Subject: It’s all in the family Part 2 It’s all in the family Part 2 By ail Feedback to authors is their primary compensation and motivation. Support Nifty with your donation to keep this open and free! This story is fiction. My gay stories can be found at Prolific Authors Directory: Chaim B. (Bchaim, Bchaimstory) Special thanks to all who sent me a mail or dropped me a line. ================================= The last lines of the first part: ================================= “Wow, that was amazing,” Tom said sincerely, “Thanks Simon, you’re a sweet boy and I will remember this forever.” I blushed and felt proud, I joked, “Now we got to wait to see if I got you pregnant.” Tom groaned and kissed me and said, “I hope you did little brother. That would be fun, we can both have sex with our son.” I smiled, it was a weird thought to have a son I was only a boy myself but asked him, “How do you know it will be a baby boy?” Tom laughed softly and hugged me tightly pressing my small body against his warm sweat covered skin, “With this much cock and ass involved in the process it just has to be a boy,” Whatever, for the first time I had fucked my brother, but it would not be the last before he left us to become a real family man. Some years later Tom explained to me he thought that was normal way. During his puberty Tom had wanted to get off as many times as possible. Therefore, he found himself continually experimenting sexually, he fucked me and he liked to be fucked. He didn’t consider himself gay, bi, or heterosexual. He loved sex and we had great fun, but it was nothing more than learning and experimenting sexually. For Tom, as he told me, it had been nothing more, after all he wasn’t gay, he’d had a wild and crazy childhood, that was all. I didn’t understand that we had a fun and loved each other. Tom wanted to ‘serious and responsible’ and wanted a wife and kids. I didn’t believe much of his reasoning, but that didn’t change the situation. Accept things you cannot change, those were his choices. Now we were both adults, being much older. I am openly gay myself and have a lover and we have his son Little David, but I have other things on my agenda as well. Living in Amsterdam, if you want sex, regardless of age, you go Grindr, a club or to the gay sauna or in the summer to the beach, no big deal! Fuck, but let me cut straight to the point! I got older and fucked around, I was about as gay as they come, but fuck me, I missed something and got an eye for teens and boys. Those teens were the prettiest and attractive things to watch. Shit, compared to those teens, my own lover, who is a knock-out by the way, was a nothing compared to those young devils. I knew this was shit, it couldn’t be right, and I had fought with my own fucking head over this, but believe me, I would give anything to be able to fuck a young sweet teen. It’s not just how damn pretty they were and are, I really appreciated their relaxed, free and carefree attitude. The development that boys go through that allowed them to experiment and discover what they really want. Of course, don’t get me wrong, I loved and love their slim toned bodies, their young cocks and their fucking tight asses. My fantasies sometimes drove me absolutely crazy! I didn’t even believe it was possible to find such an teen to accompany and enjoy until I met Arthur and his son. Well, I was very lucky in many, many ways. At my age, suddenly I had the whole world at my fingertips. I slowly stretched out my fingers in a bold and shameless way and found what I longed for. So on with my story! ================ A song of praise ================ Now It was a beautiful summer day and I was on my way to his brother’s house. Tom, my older brother had just moved in a new house with his son Jonah. I wondered if my brother had the same relationship to his son as Arthur and myself. Would he feel and do the same with Jonah as we did with our son. I smiled, hoping so, but my brother was pretty neat and wanted to color within the lines. I hadn’t had a chance to see my brother, since Christmas Break. Tom was divorced and was a single man now but I didn’t know what happened. Tom was a caring husband and father and he never treated anyone bad, but I knew he was gay and, since his recent divorce, I was thinking of him a lot. Was he getting back into a gay lifestyle he had given up for most of his adult life? He had always felt, just like me, a special attraction to the young ones, mostly teens. Did his attitude changed now that he was older? I would find out soon. We had in my early years a great sex life together, just lots of fun sex. My brother liked to try new things with me and I was young and eager when it became to sex. The only thing I was worried about now was his