Jacey’s Reluctant Awakening Ch. 01


This is a series of stories about the sexual awaking of a girl through progressively more intense encounters with her sexuality, and the people around her that want to take advantage of her. Her awakening involves her gradual and reluctant capitulation to her strong sexual urges. The story will progress through encounters from innocent, straight, lesbian, reluctant, entrapped, dominance, etc.


This was a big move for this sheltered introvert. She had grown up in an all-girl boarding school that focused on religion, academics, and athletics. Jacey had been a stand-out in gymnastics and dance. At her graduation, her parents had surprisingly changed their minds about going through life cloistered in the East Coast establishment — and instead, decided they needed to experience a different life style on the West Coast. They were moving the family to a small surf town in Southern California. Her father was taking a teaching job at a small college, and instead of the Ivy League, Jacey would start college there.

Though a whirlwind of moving and getting settled, Jacey felt reasonably okay with the new surroundings. The West Coast weather was great, the beach was nice, the surf town atmosphere so different and easy going. Her enrollment in school was easy. But she did feel like an outsider not knowing anyone. Her father had pulled some minor strings, and gotten her quickly involved in extracurricular activities — the gymnastics and dance programs. Within a week, some of the girls in dance had convinced her to try out for cheerleading. Although she had never been a cheerleader, she was a natural for the acrobatic moves and ideal for the throws and pyramids.

Jacey was a “late bloomer.” She had never really realized how much of a late bloomer until she was around these California beach girls that had no problem showing off their bodies. Jacey had a petite 5’3, 102 pound dancer’s body, thin, toned, and beautiful. With her simple shoulder length brown hair, lack of make-up, and A cup chest, she seemed much younger than her new friends. So joining the cheerleading team was very exciting to Jacey in the sense that she felt like she had a new group of fun friends. But at the same time, she worried how she fit in with her new friends, and was still a bit shy around them. Most of the other girls knew each other from high school or being on the team for a year or two already.

And this is how Jacey found herself on this Friday evening after Cheerleading practice with a house full of girlfriends. The girls had decided on a team-building sleeper over at the house of the cheerleading captain, Jennifer Lowry. Eight of the twelve team members had dinner, then their planning meeting, and finally watched a scary movie together. Now they were all readying for bed, with sleeping bags and blankets being arranged, girls changing, laughing, joking around, and making trips to the bathroom.

Jacey thought that girls were a bit immodest at the beach, but this was an amazing sight before her. These California girls seemed perfectly comfortable prancing around darn near naked in front of each other. They seemed to take it as a badge of honor that they could look sexy going to bed in everything from Kerry’s thong and tank-top, Janice’s lacy teddy’s, Shannon’s fancy silk PJs, and Missy’s short-shorts and tight t-shirts. As Jacey changed in the bathroom, she was getting concerned that her big old t-shirt and flannel PJ pants were going to make her the ugly duckling.

As she re-entered the living room and plopped down on the couch, she felt the room grow quiet and all eyes turn towards her. She didn’t realize why until she noticed Jennifer was pointing at her and smiling.

“What?” Jacey said nervously.

“Oh come on,” Jennifer said almost laughing, “do you think it’s going to snow tonight? What’s with the flannel?” All the girls started laughing. “Come on Jacey, show off that little body. Want me to get you some real sleep wear?” Jennifer said throwing a pillow at her.

Jacey was mortified at the attention and teasing. Emotionally she threw the pillow back hard at Jennifer, hitting her in the face.

Jennifer’s playfulness evaporated instantly as a stern anger came over her face. The other girls joined in a playful “Oooohhhhh” at the showdown.

“Oh you want to play with me, huh Jacey” as Jennifer picked up a pillow and started to approach Jacey. Jacey wasn’t quite sure what to do and how this had suddenly turned so wrong. Beyond feeling like a scared kitten, she was frozen.

“Come on girls, let’s get her,” said Jennifer as the other girls squealed and the pillows began to fly. Jacey was simply curling up and defending herself from the onslaught of pillows as Jennifer bore down on her.

“Come on, open her up so I can whack her a good one back” Jennifer instructed, and Jacey felt the hands starting to seize her, dragging her off the couch.

Jacey was squirming and twisting to pull away, but the hands were pulling her arms and legs apart, leaving her open to pillows bursa escort womping her belly, back, and head. This went on for at least several minutes with the girls laughing and squealing as Jacey was able to pull limbs free briefly and was thrashing to break free. She started to plea for it to stop, but was caught between the urge to cry and laugh at the same time with all the excitement. Not only were the girls getting a good hold on restraining her, Jacey was starting to tire quickly.

