Isn’t She Vibrant? (Office Squirt)


“We bought you a gift.”

The small, rectangular shaped box was placed on Emma’s desk as she was grading exams in the classroom. Her early morning class was already out, so she had been sitting there alone for a while.

“Oh?” Emma replied, looking at the small, gift wrapped item.

“A few of us chipped in on something special for you,” Catalina replied. “Just the ladies for this one, of course. You’ll see why when you open it.”

Emma’s eyebrow rose. “Really? We did the gift exchange last week? Or was there another secret thing that I’m not aware of?”

“It’s a little something extra. As this year’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ winner, we thought you deserved an extra prize.”

There was a zest in Catalina’s statement, which Emma knew all too well.

“Is it?” Emma asked skeptically.

“Yep. It’s something to keep you warm over winter break. Go on, have a look.”

Emma played along. “Hmm? What could keep me warm over winter break and fit inside this box? A tiny scarf? A miniature heater?”

“You’re way off. Why don’t you open it and find out already?”

“Well, then, I love surprises. And thank you for this, I owe you ladies something I return, I suppose.

Catalina gave a cryptic grin. “Don’t thank us yet. But I’m sure you will later.”

“Fair enough.”

Emma dug her fingers in and tore into the gift wrap to reveal a white, unmarked box. When she lifted the lid, she got the surprise of her life.

It was a vibrator. Silver. Shiny. New.

“What the—” Emma gasped.

Catalina smiled. “Like it?”

“We’re in a classroom,” Emma gasped again, then closing the box.

“That’s okay. No one is around. It’s just us.”

“It’s a vibrator.”

“Don’t be judgmental now. It’s 2018, almost 2019. Plenty of women use these.”

“I’ve never,” Emma said.

Catalina shrugged. “Times are changing, Em. Nowadays, they’re opening sex brothels for men, where all the ‘women’ are sexbots which almost look lifelike. They’re making those for women, too. Compared to that, a vibrator is practically a relic of the past.”

“So this is welcoming me to the 21st century.”

“Uh huh.”

Emma pushed the box towards her colleague. “Don’t you have anything better to do on finals week?”

“So you’re rejecting the gift?”

“It’s not a real gift. It’s a gag gift.”

“Depends on where you put it,” Catalina quipped. “Even you are savvy enough to know where a vibrator goes.”

“Very funny. Now please, you keep it. I insist. It’ll be my gift to you.”

“You always used to say that re-gifting was rude, didn’t you?”

“Vibrators were never part of that equation,” Emma said.

Just as she said that, a pair of students walked down the hall, having a conversation about how difficult their calculus exam was. It was a reminder to Emma to keep it down, or risk any passersby hearing this embarrassing conversation.

“Keep an open mind,” Catalina said, sliding the box back to Emma. “Can you do me that favor? We spent a lot of time thinking about what to get you, and we spent a few bucks also.”

“How much is it worth? 30 dollars?”

“$500 to be exact.”

“For this?” Emma asked incredulously. “On a teacher’s salary?”

“It’s an advanced model. It has all the latest ribbings, along with all sorts of vibrational stimulators, designed to target all of your pleasure spots. Yes, it’s worth every fucking penny.”

Emma felt compelled to lift the lid of the box a little and take another peek at it. After stealing a glance, she closed the top again.

“No promises,” Emma said. “But I’ll hang onto it, because I don’t want to reject a gift from you all.”

“That’s the spirit.”

Their private conversation was interrupted when the Dean swung by and gave a knock by the open door. He had walked over so fast, that it was unlikely that he heard any sensitive information.

“Hey ladies,” Michael said with a wave, while holding a large folder with his other hand. “I hope I’m not disturbing anything. Emma, we still need to go over next year’s scholarships, along with budgeting plans for the Math department next semester.”

Emma casually clenched the box, protecting her secret. “Right, I still remember. I’ve already typed everything up.”

“Perfect. Are you free in 15 minutes? What time is your next final?”

“10 am.”

“Excellent,” Michael said. “Would you mind swinging by my office in 15 minutes? I’ll show you everything on my board. You’ll be out in no time.”

“That works for me,” Emma replied, relieved that she had a solid excuse to exit this vibrator conversation, so she could talk about important things, like student education.

“Wonderful. I need to take care of a few more things and I’ll meet you in my office after.”