son, could Jonah handle it when his father turned out to be gay? Anyhow he had, with my little nephew Jonah a new house, the could make a fresh new start and it seemed like a good reason to surprise them. My trip this time took me close to them and with detour, I could see them. I carefully got my car into the parking lot and looked around. The park around the parking lot was quiet and serene. Nothing is what it seems to be, so I sat in my car and decided to watch the area for a few minutes. Men were walking the dog, in the distance boys were playing with a bare top and tight shorts. They laughed and tumbled over each other for the ball, I loved as they laughed happily. One boy was sitting aside, he was eating. When he was done, he sat back, and put one foot up on the bench. The leg of his shorts fell open along his thigh. Seeing his smooth, creamy legs up to his thighs would have been enough by itself, but seeing his loose gym shorts fall open to reveal a sneak peek of his briefs made me rock hard in one second. This boy was showing me another glimpse of his precious package. I somehow tore my eyes away from his groin to meet his eyes. The look on his face told me he knew what he did, he was not that innocent and he giving me what he knew I wanted. I got a lot of inspiration. The boy nodded at me and stood up and walked a few steps. Of course my eyes followed him, glued his cute ass. I felt like his eyes were a few seconds on me before he joined his little buddies. It was still early and decided to wait some more. I looked around curiously, there could be more and there were only a few other cars in the parking lot and their new house was close, just at the edge of the park. ============================== Sweet memories My love for Arthur and our son ============================== My mind drifted to yesterday. Sweet memories of home and my cock throbbed in my boxershorts. Arthur and myself walked past little David’s room, and he was still online with Timmy, his very naughty buddy. Both boys live with their fathers and they are great friends. “What’s up?” I asked him. He turned around and said a huge smile on his face, “Hi Daddy! Hi Simon! I’m still on with Timmy. Well actually, I’m watching them, he is playing with his Daddy.” innocently I ask him, “What are they playing?” Little David laughed, “You know that, softy. Timmy and his Daddy are having sex. Timmy will be fucked by his Daddy and they like me to watch them. Daddy Ben has promised Timmy to take his cherry. Exciting, isn’t it?” Arthur and I smiled at each other and stepped up to Little David’s Laptop and on the screen were Timmy and his Daddy Ben. We watched them as they went into position, putting on a show for our son. Well, after everything we had been through, we were not to surprise anymore. Jonah and Timmy used to mess around together and we encouraged that. The boys liked looking at what they got and Jonah enjoyed showing himself off as well. Boys will be boys, they enjoyed checking each other out. If their boy cocks had grown any bigger, got some hair and feeling each other up and did stuff that was for sure, because they did nothing to hide it! I noticed that Little David has a full hard-on, his penis was rock hard. I swear it got just slightly larger and longer each day and he was heading towards his own puberty. “That’s quite a show guys,” Arthur said to the cam. We knew the boys loved performing on cam but this was the first time I saw Timmy’s Daddy Ben on cam with his son. Daddy Ben is a close friend of us and was blonde like his boy Timmy. With his very fair skin and toned body, and not to forget his beautiful uncut man cock, he looked great. I knew sometimes my lover Arthur had sex with him and his boy as well. “You like to watch us?” Daddy Ben asked us and we nodded. “Well that’s great, we’d better show you everything.” Ben lifted Timmy and got him on his lap. He spread Timmy’s smooths legs wide and the boy willingly totally exposed himself to us. We saw Timmy’s belly, hips, and genital region filling our screen. Jonah laughed at his buddy and waved at him and he waved back. Arthur moved us to Jonah’s bed and took the laptop with us. Timmy is a well-built boy for his age. And still not a single pube in sight, Daddy Ben laughed while he looked at our interested faces. “Guys, watch how Timmy gets hard, really quick.” Ben’s fingers seemed huge in comparison with Timmy’s penis, he started to play with his teen’s cock and balls. “Watch this,” and we did as he said to Timmy, “Get your legs spread wider apart,” Ben was still rubbing softly but his voice was a little more serious. Timmy didn’t have to choose so he just wriggled both legs wider apart. It was like Daddy Ben controlled him Timmy just did as he escort