Jackie and Me


“Are you sure you are OK to work late tonight?” asked Jackie.

It was 7pm already as I stood at my desk. Jackie was my manager and she was sitting at the desk opposite. I gave a sheepish look towards her.

“Yeah sure….I wouldn’t have offered if it was going to be a problem.”

I sat back down and started going through the accounts we were both trying to prepare before our monthly deadline. The problem was that with just the two of us in the office alone, I was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the figures on the screen in front of me. After about half an hour, Jackie got up and walked towards the printer at the other side of the office.

I waited a couple of seconds before getting up and following her. As I walked behind her, I gazed longingly at her slim figure. She was tall, only slightly shorter than my five feet ten inches and a good portion of her height was accounted for by the length of her slender legs. She was wearing a tan coloured skirt which was tight enough to show every curve of her hips and arse. A slit on the left hand side widened with each step she took, showing me a generous portion of her thigh.

When she reached the printer, she leaned forward and I stopped in my tracks and stood there gawping at her. Her white blouse came loose from the top of her skirt, where it had been tucked in and rode up, revealing several inches of the back of her waist as I continued to stand and look.

She glanced round behind her and, perhaps out of embarrassment, sharply turned her head away from me again. The next couple of hours were filled with the usual mundane work before Jackie opened her mouth to speak.

“Right, I’m going to head home. Do you want a lift to yours?” she asked.

“Yeah OK. Thanks, that would be great.”

“No, it’s fine. Thank you for staying late and helping me out,” Jackie smiled across at me.

We each tidied our desks and went outside to walk to her car. She deactivated the central locking, the lights flashed and I opened the passenger door and got in.

“If you want to smoke in here then it’s cool.”


I took a cigarette from the packet inside my jacket pocket and Jackie did likewise, popping open the ashtray before turning the key in the ignition, while still holding the cigarette between the fingers of one hand. The car moved off and I planned my next move.

My flat was only a short distance from work so we arrived there within five minutes. Jackie parked up.

“Thanks again for staying late tonight.”

“It’s OK…really. Look….this isn’t easy for me to ask but…well…I was wondering if you fancied coming in for a quick coffee?”

She burst out laughing.

“Oh my God! A coffee! You could do better than that!”

Then she stopped Antalya Escort laughing and we looked directly into one anothers eyes for several seconds. She smiled widely.

“Come here,” she said softly.

As I moved closer, her hands reached up and I felt her stroking my neck. Only a second later, our mouths met and I pressed my tongue between her lips. I felt my heart beating like a drum inside my chest as her hand relaxed, dropping from my neck and resting on my thigh. When we stopped kissing we looked into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Then she smiled.

“Well lets get inside then. Otherwise we’ll be here all night!” Jackie exclaimed.

I got out and we both walked several yards to the front door. On the way, I surreptitiously placed my hand round her slim waist until we got there. Then I dug a hand in my jacket pocket and fumbled for my keys, distracted by the fact that Jackie had agreed to come in, in spite of the huge misgivings I had had about even asking her. When I found them, I opened the door and we both stepped inside.

I gingerly opened my bedroom door, which was fortunately almost immediately to the left of the front door itself.

“We’ll need to keep quiet. I don’t want my flatmates hearing anything,” I whispered as I placed my hands gently on Jackie’s shoulders and eased her over the threshold of the bedroom.

I only had a single bed. I wasn’t used to inviting women back. In the midst of considering the practical difficulties this might give rise to, Jackie turned round and moved close to me, placing her arms over my shoulders. I let my hands fall to her hips and softly guided her closer, so that our bodies were almost touching. Then we kissed. Our lips pressed hard against each other. I sensed her fingers fumbling with the buttons of my white shirt, in a hasty effort to undo them. I pushed them to one side and stopped kissing her for a moment to finish the job myself. I pulled it over my shoulders and it fell to the floor. Jackie was already starting to take her blouse off by the time it landed. She flung it on the carpet, before unfastening her hair clasp and flinging it on top of it. Her chestnut brown hair fell over her shoulders.

I moved over to her and held her round the waist.

“Do you want me on the bed?” she whispered softly in my ear.

“Yeah. You know I do.”

We relaxed our embrace and both moved towards the bed, before she sat on edge of the mattress behind her. I leaned forward and placing my hands on her thighs, moved them upwards until I had pushed her tight skirt up to her waist, revealing the black, lacy knickers which she wore underneath. She lay flat on her back and as I looped my thumbs in the waist of her knickers, allowed me to lift her thighs slightly, at the same Antalya Escort Bayan time lifting her backside a couple of inches from the mattress, so that I could smoothly pull them down. I pulled them over her ankles, then the high heels which she still wore. She lowered her legs back down. Then I flung her knickers to one side.

