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Subject: Irish Brothers in America:: Chapter Two Wow! The emails keep coming! Thank you guys. This seems to be more popular than Hollywood East. And you know it fuels my motivation to continue a story. Thank you again!!! If you read my stories you know the drill. Look for me under the authors section. Rugby Player Rob Kearney is the inspiration for Ryan. Rugby Player Jack Owens (Widnes Vikings) is the inspiration for Noah. Body Builder Mazhar Aleem is the inspiration for Akeem Batma (Ryan and Noah’s new love interest) Please contribute to Nifty! The greatest source on the planet for us like minded twisted souls! Where we left them:: The next day the doorbell woke them. It was 9 AM. Ryan threw on some boardshorts and went to the door. The delivery guys did a double take at the barely dressed hunky teen that answered the door. But then they recovered. They made haste in their delivery. Until Noah, dressed the same way Ryan was, emerged from the bedroom. Two of the guys, who had since removed their shirts as it was already a hot day, almost stopped what they were doing so they could follow Noah’s bubble butt with their eyes. Ryan got a bit jealous for a moment and then horny as he thought about the two guys railing his brother. Several hours later all was delivered and the boys set it all the way they wanted. By the time they were done it was time to get ready for their parents to pick them up. Once at dinner, after the main course and before dessert, Ryan noticed his mum look at his dad and nod her head. His dad said, “Right, might as well get on with it.” Noah became visibly shaken. Ryan was now starting to worry. Something was going on. Maybe it was a divorce. “Son,” His dad began, “Do you remember Katie…” Irish Brothers in America:: Chapter Two, Story continues in Palo Alto and Stanford, California – 2011 Noah’s face went white. He knew what the story was and kept it from Ryan. Ryan looked bewildered. He never told his parents anything about what happened at the party that night before he left for America. He looked over at Noah. Thinking he might have said something. Noah just looked scared. He knew something. But something about the look on his face told him that Noah had no choice but to keep quiet. Probably at their parents’ urging. “Yeah, I remember Katie. What’s going on?” Ryan asked. “Well,” his dad stopped to clear his throat, Ryan’s mother looked very uncomfortable, “Well son, she contacted us a couple months back. She was looking for you.” Ryan was really bewildered now. Why would that slut be looking for him? The only thing he could think of was that she wanted to apologize for basically raping him. “What for?” Ryan was anxious. Worried his parents might know what happened. “She has had a baby since then, Ryan. A boy.” His dad said quickly, Ryan went white as a sheet as well. It couldn’t be!, he thought. “She claimed it was yours. We met with her. Before the baby was born. In April. The baby was born soon after that. We went to the hospital, your mum and I. Katie wanted to put him up for adoption. We talked her out of it right there in the hospital. We couldn’t let that happen after we met him. Very cute little boy. So very little at first. New born.” Then his mum said, “He looked just like you when you were born my dear Ryan. I couldn’t let him go to an orphanage. I just couldn’t.”, She was on the verge of tears herself. Ryan started to digest this information. He remembered cumming in her. In buckets like he usually does. But still, one time? Especially with someone as active as her. Wasn’t she on something? “I’m confused sir.” Was all Ryan got out. “Ryan, son, she agreed to a DNA test for the child. Since you were over here your brother and I submitted our DNA for comparison. The child is yours son. Our DNA indicated he was a part of this family. You are the father on his birth certificate.” Ryan felt as though he would throw up. He needed air. He got up and left the restaurant. Out to the street. No air was being taken in. No matter how much he tried. The next thing he knew his father was at his side, “Son, son, breath son. It’s ok. It’s alright.” Ryan looked at his father incredulously and said, “A’right? How can it be alright? That bitch basically raped me. Took advantage of me being pissed. And now she brings a baby to my parents? How is this a’right?” “Son. We love you with all our hearts. Your mum, Noah and me. We will stand by you. Noah told us what happened after Katie appeared. We asked her how it all came about and she admitted her role in it was unfair to you. But you are the father, son. No question about that. But we’ve made arrangements.” His father said. “Arrangements? What sort of arrangements?” Ryan was beside himself. “Your mum and I, well, we are going to raise him. For now. When Katie said she was going to put him up for adoption we just couldn’t let that happen. She wanted you to know. She felt you would want to know as she said, if the tables were turned, that she would want to know. Your mum and I discussed it and your mum just can’t let that child go to an adoption agency. It’s her grandson. Our grandson. We are going to raise him. As long as you’re ok. You have to be ok Ryan. We love you so much.” His dad was becoming emotional. Right there on the street Ryan broke down. The big confident lug lost it on his father’s shoulder. On the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. Next thing he knew his mother and Noah were at his side as well. A family group hug commenced. His mum said, “It’s alright son. We have it handled.” Then she said, after a moment’s pause. “Do you want to meet him?” “What? He’s here? In California?” Ryan looked up over his father’s shoulder and all but yelled. His emotions were off the charts. “We have a nanny, a nurse really, traveling with us. Flew in with your mum. We