It’s Only Lust

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It’s Only LustIt’s Only LustChapter 4Be sure to read the other chapters.I was still on my knees, as I finished slurping up the juice from Joyce’s orgasm. Her hands were resting on my head as she took in several deep breaths. I raised my head to get a view of Joyce lying on her back. The sight I saw made my cock twitch. I watched as Joyce’s breasts rose up and down as she tried to get her breathing under control. The nipples on her breasts were rigid, calling for my mouth. I looked at Joyce’s face. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. I took a deep breath and returned my gaze to her crotch. Joyce’s clit was wet with my saliva and her pussy juice. The small patch of bedspread under her was wet. Time seemed to stand still as I tried to recall how long I had been planning and scheming to get to this point. Was it two or three years ago I had decided I wanted; no I needed to fuck my Mother In-Law. The In-Laws lived several hours away so that left me lots of time to plan my scheme. I knew they would visit at least once every four or six weeks and spend the weekend. I knew if this was going to happen I’d have to get more intimate with Joyce. Up until I put my plan into motion our greetings and goodbyes were a quick peck on the cheek and a brief hug. I recall the look of surprise on Joyce’s face the first time I kissed her on the lips when they arrived for a visit. The hug was much tighter while my hands rubbed her back. Over time my hands would slide down her sides to her hips as we hugged. Many times as they pulled up the driveway I would get out the cherry flavored cock lube and put a dab or two on my fingertip, rub the head of my cock and then smear it on my lips for Joyce to taste. Whenever I was alone with Joyce albeit most of the time for only a minute or less I would steer our conversations toward things that allowed me to use sexual innuendos. Joyce began to open up as time went on. She would hug me back and rub my arms. Our hello and goodbye kisses seemed to last longer and Joyce would smile each time. I began to notice the tone of her voice would change when we talked on the telephone and she would always tell me if she was alone in the house. Most of my calls were legitimate. Sometimes I’d have a real question for her or my Father In-Law. Sometimes I’d call because illegal bahis I was feeling horny and wanted to hear her voice while I stroke my cock to orgasm. The telephone calls were hit and miss. On the In-Laws visits to our home I would hope and be ready for those times we’d be alone in the living room. I’d wear my sweats without underwear and position myself so only Joyce could see me playing with my cock. As time went on I began to notice as I rub my crotch, Joyce would lightly rub her hand on her thigh in a circular motion. I’d use my peripheral vison and catch her looking briefly once in a awhile. Once in a while Joyce and I would be the last ones up. Many times I wanted to take my cock out and have her watch we stroke it. I just never had the courage.Now I was on my knees and licking her juices off my lips. Only two months ago my wife and her parents had made a six hour drive together to visit my daughters family. I did most of the driving. Each time we’d stop I’d help Joyce out of the back seat of the truck and help her back in. Joyce would grab the hand guard and place a foot on the step rail. I’d place both my hands on her ass and push up and close the door for her. By the time we got to my daughters I had blue balls and that night I begged my wife to suck me dry. The room we used was next to the downstairs bathroom and the other spare bedroom was next to it. In order to get to the bathroom you had to come through our room. The bed we slept on was a blow up which sat only sixteen inches off the ground. I woke up the morning after our arrival to my Father In-Law walking by my bed in only his underwear, carrying his clothes to take a shower. The wife was already upstairs. Our dog was still lying next to the bed. I rolled over onto my back and began playing with my cock. I glanced toward the other bedroom discovered the door was partial open. Joyce comes walking out in her pajamas and stops to pet the dog. My one hand is still stroking my cock as she bends down, pets the dog and smiles as she says: “Good morning. You two look like you are comfortable.”