Michael gave a quick wave before leaving down the hall to finish up some menial tasks.

“You heard the man,” Emma said, hiding her smile. “I’ve got to go.”

“And your vibrator?” Catalina asked. “Where’s that going?”

“Hiding someplace in my office, where no one will ever find it.”

Catalina bursa escort sharpened her gaze. “You know, I have a feeling we’re going to become a lot closer before the afternoon is over.”

That certainly kept Emma on her toes.


For the past few years, rumors had swirled about Catalina, the spicy and flirtatious Latina professor.

There were whispers that Catalina was a part-time domme at a sex club. Or that she had sexual relations with other professors — men and women — in the office or locker room. Some students have claimed to have seen the aftermath of Catalina and another professor leaving a room after a ‘session.’ A few professors had whispered that Catalina never wore panties while teaching a class– or ever.

The list went on and on.

Emma had heard every dirty rumor. And through their friendship, she had come to learn that roughly half of the rumors were true, and the other half were either misunderstandings or personal fantasies.

After she hid the vibrator in the drawer of her office, Emma stopped by the Dean’s office for their quick meeting. And if anything was true about the Dean, it was that he liked moving fast.

She handed him the papers, and he showed her all the plans on the board. As the Chair of the Math Department, it was Emma’s job to be on top of all of this. This was something she took great pride in. Yet, all she could think about was the shiny silver object sitting in her drawer…

“Did I lose you?” Michael asked, looking at her the way a doctor would examine an injured patient.

She snapped out of it. “I’m listening. You said the department’s budget might be cut 15% next year, pending State funding.”

“Yes, I thought I lost you for a moment.”

“Math is my strength,” she replied, which instantly made her think of Catalina again, who was also a math professor.

“No worries. That’s something we have in common, but, this is part of the process and tough decisions may have to be made.”

She nodded. “That’s for sure. As soon as we get the news over the break, I’ll be ready to prioritize our budget immediately.”

Michael was impressed. “I love your spirit. I might regret this, but there’s something I want to tell you. You might hate me for it later.”

Her ears perked. “Oh?”

“I’m retiring soon, and, well, your name has been floating around to become the new Dean of this fine institution.”

Her fingers clenched into tight fists of victory underneath the table. Oh, she was thrilled. As the new Dean, she’d be able to fix everything she thought was wrong with this school, even though the standards were already ridiculously high. Emma was a perfectionist and she loved the idea of being the person in charge.

“That sounds… delightful,” she replied, holding in her excitement.

“Now here’s the part where you might hate me, or love me, depending on how everything goes.”

“Competition is fierce. I get it.”

“More than fierce,” he replied. “At any other time, you might be next in line. But you know what the current political climate is. You’re… you know…”

“Boring?” Emma asked, then automatically thinking of the vibrator in her office.

“I wouldn’t say that. Ordinary, I would say.”

“I can only be myself.”

“Which is fantastic,” he replied. “You’re a terrific person. But they’re looking for someone can really connect with today’s generation. Someone who fits a certain ethnic bill, for instance. Or someone hip with lots of energy. Someone vibrant.”

The last word really struck a chord in her, for all the wrong reasons. Vibrant.

“I can be vibrant,” she quipped, wishing Catalina was there to hear it.

“Then you have to show it.”

“I plan on taking your words to heart. Probably a bit too literally.”

Their meeting was over and they shook hands like usual. Only this time, Emma left the Dean’s office more ambitious than ever. Someday, that could be her office.

In the meantime, she planned on being more ‘vibrant’ to say the least. A little change in her demeanor may do her good. Plus she needed something to loosen her up after the big news she had received. Some people liked celebrating with alcohol. Emma’s new vice of choice would be that vibrator in her office.

She was on her way to find Catalina for a quick word about that. If there was anyone in the world she could talk to about this subject, it was that foxy Latina.

During this hour, she knew that Catalina was in the office area around the Math Department, flirting with the staff and getting her things ready.

They managed to run into each other in the hallway and they stepped outside together for a word in private.

Before Emma could make her intentions known, Catalina made a most unusual request.

“You know,” Catalina started, “I did some more reading on that gift we bought you. And… well… apparently it’s a lot more capable than I thought. I mean, the user reviews are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”

“Speaking of which, I was just about to bring that up. I…”

“Can bursa escort bayan I borrow it?” Catalina interrupted. “I know, I know, you’re a clean freak. But trust me, they’re super easy to clean. They’re designed for hygiene.”