have her and the baby in a separate room. Hid her and the baby away until we had this talk. Don’t be angry son. But we couldn’t leave the tyke on his own.” His dad said, “He was born a bit early, but he’s almost three months old. We shouldn’t be flying him yet but we couldn’t keep him from you. He seems perfectly healthy, and fine with the flying. Not even too much of a peep out of him on the plane your mom said.” “What’s his name?” Ryan asked, a bit in shock, his whole body shaking. But the only way to make this real in his mind was if the child had a name. If he had a name. “Katie named him Connor. Connor Ryan Curran.” His mother said with a proud smile. “We actually came up with the name together. She was kind enough to let me have a hand in it.” “And what about her, Katie? Will she want to see him?” Ryan asked. All of a sudden becoming possessive about his son. “She signed over all rights to you. I had a solicitor take care of it. All on the up and up.” His dad said. “We had the solicitor also write up a paper that, with your permission, your mum and I are the caregivers until you are done with school and get settled.” They started to guide Ryan to the rental car. His mum said, “We’ll go by the hotel first. You’ll meet Connor. Spend some time with him.” Ryan was then guided into the car by his brother. Into the back seat. His shock was not even nearly wearing off. Ryan turned to Noah and asked, “You knew?” “Mum and dad wanted to tell you themselves. When the time was right.” Noah said. “I was dying to tell you but I held tight to the agreement. I’m sorry Ryan.” Noah was terrified Ryan wouldn’t forgive him. Ryan didn’t know whether to be mad at him or not. It was some big news to share. But he said, “There is logic to that but I’m too emotional right now. We’ll sort it out later. Just the two of us.” That made Noah feel a bit better. At least he said, ‘Just the two of us’. When they were all settled in the car his dad turned to him before they left and said, “We are looking to rent a house in Santa Clara, son. We’re staying for six months. We may buy it. If we can, if we like it. Not even sure if they’ll sell. But there are other properties to be had. I know we made it sound like we were leaving soon. But we just can’t keep you that far away from Connor. You’ll see. Your mum and I felt that we needed to share Connor with you. Not have him so far away. But when he starts school he’ll have to be away more. Unless you take him.” Ryan’s mind was reeling. He had a son. His parents were moving to California. What was happening? It had to all be a dream. Or a nightmare. Then he felt Noah take his hand. Holding it in between their thighs. His parents were looking forward so they wouldn’t notice. Especially in the dark of night. Ryan started to calm down. His Noah was there. He just let him know that he would alway be there, just by the simple gesture of holding his hand. There was no way he could be mad at Noah now. He was just trying to please everyone. But now he was there for Ryan. They got to the Marriott and Ryan’s parents brought him to a different floor than they were on when he and Noah were staying with them. When they got to the door a woman answered. “Ryan, this is Sophia. Sophia, this is Conner’s father, Ryan.” “Pleased to meet you Master Ryan. Please, please come in. Connor is asleep but he’ll wake for a moment. I’m sure he will.” Sophia said. As they all entered the hotel room Sophia retrieved Connor from his crib. He was wrapped up in a blanket. She brought him over to Ryan and held him out for Ryan to take him. Just as Ryan took him in his arms the baby opened his eyes and stared right into Ryan’s. No crying. Just staring at his father. A shock went through Ryan. His heart is growing like crazy. Beating intensely. He couldn’t look away from Conner’s eyes. The baby made a sound and then he smiled out of nowhere. He tried to grab Ryan’s chin. It was like they knew each other. And Ryan had no doubts. Connor was his son. He saw himself in his face and eyes. He was overwhelmed with love for the boy. “I think we have all our questions answered my dear.” His dad said to his mum. His mum was smiling widely. Noah asked, “What questions?” “It’s going to be hard for your brother to let your nephew out of his sight from this point forward. He’s hooked.” His mum answered with a wide smile. A look of pride and relief on her face. She knew she couldn’t give up her grandson and hoped that Ryan would feel the same way. He obviously does. Ryan looked up with tears in his eyes, “So, you’re really staying?” He asked his parents. Knowing, as his mum said, he couldn’t let Connor out of his sight for very long. “I don’t think we could leave now even if we had planned to. But, yes son, we are staying. For at least six months. We’ll see how it goes.” His father answered. “We’ll need a car. Something safe. I’ll need to see him daily. If I can.” Ryan said. “Already in the works my boy. Already in the works. You can see him as often as you want. Just keep up your studies. You have to succeed in school. It’s even more important now. You have someone to look up to you.” His father said. Ryan then looked at Noah. He smiled and said, “I’m lucky to already have Noah for that. But I’m happy to have another.” Then he chuckled a bit. “We’ll have to outfit our place for a baby, Noah. We’ll have to have him over on weekends!” He started making plans. “Get settled in school, son. He won’t be far away. We’ll take good care of him and you see him when you can. We ordered you boys a Range Rover. You’ll have it soon enough. Your mother wanted a Volvo. So that’s what we’ll drive. ” “Thank you dad, mum. I can’t believe how good you are about all this. I truly never…” Ryan began but he was cut off by his dad. “Don’t say another word son. Water under the bridge. It happened. And we have Connor for it. Your mum is over the