kocaeli said. The boy couldn’t stop himself, with Ben’s hand still rubbing his boy cock he was sort of pushed forward a little and he said, “Show me what you need,” and Timmy was rubbing his penis and balls against his hand. We saw him smiling as Timmy began to move his hips in a steady rhythm rubbing up and down on his hand and it was starting to make him to feel really good. As the blood pumped into Timmy’ penis, and we watch it swell from all of inches soft into erect little teen cock. Daddy Ben turned his boy around to give us a full-screen view of his buttocks, his fingers parted Timmy’s butt cheeks, and the boy pushed out so that the area of his sweet, tight little pucker filled the screen. Daddy Ben got up and rearranged the cam, before he went around behind Timmy again, the boy lifted himself up and moved on his belly and twisted back to watch his Daddy, who smiled and said, “Just relax boy, I’m going to go real slow I promise,” Daddy Ben tapped his finger on Timmy’s rosebud a couple of times then slowly pushed his finger into his tiny boy hole with ease. I was sure it was going to hurt, as Daddy ben kept slowly pushing it in deeper. He started to move his finger slowly in and out, each time he pushed in he would push a little further but only very slowly. I watched them and didn’t know how long took was before we heard Ben’s voice. “I’m inside now, that wasn’t so bad was it?” Daddy’s Ben finger went as far as the second knuckle and we realized he had greased his fingers. I thought I couldn’t really believe it would go all in, but he did. I looked at our son and knew our boy could take a lot already, okay Little David could be fucked, but we wanted to be sure it felt good for everyone. Ben began to move his finger in and out Timmy caught his breath, maybe he was a little surprised at how it felt. Ben started with a slow steady rhythm and each time he pushed it in it was like it went smoother and easier, soon he started to move it a little faster. Daddy Ben added a second finger and started to slowly finger-fuck his boy willing young teen hole. We looked at them our eyes glued to the screen and saw Timmmy was totally hard, Daddy Ben; s hands gently rubbing his son’s back and I guessed he was giving Timmy the chance to say no. I knew I had imagined what it would be like to prepare Little David this way. We as Daddies discussed it several times, but for real it was way different, but it didn’t change what I really wanted, to fuck our own son. I looked down at my hard man cock and that wasn’t changing, soon I was going to do it. I was going to find out myself for real what it was like. When Ben added a third finger Timmy gasped at the sudden pain that shot through his body and his sphincter tightened automatically. Daddy Ben stopped fucking his son with his fingers and as the pain eased almost immediately Timmy relaxed his sphincter again. We heard him say, “Oh that’s my boy…” Daddy Ben’s fingers slid gently across the hot twitching opening of Timmy’s entrance as his tongue entered his son’s mouth in a passionate kiss. He gently broke the kiss to whisper in his ear, “Push out boy, relax your sweet ass, and let Daddy in.” It was amazing to watch these two went for it. The three of us lay on Little David’s bed, naked and intertwined, enjoying their show. I could feel our boy’s hard cock rearing at my side. Little David looked fascinated at the screen and started pushing his boy’s cock against my skin. When Arthur and I shared a quick kiss, Little David said urgently, “Arthur, Simon, look at them!” Daddy Ben lubed up his throbbing cock and ran it up and down his boy’s crack a few times, just to get him used to the idea of being fucked with us watching them. Timmy pushed back as if trying to hurry his Daddy up. After a few minutes Ben started to rub the head of his cock against his son’s boy hole letting him feel the hot hardness of his tool. Timmy was shaking a little as Daddy Ben pushed his man cock against his sphincter and his boy pushed back. Ben pushed little harder and the head of his slick clock slipped in just a fraction of an inch. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. He opened Timmy’s pucker and made a good start to take his boy’s cherry. Arthur and I watched them and understood Daddy Ben’s restraint, our own son, Little David, couldn’t take our cocks yet. It would be a slow process, but eventually we would be deep within Little David’s ass. On the screen Daddy Ben let him adjust to the slight intrusion of his ass. After some seconds Daddy Ben pushed a little more of his man cock inside his boy. Timmy moaned, “Fuck Yes!” and, while Ben obvious had intended to take his time penetrating his son slowly, he pressed on. Timmy didn’t protest as his Daddy continued to push a little harder. “Oh, don’t stop, Daddy.” Timmy said and Little David asked us sounding excited, “Daddy Ben is gonna fuck Timmy?” I smiled at Little David and hugged him close to my body, “I don’t know, just watch them. It’s going great so far.” We watched them and Timmy looked so relaxed and so desperate to have his Daddy’s cock buried inside him, I was nearly sure they would continue. Timmy wiggled his ass back and forth and used his back to push hard upwards to impale himself on his Daddy’s hard cock. Daddy Ben’s cock went in several more inches, and Little David asked me, “Is his cock deep in his ass yet?” I laughed, “No, not yet. Only a little, but now Daddy Ben get the head of his cock inside Timmy, he will try to go deeper.” On the screen Timmy panted, “Just do it, Daddy! Just shove it in and get it over with.” I had been with a lot of boys who wanted it desperate that way, the sons always wanted to be impaled by their Daddy. Ben asked his son, “Are you sure, boy. It’s gonna hurt, then it will be better.” Timmy didn’t care anymore, there was something in his look, his face, that hypnotized me. My own cock throbbed, the feeling went up into my balls. I guessed Timmy liked it all the way, this was Daddy-son love. The boy surrendered to his Daddy, he needed to be fucked. He could endure the pain, felt the pressure of his Daddy’s cock and knew what that meant, he was about to be fucked. Timmy shouted, yelled, practically screamed, “Ohhh, Daddy, please!” Little David said with the sexiest smile I’d seen on boy, “My own Daddy Simon likes what they are doing.” I said softly, “Oh, yeah I do, David,” and I kissed him. On the screen Timmy groaned, “Do it, Daddy!” Watching them getting on with it Little David whispered, “Now, dammit, give Timmy what he wants!” Little David almost scared me with his tone of voice. I heard a desperate longing in his voice, not only to see his buddy to be fucked, but also to experience it himself. Little David couldn’t wait to get fucked himself! I wondered what was behind the urgency to see his little buddy fucked, did he feel left out? Ben winked in the cam and I was sure, he wasn’t about to disappoint us. Bracing himself Ben grabbed Timmy’ hips in a powerful grip and shoved my cock up his ass in one movement. “Holy shit, that hurts,” Timmy yelled. He cried out as the cockhead passed through his sphincter, he moaned loudly. Ben’s hands hold hid waist as he carved open, too horny to stop anyhow, “Oh fuck yes,” he hissed as he forced more of his cock slowly deep into his son, relentlessly stuffing him with more and more cock. “Don’t worry, Timmy, it will be over soon.” He pressed more and more of his hard cock deeper into him, “You’re made for this.” There went a strong sudder of pleasure through Timmy as his Daddy hit his prostate gland. “Is he bleeding?” Little David asked with deep concern. I felt him trembling next to me and his heart was beating so fast I could almost hear it. I shook his head slowly, but couldn’t take my eyes off the boy. Daddy Ben eased his grip on Timmy’ hips and just knelt there letting him get used to my cock up his ass as he breathed heavily and got used to having the hard inches of his Daddy’s cock up his ass. “You okay?” he asked patting his ass gently. “Great,” Timmy said through gritted teeth, “it doesn’t hurt as bad now. When will it start feeling good?” Daddy Ben laughed, “Soon, I promise. But I’ll pull out anytime you want and we can call it quits for tonight.” “NO! I am not a quitter. I want you to fuck me!” he said to his Daddy. I smiled at the absurdity of a twelve year old son screaming to his Daddy be fucked but Timmy did just that. Ben pulled out almost all the way then pushed back in quickly and Timmy grunted, but amazingly he didn’t try to pull away. In fact he actually pushed back against his Daddy forcing me deeper in his hot slick tunnel. Maybe it was starting to feel good now. Ben positioned himself in such a way that his cock rubbed against his prostate with each stroke and soon he was moaning with pleasure and pushing back to meet each thrust. Ben took him at his word and he fucked him hard. The bed springs were squeaking and the head board was banging the wall almost comically. Daddy Ben was horny and he was banging this son’s ass like his life depended on it. They both seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as we were watching them. Timmy was making little animal noises now and Ben’s balls were making a slapping noise as they banged against his little ass. Ben was close but he really wanted to make it last so we could enjoy it even more. He suddenly stopped moving and laid down on top of Timmy with his cock buried deep in his guts. “Oh guys, izmit anal yapan escort this feels so