Italian waiter twice

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Italian waiter twiceNot wanting to linger there toward the end of the meal I excused myself to go to the ladies room in the foyer.I bumped into the Italian waiter who was coming out of the men’s bathroom and gave him a big smile aware that his eyes were already upon my breasts. He smiled back with a twinkle in his eye and asked me if there was anything I needed. My eyes were drawn toward the bulge in his trousers that seemed to extend down his leg more than usual. I explained it was my birthday and regretfully my husband was waiting to take me home shortly but I was very pleased to have met him. I slowly backed away into the woman’s bathroom my eyes upon his face, he followed me into the bathroom knowing that we only had minutes alone. Immediately his hands were upon me, I pretended to be shocked and I pretended to resist feebly, uttering small gasps. He pushed me into a toilet booth.His warm hands were under my overly short dress caressing my arse and then between my legs- I could feel a wet and hot feeling between my legs, heard his zip undo. And then I felt his huge hot cock between my legs, pushing against my see through panties.I gasped. My hand eagerly reached for his cock so I could guide it toward the right spot on my soaking wet panties and stimulate my clitoris just for a few precious seconds. My fingers found his shaft and quickly grasped it as he moaned with pleasure.I rubbed his cock back and forth over my panties just a few times, then without realising it I felt his cock stiffen and throb as semen exploded over my fingers and panties and sivas escort begin to run down my thighs.Feelings ran through my body so deeply that I hardly felt the space and passage of time. My Vagina tightened and then I felt a huge orgasm spread through my body and I was falling until his arms caught me.We have to stop, i said, in the knowledge we had both cum we quickly resorted to acting as normal as possibleHis semen had drenched my see-through panties and they now formed a perfect mould over my labia, leaving nothing to the imagination. I ran my fingers slowly over them and felt how smooth they were with his juices.My mind was in a whirl and i couldn’t stop thinking of his cock and how big it had felt in my small hand. My husband didn’t seem to be aware of the time I had taken and we left soon after to go home.The following day my husband announced he had probably left his glasses at the restaurant. I said i would pine and see if they were there. During the day I called and the female voice said they were there and I could pick them up any time.My heart was almost in my mouth as i dressed to go and retrieve the glasses. My mind was back in the toilet cubicle from last night.what to wear because I wanted to look attractive but not too slutty and not to old, as I was clearly older than my Italian friend.Eventually I put on my high black patent leather heels with ankle straps and a pair of sheer crotchless tights with some white see thru panties. Then a dress with a fitted bodice to hold in my breasts and a loose skirt attached tekirdağ escort at the waist to give an airy appearance.Looking in the mirror I thought I had accomplished my dress up goal.Of course there was no guarantee that there would be anyone but the female off the phone at the restaurant. Shortly after I arrived at the door the woman called Veronica let me in and gave me the glasses back. I was a little disappointed as I walked away. As I approached my car I hear a strange little beep and turned to see the waiter arriving on his Vespa scooter. Hey there he saidOh hi I said. Hows your dayHim: Great, just popped back to get something I left behindSure ok, Fancy a coffee?Me: Ok sureWe returned to the back of the restaurant and he let himself in. Is a latte ok? Yes lovely. Wait here he said. He went in and came back with two lattes in a few minutes.We slipped into a little store area with two stools.As we chatted he seemed so nice and relaxed.You made me so Horny last night he said.I blushedMe: Oh did I, sorryHim: I loved itMe: It was very niceHim: Is that allMe: It was really niceHe put down his coffee and pulled my face to his. His tongue entered my mouth and we kissed passionately.Him: I can’t believe how much you turn me onAgain I heard his zip being openedI was already very wetHe pulled my head down and I saw his cock standing erect in front of me. Immediately I fell to my knees and began to kiss and lick his head. Precum was immediately evident on the head and i pushed the whole of the head into my mouth and escort bayan sucked him with my eyes closed.He moaned more loudly that the night before.Oh yes Oh yes he saidPushing my head further down on him so his shaft was going in deepSucking as much of his shaft as I could. I’m wasn’t used to giving a blow job and his cock was rather large. Made me gag and moan a lot.I stopped after a while because I wanted him to kiss me more. Standing up we again kissed passionately. This time I placed his hands under my dress onto my skimpy panties. He squeezed and massaged my cheeks. Then in a swift motion he pulled my panties to the floor. I gasped and stepped out of them feeling exposed. My hands guided his huge erection to my soaking vagina. fuck me I whispered, I want you to fuck meHe lifted me up and placed me on one of the stools, my legs encircled his torso as his huge hard cock sat right in front of my wet vaginaPlease fuck me, please, i beggedYou need a good fucking don’t you, he saidOh yes i really do, i saidMy nails dug into his back as I felt the full size of his head part my labia..His shaft pushed in slowly, and deeplyMy vagina juices were flowing and lubricating his cock as he was finally fully inside me. Oh fuck, i gasped, not expecting him to feel this big inside meU feel so fucking goodHis cock began to fuck me in and out, each time almost fully with drawing and then entering me again and again.within just a few mins I felt a sudden surge of juices and my vagina began to throb as I climaxed and collapsed into his arms, His body felt very tight and I realised his cock was throbbing inside me as he ejeculated inside my vagina. We held the position for a short moment and as he withdrew his semen ran out and down my sheer tightsMy hands rubbed his semen into my tightswe quickly vacated te room before anyone caught us

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