Emma was taken aback. “Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“I’ll use it while you’re giving a final. Then by the time you’re done, I’ll give it back to you. I’ll triple wash it with soap.”

Emma lifted an eyebrow. “So you’re going to use it in the bathroom or your car?”

“No way,” Catalina laughed. “A masturbation session with a vibrator of that caliber demands respect. I was thinking more… your office…”

“My office?”

Emma was so shocked, she nearly felt the hair on her head standing up.

“Yes, your office,” Catalina confirmed. “It’s the biggest and it has the most privacy. Where else can a woman get-off without getting caught?”

“The bathroom. That’s where.”

“It’s not exactly the most romantic environment for a morning orgasm.”

“And my office is?” Emma questioned.

“What? You’ve never played around in there? Yes, your office is the perfect place. Would it be a problem?”

A thought came to Emma’s mind. It may not have been ideal, but it seemed fairly reasonable at the moment. But the thing was, if she asked, their relationship may not ever be the same again.

In that very moment, it was a risk worth taking.

“Only if we can make a deal,” Emma said. “I’ll let you use my office, and my vibrator, if you teach me.”

Catalina licked her lips. “Teach you?”

“Yes, on how to use a vibrator. I’ve never even used a dildo before.”

“Well, well,” Catalina grinned. “You’re finally opening up. I’d be delighted to teach you.”

“All I need is a crash course.”

“You’ll get a full semester review, done quickly. Vibrators are simple to use. It’ll only take a few moments to learn all the tricks, then you’ll be cumming like a pro.”

Emma tensed. “Yikes.”

“It’s a good thing. Trust me. Maybe you’ve never played with a toy before, but have you ever squirted?”

Questions like that were totally consistent with Catalina’s frank discussions with close friends. Catalina was by all measures a ‘popular girl’ all throughout life, and Emma kind of liked being in that inner-circle of close girlfriends.

Shrugging off the shame, Emma answered, “I’ve never actually squirted before, based on the definition, but I’ve gushed a few times.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Emma asked.

“This vibrator is apparently a squirter’s delight. It makes it easy with all the technology and so forth. This, we have to try.”

Emma’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding.”

“Not after spending $500 bucks,” Catalina replied seriously. “We need to get our investment’s worth out of this. And that means making you squirt. What do you think about that?”

“I have to administer a final exam for my students soon. I usually field a bunch of last minute questions before it starts, so I have to be there soon.”

Catalina nodded. “My next exam is at 1:00. How does lunch sound in between?”

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll bring sandwiches from the cafeteria. One chicken, one beef, and we’ll split them.”

“Delicious,” Emma replied. “I’ll see you then. I should be going.”

Emma went down the hall before being stopped by her sexually adventurous friend.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Catalina called out.

Emma stopped to think. “No. I’m picking up the exams from the office.”

“No, silly. We’d you put the box?”

Emma blushed as this was asked across the hall and a few students had walked by, completely unaware of what ‘the box’ was actually referring to.

“Bottom drawer, to the left,” Emma replied.

Catalina smiled, “See you at lunch.”

Giving yet another blush, Emma turned and walked briskly to the office to pick up the exams for her students.


About 45 minutes into the exam, Emma got a text message. Her desk was at the front of the room, facing the students, so none of them could see what she was looking at on her laptop, or on her phone. Plus the students all had their faces down towards their exams.

She checked her phone:

Catalina: Do you mind if Mitsu joins me in your office?

The question caught Emma off guard. Mitsu was a recently hired math professor who was young and energetic. Was she part of the secret faculty team that chipped in a few bucks to buy the fancy vibrator?

Emma: Is she already there?

She expected an immediate response since Catalina was a fast texter on the phone. An image came. Emma’s eyes scanned the classroom to make sure that none of the students were looking at her. The coast was clear.

On her phone, there was a picture of the Mitsu, the young Asian professor, holding the vibrator while giggling in awe. The picture was taken from a side angle with Mitsu sitting down on the guest seat, looking at it. It appeared as though Catalina was sitting in Emma’s office seat. The Department Chair’s seat!

Emma: escort bursa Omg!

Catalina: Saw her down the hall and explained the situation. Mitsu insisted!

