Subject: It’s not for everybody “It’s Not for Everybody” By Justin Balancier The aged interviewer leaned back in the large winged chair and stared intently at the two men he was interviewing for a magazine article entitled, “It’s so Gay.” “The chronicles of gay justice will not surprise you in this world of common misgivings. One already knows a great deal about clubs, gay bars, restaurants and steam bath houses. Living this subtle but striking wisdom induces one to talk about people,” said Joe, who seemed to be the older of the two. “What the hell are you trying to say?” George, the magazine interviewer, commented. “If you are living a together life with your partner or husband, whatever you call yourselves; what can be subtle about what you are doing?” He asked. “We do things differently,” commented Joe, who stood next to his partner, Cooper. “How so � never mind, let’s forget about subtle and tell me what you do as a gay 20 year together gay couple. Something different is what I am looking for to include in the next issue of the magazine. “However, If you are referring to `weird, I can’t promise anything will get published. Personally, I think a little weird can be exciting, but it’s not for me to decide that,” he said. “Are you a volunteer, “asked Cooper. “How old are you?” “I ask the questions here, so be serious,” replied the elderly interviewer, “I am serious,” demanded Cooper. “How the fucks old are you?” “I’m 102 but don’t let that get around. My dance card is full.” Joe elbowed his better half and told him to behave. They all giggled a bit and the nonsense stopped. Why Cooper even asked such a question was so “yesterday.” “Okay, gentlemen, call me George and just for you darling Cooper; I am a 76-year-old volunteer retired from journalism. However, I stay active interviewing nasty `high queens’ such as you two sweethearts.” “That’s not very nice.” Said Cooper “Well, you should know.” Joe and Cooper were in their forties and have been together since high school. They were cum pigs, but didn’t consider themselves pigs. They justified that by being givers and not takers. They spent the last twenty plus years in bed together wallowing in as much sexual behavior that time allowed. They never got married, once it became legal. That was for young idiots. Instead, they lived together, loving each other in their own special way. “As the years moved on, sex became boring. It was always good, but so familiar that it seemed boring. Cooper and I decided to spread ourselves round making lonely ignored faggots happy,” said Joe. kocaeli escort When they told this to George, he sat up straight in his chair and suddenly turned into Mr. Charming. “A-hum, just how do you do this? I mean make lonely faggots happy. He asked. Joe and Cooper both stood up. Cooper pulled his shirt off over his head and stood there with his chest hard as a rock. He flashed a smile and George realized he was rather good looking and a sexy man for sure. Perhaps he had misjudged him. Joe did something different. He unbuckled his pants and let them fall to his ankles. He lowered his underwear and exposed hefty manhood that would put a smile on a rose thorn. The two of them stood like fools and not the least embarrassed showing what they were talking about. They were semi naked with friendly charm in all the right places. In general, there is something `yummy’ about men in their forties. “Oh, good gracious,” mumbled George “Are you saying you are a couple of gigolos?” “Naw, nothing like that; we � how, can I put this? We like gay men who find it difficult hooking up with people who ignore them and flock to handsome men for sex” said Joe. “And that means?” Quizzed George. “In simple terms,” said Cooper. “If you’re somebody who doesn’t get cock because good looking men won’t bother with you � we want you, providing you are a good cock sucker. “That is terribly one sided. What makes you think they would go out with either of you?” “That’s right, maybe they wouldn’t and that’s okay.” Admitted Joe. They immediately put their clothes back in place at amazing speed. They looked good. “I just want a mouth, not a boyfriend,” added Cooper. “Looks are not importin as long as their lips works to perfection. Age doesn’t matter,” he continued with a goofy smirk… “Yeah, that is what we talk about all the time,” said Joe. We want to get off with different people and no strings attached. It sounds kinda sick, I suppose, but that is how we roll.” “Yeaaah, that is a bit whorish. It sounds like you are out to use people,” said George “We are – but it is fair. We get lips and they get cock. I know it’s not for everybody.” “Oh good lord, this doesn’t fit for a magazine. It is gritty and I can’t print a story like that… “Certainly, we get that,” said Joe “We are not faggots with poodles or cats throwing dinner parties for old queens who love cocktails � sorry, I hope that’s not rude.” “Nope, perfectly fine.” “Let’s forget about the magazine,” suggested Cooper. “Of course, agreed George.” That would be best.” George listened, while they talked to one kocaeli escort bayan another. It was like a soap opera from the fifties on CBS radio. Here is what went