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I am owned by a dominant couple and their niece and used as a live-in maid, cook, and sexual slave. My name was Michael, now I am Michelle. This is my story:

When I was 35, my wife Connie and I lived next door to another married couple, Denise and Steven Taylor. Denise was in her early-30’s, blond, with large breasts, long legs, a small waist and a gorgeous face — a typical California surfer girl who had aged very well. Steven was her male counterpart as well as being a very successful businessman. His work took him out of town for several weeks at a time. Denise would call occasionally and ask for some help with things around the house, since she knew I was very handy with tools and repair problems. I was glad to do the chores because I was able to spend time with Denise. Steven seemed pleased with my work because he didn’t have to do it himself. Denise had worked in sales before she got married. Afterwards, she devoted a lot of time to local charities.

Denise and Steven moved to a bigger house not far from me around the same time as my divorce. Connie and I never had a satisfactory sex life. We were both sexually submissive and didn’t realize it before we got married. Since we didn’t have children, and had other incompatibilities, we decided divorce was the best option.

I visited several professional dominatrices over the years, and learned that I was most aroused by bondage, verbal humiliation, forced cross-dressing and body worship. I masturbated several times a day to magazine photos and stories about submissive men controlled by dominant women. I often pictured Denise Taylor in my fantasies.

Denise and Steven would invite me over quite often after the divorce. I would also come over during the day and help Denise with the new house — hanging pictures, fixing the plumbing, doing some electrical work, creating their home computer network, installing their stereo system, etc. The work seemed to have me over there at least one or two days a week. I even started doing errands for her like picking up dry cleaning, taking packages to the post office or her car in for repairs. Denise told me her female friends always asked how they could find someone like me to work for them for free. Actually, I had a monthly income from a trust account set up by my grandfather. I didn’t have financial worries as long as I didn’t buy yachts or expensive cars.

During the summers, Denise’s niece, Kimberly would stay with the Taylors for a month. Kimberly’s parents lived in San Diego, and she was a younger version of Denise. Kimberly played tennis, beach volleyball, was an expert swimmer and diver, and had black belts in two martial arts. Kimberly was a freshman in college when I met her. She had just turned 18 and was given a convertible for her birthday.

About the time Kimberly started visiting, Denise and Steven moved again, this time to a very expensive estate near the beach in Malibu. They even had a full-time live-in maid. I was at their new house a lot doing my usual fix-up and installation work, and saw Kimberly quite a bit. She would occasionally ask me to do things for her also. I would be soaked in perspiration from my efforts, and several times heard Denise on the phone to Steven telling him I was working like a dog.

A few years went my like this, with Denise taking my services for granted, and asking more and more. I knew she had no sexual interest in me, but she had such a naturally dominant personality and was so beautiful that I was happy to do anything just to be around her. Kimberly came out for her usual month in Los Angeles, and I was surprised to learn that she would be spending the entire year here. She had a special grant for work-study at a law firm in L.A. specializing in environmental law.

By this time I was 39 and Kimberly was 22. She had matured into a very self-confident beautiful woman. She was 5’9″ tall, and towered over me in the stiletto heels she usually wore. Her 38dd-25-36 figure was firm and tan, and her face was drop-dead gorgeous — long blond hair, blue-eyes, full-lips usually coated in lustrous red lipstick. She still had her convertible and now her own room in Denise and Steven’s house.

One day, while I was fixing a slow drain in the master bathroom, I overheard Denise and Kimberly talking in the bedroom. Kimberly was asking Denise if I ever did work for any of Denise’s friends, and Denise told her I didn’t. Kimberly said something I couldn’t hear, and then louder said that I needed an owner. “It’s so obvious. I amazed one of them hasn’t taken control of him by now.” she said.

Kimberly told Denise that she knew something about men like me, and that Denise was missing out on a great opportunity. Denise and Steven were scheduled to leave in a few days for a two month European trip, and Kimberly told Denise that she would have a nice present for her when they returned.