moon. And so am I, really. And the look on your face istanbul travesti when you met him makes it all worth it. The move, everything. So no more worries. Let’s let the boy sleep. Sophia will take care of him. She’s agreed to stay six months as well. Then we’ll have to talk her into it again.” He smiled at Sophia. She smiled back but her face gave away that six months would probably be it. After they all said good night to Connor, and then Sophia, Ryan and Noah got back into their parents’ rental car with them and headed back to their place. Once they were sure Ryan would be alright they took off to go back to the hotel. Ryan and Noah went inside and they both sat on their new couch. “Do you want a beer, brother?” Noah asked. “Only if you have one.” Ryan smiled at Noah. Noah got up and got them both a beer. When Noah came back Ryan had ditched his shirt and was taking off his trainers. He saw Noah coming towards him, “Put those on the coffee table and sit next to me. As close as you can.” Noah did as he asked. One of Ryan’s big arms came around his shoulders even pulling him closer. “One – I’m not upset with you. I was at first but I saw the logic in it all. You did right by me and mum and dad. Two – This doesn’t change anything. Everything we said last night. I’m still all in. Are you?” Noah let out a breath of relief and said, “Are you sure, Ryan? I love you, and Connor, so much.” “That’s right. You have spent time with him. The last month or so at least?” Ryan asked. A little jealous again of Noah. First other men have had him without him knowing and now he spent time with Connor that Ryan never had. “More than two months I guess. He’s grown so fast already. He was a raisin when they first brought him home.” Noah laughed, “But he’s so handsome now. So cute.” “So, we’ll be a family, the three of us, yeah?” Ryan said. “Are you sure? Now that you have a son…” Noah began, but was cut off by Ryan. “Didn’t I just say this didn’t change anything between us? For such a smart boy you sure are dense. I need you Noah. So much. Don’t ever let my sexy talk make you think you’re nothing less important than I am.” Ryan said. “I know that is just role playing. Like I did with George. I like it when you talk dirty to me. But I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. As Connor grows you may want a wife someday.” Noah said. Ryan started to laugh, “Oh my god, brother. Absolutely nothing attracts me sexually to a woman. You need to get that out of your head once and for all.” “As long as you’re sure…” Noah said. “I’m sure. Let’s go to bed. I’m beat. Who knew becoming a father would take all the sails out of you. Come on then. I need my naked sexy brother in bed with me.” Ryan said as he headed to the primary. Noah was right behind. The next morning, before Noah even woke up, Ryan was on the phone with his parents wanting to know when they were going to pick them up and if they would have Connor with them. Noah found him in the kitchen pacing back and forth naked while he was on the phone. When Ryan looked up he saw Noah walk into the room with shorts on. He pointed at him and gave him a scoul about the shorts. Noah took them off right there. When Ryan ended the call he turned to Noah and said, “Shorts? Really?” “Well, we’ll have to wear them when Connor is about.” Noah reasoned. “Why? He’s a baby. If our parents aren’t here we have nothing to worry about. Until he starts to talk that is. Then we’ll revisit it.” Ryan argued. Not wanting to give up their new found lifestyle so soon. “Now come to your big brother and give him a proper kiss good morning. All I got to do was hug you last night.” Noah walked over to Ryan, thankful he brushed his teeth already, and they kissed briefly but nicely. Then Ryan said, “Mum and dad will be over before lunch to get us. They are going to get a new car seat today as the one they have is rented. They don’t trust it.” Ryan”s hand traveled to Noah’s ass while he talked. Noah started to react. His brother was horny and he was all for it. “What should we do until then?” Noah looked up smirking. “We’re going back to bed and be dirty for a little while.” Ryan said and then grabbed his brother’s hand and took him to the primary. Once on the bed, Ryan on his back and Noah above him, they made out for a good amount of time while feeling each other’s bodies. Noah whimpered loudly into Ryan’s mouth. His legs spread wide with his knees on either side of Ryan’s body. Ryan reached into the drawer of the side table and retrieved the lube. They only had a little bottle and he made a mental note that, when they had a car, he would have to find a place to buy some on the regular. He quickly lubed up his cock and then spread it on Noah’s hole. No time for dirty talk today. He wanted Noah’s ass quickly. Needed it. He was so emotional last night that this would bring him back to normal. Sex calms him. Noah didn’t wait for further instructions. He pushed himself back, feeling Ryan’s knob at his entrance. Feeling as wonderful as ever. He worked his ass muscles, pulling Ryan into him. His arse was talented and Ryan said so, “Little brother, you have the most wonderful cunt. I could live in it.” As his cock slid all the way in, Ryan found the peace he needed. Not thinking of anything else except how well his cock fit inside Noah. Noah sat up, as he did in the garden the other night, and pushed Ryan inside of him further. So far, in fact, that he was worried about his morning rituals. But he knew Ryan wasn’t squeamish and would be practical about it. ‘It all washes off’ he would say. But Noah would have to look into attachments for the shower he thought as he bottomed out onto Ryan’s pelvis. He would be at the ready for Ryan all the time. And he hoped Ryan took him in less traditional places than the bed. Ryan started to fuck him right away. Pushing his pelvis up and down off the bed and