Intersection (An Anime Girl Story)

For Women

She mewed into the phone while she listened to his voice. She allowed him to coax her into talking about her vision – telling him about how she pictured his lips, his expression, his eyes – as he slipped his cock into her. She could do nothing but feel his words while he told her how he pictured her as well – just watching her sleep beside him as well as the curve of her body when she left the bed to make her way to the bathroom, fuzzy in the dim light and just fading away.

There was an interruption. When he called back she was caught. She couldn’t deny what she wanted; she had been in the act of it herself.

And she wanted more but held back. He finally took control – his blood pounding in his head and his cock. He let her know he was going to do it – giving her an opportunity to both anticipate and accept this. Then he told her to reach down and pinch her labia between her fingers. She enjoyed it, squeezing and rubbing her smooth labia was something she did on her own and he knew – he knew she liked that without being told. There was a pause when he caught his breath. She was so delicate in his hand and he wanted her to blossom and grow. Then he told her what he wanted next.

At his request she pushed her finger tip into her ass. She made a plaintive sound, and he asked if she was alright. It was her fingernails – he couldn’t know about their length and how they cut at the sensitive membranes. He asked her to take that finger into her ass and picture how he would have her be: her ass open and wet enough for his cock to probe inside with its head; her ass open enough that he could slip two of his fingers inside whenever he pleased; her ass open enough and ready enough that when they showered together she would push out into his palm while he ran his fingers down her back and penetrated her. She was breathless. He could hear the experience, but she was holding back. He reminded her that she had not thanked him. So she did, and her soft “Thank you” made his heart leap.

Then she began apologising. She hadn’t done what he asked as he asked it. She had thrust two fingers in her ass. She had forced them in. He took a deep breath, and spoke, “I will reward you later then.” How could she know him so well already? How could she know to always take his request and do more? How could she know he too was holding back and then satisfy him so completely with such a simple thing?

She moaned, her phone dying with chirps and static. He let her go then. She knew enough to bring herself to orgasm if she could. She knew how much he wished it had been his fingers followed by his cock stretching her tiny ass open. She knew how he would have wanted to lay beside her and hold her tight in his arms as his cock pulsed in her ass. She was beginning to be able to picture and feel it now, and maybe in the evenings to come they could explore this more. Mixed in with conversations about work and computer support, chit chats about people they knew and tangents of life history, meanderings down the paths almanbahis şikayet of two different lives.

He looked forward to all of it. While he considered a reward for her.

Left in the darkness of her apartment, candles flickering on her coffee table, Blue lowered her hand and caught her breath while sitting in front of her computer. Her black cat wandered over and brushed her whiskers back and forth, enjoying Blue’s hand while using nudges to remind her owner of petting and food. Of course, as soon as Blue flexed her fingers and attempted to pet her cat – the black shadow raced into the piles of life stacked along paths around the living room floor.

On her own, in the quiet of her home, she opened an IRC client and connected to her usual chat room. Roars of hellos and fanfare played out in her head while others sent her soundless greetings and teased her for being late. This was how she spent many evenings – safely tucked away in her hidey hole but with so many others just keystrokes away. They joked, laughed, linked silly images and news articles, and carried on. A few of the men were bolder, and their private messages were more direct than the sexual innuendo laced public banter. One of them, exploring his opportunities with Blue, asked what she had been doing that kept her away.

Biting her lip and blushing, Blue typed to him. “Fingering my ass. You?” She always tried to be truthful because Blue hated liars.

There was a long pause, and she was about to close the window and run to her room – embarrassed and feeling rejected by the smart electrical engineer – but then he replied. “Needed privacy. Did you enjoy it?”


He was faster with his response, and Blue imagined him sitting in his workshop near MIT. He had curly brown hair and a mustache – but only sometimes because he’d sent three photos and one didn’t have any facial hair. She pictured his lips moving while she read, “Would you do that for me?”

“Play with your ass? I don’t think so.” She was deliberately teasing him while sucking on her lower lip.

“No. Yours.”

“You want to put things in me. O.o”

She imagined him sighing and being adorable while he adjusted his glasses. “Yes.”

It had been bothering Blue, maybe it just felt wrong, but she knew the answer before she asked it. “What if I did it all the time?” She understood what the voice on the phone wanted.

If Blue wanted reassurance then it came quickly. “All the time… sounds good. Deal.” Her engineer crush didn’t have any doubts.

“But I would be really easy. That would be bad. Right?”

“Put big things in you. ;)”

Her cat returned and headbutted Blue’s shin before wrapping around and squeezing through her legs. Blue hesitated over her keyboard. “I should go.” She didn’t want to be rude, but it seemed decided.

“It’s ok if you don’t want to. I don’t want to push you to do anything.”

Biting her lip and running her fingers over the keys before pressing almanbahis canlı casino them, Blue squirmed in her seat. She could feel the lingering moisture between her buttocks, her own saliva lingering after she had whet her fingers before pushing them into her ass. It was a very encouraging feeling. And maybe having two men tell her it was ok… “I like it. I should do it some more.”

