It is always the quiet ones


It is always the quiet onesMy first time with *****.I first met her at night school. A group of us would go for a drink after class. I thought she was out of my league. Tall, angelic face with long blonde hair,well spoken, elegantly dressed, but quiet and timid.I would never have asked her for her telephone number, but we needed to pair up for group work and as fate had it, I was paired up with her. We exchanged numbers and arranged to meet up on saturday lunchtime and discuss the ‘work plan’.We met outside the shopping mall. She was dressed in a red sweater, Levi jeans that excentuated her hips and (as i now call them) her fuck-me boots.She looked hot, but she seemed a little reserved. I was still under the impression this was a study thing, even when she immediatley suggested we head to the pub for lunch.A couple of pints later she was much more relaxed and we chatted idly about nothing.Then out of the blue digitalbahis yeni giriş she asked “Do you want to come back to mine?”In what seemed like an instant we were back at her house, first on the sofa then on her bed.We kissed a while,I knew she was as horny as I was, when she would not let me go.I fondled her breasts and she brethed heavier as i squeezed them.My hands wandered down between her legs and i cupped her pussy on the outside of her jeans.”Hold On” she said and i expected the dreaded words ” Its too soon” or something similar.But no, she lay back on the bed and ripped open the buttons of her jeans. My eyes transfixed as she slid them down over her hips and revealed the small white triangle of material that covered her pussy.She giggled and pulled me towards her. I removed her top and she mine as we continued to kiss , slowly making my way south and releasing her digitalbahis giriş soft breasts from her bra.She lay there on her bed, naked and i was on top of her. My cock was solid within my jeans and i pushed it against her and she grabbed at it.I gently bit her nipples and she squealed. Further down i went, kissing her continuously. As i reached her knickers. I could see they were wet and how excited she was for me to be there.My head between her legs, i cupped her pussy,(knickers and all)with my mouth, and pulled them aside. Her freshly shaven sweet pussy made my cock stiffer still.I ripped off her underwear which seem to excite her more. Then slid my tongue into her glistening pussy. I had my tongue deep inside her, she tasted great and she writhed around on the bed holding my head between her legs. She came at least twice before muttering my favorite words in the world ” Fuck me”.I digitalbahis güvenilirmi got up off the bed and removed my trousers. She saw my stiff cock standing pround and tall for the first time and her eyes lit up. She lay back on the bed, legs spread beautifully. (It was such a picture) and again said “Fuck Me”I teased her a little,by carresing her pussy lips with my cock but refusing to slide it in. She begged me ” fuck me pleae”.I slid my stiff cock deep inside her dripping pussy and she gasped in an almost painful pleasure type way.With little grace i fucked her and fucked her hard. My hard cock sliding in and out of her right upto my balls as we kissed and carresed each other. We worked up a solid rhythm and I gave her pussy a real pounding and she loved every second of it.I did nt actually cum that time although i know she did.She asked me to stay for the rest of the afternoon. We stayed in bed, which turned into the evening and following day. We fucked lots & lots that weekend. We had a great time for a while. I see her around now and again and am still surprised that someone so innocent looking is really a fuck hungry nympho. It IS always the quiet ones! and We got a ‘C-‘ for our group work.

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