Internet Lust or Internet Love?


I understand that the internet thing is a bit cliché, but this story has special meaning to me because it is inspired by a real person. He knows he holds a special place in my heart and my pussy. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome.

He was a songwriter. Not the highly mediocre songs that you often see in the mainstream nowadays. He wrote songs that you could hear a struggling guitar player sing in a pub in a small town on Saturday night. He could sing too and when his voice met his soul-touching lyrics it was enough to draw emotions out of the hardest of human beings. For me, the emotions flowed freely and he didn’t have to work too hard to touch my soul. And for that one weekend, the one I’ll never forget, he touched so much more than that.

We were both attached at the time and I suppose many would call our stolen weekend cheating. Neither of us looked at it as that. It never affected our normal lives and to this day we can both reminisce about our time together, though we still awake to our respective partners. It was something out of the ordinary for both of us, not simply something we wanted, but something we had to have. We knew one another’s mind, humor, intelligence and friendship. He said he couldn’t go on “not knowing” what it would be like to make love to me. I had to know too.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. We met at a poetry reading held at a local bookstore and coffee shop. He was a bit late and found the only empty seat, which happened to be right beside me. As the members of the group shared their poems, he and I were amazed by the fact that we laughed in all the same places, were touched by the same sadness and gasped at the same shocking moments. By the end of the readings, we were deeply embedded in conversation.

That evening we exchanged e-mails, deciding to keep in touch. He said he’d like me to read some of his lyrics and I was more than happy to do so. The e-mailing started out so casually, just a simple appreciation for one another’s work. As the days went on, I found that we were in contact on a daily basis and he was quickly becoming a good friend and confidante. I shared with him my relationship woes as he did with me.

In common, we shared a love for good food, good writing and good sex. Neither of us expected what would happen next. We soon moved from e-mail to talking on the instant messenger screen for long periods of time. We both had small breaks in our work schedules, which allowed us ample opportunity to talk and get to know one another. Then, one Saturday night we crossed the line for the first time.

Both of our partners were to be out for the evening and we thought we’d meet for some good conversation on-line. Shared stories and laughter had become sincere appreciation and trust for one another. He asked me if I had a web camera. We discovered that we both did. After having experienced talking so much and not having seen one another since the first night, we turned on our cameras.

What began as a casual smile and friendly banter soon turned to one of the most sexual experiences of my life. We were talking and joking. I was drinking a little wine. He was overwhelmingly charming. I was more than aroused. He soon shared with me that our conversation had made him hard. I let him know that I was just as excited as he was.

He asked me if I wanted to see his hard on and I couldn’t resist. He pointed the camera between his legs and I focused on the image of an uncut, perfectly sized cock. About 7 inches long and the perfect diameter, I watched him stroke the cock in front of me. As his hand pumped, I couldn’t help but reach my hand inside my own pants. I felt the reaction immediately as warm, thick juice found its way onto my fingers.

He asked if it was too much watching him that way. I reassured him that I was enjoying it and asked him if he wanted to see how I’d reacted to it. He said he wanted to very much. I moved the camera down to the level of my keyboard and put my legs up on the desk. I focused it directly on my dripping pussy and turned it on for him to see. I rubbed my clit and let my fingers slip in and out of my vagina, turning my fingers so he could see how wet he’d made me. As he stroked his growing muscle, I reached for my vibrator.

I watched intently at his motions. Each escort bayan istanbul time his hand went up the shaft I entered my vagina with the vibrator. As it went down the shaft, I pulled the vibrator out. Soon, I was mirroring his motions. He watched the shaft of the vibrator enter my hole at exactly the same speed as his wrist movements. As our timing coincided, I began to feel as if the head of his penis was entering me instead of the vibrator.

I began to move my hips and thrust at the times, which would’ve been happening were we in the same room. At that moment, he and I were together bodies touching, sweat intertwining, and his hard shaft thrusting into my wet pussy giving me pleasure I’d never known.

I could feel the muscles in my thighs and ass beginning to contract. I wanted to prolong the pleasure as long as possible but I could no longer. I felt my body begin to shudder and felt the warm cum begin to ooze out of me around the vibrator and down onto my hand. As I looked up, it seems he had experienced the same difficulty in holding back. As my hand swam in the juice running from my pussy, I saw the white fluid shooting from the end of his dick. I’d never seen a man cum so hard and so long. I closed my eyes as we experienced this pleasure together, desiring to feel that shot of hot cum hitting my insides.

We both sat there for several minutes before redirecting the cameras to our faces. When our eyes found one another, we could see the pleasure every bit as real as it had felt in our groins. Unsure of what to say, we both sat in silence. We finally began to type again and we both agreed this had been our biggest orgasms ever, and we’d never even touched. The intensity of the experience sent feelings of sublime ecstasy throughout both of our bodies. We knew at that moment we’d be attached forever in some way.