“Okay, Okay, Okay, I’ve had enough, pleeeeese,” Jacey begged.

The pillows stopped, and a calm started to descend on the room as Jacey’s squirming settled down. Her lack of resistance allowed the girls to secure their grips and pin her limbs down. Jacey was now pinned on her back, a girl pinning each arm by her head, a girl sitting on each ankle keeping her legs taunt, her chest heaving with ragged breaths, her face flush, and hair a mess.

“So little girl, you’ve had enough?” Jennifer said as she stepped over Jacey’s stomach to straddle her. “What if I haven’t had enough?” she said with an evil smile as she lowed herself to sit astride Jacey’s stomach. “I’m the captain of the team, so I think I should decide when we’ve had enough, not some sweet little newbie we let onto the team to do our acrobatic tricks. I’m the boss, and you’re the…, the little toy. You get it?”

Jacey was stunned, she wasn’t sure if this was teasing or serious. She looked around at the other girls faces, and could see their smiles, but wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. Jennifer let the silence settle in the air and a wry smile come to her lips.

“Now my little toy, how should I teach you a lesson?” Jennifer leaned forward onto her hands, placing them on Jacey’s elbows, and looked searchingly over Jacey’s face and upper body. “Are you all out of fight for me little Jacey?”

Jacey squirmed and whined, “Come on, let me go. What do you want from me.”

“I don’t know, I think I want you to beg me to let you go, how about that?” Jennifer teased.

Jacey shot an angry look back at her. “Oh, there is a little fight in her. Maybe we get it out of her with a little of this.” Jennifer let her hands trail along Jacey’s arms while her friends held her tight. Her fingers traced to Jacey’s armpits and then started to tickle.

Jacey was hyper-ticklish and instantly bucked hard and tried to twist away. A panic began to set in. Her younger brother used to tickle her relentlessly. They would wrestle around wildly, she trying to get away and him trying to pin her. She hated it. But as she got older, she also became a bit troubled by it.

In the wild wrestling and thrashing, she could feel his body press against hers, often rubbing coarsely across her nipples. Often their thighs intertwined tightly and she could feel his crotch firming against her. And most troubling, when her privates were tight against his thigh or hips, she could feel herself grow warm between her legs, a sense of slight moisture emerge. She realized then that there was a certain slight swelling that occurred near the top of her pussy that sent deep pleasure sensations through her whenever their wrestling hit it just right. She also felt herself going weak in those moments. At that point she would nearly cry at the thought that he would detect her wetness and embarrass her to death.

He always seemed to sense when his playfulness had turned into her panic, and let her go. But he always chided her, “Geez sis, don’t be such a baby, we were just having fun.”

This contest with Jennifer was going terribly awry down this same path. Jacey was dead serious, she needed this to stop. She gritted her teeth and nearly yelled at Jennifer, “Noooo, you have to stop. SERIOUSLY!!”

Jennifer laughed, “You still think you are the boss?” And she began to tickle again. This time Jacey bucked so hard, Jennifer was thrown forward with her hands landing around Jacey’s face, her sandy blond hair hanging around her face. Their eyes locked, and Jennifer licked her lips and looked deeply into Jacey’s eyes — it was a different hungry look, which Jacey had never seen before. But it was a look known to the core of the human psyche, and Jacey realized it was pleasure and lust.

“Oh Jacey, that’s what I like. Resist, give us some fight. That’s what makes it fun.”

With that, Jennifer pushed her hips back so they were right across Jacey’s thin pelvis and hip bones to control her. This lowered Jennifer’s body down a bit, and Jacey could see Jennifer’s full, firm breasts swing in her tight tank top, and feel Jennifer’s pubic bone push down against Jacey’s flat abdomen.

“Okay, girls, tickle our little Jacey,” Jennifer commanded.

Suddenly, fingers danced across Jacey’s body like nothing she had ever experienced. There were hands on her underarms, ribs, knees, and thighs all at once. Fingers even grabbed her feet.

Jacey tried to buck and thrash but it was no use. She was whining and squealing, trying to form words and beg them bursa escort bayan to stop. Within a minute she was starting to hyperventilate and rasp. She could feel her muscles twitching to fight, but all her strength was gone. Now she was just moving her mouth and pleading with her eyes, tears forming in the corners. The fingers slowed and Jennifer relented on her delicate ribs.