down… “Did you pick up the dry cleaning today?” asked Joe. “No, I will get it tomorrow. By the time I got there this afternoon, the place was closed.” Cooper replied. “Do you want me to get it in the morning?” . “Nope, I can do it,” said Coop. “Let’s talk” “Go ahead, nobody’s stopping you,” said Joe. “Do you remember how we talked about sex becoming so familiar that the sparks were nonexistent? The feeling is adequate, but no surprises. I know every stroke of your tongue after all these years, said Cooper. “Ha ha-ha, every stroke, huh? Sure, I remember. Maybe we need an `on call’ cocksucker,” “Exactly and I know how to get one, maybe more than one, maybe lots of them. “What do you want to do, advertise?” “No, be serious. I have a plan” “Geezus don’t tell me another one of your crazy ideas are floating around in that pretty head. Okay, go ahead, since you are going to do it anyway,” exclaimed Joe. “I wanted to get off this afternoon,” began Cooper, “I went to the walking trails in the ridge section of town where there is heavy growth and some gay cruising. You don’t see any gay activity because they go off the trail and into the bushes… “I know the place.” I saw a good-looking hottie go off the trail and into the bushes, followed immediately by a rather dumpy overweight person. Immediately he came out and scurried off. He was getting away from Dumbo who was following him. It perked my interest so, I ducked into the bushes. The overweight dude was sitting on a tree stump looking rather sad. I spoke to him. “No luck huh?” “Nope” He replied. “Nobody wants to talk to me.” “I do,” I said I put my hand on my crotch and it began to swell. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and he asked me if he could touch it. “You can drain it, providing you are any good at sucking dick.” I said, not knowing what to expect.” “Oh, I’m good,” he replied. “Why are you being nice to me?” He asked I figured no sense playing games. We both knew what was going on here. I wanted a blowjob. “You look hungry.” I pulled out my cock with my balls hanging over the band of my jockey underwear. His lips watered liked seeing a lemon. Still sitting on the stump, he took my cock into his mouth and gobbled with the right amount of wet pressure. He swallowed deeply, worked on me as if he was Jack sprat, and wanted some fat. His cheeks plumped out like a chipmunk and he was getting what he wanted. izmit escort “Man, you are hungry,” I said to him “He spoke for just a minute never letting go of my cock. “Feed me mister, please can you do that” he begged like a little child. His soft hand wrapped around my balls and it felt good. “You want my cum?” “God yes” he whimpered. I held him by his head as he munched away and it felt exciting and powerful. No kidding, I felt powerful giving him, what others refused to do. I could feel the honey rising in my nuts on the way to his mouth but I said nothing. I wanted to see how he would react with a blast of milk from these big nuts. Then it happened. I let loose with a shot to the back of his throat and he swallowed but never stopped using those fleshy lips. He was terrific and so driven that he never gave up working on me. I was going soft and he was still licking my nuts. “I’m Gary,” he said. “Cooper.” “Hot name for a hot man.” He mumbled wobbling getting up from the stump where he was sitting. After putting myself back together, I left the bushes. He was still there, but I didn’t look back. I heard somebody behind me. It was him trying to catch up with me, so I waited. “I want to say `thank you, you are really something.” He mumbled sounding frighten or just shy.’ “Thank you buddy, it was good.” I said. “I’ll be here tomorrow, if you are around.” Then the idea hit me like a clap of thunder. “Would you like to have two loads if I come back tomorrow and bring my boyfriend? “Will I get beat up? You don’t plan to stomp me, do you?” “Stop, don’t be ridiculous.” “Sure, not a problem, just don’t hit me.” “I have to go,” I mumbled trying to walk away. “That is wild,” said Joe. “Yeah, I have to admit. It was a good blowjob. The best part is being in charge and having your dick on cloud nine. He gobbled just the way I like it. “Really? I think we should go tomorrow afternoon and find Gary,” said Joe. “Gaud, you’re such a tramp.” “Hell, you did it.” George listened to everything they were saying. He was exhausted trying to keep up with them… “Cooper, I cannot keep up with your hunger to find a gay contact in distress. And Joe, you are rugged hot; (you are both punishing hot) which gives me the vapers.” George told them getting up to leave. “You don’t have to hurry off just yet,” said Joe “Oh believe me, I do or I will be snapping at your zippers. I need to find a story by this afternoon, in order to submit it by tomorrow morning, and so far, everything I have heard is too murky to print. “I don’t see the problem here,” interjected Cooper. “It’s a gay story, for a gay magazine read by gay people. Do you think sex in the bushes would shock any of them? ************************** Justin � hoo Part 2 to follow Please remember Nifty. Thank you.

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