into Noah. Then, becoming a bit more aggressive, he turned them both over so that Noah was on his back. Ryan placed his hands on the back of Noah’s knees and looked down at Noah with a leer. He pushed Noah’s knees almost to his chest and then started to pound him. “Let me know if it’s too much, brother.” Ryan said. “Hard as you want” was all Noah said. He thought Ryan had been too gentle the last couple of times they fucked. George would slam into him and he liked it. He wanted Ryan to like it. But he would take Ryan anyway he could. Ryan took it as a challenge though. He would pull almost all the way out and slam back into Noah. Each time looking at Noah’s face to see if it was too much. So he became harder and rougher. Testing the limits. Noah never wavered. Sweat was pouring off of Ryan as he pounded his smaller brother’s arse. Pushing his knees back more. Bending him in half. “More, more.” Was all Noah said. Ryan became a mad man. He was boiling over. No one has ever let him fuck them this hard. He wished they were outside or in front of others. He fantasized again of all the possibilities with Noah. How willing Noah was. His cock started to expand with his balls pushing forward his cum. “Make it deep. I want to carry you all of today.” Noah barely got out in a whisper. He looked like a rag doll at this point. Ryan came with such intensity he didn’t think he had any strength left. He pushed all the way in and shot volleys deep into Noah, deep as he wanted. At the same time, Noah’s cock shot off as well, without being touched. Ryan had a moment to think how amazing that was. Soon Ryan let go of Noah’s legs and collapsed on him. Both of the breathing heavy and ragged. Ryan kissed and licked Noah’s neck and down to his chest. Tasting some of Noah’s cum on the way. He couldn’t get enough of Noah sometimes. He knew that was true. He had waited too long to take him. Now finding out that Noah was willing all along made him wonder why he waited. “I love you Noah, more than a brother ever should. I hope Connor will understand as he grows older.” Ryan said as his body calmed down. Noah just let it go. He didn’t know what to say or what the future held. He was just happy right then and there. With Ryan half-way on top of him. The big man crushing him just a little bit was heaven as far as Noah was concerned. They fell asleep for a couple of more hours. But woke up with plenty of time to get ready for their parents. They aired out the apartment and made the bed. Both bedrooms look proper. No one would guess they shared a bed. They both showered and then dressed casual in athletic sort of wear. Both wearing track pants and a nicer tee shirt. Looking like proper college teens. Their Mum and dad said lunch would be casual so they were happy for that. They both hated to dress up. And neither one liked underwear. Noah wouldn’t have to pretend he wore it now. Putting underwear in the wash now and then so no one would ask questions. A few minutes till noon there was a knock on the door. Ryan opened it to find his mum and dad and Connor in his mum’s arms. He kissed his parents hello and then took Connor from his mother. He went straight to the couch and sat down holding the baby carefully. He was so in love with the boy already. He couldn’t believe it. Never thought, given who he is, that he would ever have a child. Noah sat next to Ryan, at arm’s length, and looked over at Connor as well. Their parents sat on the club chairs opposite the couch and their father said, “Right. Well, we thought we’d have lunch and then we could take you to the house we’re thinking about buying.” “Buy?” Both boys looked up but Ryan spoke, “I thought you were going to rent at first.” “The real estate agent called and came across a house he thought we would like. Something more grand. Seems to be more expensive than what we have in Killiney but it will be worth it. Enough room for all if you want to spend the night or two.” His father smiled at them. Their mother had wished they would just move in but they both knew their sons needed their independence. “We are meeting him at 2. We thought we could all see the house together.” The boys shrugged and both said, “Sure” at the same time. On the way to the car Ryan didn’t give up Connor. But his mum insisted that she show him how to do the car seat properly. Connor’s car seat was in the middle of the back seat so Ryan and Noah sat on each side. All went well. Their parents made an offer on the house in the late afternoon. Ryan and Noah stayed with them the whole day and through a casual dinner. Then they took a taxi back to their apartment. They didn’t get back to their home until after 9 PM. Again they were beat after such an eventful day. Ryan was reluctant to give Connor back to Sophia but he did. He could not believe how much it broke his heart to let Connor go. Before they knew it the summer had passed and the semester at Stanford had started. They were both on the wrestling team and started practice right after the start of school. They became very busy. But Ryan was never too busy to spend at least a full day a week with Connor. Their parents were all moved into their home by the end of summer as well. Thankful to be out of the hotel. Their personal items had been shipped by their staff back home so they had everything they needed. They all planned a trip back home for the holidays. That is when Sophia would take her leave of them. They tried to talk her into coming back with them but she had family herself. Ryan and Noah’s relationship grew stronger by the day. Ryan assured him nothing would come in between them. Even another bloke. Ryan tested this theory by fucking a couple of muscle twinks right in front of Noah that he had met during pre-registration for sports. One was on the wrestling team and the other was in gymnastics. Both times Ryan stared into kadıköy travesti