It Brings Out Her Eyes


Jared was sitting around his friend Sammi’s apartment, bored out of his mind.

It wasn’t his fault, nor that of his host. But she and their mutual friend Beth had started to talk about make-up, and that was a topic of conversation he could honestly do without.

The thing was, for the most part, Jared didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. He’d known Sammi and Beth since College, and in his opinion, they were both very beautiful women, albeit in different ways.

Sammi was a former rugby player, and her body was strong and toned but in all the right ways. Her muscular arms perfectly balanced her pronounced chest, and long brown hair matched with dark brown eyes. Anyone who thought she needed anything else to look good was blind.

Beth, on the other hand, was slender, though her body was no less blessed. Triple Ds on one side and a tight ass on the other scarcely took away from the short reddish hair and deep blue eyes that only added to the total package that she was. Again, there was no need, in his opinion, for her to add anything to her already lovely features.

Especially given how much the bloody stuff cost.

He remembered being dragged along into a cosmetics shop by Beth one afternoon last month, and when he noticed the price tags on some of the products she was browsing his eyes nearly shot out of his head. The whole thing was a scam, a marketing plot, but one that seemed to work rather well considering how many women frequented those shops and bought the products.

Still, he’d managed to keep his mouth shut, for the most part, not considering it his problem. It was their money and their faces, let them do whatever they wished. But, seeing as they’d been discussing the stuff for a solid half-hour at this point, Jared finally decided to speak his mind.

“What’s the point of it all?” He announced, interrupting the two ladies’ conversation and causing them to turn their attention over to where he sat on the recliner. Neither one said anything, waiting to see what he was getting at. Taking advantage of the provided opportunity, he continued. “Like, I’ve seen how much of that stuff you two buy, how much you spend, and I don’t get why. You’re both rather lovely girls, do you really need all that crap?”

Sammi looked over at Beth and rolled her eyes. Of the two, she tended to wear less, whereas the other woman adored the stuff. Beth likely kept a few beauty companies in business by herself konya escort she bought so much. Even so, they’d both seen Jared’s reactions whenever they talked about makeup or applied it or bought it, and frankly, they’d had enough. Sharing a wicked grin that their friend didn’t seem to notice, they rose from the couch and headed towards him.

For a moment, Jared was convinced that he’d offended them, and they were going to throw him out of the apartment. He hoped not, as he did enjoy hanging out with the two of them despite their eccentricities. Honestly, he hadn’t meant anything by his comment, he was genuinely curious.

Luckily, the ladies understood that and had decided to explain it to him. Sort of.

“Get up,” Sammi more or less ordered, motioning for Jared to get to his feet and join them in the middle of the living room. He did so, unsure as to what was going on and feeling a little more afraid than he already was given that Sammi was a few inches taller than him and was almost glaring at him. The feeling didn’t fade when she sat down on the floor, back to the couch, pulling at his collar to join her.

He did so, and Sammi positioned him so that he was sitting between her legs with his back to her, and he watched as Beth went over to her purse and removed her makeup bag. “What’s going on?” Jared managed to get out as Beth pulled up a chair and sat in front of him, making it so he had to look up at her to see her at all. She smiled but didn’t say a word, simply removed her eyeliner from the kit and started to apply it.

“Just watch her,” Sammi whispered, and her warm breath blew into his ear. Jared did as he was told, though he didn’t know what he was supposed to be watching. He’d seen Beth apply makeup before, what was so special about this time?

It was slow goings at first, Beth gently tracing the pencil across the edge of her eyelid, watching her progress in her compact mirror. Jared watched the movements, and after a few minutes, he started to find the repetitive motions somewhat soothing. Back and forth it went, sharpening until you could cut yourself on her lids.

Focused as he was, he barely noticed Sammi gently put her arms around him, drawing him towards her so that his back and neck rest on her ample chest. “Watch her go back and forth. It’s pretty, isn’t it?” Jared had to admit, it was. Beth’s already beautiful blue eyes seemed to get stronger the more she applied, and his gaze konyaaltı escort was drawn to them. They were a vast ocean, and he was slowly beginning to swim in it.