great, come on Little David give your as to your Daddies!” and started kissing and nuzzling his neck. “Yes, I want to be fucked as well!” Little David said shivering and we hugged him, “Just watch them, little buddy, your time is really coming!” On the screen Ben raised up and began again this time working his way up to a nice rhythm. Timmy was in Heaven, his Daddy’s cock was deep within his hot wet hole and from the sounds he was making Ben was pretty happy too. Ben pulled out and he whimpered but he didn’t hesitate a second before raising his legs again and throwing them over his shoulders. He plunged back in and began pounding his son hard. He bent down and kissed Timmy and the boy returned the kiss with passion. Ben pumped harder and faster into him. He broke the kiss and really went at it and suddenly he moaned loudly and Timmy began to spurt his boy cum all over the both of them. That was all it took to send his Daddy over the edge and Ben almost blacked out as he began to unload inside Timmy’ hot tight ass. He shot his man load, filling his son up with his hot cum. All this made the three of us, Arthur, little David and myself obviously horny. Ben stopped fucking his son and his boy, Timmy, leaned over and started to lick his Daddy his hard cock working his way down Ben’s shaft and to his balls. Timmy has been taught well by us that blow jobs have to be very wet with saliva so a man cock slides in and out of his mouth with ease, and it made his Daddy, or on occasion us, feel really good. He’s taken our lessons to heart because he was slobbering all over Ben’s rock hard cock. He pulled Ben’s skin back to work on the head a bit and with one inhale of air through his nose, went all the way to the base of his Daddy’s cock. You have to remember that Timmy is like little David only twelve and his young throat is much smaller than a man’s throat. I knew the tightness that Ben was feeling on his cock head right now and he leaned back with a loud sign and moan, and said, “That’s it baby boy. Arthur and Simon have taught you well. Good boy! Your Daddy love you so much.” I could help myself, the temptation was too great, I got behind Little David and started licking his marble white ass cheeks and sticking my tongue up his tight little hole as far as I could. Up to this point, Arthur and myself had only been able to get the heads of our cocks into our son. We didn’t want to go too far too fast and rip him or hurt him. So, we were slowly opening him up every day, it was just a little stretching exercise. We thought in a few months, little David would be able to take the entire length of our cocks inside of him. Of course we had squirted in him a lot though. It’s so amazing seeing our cum leaking out of his little boy hole when he farted out our cum. We ate our cum out of him every single time and little David loved that. He squatted over our mouths and just pushed and the cum just streamed out of his boy hole. A lot of times, he had both our cum up inside of him. He was also had Ben’s cum inside of him as well as many of our other friends, and we always managed to eat all of those loads out of our son. I thought our little David was turning into a real a bottom. I stick the head of my cock into little David’s tight, but well lubed tiny ass hole and went past the first sphincter muscle. At the same time he gagged on his own Daddy’s cock and throws up some saliva on Arthur’s cock. Arthur said, “That’s my boy. Just the way Daddy likes it.” I pushed just a little further not wanting to hurt him, and he pulled his mouth off of Arthur’s cock and said to me, “Put it in a little further today, Simon.” I asked him, “Are you sure baby?” He said, “Yes Simon, please.” So I pushed in a little further inside him and little David let out a little moan under his breath because he had his own Daddy’s cock in his wide opened mouth. I had my cock about half way up inside of the boy and I had to admit, he was a little hero. Little David clamped his teeth tight as I slowly kept pushing it in deeper. He took a few deep breathes and the deeper my cock went the more the his muscles started to tighten and I stopped pushing just holding still. “Try to relax boy. not much more to go,” I said softly and Little David to relax again. I stopped at the half way mark though because I didn’t want to tear him up. Little David’s hole was so tight I almost wanted to cum right away, but I held off because I wanted to wait and cum at the same time as my lover Arthur. We lean over our little boy and kiss each other passionately. I didn’t know how I could still be so turned on by my lover after all these years, but I am and was awesome to have our little David between us taking our cocks in both of his boy holes. Little David groaned