Noah’s eyes as he got off in their arse. While the bottom was sucking Noah. Noah, surprisingly, didn’t feel jealous. It felt hotter to him. Besides, the way Ryan looked at him as he came in another bloke confirmed everything he needed to know. Ryan hoped he could do as well when the time came for Noah to spread for another bloke himself. He knew he was more pocessive than Noah. Especially when it came to Noah and Connor. They were definitely the loves of his life. The day was coming soon for it all to be tested. About a month after school started Noah was in the locker room after practice. Ryan had an evening class, a chemistry lab that would last a couple of hours, he had to get to so he left him on his own. They planned to meet after Ryan’s class so they could drive home together. So Noah was taking his time. The locker room had all but cleared out when Akeem Batma came in from the weight room. Akeem was a junior and the quarterback on the football team. Everyone knew who he was. He was 6′ 2″ and about 220 pounds. He was more muscular than Ryan but without an ounce of fat. He was trim where you were supposed to be. He had beautiful, darker skin and he wore a short beard. Word was that he was a second generation American. Parents were from Saudi Arabia. Noah had seen him a few times coming in from the weight room. Football practice was at a different schedule than wrestling so they rarely ran into each other then. Besides, that’s when the football players used the locker room at the stadium. It was only when Akeem was coming out of the weight room that he used this one. And then, usually, the locker room was filled with Noah and Ryan’s mates from practice. This is the first time they have been practically alone. Noah had noticed Akeem plenty of times. Besides being one of the best known blokes at the school, Akeem had a presence about him. The man made Noah’s boy pussy hurt because it throbbed so much in Akeem’s presence. He couldn’t help it. Hell, Ryan even noticed him. They had talked about him. Ryan teasing him about the large bloke wrecking his arse. Akeem had noticed Noah as well. His fair Irish skin and his bubble butt had turned Akeem on more than once. Although, in his culture, being gay was a total sin, Akeem knew he was. He loved boy cunt. He was able to talk a lot of men and boys into giving it up for him. All on the down low. But there was something special about this small, but muscular, Irish boy. He wanted to get to know him more. And the boy’s older brother, Ryan, was also attractive. But he didn’t know his status. He seemed straight. But he knew Noah could be had. Thinking of both brothers had been on his mind too. He had a few fantasies that surrounded that. Again, not being sure of Ryan, it would all be just fantasy. But he would work on Noah. He would find out all he could about the Irish brothers. Now that they were alone in the locker room, with Noah in only a towel wrapped around his waist, heading to the shower. Akeem thought this was the perfect time to entertain his prey. As Noah walked to the showers Akeem stripped down and put his own towel over his shoulder. His large, uncut cock, swaying as he walked with confidence. His own scent filled the locker room as it was strong. Especially after a workout. As it was his custom, he never wore products that hid one’s scent. He only controlled it with soap, water and some oils now and then. But he craved his scent as well as other men’s. And he knew they craved his. Even the straight ones would be encouraged by it. He would not use soap on his pits today. He needed to lure Noah in. Akeem noticed that Noah had looked back at him as he stripped off, giving him a nervous glance, the little عاهرة was checking him out. It was fair as Akeem was checking him out as well. Wondering what his little boy pussy looked like. Was it hairy or smooth? The boy’s five o’clock shadow made it difficult to determine. If it was smooth it would drive Akeem more wild than he was already for Noah. Akeem was always attracted to men shorter than he was. He was a versatile top. As he had been fucked by an uncle and a cousin. But never anyone outside of the family. He had only fucked non-relations. Ryan was just shorter enough for him to get Akeem’s attention as well. Only about three inches but it worked. He had to find out about these brothers. Especially Noah. But he would consider Ryan fucking him if it worked out. Ryan was strong and rough looking. Akeem’s type when he bottomed. Noah was already in a shower stall. The curtains did little to hide anyone. They were small and barely on the rods anymore. Most guys didn’t even bother closing them. Akeem noticed that thankfully Noah didn’t bother as well. He purposely took the stall directly across from Noah. Noah had his back to him and was soaping his ass. Noah must have heard him come in. Was the boy toying with him? Then Noah dropped the soap. Bending over his large muscular cheeks spread apart and Akeem was met with the most beautiful, hairless, boy cunt he had ever seen. And Noah posed like that for just a few seconds. But it was a few seconds more than necessary. Akeem was being hunted just as much as Noah was. They were each other’s prey. Akeem was mostly hard now but didn’t touch his cock for fear that he would explode due to the display in front of him. He rinsed off quickly. Not even using soap. Why bother? He would be deep in boy pussy soon. They almost left their stalls at the same time. Almost bumping into each other. “I’m sorry, Noah.” Noah turned around sort of shocked, “You know my name?” He couldn’t believe the big stud even knew he existed, much less his name. “Of course I do. Who doesn’t know about the Irish brothers. The two of you are famous around here.” Akeem smiled at him. Almost leering actually. Noah felt himself go flush. “Not as famous as you, our quarterback, pride of the