That was how it all started. From that day on, we were still friends but we had become lovers. We managed to sneak in a few “camera fucks” from time to time but mostly we talked and laughed, shared stories and sexual fantasies and made one another smile.

Then one day he asked me the question. It was a simple e-mail, not too long. It was a “Hello, how are you doing? Hope you’re having a good day.” e-mail. I read it and smiled. I skimmed past the closing of the note to the P.S. written below. It said simply, “Would you like to make love to me for real someday?” Eleven words. Eleven words that would stick to my brain like glue.

For the next few days I contemplated the statement, finally convincing myself it was just a gesture to show how close we’d become and how mind blowing our webcam session had been. Regardless, I sent an e-mail back saying that I would love nothing more than to be with him.

We just left it there for a while, hanging out there in the air but infiltrating our minds. One afternoon, we were instant messaging and we started to joke about it. He told me he’d love to make love to me, to pleasure me orally (something I rarely experienced) and to make me cum over and over.

I smiled and assured him I’d love to do those exact things to him. We continued to chat and before we both knew it we’d decided on a date. During a lovely weekend in March, we’d meet at a nice hotel in the city only 20 miles away. We’d have one weekend and that would be it. We agreed that after this time together, we’d never meet again. It would be a one time deal to satisfy curiosity and build a memory. We didn’t want to leave our partners but the desire to “know”, to experience live what we’d experienced on camera was as much necessary as breathing.

I packed for my weekend away, (my boyfriend was heading off to golf for the weekend) and filled my suitcase with lingerie, bubble bath and my sexiest clothes. My stomach ached with excitement and I felt a numbing urge between my legs that sent waves of pleasure throughout my thighs. I was excited and I couldn’t wait for the first kiss, the first touch or the first time his tongue and cock penetrated my awaiting hole.

When I arrived at the hotel I saw his black SUV and knew he was already there. Room 327. He’d called my mobile phone to let me know what room we’d be in. As I stepped out of the cab, I gathered my things, took a deep breath and headed into the escort istanbul hotel. Stepping on to the elevator, I smiled at the people exiting. I wondered if they knew what I was up to. Did they suspect that I was about to make love to my internet lover? Could they sense or smell the wetness that was developing inside my panties? Had my face flushed with passion as I sensed? It was all so exciting that I felt such a desire to touch myself.

Stepping off the elevator, I made my way down the corridor stopping at a mirror to check my hair and clothing. I had decided on a black dress, pretty casual and flowing. Underneath, I’d worn a special outfit that only he had seen (via the pictures I’d sent him online). A black lace bra and thong enhanced by the thigh high stockings being held in place by a matching garter. My dress may have been casual but the waiting surprise underneath was anything but.

As the butterflies began to shudder in my stomach, I neared the door. 327 it said on a brass doorplate in fancy script. I’m not sure how long I stood there before knocking on the door. I heard his footsteps coming closer to the door and took a deep breath. Though we’d seen one another in person once and experienced orgasm on camera, we’d never touched. As he opened the door, I exhaled and didn’t even need to try to spread a smile across my lips.

He stood there in black pants and a green sweater. He was everything I’d remembered: sexy glasses, dark hair, medium build and a beautiful smile. We stood there for a moment just smiling at one another before I finally slipped past him, our shoulders brushing, and stepped into the room.

Soft music was playing and the lights were subtle. I took a quick glance at the king sized bed and etched it into my thoughts knowing what I’d experience on that bed this weekend would stay in my memory forever.

Trying not to seem too eager, we both agreed that we needed some food and a cup of coffee intermingled with some of our great conversation (though to this point there had been very little spoken). I picked up my purse and he opened the door to let me exit into the hallway. As I started to exit, I dropped my sunglasses case from my purse. He reached down to pick it up for me. As he began to straighten, his fingers found the inside of my ankle and began to trace up the inside of my leg. I looked down at him, just as he was looking up.

“Do you really want coffee?” I asked.

“Hell no!” he answered and let his hand find my inner thigh. I reached down and put my fingers beneath his chin and beckoned his mouth to mine. I could feel the heat from his breath as his lips neared mine. His lips were soft yet firm. When I felt his tongue part my lips and enter my mouth, I knew our “internet chemistry” would definitely translate to real life.

We stood in the open doorway kissing for a time period that I could not begin to estimate. His hands found my waist and even rested on my ass at times. Then as our mouths reluctantly released one another, he took my hand, pulled me inside, and closed the door.