and a few more movements inside of his tight little boy hole and I couldn’t hold back anymore, I groaned as my cum started flowing out of my cock up our son’s tight asshole. Arthur saw the pleasure on may face and hold back, we switched places an believe me I love watching my lover Arthur taking care of his son. Little David’s boy hole was ready, well lubed by my load so he could penetrate his body. I saw my lover wanted to fuck Little David. He was so proud of his son! That beautiful white ass up in the air, so smooth, so small, my cum running down the insides of his legs. “Turn over, David.” Little David turned over on his stomach and Arthur looked at those unbelievable smooth ass cheeks. Arthur’s cock was lubed well with saliva and little David’s hole was lubed well with my cum. Arthur started his penetration into his son’s well stretched boy hole with the head of my super hard cock. Little David let out a little boy sigh as he got through his first sphincter. Little David started moaning right away, “Oh Daddy. Just a little bit more…” Little David pushed back and to let him know it was all right to take his ass. Arthur lay on top of his son and pushed his hard cock somewhat deeper into his boy’s ass fucking him slowly before he raised up and took his man cock out. He lubed his cock again and took hold of his tool. Arthur guided it into the deep crevice, aiming straight at his already opened boy hole. He pressed against it and slid in slowly and easily. This time Arthur pushed harder and he got through his first and second sphincter. Usually we stopped there, at this point. Little David usually told us it hurts too bad so we pulled it out at this point, but this time, little David moaned a bit deeper and said to Arthur, “Oh Daddy, to keep going.” Arthur lay down on his little son’s back and sucked his earlobes. “Fuck me, Daddy. Please, do it.” The boy was sure, and Arthur couldn’t hold back. He suddenly pushed his man cock all the way in. Little David let out a yell as he felt his Daddy’s cock possessing him. He twisted his head around to give his Daddy a surprised look and Arthur looked back at him and slowly but surely his cock made its way all the way into his little boy tight little boy hole. In a matter of seconds he was slow fucking his son with long and deep strokes. Arthur plowed into his son’s shapely ass. Little David raised and lowered his ass in sync with his thrusts. Holy fuck this was hot! I admired their fuck and loved it to watch them. Arthur was no longer gentle and easy. He fucked his son with hard, savage thrusts that stabbed into him and pulled out at a hard rhythmic pace. Little David didn’t complain and worked with him, raising and lowering his ass in time with his cock. Arthur’s cock plunged into his hot boy hole over and over. He was his Daddy and he was in control and he took his time to make sure Little David would never forget this first experience with his Daddy. Time did not matter as they humped together on our bed. The boy was moaning and groaning as he responded to Arthur’s cock that was filling him so completely. Arthur started to do it with much longer strokes nearly all the way out then all the way back in, as he pushed his cock back deep inside. Little David held his breath as a wave of good feeling came over him. I saw started to wait for it each stroke as soon as Arthur started pushing back in, his back would start to arch, then hr would relax again as Arthur pulled his cock back. Arthur moved a little faster in long steady strokes which made the waves of good feeling inside come faster and I saw Little David’s hands gripping onto sheets taking a deep breath each time his Daddy pushed in. Little David’s breathing was deeper and his muscled relaxed. “You like to be fucked by Daddy?” Arthur whispered and Little David nodded his head “No, son I want to hear you say it,” Arthur said softly again “Oh yes, Daddy, I love it!” Little David said back to his Daddy and I was sure he did, I couldn’t really believe it, I saw my lover’s hard man cock moving in and out of our son. It was sort of weird thing to see, but somehow it was great and sexy at the same time. “Thats it baby,” I heard Arthur say, his voice sounded different from his hard breathing, as Little David moved his bottom backwards and forwards faster. He took a deep breath and suddenly a soft, “Oh Daddy…” came from out his mouth. Now Little David turned his head and Arthur pushed his tongue into his mouth and let him groan into his mouth. He raised up and pulled out. “No, don’t stop.” I couldn’t believe how horny our boy was. “Turn over on your back.” Little David gebze escort rolled over and I lifted his legs to Arthur’s shoulders. I helped the boy as pulled them back so that his knees were