school I hear.” Noah responded with his thick Irish accent, almost flirtatious. It was even more of a turn on for Akeem. Akeem smiled shyly at Noah for the compliment and then took a chance and said, “Do you have time for coffee? Or a beer?” “Well, my brother was supposed to give me a ride home…” Noah began. “I have a car. I’ll be happy to get you home.” Akeem said. “Um, um, well…ok…let me text Ryan. Let him know. He’s in class for another hour I think. Some lab.” Noah said, grabbing his phone. Still naked in front of Akeem. “Being that it is you he won’t mind. He’s a bit over protective.” Ryan texted back right away. More with questions than concerns. He knew who Akeem was, everyone did. But he wondered what Akeem wanted from Noah. No one like that just offers rides. Ryan simply asked that Noah be home when he got home. If he had company that would be fine. Akeem had, at this point, put on some gym shorts, sans underwear, and trainers, with no socks. He pulled a tank top out of his bag but had not put it on yet. He would wait to see what Noah wore. After Noah finished texting he put on some gym shorts as well with trainers. Just like Akeem did but Noah’s were a bit shorter and hugged his bubble butt well. Then he put on a very tight tee shirt with no sleeves. Showing his muscular body off with his arms stealing the show. Well played Akeem thought as he put on his tank top. Akeem led him out of the locker room and they walked a bit of a ways to the parking reserved for the football team. When they got to the car Noah was surprised that it was a Mercedes SUV. But Akeem had a bit of an air to him that led you to think he came from money. Now, being in the car with Akeem, and being surrounded by his scent, Noah was becoming more than turned on. Even more than he was in the locker room. Without thought he blurted out, “We have beer at our house.” Then he turned red. Akeem simply turned on his navigation system, without much of a reaction, and asked, “What is the address?” Noah gave it to him and they were off once the navigation was set. When they got to the house Noah led Akeem in, offered him a seat in the living room, and then went to the kitchen to get them each a beer. When he returned he almost dropped the beers. Akeem had taken off his shirt and sat on the couch. He had toed off his shoes and they were under the coffee table. Akeem noticed Noah’s reaction and said, “Sorry, I guess I should have waited but I rarely wear a shirt at home nor shoes. I live alone so I’m not very modest.” Then he asked, “I guess things are different for you, living with your brother?” “Not really.” Noah said as he put the beers on the coffee table. He then proceeded to toe off his own shoes and strip off his shirt. “Ryan and I are comfortable around each other. No modesty, really.” “None?” Akeem asked, feeling the blood rush to his ample cock. Noah had a feeling about Akeem. Something underneath the stud’s exterior told Noah that Akeem may be as twisted as he and Ryan. So he said, “Don’t be surprised if Ryan comes home and strips completely off while getting himself a beer. We’re comfortable at home.” “I may have to visit often.” Akeem said. His words almost got stuck in his throat as he became more horny. “Please do.” Noah already knew where this was going. He felt the spark between them in the locker room. Becoming horny always made him more brazen. “You can be as comfortable as you are at home here.” Akeem took a long pull of his beer. His confidence was being challenged. He was usually in control in situations like this but he was taken by the boy in front of him. A hot little muscle stud like this had to have someone. Akeem wondered who he would have to share him with because he wasn’t going to give him up. “I’m usually nude at home.” Akeem smirked at Noah. “Well in that case…” Noah lifted his hips off the couch and let his shorts fall off of him. Being totally nude in front of this partially dressed hunk made him feel like a dirty slut. And knowing that Ryan may find him like this, at any moment, even made it more enticing. He just hoped his brother could control his jealousy. Just like he had done when Ryan brought home those two blokes. Akeem’s thick cock was making quite the show of it in his shorts at this point. Giving Noah pause. Ryan’s was the largest he had ever taken. This one looked about 25% longer and thicker. He knew what he needed to do next. “Akeem, I’m going to get you another beer and then I’m going to freshen up a bit. I hope you don’t mind.” Knowing what ‘freshen up’ meant, Akeem was pleased. This was going the way he would like. “By all means, Noah. May I watch television while I wait?” Noah agreed. He would only need ten minutes. He freshened up this morning before he left for school. He hadn’t had any reason for concern but was being cautious. For some reason he wanted Akeem to feel comfortable enough to come back. When Noah returned he had remained nude. He found that Akeem had gotten himself a third beer and was watching some sports news. Akeem still had his shorts on. “I thought you wanted to get more comfortable?” “Well, without you in the room, what if your brother had come home? It would be indecent.” Akeem replied. “My brother likes indecent…” Noah said as he went to the kitchen to retrieve two more beers. When he returned he was pleased to see Akeem nude as well. His half hard cock lay across his thigh as he played with it with his left hand while drinking with his right. “A fourth beer, I may not be able to drive home tonight.” Akeem said with an eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face. “We’ll make room for you,” Noah blurted out and then his face went deep red. Akeem took notice and realized that there was more to the Irish brothers than he imagined. They couldn’t bakırköy travesti be, could they? It happened in his family, why couldn’t it in theirs, he