I kneeled down so that her knees were at eye level, gently pushing them apart. Then I moved my head between them, tenderly kissing the inside of her left thigh, reaching the top, whereupon I continued for several more kisses, until I was imminently close to her vulva.. I could smell her. I extended my tongue and used its full surface on her labia, licking in an upward motion. She gasped and I felt her fingers on the back of my head, gently pushing. Her thighs rose up and she rested them on my shoulders.

“Christ…that’s good…”

I pushed my tongue inside her, lapping enthusiastically, moving up and then flicking the tip of it against her clit. Then I took it in my mouth and sucked on it.

“Ah…ah….oh fuck…”

I could feel her hips writhing, pushing herself against me. When I felt her wetness oozing onto my tongue and her groaning became more intense, I lifted my head from between her thighs and moved position, so that I lay on top of her. I felt her hands unfastening the belt of my trousers and my heart was pounding blood through my body, most of it being directed between my legs.

My trousers were slipped, together with my boxers, down over my waist and I was already breathing heavily as her fingers spread over my arse and gently pushed downwards, urging me to enter her. All it took was a gentle movement of my hips and my erection slid into her. I heard her gasp and her arms, wrapped round my shoulders, tightened their hold and as I looked at her face, her eyes were tightly shut, mouth slightly open, gasping sharply each time my hips moved between her thighs.

“Please…fuck me…,” she whispered in my ear as I nuzzled into her neck, kissing it.

I quickened my pace, eliciting staccato intakes of breath from Jackie, which grew deeper with each thrust I gave. I buried my cock fully inside her, enjoying the soft wetness of her cunt pressed against the flesh of my balls.

She opened her eyes, which had a far off, dreamy look about them.

“You OK?” I asked.

“Yeah…please don’t – don’t stop..”

The single bed was already groaning loudly as my movements changed from gentle lovemaking to passionate, animal-like fucking. Jackie started to squeal with delight and I felt my cock stiffening against her flesh as I grew more aroused, allied with a growing tightness in my balls, which were starting to tingle. The sensation in my ball sack rose through my shaft until it was pulsing Escort Antalya like mad inside Jackie’s cunt. Then my hips spasmed with the first surge of orgasm.

“Aaah…aaasargh!” I shouted as I felt my balls empty inside her.

The numb tingling of my orgasm lasted at least fifteen seconds, my hips shuddering as I came. Spent, I slumped against Jackie’s shoulder.

I pulled my dick out of her and when I looked down, it was glistening with each of our fluids.

“Do you want to go down on me again?” Jackie said, still breathing heavily.

“Yeah, sure I do”

I shuffled my body down and felt Jackie’s thighs resting on my shoulders again. I could already taste her as soon as my tongue first licked her cunt. She was soaking wet after reaching the brink of climax during sex. As soon as I used my fingers to hold her open and probed inside her with my tongue, she gave a shriek and I felt her body tensing up. Her wetness ran down my chin as I continued to lap away with relish, flicking my tongue against her. Then her hips rose an inch or so off the mattress before slumping back down, her body relaxing as my mouth was flooded with her juices. I gulped them down and then lifted my head from between her legs.

“Oh, fuck that was nice,” Jackie said, beaming with pleasure as I moved up and lay on top of her.

Jackie pushed my body over, so that I was lying on my back. Then, moving herself down the bed, she leaned down between my legs and I felt a rush as her lips wrapped snugly around my cock. Although I had just cum, my chest was soon pounding again, my breathing deepening as I felt myself becoming more aroused.

I felt my prick swelling inside Jackie’s mouth as she sucked hard on it, before loosening her lips to make a popping sound. She then moved her head down slightly and extending her tongue, ran it up the centre of my ball sack, flicking it as she went, before continuing up the full length of my shaft until she reached my helmet, which she proceeded to tease, running the tip of her tongue round the edges. Then she took me in her mouth again, holding my shaft in her fist as she sucked on my bell-end, turning her wrist to the same rhythm as her head movements.

“I-I-I’m gonna cum…,” I gasped sharply.

Jackie opened her mouth wide, holding out her tongue with my cock resting on it. She continued to move her head back and forth, moaning deeply as she did so., so that her tongue stroked me, it’s vibrations driving me to distraction. I clenched my jaw as I felt my hips juddering as orgasm struck my lower body, I looked down to see Jackie wanking me off, my thick, white spunk spurting onto her tongue.


I groaned as the last of my orgasm dribbled onto her tongue, which she drew back into her mouth and swallowed, clearly smiling up at me as she did so.

“Let’s get the rest of our clothes off and get some sleep,” I gasped.

After we had both undressed it wasn’t long before we were writhing under the duvet, our limbs entwined as we continued to fuck like there was no tomorrow.

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