against his boy chest. I looked at his open boy hole and saw it was distended from Arthur’s man cock. I leaned over and licked Little David’s ass hole before Arthur took his cock and put it on the wide opened hole. In one stroke I was back in and humping. This time Little David lifted his ass to meet every downstroke as it came. He had learned quickly and well. He squeezed his anal muscles to grip his Daddy’s cock and now it was his turn to moan. I opened his legs for Arthur, stretched them out and brought them together around his back, so he could use them to pull his Daddy back in as he pulled out. I couldn’t believe it! Arthur was slamming into him now with a force that caused his pubes to slap against his upturned ass. The noise echoed in our bedroom along with their moans and groans. They were almost there. Little David’s hard little pecker was jumping each time he brushed his prostate and I knew the was going to come with his Daddy. Just to make sure, though, I gripped Little David’s penis with my slippery fingers and began jerking him. “Yeah! Ahhhhhhhhh!” the boy’s ass muscles started spasming around his Daddy’s man tool, Arthur just couldn’t hold it. After about a minute he started to wail that Arthur was cumming. I saw my lover Arthur just kept cumming and cumming inside his son, which was quite possible since he was so horny and turned on by everything. I stroked his penis and soon Little David started to dry cum and lets out a huge wail, “Ohhhhh…oh…oh….ahhhhhhhhh!” As he was pulling his cock out, I slid my tongue onto little David’s boy hole and started to lick the oozing cum out of his ass and was digging into his hole with my tongue to get my lover’s juice. I sucked Arthur’s cum out of little David’s hairless ass while his son was pushing his ass on his my face and said, “Oh Simon, eat it out.” Oh my gosh, I can hardly wait until he starts to really cum. The three of us lay down on little’s bed together and Arthur and I were facing each other and little David was between the two of us. I am the luckiest and happiest person alive. We lay in each other’s arms and bonded tighter than I ever dreamed possible. I felt his nubile body against mine and squeezed him. We forgot to turn off the webcam but it didn’t matter, Ben and his son Timmy had enjoyed our show and gave us thumbs ups and big smiles. ======================= My awesome nephew Jonah ======================= Horny and rock hard I sat in my car and sighed. Sometimes memories are almost as good as the act itself. Suddenly I saw an attractive teen coming from the other direction. The running teen was young and his body was pretty well build, the boy was strong and flexible. He was headed in my direction, he was wearing a black running singlet and black running tights that had a silken sheen to them. I recognized him immediately, it was my nephew Jonah! Jonah’s legs looked well shaped and quite muscular. When he passed me I got a better look at him and was impressed. He was probably about seventeen now and quite handsome. I noticed how well his singlet fitted him showing off his teen body very well. The tights also highlighted his soft package, which was nestled between his legs rising up and down slightly as he approached me. I smiled, that sexy outfit seemed to help his performance and that it was obvious comfy and sexy to wear. I couldn’t stop my eyes from being glued to where I knew his precious teenage cock was hiding. As he ran, I couldn’t help thinking how fucking lucky I was to have such a body of sculptured teen perfection moving so close to me. In all honesty, I am a diehard butt man, and his boy’s butt is certainly one to die for! Jonah’s firm butt was so awesomely shapely that I haven’t even see one closely matching or closely comparing to, not even on my own lover. From the top of his blonde head all the way down to his running shoes, this boy had it all, and still covered up obviously a hell of a lot more! Jonah ran so fast that even if I would have wanted to greet him, he wouldn’t have heard me! Jonah gave me a stupid grin before going back to concentrating on his running. Watching how his firm teen ass bounced slightly inside his black running tights got my cock growing inside my shorts. I leaned back looking out across the track, where my nephew Jonah was running laps. He worked hard and was panting and his teen body was wet with sweat. Wow, my teen nephew was in great shape! The more I saw, the more I desired him! Wow, Jonah had a nice chest and was pretty hot to watch. And I glanced back as he passed me again, his legs were flexing as he ran fast and determined, his ass was clinging to the material of his running tights. Jonah glanced back at me as he passed mt car. I thought I caught a shy smile or a