“Okay, girls. I didn’t hear her beg. She was too hysterical.”

They all laughed. Jennifer brushed Jacey’s hair out of her face and straightened up to admire her trapped prey. She scooted her hips back over Jacey’s hips and pulled Jacey’s shirt to straighten it. Jacey was catching her breath, when she noticed something had caught Jennifer’s eyes — Jennifer was staring at Jacey’s chest.

“Well isn’t that interesting girls,” Jennifer mewed. ” Here I thought our little toy didn’t like being tickled. But if I’m not mistaken, those nipples are about as hard as rocks right now.”

Jacey’s eye’s shot down to look at her own chest, and with Jennifer holding the materials down tightly, sure enough, Jacey’s nipples were thrusting upward against the material a good half inch. Jacey herself had never seen her nipples so erect. She was mortified; all eyes were locked on her nipples pressed into the stretched t-shirt fabric. Jacey groaned embarrassment and flexed the muscles of her body to turn away to no avail.

Jennifer leaned into Jacey, “I knew you should have worn something more sexy.” “So girls, what should we do to have some fun with this. Kerry, go get me some ice.”

Jacey tried to struggle again, and eventually rasped “Come on, this isn’t fair. Let me go.” Her eyes pleadingly searched the group for sympathy, and received only eager smiles back.

Kerry ran back with a few ice cubes in a glass, handing it to Jennifer.

“Okay, I want to see how much these can grow, they are already crazy hard” Jennifer giggled as her finger scooped a cube from the glass. She slowly lowered the cube to Jacey’s left nipple; Jacey futilely shook her chest to keep the ice away.

“Ahhh, her little boobies are so cute when she shakes them like that” Jennifer taunted and the other girls giggled.

Jacey could feel the tears welling up in her eyes from the humiliation. But as the ice made contact with her nipple, the pressure and sensation suddenly filled an aching in Jacey’s body she had not realized was there. She sucked in air through her teeth and whined in protest as Jennifer circled her nipple with the melting cube. A wet circle appeared in the fabric to reveal the detail of Jacey’s nipple as it seemed to surge forward.

A silence had fallen over the girls as they watched. As the torment continued, Jacey could hear the girls release their pent up breath after having been captivated by the site.

The ice pulled away, and Jacey was conflicted by relief and yearning for it to continue. She heard a new ice cube jingle in the glass, and waited for her right nipple to receive its treatment. She laid there holding her breath; eyes clenched shut, head turned away. As the ice cube made contact with her nipple, she felt her involuntarily raise her chest to meet it, and her hands and arms go limp. A second circle of wetness emerged around her swelling nipple.

Jacey whined quietly now. Fighting to keep her senses, she begged weakly “Please stop.”

Surprisingly it worked; Jennifer had pulled the ice away. Jacey turned to look up at the girls, relieved at first, but then more concerned than ever. Jennifer was positively gleaming now with a wicked looking smile, and the other girls seemed enthralled. Jennifer let the ice fall from her hand into the glass lazily.

“You’re right Jacey, I should stop.” She smiled at the other girls, and everyone seemed to adjust themselves, but not to release her.

“Jacey, I think you were actually enjoying that too much. The attention on your nipples wasn’t supposed to be for your fun. So maybe we need to do something else with them.”

Jacey started to squirm and protest again. And strangely, she became more aware of the bodies restraining her. The girls holding her legs had gotten more relaxed and she could feel their privates pushed right down on her ankles, and they felt warm from all the exertion, and their hands were a little too familiar up on Jacey’s thighs. The girls holding her arms had relaxed slightly too, their hands holding her more softly now, but still firm. And her captors looked so sexy floating over her, their own hard nipples emerging against their nighties.

At first, this softer side of the girls was reassuring, and then alarming to Jacey. She was NOT a lesbian, and her friends seemed like perverts now. But Jacey was alarmed by her own feelings, she could feel that familiar warmth and moisture growing in her privates and she was beginning to panic at the thought of that getting out of control.

“How about this Jacey, how about I give your big nipples a flick” Jennifer taunted. She lined up her circled finger escort bursa and thumb and took aim at Jacey’s cold nipples. The girls squealed in excitement and laughter. Jacey started to struggle in earnest now, but the restraint returned, Jennifer put her hand and weight into Jacey’s chest to hold her still and took aim. The flick was well aimed and stung through her nipple like a searing needle.