reasoned in his mind. “As long as Ryan doesn’t mind. I’d hate to end this happy hour now.” Noah went to Akeem and took the beer from his hand and put it on the table. Then he got on the couch and put a knee on each side of Akeem and pushed him back on the couch. As he squatted over the hunk’s midsection he said, “There is so much left to accomplish this happy hour. I can’t see you leaving anytime soon.” Then he kissed Akeem. Their kiss became passionate. Akeem had grabbed the back of Noah’s head and smashed Noah’s face into his. Noah produced a bottle of lube out of nowhere. As they kissed he reached back and slathered lube on Akeem’s cock. Then he fingered his own hole to prepare it. He wasn’t going to waste time with foreplay. He wanted to get this first time over with. The cock was so huge he was afraid he would chicken out. “We’ll take our time next time.” Noah simply said into Akeem’s mouth. Shocking Akeem just a bit. Noah pulled away from Akeem’s mouth to concentrate on the task at hand. To get this monster up his ass. Ryan was nothing for him now. He had learned to control his ass so that taking Ryan was a breeze. He realized he would have to use all his talents on this one to succeed in not being torn in two. Noah was able to slide Akeem into him in one go. The pain was intense, but only for a few moments. Once he was past his outer ring things went smoothly. Akeem stared at him in wonder as Noah bottomed out and sat on his pelvis. His cock buried in the hottest boy he’s ever met. And most talented. “You must be the star of your wrestling team.” Akeem said, still amazed. “Not with Ryan on the team. He’s hard to beat. Lord, I feel full.” Noah said, almost breathlessly. The fullest he’s ever felt. He felt like Akeem was in his chest. But it felt so good at the same time. Noah started to lift himself a bit while Akeem had his hands on his hips. Just a bit. Then he fell back down. Akeem went in a bit deeper, if that was possible. Noah did it again. A little higher this time. Falling back down it had the same effect. Akeem felt deeper, or bigger. Noah wasn’t sure which. But it felt so good. He started to whimper. Akeem was watching Noah. Feeling incredible himself. Noah had started to whimper a bit at this point. Just like a dirty whore. Akeem liked it. And he said so, “Feel like a proper slut, do you? On my big cock? My cock feels perfect in you. I don’t know if I can give this up now.” “No…” was all Noah could get out. He was lost in what was happening to him. Only Ryan had hit the sweet spots. The spots that bring his body and mind to another place. “No, what? Who do I have to share you with?” Akeem had a feeling who it was. But he needed Noah to tell him. “Ry….uggh, god, feels so good.” he said as he was moving up and down faster on Akeem. “Ryan…” Just as Akeem had suspected. “Ryan, your brother Ryan?” Akeem asked without an ounce of shock in his voice. Just then the front door opened and Ryan came in. He dropped his gym bag at the door and toed off his trainers before he even noticed the couch. Then as he turned and saw Akeem fucking his little brother he said, “Why you dirty little slut. I had a feeling you’d be getting fucked by the time I got home. My fucking whore treating you good Akeem?” Ryan said as he took off his shirt. Akeem was shocked for a moment and then said, “He’s talented.” “Yeah he is. Best fuck ever. Stay just like that. I’m getting a beer.” Ryan said as he removed his own shorts and then went to the kitchen. When he returned he had three beers with him. Not knowing that Akeem and Noah had fresh ones. He sat the beers on the table and sat right next to the action. Right up against Noah’s leg. Akeem looked over at him and their eyes met. Then Ryan said, “My little brother has good taste.” As he started to lean in. “Yeah he does.” Akeem said, complimenting Ryan right back. Realizing that in an instant he was taken with both brothers. Next thing he knew their lips met. Akeem and Ryan were making out while Noah proceeded to ride Akeem’s cock harder. Noah watched pleasantly surprised. His brother didn’t get jealous. At least not yet. Ryan pulled back from the kiss and asked, “Are you staying the night?” “The week if you’ll have me…” Akeem said before they resumed kissing again. Ryan had become fully hard. The scene was so hot Akeem came unusually fast for him. Ryan pulled back from their kisses and said, “Noah, stay right there and make our guest feel welcome. I’m going to shove his cum deep into your cunt.” Ryan got up and pushed Noah’s back till Akeem’s slimy cock fell out and Noah and Akeem were making out. Ryan didn’t bother with lube. He went straight into Noah’s abused hole. The walls were lined with cum and lube anyway. There was no resistance. And looking down at Akeem’s monster cock Ryan could only imagine how stretched out his brother was. “This is what you wanted all along, isn’t it brother. Me fucking some other blokes cum into your ass. Your dirty whore cunt. You want your hole used.” Ryan went on. He was incested. The scene was so hot for him. Fucking those two twinks in front of Noah was different. It was pretty vanilla actually. But this. This was his wheelhouse. And Akeem was a prize specimen. Noah couldn’t have hooked up with anyone better. That he knows anyway. “You’ll clean our guests cock and then mine. Be the proper slut.” Ryan said as he plowed into Noah. Akeem, meanwhile, was almost hard again. He was making out with this really cute guy while his brother was fucking him. It was twisted and he liked twisted. He hoped to be in the middle of these two often. The scene was so hot Ryan blasted heavily into Noah. Roaring like an animal as he did. But he was still horny. As he left Noah’s ass and looked down at Akeem’s rehardened cock, he said, “New plan. Akeem, can I sit on your cock while Noah cleans mine?” Akeem was taken by this turn of events. But