Denise informed me that she had arranged for me konya escort to get medical insurance through Steven’s company. I would have to pay for it myself, but the premiums would be low and the coverage excellent. I would need to get a complete physical before the coverage could take effect. Since Kimberly was going to get a physical also, Denise said she had scheduled them at the same time so we could go together. I found out later that this was all Kimberly’s idea. Kimberly wanted to make sure I was in good health. She did not want to waste time on someone with medical problems. She also wanted to make sure I had a recent aids test.

Denise gave me some work to do while they were away, and asked me to coordinate my schedule with Kimberly. She also asked me to do any chores that Kimberly might need for the house. The day the Taylor’s left for Europe was the beginning of my end of life as I knew it.

At this time of my life, I was 39, slightly overweight, 5’7″ tall, light brown hair and a small beard. I was not someone a hot 22 year old would find attractive. Still, I had my orders from Denise and was looking forward to seeing Kimberly.

The Taylors left on a Friday. A week went by before Kimberly called me to come over. I didn’t know it then, but she needed the time to make some preparations and changes in the house, and get the test results of my physical. Her car had a flat tire, she said, and she needed to get it repaired. I dressed quickly and drove to Malibu. At the time I was living about 45 minutes from the Taylor’s new house.

Kimberly opened the door in a skimpy red bikini. She said she had been out by the pool working on some legal research. I went to fix the flat and discovered that the tire was simply deflated. I used an emergency air pump in my car to re-inflate the tire. I thought that there was a slow leak in the tire and never suspected that Kimberly had let the air out as an excuse to have me come over.

When I went out to the pool, Kimberly was laying face-up on a mat with her top undone. I made a noise, and when she looked up, she slowly replaced her top. I explained the problem with the tire, and she told me that she had another problem. The Taylor’s live-in maid, Maria, had a family emergency and had to return to Mexico. There was no one available to clean and take care of the house for the next two months. Kimberly was going to be too busy with work to do anything. Kimberly told me she had called Denise who suggested she ask me to fill in for the two months.

“It will involve doing the dusting, washing, ironing, cooking, gardening and any other chores Maria did. Since you live so far away, it would be easier if you lived in the maid’s room while you are here. Denise said she would be very grateful if you would do it because it would be hard to get someone trustworthy while they are in Europe. I would be very grateful too. You could do so many things for me, and make my life easier.”

Here was with this stunning woman before me asking me to live with her. I had all kinds of fantasies floating through my mind. Of course I said “Yes”.

“Great” she replied. “Denise said I wouldn’t have any problems with you living here because you were harmless. You are harmless, aren’t you Michael?”

What could I say to that? My fantasies crashed and burned, and I was committed.

“The first thing you need to do is some laundry. Denise left a lot of her underwear and lingerie in a pile, but the clean and dirty things are mixed up. Let’s go inside and I will instruct you how to separate the clean from the dirty, and how to wash them.”

Kimberly led me to the laundry room, and I saw a big pile of underwear on a table.

“The easiest way to tell the clean from the dirty is to hold each piece up to your nose and inhale deeply.” She picked up a pair of panties and held pushed it into my face. “Now inhale deeply” she commanded.

I followed her instructions and got a strong odor of pussy and urine. Kimberly actually rubbed the panties on my face before asking “Are they clean or dirty?”

“Dirty” I replied.

“Good. Now put them in the dirty pile and go through all the rest. When you are finished, hand-wash all of them and hang them on the wooden drying rack behind you. Call me after you finish, and I will give you my panties to wash. You should be able to smell the difference between Denise’s and mine by then.”

She left me in the laundry room, and I got to work. I smelled each dirty piece longer than necessary, even licking the stains on them. I think that Kimberly may have seen me, but I wasn’t sure.

After washing everything, I went out to see Kimberly. She was still lying in the sun, but this time she was face-up and completely naked. As I walked out, she barely bothered to pull a towel over her thighs. She left her magnificent breasts exposed as she sat up. I tried not to stare at her breasts, but I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

“I like to sunbathe nude. Since you are the maid now, I didn’t see any reason konyaaltı escort to treat you any differently than I did the woman you are replacing. Do you have a problem with that, Michael?”

I had some trouble answering because my mouth had suddenly gone dry. “No, of course not, Kimberly” I replied.

