to write my sophomore novel.

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