“Ok. Type one handed when you come back so I know you mean it.”

She laughed and disconnected from IRC. She had a small purple plug, only two fingers wide and maybe the length of her pointing finger. It would have to do. She got up and wiggled her bum all the way to her bedroom closet. From a shoe box under her boots, Blue retrieved the purple silicon toy and some vaseline. It didn’t take much, just a bit to smear over the smooth rounded tip, and then Blue was able to stand in her closet with her pajama bottoms around her knees and push the toy right into her ass.

She didn’t know if he would be happy with a return phone call, and calling long distance was expensive, but Blue risked it anyway. He answered with a yawn, and Blue rushed to tell him her decision. So it came out upside down and backward to the front.

“Ok, ok. Run that by me again. Slowly. I’m not going anywhere.” He was patient and calm, and soothed Blue with his steady voice.

Blue took a deep breath and counted to ten to slow her racing heart. She was still standing with her pajamas around her knees, and that made her feel ridiculous. So she bent forward and tugged them up to her waist while saying, “I’m wearing my small purple plug, and I’m going to keep it in as long as I can.”

The sound of his smile came through the phone when he replied, “I was thinking of a reward… maybe a slightly bigger plug. But only when you’re ready.” He left the suggestion open ended.

Shivering from anticipation, Blue sat down at her computer. The silicon plug pushed into her bottom and stroked the tender flesh within her ass. With a soft gasp, she launched a web browser and asked, “How big?”

He heard her clicking her mouse and typing, so his answer guided her destination. “The really big stuff… is at Big Sex Toy Store dot com.” He paused to consider the pace Blue could manage. “But you’d-“

“Oooo… so big. So very very big.” There was more clicking of the mouse, and Blue’s voice quivered while she spoke. “I… I don’t want to let you down.”

“Some of those are very big. You’d need to work up to them, Blue.” He was both reassuring and cautious.

Whispering between pursed lips, she asked, “How big would make you happy?” Blue was looking at an entire page of toys after navigating Anal Toys, Butt Plugs, Extra Large. There were different shapes and sizes and colors – and though the selection included some things Blue might see at Good Vibrations where she bought her silicon plug, there were so many new things. And some were very large new things!

Throwing caution to the wind, he shrugged almanbahis casino and asked, “How big would you enjoy?” There was no reason to set an artificial goal. He was still learning about Blue’s interests.

“So big… so very big…” came Blue’s murmured response. “My purple plug is only about two fingers wide. I’d want something so much bigger.”

“Would you like some big toys to experiment with as your reward, Blue?”

Wiggling on her seat and then practicing pushing out with her muscles and then squeezing in with her buttocks, Blue felt the purple plug slip in and out of her bottom. The vaseline made things greasy, but the bump of the cone shaped toys base felt nice slipping in and out of her sphincter. She forgot for a moment that he was on the phone, and tested spreading her buttocks by sitting down harder. Now Blue could enjoy the base of the plug gripping the seat and a rocking motion made the plug slip forward and back within her ass.

“Blue?” he asked politely.

“Oh, ummm, sorry.” She had to stop playing with herself in order to focus on him. “I like how my little plug feels in my ass. I can move and push it in and out without using my hands.” It seemed inadequate but Blue couldn’t explain the sensation well. “If you sent me big toys then… then I’d have to use them.”

“You should try to use them. They might not fit.”

“No,” Blue said stubbornly, “I’d have to use them. Over and over. Or you’d have to punish me. Even if they were really big. Even if they hurt at first.”

He listened to the undertones within Blue’s voice, and gave her what she wanted. “They will be big, Blue. They may even hurt at first. You need something bigger to train your bottom, and to wear for as long as you can. Or I will have to punish you. And then you will have to use the big plugs anyway.” He soft-pedaled, keeping the level of command in his voice to a minimum while listening close for Blue’s reaction.

“And not just may bottom,” she whispered. “I’d have to make myself ready for your big cock, too. Every day I could. On my knees…” Her voice wandered off while Blue pictured herself riding the big toys on the screen in front of her. When she came back, she was tired and mellow. “I need to pee,” Blue said softly, “and then I need to play with my ass for you.”

“Ok, Blue. Be careful and don’t strain yourself.” He smiled while saying his goodbyes. It was definitely an evening full of pleasant surprises.

Blue had her chat client up, and connected to the IRC chat room in stealth mode. Only fellow admins could see her. Then she private messaged her Boston crush. “Since it’s ok I’m going to stuff my butt as often as I can.” She remembered to say goodbye to the phone and hung up while waiting for his reply.

“That sounds like fun. Want me to help? ;)”

“No. You do yours, I’ll do mine. o.o”

“How about we both do yours instead?”

“I’m not sending you pics.”

“I just want to know when you did it.”

Blue bit her lip and moaned. She needed to pee so badly. So she had to go. “Right now. Bye!” She disconnected in a rush and then hurried to the bathroom.

Luckily her first test went well. Blue found out she could both pee and squeeze tight enough with her buttocks to keep the plug from coming out.

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