Jared was so distracted that he barely noticed Sammi unzip his jeans and push them down slightly. Hell, he hadn’t realized he was getting hard, but then, he wasn’t all that surprised. With Sammi’s warm body behind him, her breasts cushioning his neck and her strong arms around his chest, as well as his eyes staring at Beth’s own, who could blame him?

But Sammi wasn’t finished. She brought her face back towards his ear and whispered “it brings out her eyes, doesn’t it? Makes you want to look at them all day, stare do deeply into them you get lost…”

“Yes…” Jared muttered, barely lucid. Beth, her eyeliner on fleek, put the pencil away and pulled out a tube of lipstick. It was a deep crimson, the color of fine wine, and as she started to apply it to her lips Jared felt his gaze moving down to stare- just as Sammi was telling him to.

“Watch her.”

He did, drinking in the sight of the reddish tint being painted all across Beth’s full

lips. Back and forth it went, as did his eyes, his cock growing even more as he followed the lipstick’s application. Sammi gently moved her hands down his chest towards his crotch, pushing aside his boxers and allowing his erection to spring free.

Slowly, she began to stroke it up and down in time with Beth’s lipstick. Jared was barely aware of where he was or what was going on anymore. His mind fuzzy from the show Beth was putting as well as Sammi’s orders to keep watching and her hands massaging his hard cock were frying what few brain cells were still active.

Beth began a second coating of lipstick, darkening her lips even more as Sammi slowed down her tease to whisper in Jared’s ear once more. “Notice how it brings out her lips. Makes you want to stare at them, to listen to anything they say…”

Jared nodded, his eyes never leaving Beth’s crimson lips even as she finished up and put the tube of lipstick away. She smiled, then, with Jared’s attention firmly on her lips, she spoke one word. “Sleep.” In an instant, he was out, but Sammi kept up her handjob while Beth joined them on the floor, taking Jared’s face in her hands. “If you can hear me, say yes Mistress.”

In his half-conscious, over-stimulated state, Jared had no choice but to answer. “Yes Mistress.”

Sammi konyaaltı eve gelen escort and Beth grinned at one another. Beth continued. “Sammi is making you feel so good, isn’t she? That’s how makeup makes women feel… So nice, so strong, so pretty…” She moved her lips to his ear and whispered, “so dominant.” Jared groaned, her words soaking into his brain. “You like it when women are pretty, don’t you? Say yes Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress”

Beth’s lips came together in an evil grin. They hadn’t exactly planned this, but the idea to turn Jared into their personal slave had come up a few times in the past. He was a nice guy and a good friend, but his submissive tendencies, as well as his obvious attraction to the two of them, had been too tempting not to play with. And he had unknowingly given them the perfect opportunity, why not use it?

“You like it when women are dominant, don’t you? Say yes Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress,” Jared groaned, Sammi’s hand continuing to edge his cock into oblivion. He needed to cum, had to cum soon, but it was out of his hands in more ways than one.

“Open your eyes but stay asleep for us,” Beth ordered, and Jared’s eyelids shot open, only to find her deep blue ones waiting for him. If he’d been swimming before, he was drowning now. “You are under our control now sweetie. Whenever you see one of us putting on makeup, you’ll return to this state. You will listen to anything our pretty painted lips say, won’t you?” Jared nodded dumbly, oblivious to Beth and Sammi’s maniacal laughter.

There was only one thing left to do to cement their control over him. Sammi sped her strokes up and whispered another order into Jared’s pliable little mind. “When Beth kisses you with those pretty lips of hers, you will cum. When you cum, you will belong to us forever. You will be our little makeup slave, doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Say yes Mistress.”

Before Jared could say the words, Beth grabbed his face and pressed her painted lips to his, muting the near howl of “YES MISTRESS” that accompanied the orgasm Sammi was forcing out of his cock. Beth kept the kiss locked on as every drop of cum was milked out of him by Sammi’s strong, skillful hands.

When the girls let Jared go, he slid back until he was laying on the floor, eyes staring up at the ceiling and his two friends- no, his two Mistresses- as they gazed down at him. His lips were stained a deep red, branded by Beth’s own as a symbol of the ladies new ownership of him.

They offered him a pair of wicked grins and Jared, dazed, confused and spent as he was, was certain of only one thing.

He would never question their love of makeup- or anything else for that matter- ever again.

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