“Perhaps you should call me Miss Kimberly just to keep our positions in proper order”

I was taken aback by her take charge attitude, but somehow it seemed right to call her Miss Kimberly. “Certainly Miss Kimberly” I replied.

“Good, now I’ll show you my lingerie that needs cleaning.” She got up and walked into the house. I followed a few steps behind her, staring at her stiletto heels and long legs as they disappeared into the towel. We arrived at her room, and she pointed to a pile of clothes on the floor. “Wash, dry and fold those and put them back in my drawers. I will expect lunch in one hour. I want a small salad and some fresh fruit. Bring it out to the pool when it is ready. If I need anything before that I will call you.”

She left the room and removed her towel as she walked out the door, leaving me staring at her tight tan ass. I picked up the clothes and held them to my body as I carried them to the laundry room. She was right. There was a different odor to her clothes. Her fluids mixed with her perfume to make her clothes smell fantastically. I wanted to cover my face with them, but was afraid of being caught.

I took Kimberly’s lunch out to her after I finished the laundry. She didn’t acknowledge my presence immediately, so I stood there with her plate. Finally, she looked up and told me to put the food on the table near her.

“Denise asked to have fresh flowers cut from the garden and placed in a vase. Please do that now Michael” she said.

I returned from the house with cutters and went to work on the flowers. Just before I started, Miss Kimberly called me over.

“I don’t want you to get sunburned out here, so put some of this sunscreen on your face.”

She handed me a bottle of sunscreen and I applied it.

After I finished, she looked at me and said “I don’t have any lip balm, and your lips will get burned. I think I have something that will work. Kneel down here next to my lounge chair.”

I knelt before her and could not help staring at her enormous breasts. They were so close that I was almost shaking. I never even noticed as she took out a tube of bright red lipstick.

“This will do the job. Nobody will see you back here and it will save your lips.” She applied the lipstick generously, having me pout or move my lips to make the application easier.

“Good, now get to work. Leave the lipstick on because I don’t want to keep reapplying each time you go in and out of the house.”

My mind was filled with the vision of how her breasts would look with my lipstick marks all over them. I wanted to stay on my knees and beg her to let me worship her but was too afraid to say anything.

While I was working in the garden, the sprinklers went off. I was thoroughly soaked. I thought the timer was set for the early morning. Miss Kimberly told me to take off my clothes so I didn’t drip in the house. She went to get me some other clothing. (I now realize that she had changed the sprinkler timer just to get me wet). Miss Kimberly came back with a bundle which she tossed to me. It contained a black mini-skirt with an elastic waist, a woman’s white blouse and red panties. I stared at the clothes.

“Is there a problem? These were in the maid’s room and looked as though they would fit. You can’t stay in the wet clothes and work, so change now!” Her voice was very commanding.

I started to go into the house to change and she stopped me immediately. “Don’t get the floor wet inside! Change right here. I assure you that you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”

I turned around and removed my wet things, but realized I had to turn back to get the dry clothes. As I did, Miss Kimberly moved to see me naked.

She gave a short laugh and said “I thought so! You really don’t have anything to hide do you? I think that is the smallest penis I have ever seen. I can’t imagine any woman would be satisfied with that. When Denise said you were harmless, she really meant it.”

Her comments made my already small penis shrink even more. I was humiliated and turned on at the same time. I quickly put on the red panties before a little tent would show.

“Those panties and lipstick seem perfect on you. Maybe I should be calling you Michelle instead of Michael? Would you like that Michelle?”

I quickly put on the rest of the clothing. The miniskirt barely covered the panties, and the blouse was very sheer and tight. The red lipstick made me look even more ridiculous and yet thrilled me at the same time.

I couldn’t answer her. I was dizzy from the rapid events that led me in less than a day to be wearing lipstick and taking orders from a submissive’s dream.

“I take konyaaltı eve gelen escort that as a yes. So you will be Michelle from now on. Right Michelle?”

“Yes, Miss Kimberly” I replied.

She handed me a tube of red lipstick and said “Keep this on you at all times. I think you look good in this color. I don’t want to see you without it. Understand?”