“OOOoooowwww,” Jacey squealed and the tears welled up immediately in pain and panic.

But the jolt to her nipple seemed to also send a bolt of sensation down to her privates. Jacey could feel her privates warm and swell noticeably.

“How about this other one” Jennifer aimed and flicked the left nipple. Jacey thrashed around, and panicked at the sensation coursing through her privates. Jacey could feel her skin flushing with heat.

Kerry and Shannon started to appeal to Jennifer “Come on, that’s too much. That hurts.” Jennifer glared at them, and the other girls fell into silence.

“Who is the captain here?” Jennifer queried.

“You are” all the girls said quietly. And in that moment, Jennifer’s power became clear to Jacey.

“You are right girls, this is too much for our new friend. I shouldn’t torment her like this,” Jennifer cooed. “We need to take good care of our girl Jacey,” Jennifer said as she laid her palms over Jacey’s sore nipples. Jennifer pressed down firmly and started to move her palms in slow circles.

“It’s just that those nipples are so hot, and I think our little friend was actually enjoying it. Weren’t you Jacey?” Jacey struggled and whined, “Nooo, I don’t like it.”

“Oh come on now Jacey, we’re all friends here. It’s okay. You just don’t like to admit you’re a horny girl.”

All the girls snickered. Jacey felt Jennifer’s fingers start to circle around her small breasts as her chest heaved breathlessly.

“See girls, see how this seems to calm her…..I’ll bet she’s feeling all warm and tingly now,” Jennifer teased as her finger ran down Jacey’s taught stomach.

“Let’s have a look and see if she gets goose bumps.” Jennifer fingers hooked under Jacey’s t-shirt and started to raise it up her stomach.

“Look at that beautiful, flat stomach.”

Jacey wanted to struggle, but she was exhausted, embarrassed, and too relieved the attention to her nipples was over. But then she felt the shirt pushing over her small breasts, and her eyes shot open. Her small, firm A cup breasts were now exposed to all. She turned her head away and whimpered a small protest.

Jennifer traced a finger around the small mounds and then down the center of her chest, “These are so cute aren’t they.”

Jacey felt goose bumps tingle across her body and her nipple tighten again. “See girls, we aren’t hurting her, she likes this attention. I’ll bet we could tell how much Jacey likes this. I’ll bet our little toy is all warm down here.”

Jacey felt a finger trailing down her stomach past her belly button. And the panic took hold again.

“SERIOUSLY, Jennifer. This is bullshit! Stop IT,” Jacey blurted out as she started to thrash with the last of her strength.

Jennifer traced the top of Jacey’s exposed underwear, “Really Jacey, are you sure you want me to stop?”

There was a long silence as Jennifer continued to trace the top of Jacey’s underwear and tease across her hip bones. Jennifer looked at the girls holding Jacey’s legs, looked at Jacey’s flannel pajama bottoms, and then with a look and nod, the girls started pulling down the pajama bottoms.

Jacey, at the end of her strength, struggled weakly and whimpered, “This isn’t fair.”

She felt her body weak from the struggle but also from its yearning for release from the growing sexual ache within her.

With her pajama bottoms around her ankles, Jennifer tried to sooth Jacey, “We’re just going to see if you’re warm down here, that’s all” and her fingers started to trace over Jacey’s tight sports type underwear.

The fingers traced up over her mons, and then down to her thighs. With another look, the girls pushed Jacey’s weakened knees apart as Jennifer traced back up her thighs towards her most intimate parts — nobody had ever touched her like this before. Jennifer’s fingers dipped down near the back of Jacey’s thigh, and then along the curve of her exquisitely tight little butt. And then it happened, Jennifer’s finger traced up the center of the crotch of Jacey’s panties. The girls were transfixed. Jacey turned her head away, and tried to twist her hips away from the touch. Jennifer pressed her finger in firmly and slowly as she neared to top of Jacey’s cleft, and Jacey raised her hips to the touch, and sucked in a breath through her teeth.

Jennifer looked around at the other girls, “You see, she is all hot, and even a little moist. Our little toy is really hot and bothered by all this.”

Almost unconsciously, Shannon knelt down next to Jacey other hip and put her fingers across Jacey’s pantied crotch. She could feel the warmth, and looked down at Jacey’s face to watch as she pressed firmly into her panties. Jacey’s hips rose to meet the pressure, as she was mortified by her involuntary response. Shannon looked around at the other girls and smiled.

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