Hi, I am a blonde gal with vital stats as 38d, 26, 39. I know, its huge. The reason I know so is, coz I see it in the eyes of those men all around me who keep drooling over my body. I can see a desire in those eyes to ravish me. The way they behave when they see me, the cat calls all tell me that if any of them gets a hand on me I’ll be made to prey for mercy as I’ll be pounced really hard. I have even heard a few of them saying to each other, “oooh look at the bitch, what a gr8 fuck she wud be” and the other one saying “I’ll fuck each of those 3 holes on this bitch”, and this followed by wicked laughters.

To be honest I have got used to all this and to be even more honest, now when I hear these things, it really turns me on. I used to be a normal American gal, who was game to do it with my boy friend but I never really was the adventurous types.

But since I have joined this new office, and all the things I hear for myself and attention that I draw from my peers (guys and gals), I have starting getting nasty. So much so, I now contemplate doing it with a girl or something. Yes, I have lesbian feelings. My nipples Antalya Escort these days get hard as rocks at the sight of a sexy woman as much as they get hard for those well hung guys all around my neighborhood.

This is a story about how a simple but well endowed (read super sexy) gal turned into a slut of the highest order.

It all started when I starting seeing a guy who was not only handsome, intelligent and well hung (you bet he was 7″ ;)) but also really wild sex lover. As I said I was not averse to sex but was not the adventurous types so it caused me hell of a tough time to cope with his real hard core desires. I mean name a thing and he would do it to me. Fuck me in all conceivable postures from missionary to doggy to me on top to sideways to riding facing away and also making me suck him off and that too all of it down my throat (I would choke initially, but now I have become so hungry). Even as I write all this, my pussy has an almost tingling sensation (may be because the huge dildo is also playing its role well) and my nipples seem they would pierce through my silk tanks.

So my Antalya Escort Bayan date would always end in heart throbbing, body numbing sexcapades. I used to remain so horny all the time that I started responding to almost every guy I met or saw on the road, in my building, office, bus route, almost everywhere, every guy and also I used to lay me eyes on biggy gals. When I told these fantasies of mine to my bf, he said may be we can earn a lot while fulfilling my fantasies. He was obviously happy to find a bitch who was getting more and more nasty and slutty with each passing day. In order to prepare me for getting paid or favors for sex he made go through lesbian sex sessions, gang bangs with his pals and even once or twice he made me take up my pussy and a couple of dildos. I was elated to have so much sex and still being not called a slut officially.

Then came the getting paid part. He would use me as bait for landing huge private and govt. orders for his construction business. To some he will introduce me as hi secy who he fucks on desk, while to others as his gf and showing that he was vulnerable Escort Antalya to surrender me for the contracts, to still others as a prostitute or his mistress. In nut shell I was used as a bitch from head to toe. I vividly remember getting fucked in my ass, pussy and mouth all at one time and at the same time with one cock each in my two hands while two hands squeezed my tits. I was totally violated that day, night and next day by six old farts. But I must admit these oldies were really big. In all of these encounters, the deal used to be that I will do whatever these men would ask for and my bf will get the contract on his terms. My bf would take pics of me getting screwed, make them into posters and then show me these posters later.

On one encounter a guy poured hot chocolate on my left breast and over my pussy and champagne on my right breast and then sucked my off and also he made sure that I returned him the favor.

My clothes are all gone now!! I feel like cumming right now

I also remember clearly an almost orgy, when 3 guys had to check me out and when I reached the suite of the 5 star hotel I found I was one of the 6 bitches on menu set up by me fucking bf. That night I virtually had an experience of an Arabic Harram or may be a slut house.

OOOOOOH, I am so wet right now, lemme help myself, bye for now. I’ll write about particular encounters in later chapters

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