It’s Not A Handicap part 3


Please read parts 1 and 2 first…..

It’s Not A Handicap part 3

Chris’ dress was strapless, which made it so easy to remove. I slid the lower part upward, as I rolled her onto her stomach. God, what a fine ass this young woman has. Lowering the zipper had made the entire dress loose, so I slipped my arm underneath, and up toward her tits. Only a slight lift was needed to remove the garment.

Liz’s oldest daughter has bigger tits than her mother, and with her bald pussy mound, she was a sight every man should be entitled to behold. But last night, she was mine…to use as I wanted.

I lifted her easily and carried her to my bedroom. With all the lights on, I took several pictures, and a short video, with emphasis on her perfect, high breasts and dark pink aureoles. Next was a full minute close-up of her pussy, while my free hand explored her clit, pee hole, vaginal opening and my fingers, fucking in and out. Then I turned on the webcam.

I spread her creamy, smooth legs, raised her knees, and lowered my mouth to the luscious cunt. I had never been this free with an unconscious woman before, so I had no idea if Chris would even feel my tongue’s ministrations of her clit, or my fingers inside her, searching in and up for her g-spot.

The more I sucked her clit, the more it protruded. Occasionally, I lightly scraped my teeth across it…making her jump, each time. She WAS feeling it! I found the g-spot with my middle finger and began stroking it, as I finger fucked her tight hole with two fingers.

I pulled my fingers out, just long enough to get a taste of her juices. I slicked-up my third finger with saliva, then pushed it into her asshole as I re-inserted the other two in her pussy. I had adjusted the webcam, so I knew it was getting a good view of the action. Sure enough, she began mumbling unintelligible words, moved her hands to the back of my head, and forced her mound upward, into my face.

To the best of my knowledge, Chris never opened her eyes when her orgasm began. However, I did understand her ‘g..g..gaa..gaa..gaa..GOD-DAMMMMMN!’ The juices flowed from her hole, onto kocaeli escort bayan my fingers, into my mouth, and down across her asshole, making it slicker..slick enough to insert my pinky into it, also. I continued licking, sucking, and pumping my hand until she was through, and began to relax.

I quickly grabbed my video camera and took a clip of the wetness she had produced. The more I filmed, the harder my dick became. But, before I could mount her, Chris heaved a couple of times, indicating her drinks were about to come back up. I jerked her sweet ass out of my bed and got her to the bathroom in time.

She was on her knees, head over the toilet, when her margaritas made their exit. Each time she heaved, a little fart would make an escape, too. My cock had drooped a little during all this activity, but watching her raise her ass, combined with the cute little pops from her butt, made ol’ fat boy stand at attention again. ….’Why not?’…I asked myself. I reached into the cabinet for the KY jelly.

Chris groaned a slight protest when I slipped a slick finger into her rectum… then another. With my other hand, I rubbed a liberal amount onto my engorged shaft, then lined it up. As soon as I removed my fingers, my cock sank past her sphincter and straight up into her bowels.

“Ouch!” was the only thing she uttered as I began stroking in and out. Either her ass was extra tight, or ol’ fat boy was getting fatter. I believe she was actually pulling on my member, each time I drew back, then relaxing her anus as I pushed back in. Whichever it was, it felt so fucking good I didn’t last long.

A couple of minutes of ramming her ass was all it took. My balls tightened and sent stream after stream of cum into her colon. When I felt it was all drained, I drew away and helped her sit on the pot…just in time. Being forced by gas pockets, the baby batter enema made her shit blast away at the bowl of water. Each time it would splash up onto her bare butt, Chris would gasp at the feel of the chilly water. Yet, she never opened her eyes.

After getting her back in my bed, I showered and crawled under the quilt, beside kocaeli sınırsız escort her. Sometime during the early morning hours, I awoke with a hard-on, so I rolled onto the naked body in my bed. This time, as my boner sank into her cunt, Chris woke up.

“Uhhnngg…Mmmmm..Uh..Uh..Uh,” was the sounds she made as I started pumping hard. “It’s okay, daddy..I won’t tell mom. Ah..Ah..Oh yes, fuck me, dad. Yesssss! It’s okay, it’s okay..Uh..Uh..Uh..Oh God you feel so good…Oh, daddy, you knew I wanted you..fuck me good, yeah, fuck me good…”.

At that point, I spewed a load of sperm against her cervix, six or seven bursts. I detected a short orgasm from Chris’ waning body actions. Then she passed out again.

I was awakened when the phone rang at ten minutes after eight. It was Liz.

“I did it, Don. I caught him talking to Jeanette, on the phone. Then, when he got into bed, I mounted him like a cowgirl on a saddle horn. His dick was limp, so I figured she had just slipped out before I got home. I kept riding against his cock until it did get hard. We were fucking hard and fast, when I leaned forward and gripped his neck with my left hand, and you know how strong my hand is.

“I told him to enjoy that fuck, because if he didn’t do what I want, it would be the last fuck of his life. I kept riding back and forth, slowly. I told him that I knew all about Jeanette, and about his desire to fuck our girls. He never tried to make me turn loose of his throat. Then I told him I had a lover. I told him he could fuck our girls, and that they wanted him, too. He was having a hard time breathing, so all he could do was nod. Then came the best part. He looked up at me, with a tear in his eye, and whispered, ’I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry I raped you back when we were kids.’ All these years, Don, Joe had never apologized for that first time.

“I told him it was okay, now. When he heard that you were my lover, and that you had raped me, too, he started to get mad. Then I let go of his neck and slapped him as hard as I could. I told him that I’ve discovered I like being mistreated and fucked izmit anal yapan escort rough. About that time, we both came…it was a hard one for both of us, and plenty of cum. He wanted to fuck again this morning, but I told him to save it for Chris. Is she awake, yet?”

I gave her an accounting of what all had happened, since she left last night. Chris was still asleep, but I invited her and Joe down for breakfast. When they came through the back door, her robe fell to the floor and she kissed me, in front of her husband. She went to her knees, immediately, when I told her to give me a blow job. Her good hand jacked my cock, while her mouth worked its’ magic. Don just stood and watched, until I said, “Chris is naked and asleep…first bedroom on the right. I’ll give you fifteen minutes, the coffee and eggs will be ready byyy..oh God..oh, yesss, Lizzzzz! Uhhhnngh! Uhhhnngh! Ahhhhhh! God, you’re the best little cocksucker in the world!”

Liz and I just grinned at each other when we heard Chris’ squealing protests turn to sounds of compliance, then pleasure. I took the eggs out of the skillet, just as the two of them walked into the kitchen. Chris was moving like a pregnant woman, sore from all the cock she had stuck in her cunt and ass, over the last few hours. I’m sure her hangover didn’t help matters, either.

“Sit,” I told them, “you two need to enjoy this meal. You’re going need your protein. After I’m able to recuperate from the blow job I just had, you, Chris, are going to give your dad, and I, back to back ones. Coffee anybody?”

Liz called Dee, who was supposed to be coming home today, and told her to come straight to my house. The four of us dabbled in several aspects of sex for hours. Right after we ate cold cut sandwiches for lunch, my doorbell rang. Liz stood behind the door as she opened it, and peered around the edge.

“Hi, sweetheart!”, she said, then closed the door as Dee stepped inside. The nineteen year old’s eyes nearly popped out, when she realized her mother was naked. Her mouth dropped open, and she caught her breath as she spotted Chris, sitting between her father and I, with a hard cock in each hand.


Liz put her left arm around Dee’s shoulders, hugged her and said, “It’s alright, darling. We have a lot to share with you. First, though, let’s get your clothes off…..”

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