Invitation bone me


Invitation bone meby williacjI’m sitting at home one afternoon when my phone rings.”hello, hi is this William?”yes who’s this?”it’s me Elizabeth””hey Liz how are you? haven’t seen you in awhile” ”I’ve been thinkin’ about you” she says.”how have you been?” “I’ve been great, staying busy staying out of trouble, I’m still the same guy I was before.” I told her.”what are you up to today? I’m having dinner at my place tonight you’re welcome to stop by if you want” she tells me. I’m wondering if her boyfriend peso’s going to be there, but then I said to myself,you know what? he’s not my problem.”i’ll be over in an hour and a half” i told her.”okay papi” she says”i’ll see you then”I catch the 52 bus over to her house.when i get to the front door its unlocked. “Liz i’m here” i yell as i close the door and wait on the living room couch for her.”just a few minutes hon come upstairs I got something for you”she says .i walk up the steps and go into the bedroom.She’s laying on the bed wearing a pink nightgown with white flowers on it.”you like it?”she asked spreading her legs slightly.i’m hard as brick now all i wanna do is get up in this Latin Milf’s panties with this dick. I close the door as she pats the bed and i sit on the bed next to her. she plays with the buttons on her gown. she smiles then she takes off her gown and unloads the biggest pair of titties I’ve ever seen.I lean over and press my kadıköy escort lips against hers,Liz knows I’m hard from seeing her lovely maracas, she reaches down and tugs on my crotch.”you show me the dick now that i show you my breasts” she says.I hurried to take off my shorts and i pull my underwear down as Liz fingers her clit. she still has her panties on but the night is young it’s still early i don’t wanna pull her panties off yet. i lay back on the bed she reached over and grabbed my dick strokes it to erection and begins to work her soft red lips around it”Elizabeth…urghhh” i grunted. getting your dick sucked by this woman is an experience this Latina knows her way around a dick “i like to slobber the dick when i suck.”she says she wipes her mouth and began slurping away on me “urghhh the tongue not the tongue Liz ohhhhhh this is torture!” i mumbled. i swear it would take an army to get this woman’s lips off my dick please don’t make me cum before i want to chica I’m not done yet i still have to pull those panties off and get up in that Latina cunt.Okay that’s enough of that i thought to myself as i nudged her off my dick,i squeezed her titties and pull her panties off and throw them on the floor”you gone get your pussy tore up tonight Liz, I’m gonna run this dick up in you and fuck you till you üsküdar escort can’t remember your own name.”” she didn’t say a word as I got on top of her and inserted my dick into her furry Latin milf pussy. i kissed her on the neck and flicked her nipples with my tongue””all the way up in you with this dick mamacita, this is my pussy” I proclaimed.I started off slow up in her tamale, teasing her, she wrapped her arms around my neck as if to tell me i needed to go deeper. man you should have felt that pussy as i fucked her i began to feel her pussy excreting its wet sticky dew upon my dick as i began plunging my dick into her faster and faster faster she began to feel the dick and that dick started messing with her. she squirmed and i pinned her to the bed.”uh uh can’t get away from this dick till i fuck you good” i said. told her i was gonna fuck her good i began to work on that pussy, had my balls slapping against her pussy lips and I was workin’ it in her so deep she started mumbling.”ohhh bebe aye aye mi gusta papacito mi amor” whatever i was doin’ I was getting her off,her pretty toes curled up as i got to diggin up in that tamale with my hard dick.”uhhh urghh urfffff damn it this pussy is good!” i growled. i didn’t even ask about her boyfriend or their relationship and from the way she moans my name repeatedly he doesn’t matter to her right tuzla escort now. i continued to pump my hard dick mercilessly into her warm 40 something Latin pussy.”Fallout” by Neon Indian played on the stereo near her bed, liz gets loud during sex, i wanted her to feel my full thrusts into her and she began to moan louder the bed croaked softly i held her leg up while driving it into her from an angle, that pussy wasn’t having it.”papi she murmured as she nudged me.”no mas papi por favor!” camera cut to my balls slapping against her pussy lips and her pretty painted toes “uh uh i ant gone stop can’t stop fuckin you yet chica!” i gotta get you off!” i mumbled. i kept up rammin it into her.”aye papacito papita ahhhhh paaaaaaaa!” she cried out.”uhhhhh urghhhhhhhh shit ” i whispered i kept taggin the shit out of her,i looked down into her eyes and i know she was feelin that dick, i kept stickin it to that pussy.”no mas papa no mas papito please no mas en mi tamale chico no mas chile!” she mumbled.”urghhh liz i’ma nut i’ma about to nut up in this warm pussy chica you want me to cum liz don’t you? ” I exclaimed.i looked down at her as she held on to me.”cum papito mi gusta all over my face and my titties” she demanded. i felt myself about to erupt i pulled out of her and she squeezed her big titties together and stroked my dick head and spewed my warm creamy dick custard all over her big brown maracas. i closed my eyes and i stroked myself till i emptied my dick on those titties”damn chica you have some big ass fuckin titties.” i gasped she lay there holding her cum splattered tits. she fingered her pussy and began to lick the cum off her nipples.” mi gusta la sexo,thank you papacito.”she said. i leaned down and gave her a wet kiss.

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