At this point, it was almost comical to Emma that this was happening to her while she was so powerless during a student exam. It was like the perfect storm of naughty and inappropriate behavior at work.

The old Emma would have marched into her office and thrown them both out. She’d even have a few choice words for them too.

But this was the new Emma. The Emma that needed to be spunky and spontaneous. That needed to be less rigid and more hip with the current times of sexual liberation.

Fueled by her desire to be adventurous, Emma had to reign in some of her more conservative impulses to be more open-minded.

Emma: Are any of you going to use it?

Catalina: Yes!

She gripped her phone and held it to her chest. Her eyes scanned the room. With a math class as difficult as this, the students were all laser-focused on their exams. It made Emma feel all the more naughty having these thoughts and chatting with a fellow colleague about this.

She thought about her next reply, wanting to explore her curiosity and newfound desires, while also respecting the academic institution. A message came before Emma could reply.

Catalina: Look what I made her do!

There was a laughter/crying emoji that came with it. The pic immediately loaded and Emma saw the conservative mannered Mitsu sucking on the tip of the vibrator. As it turned out, Catalina really did have the power to persuade people to do anything, especially when it came to sex.

Emma: Omg

Catalina: Like?

Emma: I think so

Catalina: Hang on

Waiting was pure agony, but Emma put her phone down and pretended to look at her laptop, even though her mind was still on her phone messages. Her eyes did another scan of the room. No one had seen a thing. Two minutes had passed. The wait was excruciating.

Finally, there was a message. It was a set of pics. The first image showed Mitsu shyly taking off her shoes and pants. Then taking off her panties. The woman was naked from the waist down and she was blushing. Mitsu hadn’t shaved in a while, so she had a thick bush of long, dark pubic hairs which covered her entrance. Her wavy, jet black hairs were mesmerizing to look at

In the last pic, Mitsu was sitting in the chair, head tilted back, eyes closed, as she worked the vibrator in herself. From the looks of things, Mitsu was in heaven.

Emma: My heart nearly stopped from looking at this

Catalina: That’s not good lol

Emma: Is this still going on?

Catalina: Wanna see? I’ll connect a cam. Shhh… don’t tell Mitsu and don’t let anyone see what’s on your phone lol

Four seconds later, an invitation to view a cam had been sent and Emma had never been more conflicted. Looking at dirty pics was one thing, but an actual live stream? In class during a final exam? Watching a fellow professor use a vibrator in her office?

The curiosity was too much to bear.

Emma clicked on the invitation and suddenly the screen on her phone was now streaming a porn-like feed.

She saw Mitsu in her office, in real time, masturbating with that device. Mitsu was still in the same position, with her head tilted back, legs spread, holding the vibrator inside of her hairy pussy.

Guilt got the better of her and Emma closed the cam. Seeing Mitsu’s pubic hairs turning wetter by the second was a lot to handle at work. Watching this in the classroom was blasphemy. In fact, she had caught a student a few years ago looking at porn on his laptop and she had him disenrolled from the course.

After a few moments of staring blankly at her laptop screen, a new message appeared on her phone.

Catalina: Too much? haha. So bad, I know. Want to see more?

Emma: Like what?

Catalina: My turn? : ) : ) : )

The comment instinctively made Emma cross her legs and lick her lips. She had always been the ‘good girl’ on campus. Maybe, once and a while, it was a fun being the ‘bad girl’ for a change.

Emma: Pictures only. Don’t want to look at a vid feed in class

Catalina: I have an idea

Emma: Yes?

Catalina: Set phone to vibrate. Put it between ur legs, under ur skirt. I’ll send pics every few seconds. It’ll make plenty of buzzing for you.

Her nostrils flared and she sucked in a deep breath.

Emma: Just this once. Because you spent so much money on it.

Catalina: Good girl. : )

After putting the phone on vibrate, Emma discreetly slid her phone underneath the table and up her skirt. It touched her white panties and it fit snugly between her legs.

Phones weren’t built for this, she thought. And when the first buzz came from a text message, Emma realized that phones are more multifaceted than she had ever realized.

Every few moments, the phone would buzz from a new image being sent to her. She did her best to pretend to look at her laptop, but all she could think about was her private area and whatever the hell was happening in her office. How she wished she could just pick up the phone and see what Catalina was now doing. But taking the phone away would only deprive her of this glorious feeling between her legs.

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