then he grinned and said, “If I can eat Noah’s slutty cunt while he cleans your cock.” “I knew I liked you for a reason. Fuck yeah mate. Have at it. Save some of our cum in your mouth so I can have a taste. Fucking pig. Love it.” Ryan said. Ryan lubed up his ass. But not Akeem’s cock. “Turns me on knowing my brother’s ass juice is on your cock, mate. That you just fucked my brother and then fucking me. I could get used to this.” He said as he lined up Akeem’s cock at his own hole. “My brother’s ass in mine. So fucking dirty.” Noah was off to the side. He hadn’t seen his brother get fucked before. He knew he had but never saw it. Meanwhile Akeem had laid back on the couch on his back. He indicated for Noah to move over his face. Noah complied. He couldn’t wait to feel Akeem’s short beard inside of his cheeks. “I could get used to this too, bro. Look at these puffy lips full of cum. Sit back on my face baby.” Akeem said. Noah pushed back on Akeem’s lips. “Uggh, fuck!” Ryan blurted out as he took the large head into his hole. Noah was sitting up on Akeem’s face watching Ryan’s face grimace as he took the large cock. To give his brother a distraction he started to make out with him. Sloppy passionate kisses. Full of spit and drooling. They kissed hard giving Ryan just the distraction he needed to fully impale himself on Akeem. “We’re being sluts together, brother. How do you feel about that?” Ryan said into Noah’s mouth. “I’d do anything with you.”, Noah simple said back into Ryan’s mouth. Hearing this Akeem said into Noah’s ass, “So fucking hot. Both of you man.” Then he proceeded to munch out Noah with more intensity. His cock and his mouth occupied he wondered what it would be like to have his ass occupied by Ryan’s cock. It wasn’t small, just not as big as his. But it looked like a good ride. He didn’t get to bottom often. Most guys wanted to bottom for him. Like Ryan just did. But he had a feeling him and Ryan could flip for each other pretty easily. Ryan was all man. And he fucked Noah, seemed like often, so he was sure Ryan would be down. Ryan pushed back from kissing Noah and said, “Down on my cock, brother. While you’re smashing your arse into Akeem’s mouth. Be a proper slut for me. I love you, brother. But I need you to be the dirty whore right now.” Noah did as asked and cleaned Ryan’s cock for him. This just made Ryan get harder again. Akeem chowing down on Noah’s arse was making him right horny as well. So without much warning Noah whipped around and pushed back on Ryan’s cock. He then started to make out with Akeem. Tasting his own arse on Akeem’s mouth. Akeem just moaned into his mouth while wondering just how piggish these brothers could get. They were ticking off all his squares as it was. The sensation in his ass with that big cock hitting his prostate was too much for Ryan. He always shot off quick when he bottomed. And being in Noah’s ass was no help. He shot a good load into his brother while tightening his ass around Akeem’s cock. Akeem felt and heard Ryan get off and he got off as well. Right deep into Ryan. Ryan fell onto his brother’s back while remaining on Akeem’s cock and while staying inside of Noah. Noah and Akeem were still kissing. Ryan didn’t mind as he was too tuckered out to object. Then he said, “How ’bout a nap mates? Then we can have some dinner?” Akeem, after his mouth wasn’t busy, said, “Nap on the couch?” knowing it was too small for all of them. “In our bed mate. Come on.” Ryan said as he stood up and let Akeem fall out of him. He pulled out of Noah at the same time. Noah and Ryan pulled Akeem up, realizing how big the block was when standing next to both of them, and then led him into the primary. They put Akeem in the middle and the brothers took each side. Akeem’s arms around them. “Oh yeah, I could get used to this.” He said as the brother’s snuggled up against him. “Hope so,” Both brothers said at the same time. They chuckled a bit and Akeem joined them. It was a three way match made in heaven. “I’m serious. I want to see you both. A lot. What are the rules?” Akeem wanted to know. Ryan looked up at him and said, “There are none. Not with you. I’m usually pocessive and jealous when it comes to Noah. I haven’t felt that yet with you. Not sure why. But you’re welcome in our bed whenever you want. Just one request.” “Name it.” Akeem said. “Our relationship, my brother’s and I’s, needs to be kept private. We’ve never had sex together with another before. He’s watched me fuck a couple of guys. But that was it. So we’d appreciate the discretion.” Ryan said. “I understand. So who’s boyfriend will I be then?” Akeem gave his glistening smile. Without even thinking about it Ryan said, “You’ll be Noah’s boyfriend. And my best mate. Then it will all look proper. But behind these doors you’re both of ours. That is if you want to be.” “Moving fast, eh there bro?” Akeem wasn’t really concerned. He was down with the program. More than happy to comply really. “Ryan is pretty logical. Knows when something is right.” Noah spoke up finally. Akeem smiled at him and moved his fingers down to the boys cunt. He loved to sleep with his fingers in a juicy ass. He hoped Noah would like it too. He was pleased when Noah backed up on his hand. Letting him in. His juices flowing around his fingers. “I’m pretty twisted and can be a nasty pig.” Akeem warned. “Thank goodness, can we sleep now. I’m beat.” Ryan smirked. They all fell asleep for a good nap. Noah happily with Akeem’s fingers digging into his ass. And Ryan burying his nose into Akeem’s armpit loving the darker man’s scent. Akeem’s last thoughts were, ‘How can I hide this from others, my parents. I don’t want to give it up’. Chapter 3??? Email me!! ail Some other stories of fty//gay/incest/hollywood-east/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out more!

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