Inspired By Cherry (thank you)

Inspired By Cherry (thank you)I feel the cold draught rather than hear the bathroom  door open, and turn to see you standing there. half in, half out… hesitant.  You stare at my penis, then, catching my eye, blush heavily.  ‘Sorry, didn’t realise you were in here, only wanted a new toothbrush…”Sorry it’s my fault,’ I reply, ‘I probably should have locked the door, but either come in or go out and close it please, there’s a cold draught in here.’  You pull the door to behind you, trying to avoid looking in my direction as you occupy yourself searching the shelves and cupboards.  Finding a new brush, you turn to leave..’I didn’t mean to stare… honest.’I now feel embarrassed for you: ‘That’s okay, it’s perfectly natural to be inquisitive about these things, you wouldn’t be normal otherwise’ I try to reassure…’It’s just…’ you start, unsure as if to continue, ‘it’s just that it’s so different to the ones in the books at school’ you add, staring at the floor… red faced.’Different?… why different?’  I ask, ‘I can assure you I’m no freak of nature’ I laugh, trying to inject a humorous tone into a conversation you appear to be uneasy with.’I don’t know… it’s hard illegal bahis siteleri to explain…  but the ones in books always look as if they’re in two pieces… like a stalk with a head, not like…’   Your eyes drop to my cock again and linger there, your attitude braver now the subject has been broached.’Perhaps they only show circumcised ones’ I venture, noticing the puzzled look on your face.  ‘Circumcised… no foreskin… cut… roundhead..’ I add, hoping you’ll be satisfied with the answer.  But you still look at me as if I’m from Mars.  ‘Look’ I say, pulling on the loose flesh covering my glans, ‘That.. is a foreskin’ I add, stretching the skin forward as far as it will go.  ‘For religious, medical and hygiene reasons, some parents choose to have it cut off when at birth… leaving you with…’  and to illustrate my point I jam my foreskin way back, the glans now bare and exposed… ‘a ‘cut’ cock.. which is probably more like the one’s they put in your books.’You remain silent, eyes riveted to my penis now, my own mind in turmoil as my cock twitches from the mauling it’s just received and your obvious attention.  Now it’s my turn to feel embarrassed, bedava bonus veren siteler ashamed, disgusted even, that I can be so easily aroused in these circumstances.I put both hands on your shoulders, stare you straight in the eyes, as I say: ‘Look, one day you’ll find a nice young man and you’ll both be eager to experiment with sex, which is only as it should be, but please, please be aware, take precautions… no unwanted babies, no diseases…. sex IS fun, but do be careful… okay?’I try to hold your gaze, embarrassingly aware that my penis is now throbbing towards an erection, the wet glans pushing up through the loose skin, weeping, eager for attention.’Okay, schools out’ I joke, trying to hurry you on your way, hoping you’ll not catch me in such a state.’Love you’ you say, pecking me on the forehead as you turn to leave, ‘And thanks for the lesson’ you add, before your eyes drop to my now rampant erection…. Do I see fear?  Surprise?  Admiration?I lock the door behind you, anxious to relieve myself and end this episode the only way I can.  Reaching for the soap I lather my genitals again, washing away the pre cum oozing yatırımsız deneme bonusu from my helmet. Did I imagine it, or was that floorboards creaking outside the door?  Do I see shadows under the door or not?  I try the lock again.. secure… but then decide to remove the key, if you want to further your education, who am I to interfere?Returning to the bath I lean back against the wall, no pretence now as I stroke myself fully erect again, then circling the shaft start pumping my foreskin up and down, smooth long strokes that feel so good as the tight flesh rides over the ridge of my glans , bunched forward at one end, then skinned hard back, helmet taut and straining at the other.The shaft feels oh so big and solid in my hand as my balls tighten, my breathing deepens as climax approaches, my fingers fly, finding that sweet spot as the pressure builds, climbing closer as I tip ever closer, then…. just as the release arrives, I imagine your face, staring, eyes burning into my bulging helmet as it rears, jerks, and finally spits it’s load, wave after wave of hot, silky semen scything through the air as I cum, cum, cum…. draining myself but feeling oh so satisfied too…Did I hear floorboards again? Perhaps… perhaps not?  I smile as I wash my rapidly wilting cock, drying myself off I reach for the door key.. then notice the copious streams of semen I’ve left all over the floor.Should I wash them off?No…  I’ve a feeling you may want to use the bathroom after me

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