He sat on the edge of the bed and took me into an embrace, his mouth level with my belly button. I stepped back a bit and he leaned back onto the bed, his elbows balancing his body. I dropped my purse onto the floor and reached back to the zipper that separated him from the lingerie I had bought specifically for him.

As my dress hit the floor, the smell of my urgency and wetness filled the room. I saw a noticeable shift inside his pants and watched them grow tighter. I walked toward him in bra, panties, garter and hose. I began to unbutton his shirt, while his hands began taking a tour of the bare skin, which I had exposed. His touch was so palpable I could almost taste the sweetness. I wanted this moment to last forever, but I also wanted him to fuck me.

After freeing him of his shirt, I bent toward him, my breasts close enough that he kissed the flesh overflowing from the top of the bra. I reached down and unbuttoned his pants. I slowly unzipped them, exposing his underwear. Tracing just inside the elastic band, I felt his cock grow even more.

I found his gaze and pleaded, “May I?”

“Fuck yes!” he answered, obviously losing what was left of his self-control.

I slowly slid my bayan escort istanbul hand into his underwear, finding his hard and moist shaft waiting for me. “I’ve dreamed of your hand touching me forever,” he said.

“My hand is all yours this weekend. As are my mouth, my breasts, my dripping pussy and my heart.”

After releasing his cock from his pants and underwear, I stood in front of him, allowing his hands to get to know what his eyes already knew so well.

He undressed me slowly, leaving kisses on the trail of slipping bra straps, hose, and panties.

Before we knew it, we stood together completely naked. We’d been there before, but the longing for real touch was undeniable now.

He took my hand and led me to the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed. He knelt on the floor, put his hands behind my knees and lifted them. As he lifted them, he let them slowly slip to the side giving him a full view of a moist pussy he’d seen so many times on camera. He took a deep breath, taking in the smell of the arousal he’d elicited. He bent in and gave my lips a small kiss. Then, he let his tongue part my pussy lips. I was so wet, his tongue slipped right into my waiting hole. He relished in the taste and smell, teasing and tonguing my obviously aroused clit.

I reached down and spread the outer lips so he could see what was already his. Then, I looked into his eyes. I begged him first with my look and then with my voice. “Make love to me. Fuck me. I’m yours.”

He stood and took the head of his cock and spread the juice from my pussy that was now on his hands onto it. I could feel the head at the entrance to my waiting hole. I had dreamed and imagined this moment so many times before.

When he entered me, it was like nothing I had experienced before. It was like I had always been trying in the past to use the wrong tool, which never quite fit. This cock, his cock, was the perfect fit. He slid his member in and out of me, leaving me no choice but to call out his name and beg him to fuck me.

I remember the build up. I remember the pleasure, but the actual orgasm is a blur. I found myself again with him standing above me. His seed was dripping from my vagina and his cock was bathed in our juices. He lay down beside me and kissed me. He let his hand rest on the outer lips of my mound, his hand wet from the products of our love- making. He leaned in and whispered, “I love you.” Through tears, happy tears but tears all the same, I returned his sentiment. Then we fell asleep.

I awoke first having no idea what time it was. I began to nibble on his nipple urging him from his sleep. I grabbed his hand and led his naked body to the shower to join me. Under the heat of the water, we both became aroused almost instantly. We washed one another with a familiarity only known to long-term lovers. As I knelt down to wash his legs, I came face to face with a once again fattening cock.

I let my tongue dart out to tease the tip of his dick. I knew this was something he wanted and needed. I took the head of his cock into my mouth, letting my tongue go around the whole tip and tease the underside. I could feel the warm water of the shower drizzle down my back as I felt him take hold of the shower wall to steady himself. I began to take more and more of him into my mouth.

Soon, he was making love to my mouth, much like he’d done my pussy only hours earlier. My hands twirled at the base, and teased his balls. I looked up at him and licked all around the head again and I asked him if he would cum for me. I wanted to give him this gift and I wanted to take his seed with me. I could feel the tension building as he came closer to orgasm.

I could feel his fingers in my hair. His warm, strong ejaculate coated my mouth, leaving me with a permanent souvenir. As I swallowed, I knew I would forever have him inside me no matter what.

Again, we found the bed. He fucked me without abandon, asked me to get on my hands and knees and tongue-fucked my pussy again. We did everything, everything. But we both knew it would have to end.

On the day we parted, we stood for over an hour holding one another. We knew this was so much more than a fuck. We damned fate for keeping us apart. We kissed and shared our love. And then we parted.

To this day, we still find our time on cam every so often. It’s not the same really, because we have had a taste of the real thing. But we both know the reality of our lives. To be honest, all he’d have to do is ask me to meet him again. I’d do anything to feel and taste that love, that cock again. All he has to do is ask.

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