“I don’t know about the dog but I’m feeling good right now.” I answer back as I continue to stroke my cock with Joyce only inches away from it. Our eyes meet and she turns her head to follow my eyes down to the tent I’ve made. The tent illegal bahis siteleri made by my hard cock is moving up and down as my hand slides up and down my cock. I thought she’d be shocked or disgusted and maybe even yell at me. None of those happened. Joyce stood back up and continued to watch the tent between my legs. As I was about to pull the blanket off we heard the bathroom door open. Joyce turned quickly and walked toward the bathroom as I orgasmed under the blanket. As my Father In-Law walked by I realized I was getting close to my goal.I stood up and moved closer and between my Mother In-Law’s legs. The head of my cock was only inches from her pussy. Joyce opened her eyes and our eyes met. She glanced down and stared at my cock as it stood proudly up and outward. I rested my hands on her thighs as I asked:“How did that feel?”“Oh my god. I have not had that many orgasms in one day since I was thirty!” Joyce said with a smile on her face.“You have at least one more coming. Would you like to feel my cock in your pussy?” I asked.“Yes I would.” Joyce replied.“Tell me how much you want it.” I said with a stern tone in my voice. I wanted to hear her beg for it. “Oh god! Please fuck me! Make me cum with your cock! Please put it in my pussy!” Joyce said with a pleading tone.I moved forward and the head of my cock touched the lips of her pussy. I slid the head up and down coating it with her pussy juice. Joyce was pushing her hips up off the bed trying to get my cock into her pussy. I’d move back just enough to not allow it. I wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted to fuck me but I also wanted savor the moment. A minute or two of teasing now seemed like a lifetime. A drop of precum appeared on the tip of my cock. My mind was screaming at me to plunge into Joyce’s pussy. I fought off the urge wondering how her pussy was going to feel around my cock. I couldn’t stand it any longer and slowly pushed my hips forward as I watch the head of my cock disappear into Joyce’s pussy. I was taken by surprise. Her pussy was tight and slippery as I continued to slide more of my cock into her pussy. Joyce whimpered and took a deep breathe in as I bottomed out and began slowly pulling it back out, stopping before the head of my cock came free of her pussy lips. Each in and out motion took canlı bahis siteleri only a few seconds but time seemed to stand still. I had plans to fuck her for hours, but I knew it would only be minutes. Two minutes later Joyce was loudly saying:“Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m going to cum!”I continued my slow fucking and moved my hands down to spread her pussy lips apart. I did so her orgasm hit. I was pulling out slowly and her cum pushed past my cock and splashed my crotch and balls. Joyce’s warm juices sent me to the point of no return and I felt the first of five squirts of cum shoot out of the tip of my cock. I pushed in as deep as my cock could go while Joyce continued to orgasm and her cum squirted out around my cock. A few seconds more and our orgasms were gone. My cock was slowly deflating as I slowly pulled it out. Looking down I saw our cum on my cock.“My god that was incredible. I haven’t cum like that for quite a few years.” I said as I watch my cum slowly start to roll out of Joyce’s pussy.“I forgot how good it feels to have a man cum with force in my pussy.” Joyce replied back.I glanced over at the clock on the nightstand and realized we still had about an hour before anyone would be back to the house. Using two fingers I reached between Joyce’s legs and scooped up some of our juices. I leaned forward, hovering over Joyce and rubbed some on each of her erect nipples. I then slowly fed her the remaining mixture while coating her lips.“Oh my! That tastes so good.” Joyce said as our eyes met.“Really? I may have to try some.” I replied as I lowered my head and suck a nipple into my mouth. Once cleaned I moved to the next one and sucked it clean also. After cleaning off Joyce’s nipples I raised my head up and said: “Those are mighty tasty.”“Taste this,” Joyce said as she pulled my head to hers and our lips met. The taste our cum began to overload my sense and my cock twitched. Not wanting to allow all my weight on Joyce my cock had been lightly resting on her belly and as it twitched Joyce reached down and took it into her hand. The touch of her hand made my cock twitch again and Joyce asked: “Can you go another round stud?”“It may take some sucking and licking and nasty talk but I game if you are.” I replied as I slipped two fingers into her pussy.“How about I move up farther on the bed and we sixty nine for a few minutes.” Joyce askedI stood up and helped Joyce slide farther onto the bed. Once in position I too got into position on top of her. I had finally fucked my Mother In-Law and now I was going to try something else new

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