“Yes, Miss Kimberly” I replied.

“There is a list of chores Denise left on the kitchen island. Why don’t you start on those.”

That was how things began. I cooked for Miss Kimberly that evening for dinner. She ate in the dining room, and I served her. She wore only a skimpy tank top and mini-skirt. She always seemed to be wearing high heels. I wore my miniskirt, blouse and lipstick.

When it came time for bed, she led me to a small room close to the laundry.

“You can use this room. It doesn’t have a bathroom. The door has a magnetic lock and keypad that requires a code to be opened from either side, or I can open it remotely from the master bedroom. I intend to lock you in each evening. This is the Taylor’s emergency safe room. I started to protest, but she explained that Denise had promised Kimberly’s mother that those would be the arrangements. You will need to wash up before I lock you in.

“What if I have to go to the bathroom during the night?” I asked.

She handed me a wide-mouth jar with a screw top. “Use this and be glad I don’t put you in a diaper”

“Don’t worry about a fire. It is fireproof and soundproof. That’s why it doesn’t have any windows and just the one door exit.”

I washed up, and Miss Kimberly locked the door behind me. Needless to say, I masturbated almost immediately. I didn’t know there was a closed circuit camera in the room broadcasting my every move to Miss Kimberly in the master bedroom.

After I finished, I looked the room over. There was a single light fixture on the ceiling. A queen sized bed took up most of the space. One closet held a collection of miniskirts and blouses, all like the ones I had been wearing. At the bottom of the closet were eight pairs of women’s shoes — four were flat without heels, the other four had stiletto heels from 3″ to 5″. I tried on one of the flats, and they fit!

There was a bureau with six drawers. The bottom four drawers were locked with padlocks. The top drawer contained plenty of panties all in black or red. The second drawer had some frilly maid’s aprons and some white gloves. I assumed the contents belonged to the previous maid. I was wrong.

There was also a table for applying make-up. It had a large mirror attached with lights all around it. The tabletop was covered with lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner and other makeup.

The only things on the walls were framed photos. On the wall opposite the door were two photos, one each of Denise and Steven. Both seemed to have been taken at the pool because they were wearing very tiny bathing suits. The photo opposite the bed, and the one I would see just before I closed by eyes, was the size of a poster. It was of Miss Kimberly. In the photo, she was standing, wearing a string bikini, with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. She seemed to be looking directly at me.

The main light went out suddenly and a small night light came on. I realized that the light switch was outside of the room and thought the lights had gone off on a timer. I later learned it was more of Miss Kimberly’s control. The camera could still broadcast in the dark room, so my second masturbation was probably viewed as well.

The next day was a little confusing for me as I tried to adjust to my new position. Miss Kimberly unlocked my door at 7:30 and allowed me to use the bathroom. After I had showered, she told me I needed to make my bed and dress in a similar uniform as yesterday. She decided it was a more appropriate outfit for a maid than my own clothes, and there were plenty of miniskirts and blouses for me to wear. The panties and lipstick were not even discussed as options. She also told me to wear the flat shoes in the closet. She knew they would fit me. Miss Kimberly gave me instructions for the day, starting with preparing her breakfast. I would eat in the kitchen at the sink while I served her in the dining room. I was required to wait at her side as she tasted each time to make sure it was satisfactory. I found myself holding my breath as she tried each dish. I realized that her approval was extremely important to me. When I was dismissed, I was actually happy to have pleased her.

Miss Kimberly finished breakfast and retired to the family room. She called me in after the breakfast dishes were cleaned. She was seated in a large easy chair and motioned for me to stand in front of her. As Miss Kimberly handed me a list of chores for day, she looked me up and down. Frowning, she stared at my legs.

“You have too much hair on your legs for that skirt. You need to get rid of it now. It is disgusting. As a matter of fact, I want you to go shower immediately using the liquid in the blue and red bottle next to the tub. Use it on everywhere except your eyebrows and head. I will know if you don’t follow my instructions perfectly. Leave the liquid on for five minutes and rinse it off. Call me after you have dried yourself, but before you get dressed. Go now!”

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