smirk of some sort. I sighed as I watched his well-formed body run easily around the track, his bulging muscles gleaming in the hot summer sun. Jonah was a young teen but looked like an Adonis, tanned and with incredible good looks. Jonah’s silky blonde hair was tossed by the wind as he labored around the track. I sighed again, as he thought about what I would like to do with him if I ever got the chance. I looked up to see Jonah jogging up to me as I glanced up, there, right outside his car, was standing close to me was the most devilishly inviting, mouth-watering, tights clad bulge. At first glance it was obvious that my nephew was au-naturel under that well-used, somewhat thin piece of outfit. What I saw was in close up this most cutest, the most tantalizing lump lifting the thin material away from his body! One look was enough to make my cock get instantly rock hard and twitch. Every inch of his body running with sweat looked like he had just run under a garden hose. Small drips of sweat ran his smooth, muscular curves as he stood, chest heaving as he caught his breath. “Hi uncle David,” he panted with a cute smile on his handsome face. I looked at my nephew who was standing next to my car, so casual, uninhibited and unceremonious that I felt my cock stirring in my shorts. My nephew Jonah was breathtakingly beautiful with his almost lean, slender body with his bright blonde hair. Jonah’s fabulously eyes glistened in the sun, making my own eyes quiver in delight, as his bright blue eyes sparkled luxuriously. Jonah’s unblemished face was still slender and two perfectly placed dimples creased his smooth cheeks. I loved those lips, being a pale cherry color gracefully appealing to his thin lips, defiantly outlining his perfect tan and his somewhat angular jaw and fine delicately chiseled features. The tanned dark light coffee silky-smooth skin, blue eyes and the lithe grace of a puppy, he still looked like a hot young boy. A sweet puppy dog to die for! It didn’t miss the effect on my cock, I started to drip in my boxershorts. My cock was rock hard and I felt my foreskin pulled back and the head was drooling a stream of cock juiced into the fabric as it twitched up and down with my heartbeat. I felt the urge to touch him, to my hands were on his sweat covered tank top to feel his swollen, rock hard, boy nipples and to pinch and roll them between my fingers. With each pinch, Jonah would whimper and moan and his covered cock would pulse and drool his teen juice. He was staring at his tights clad bulge and nipples and lost in my lust for him. Jonah’s was a handsome teen but if he would be dressed in little boy’s clothes, he could easily be mistaken for an incredibly pretty young boy! Don’t get the wrong impression, Jonah had a body that was muscled but in an elegant way, his flat belly and smoothly defined pectorals that don’t protrude like a body builder’s but are sculpted smoothly out of silken flesh. Jonah’s covered erection was at half-mast under this black running tights. I lowered my car window completely and leaned slightly further to the right and discreetly looked up and felt my heart pounding so hard, so fast, at what my eyes saw. Sure, Jonah was not a little boy anymore, but had become a most adorable young lad, the boy slender, large eyes, sharp features, and the most kissable lips! Jonah had a healthy, bronzed complexion and tight, dark, unruly blonde curls that fell in a seductive way across his forehead. Jonah was an absolutely adorable teen! “Wow. You have certainly grown up,” I said, looking my nephew Jonah up and down, making him blush. My eyes went back to his crotch and locked in on that cute package once more, carefully studying the lump. It was clear that this awesome display was the result of an incredible narrow waist and his flat abdomen, that really pushed out his teen cock and probably hairless mound, displaying his joy, his pride even more acutely as I saw his cock was tenting out his black running tights. “You look awesome boy!” I said softly, feeling ridiculously hot and horny. I couldn’t help it Jonah showed me a real handful, his pair of balls visibly hanging between his thighs, lovingly cradling the hidden treasure of his young manly pride in a nonchalant fold in the fabric. On top Jonah’s cock-head clearly visible. Fucking hell, my nephew had an well- shaped un-cut cock. Jonah sparkling eyes, were on me and to my surprise he winked at me. Such a naughty teen, his stride was one of proud purpose, his body toned by the sun, his muscles rippling with his every movement. The tan of his smooth skin was looking great and I longed to touch his running tights, wanted to hold him close and to be held by him. More? 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