Jackie and The Field House


This is a true story about my first taste of a woman. I grew in an Eastern suburb of Los Angeles along the foothills. It was a good life and although my family wasn’t rich, we didn’t lack for anything, or at least we didn’t know what we were missing if did.

In my 19th year after graduating high school, I was playing Triple A soccer. I was in great shape, mostly from running my ass off. I wasn’t very big but was certainly well defined. The worst part any this was I was still Virgin and jacking off 4 or 5 times a day. I was becoming intimate with my cock, in fact more then I wanted too. I’m not porn star large, about 6 inches, but I am thick as hell. In all my years I have met more then a few women who could only handle an average size cock and I have always been able to be in a woman completely and have even bottomed out a few times, which kind of made me feel sorry for a guy with 10 inches or better. I’m sure not all of my big dick brothers have been sheathed completely. The women I have been fortunate to have, always seemed filled up and appreciate me & my dick.

With summer of 1982 upon us I found a job with my Home town Parks & Rec. Dept as a grounds keeper for the local little league park. My job was to make 2 fields ready for the evening’s baseball games. I had to rake them & make them smooth, water, chalk and get the bases in place. After the game it was job to put it all away & pick up any trash. It was easy & fun work and with games starting at 6pm. It was easy work, I liked baseball & I was outside everyday working on my tan. There were usually 4 games a night of minor leaguers (7 & 8 yo) and I’m pretty sure this is where I learned to appreciate older women. Cause those kids had some of the hottest moms, especially dressed in the skimpiest summer attire. I jerked off many a night to those moms. And it was frustrating cause like I said, I was still a virgin. I mean 19 and still a virgin. It wasn’t that I didn’t like girls but I was shy & awkward and playing a lot of soccer which didn’t exactly give a lot of time to meet girls. And I was not able to get into a lot of clubs. At that time I was pretty sure I would be a virgin & jacking off till I died.

After the little kids ended their season, the older kids had a few weeks left and then the All Star tourney. My fields were not going to be used so I was going to be out of work soon. On the last day, as I was readying my fields, my boss offered me the grounds keeper job at the senior (13-15 yo) field for the remainder of the season. The guy that did the fields had a real job in construction and had fallen off a roof. He was on disability for 8-12 weeks and the city was now asking me to finish out the season for him. I needed the money, so it was really a no brainer. My boss was happy, and asked me to meet him at the High school field the next day at 5:00, which also happened to be the HS from where I graduated.

Where the young kids played on a small field, the older kids played on regulation field. 90 foot bases & 300 foot fences. It seemed over whelming at first, but my boss said the perk to the job was a company car. Wow, my first company car! In reality it was a 1950’s Wiley jeep that was far from street legal & barely running but it was a convertible. It was kept in the field house at the south end of the school with all of the other sports equipment. High jumps mats, track stuff & a very large garage of everything that might be needed to a HS athletic dept of that size.

The jeep came in handy to drag the field & haul the trash and my job was no different then the other fields, just larger. It took a little longer to get ready & to clean up, but that just meant more hours, and of course with older kids came older Mom’s as well as a lot of older sisters/daughters. Man this was a great job, girls my age & their hot moms everywhere. 2 games a night, 6 nights a week for a month in the middle of summer, the eye candy was beautiful. Because the games where played at the high school where I graduated, I ran into a lot of friends, and because the All Star tourney was in full swing, I was seeing a lot of girls from around town but not from my HS. One of my friends, a girl named Jamie had been hanging out a lot at the park during the baseball season. It seems her dad was a Little league board member and was at the park every night. She said she tagged along so she didn’t have to stay home. She and I hung out a lot and she was very popular. She knew everyone and introduced me to all her friends. Some guys but mostly a lot of girls, it was heaven.

One night Jamie & I were enjoying the night when her friend Jackie showed up. Jamie was shocked but excited as they hadn’t seen each other in a while. It seems Jackie’s father was coaching an All Star team and her brother was playing. She didn’t want to come to the park but her parents had made her. In fact, from her tone she wanted to be pendik otele gelen escort anywhere but there. Running into Jamie at least made the night better and once they calmed down, Jamie introduced us. Her name was Jackie Endow and she was cute. She was Japanese American, about 5’2. She had a nice body with nice B cup breast. She had med length hair & it was dark, almost black and hung straight down nicely around her face. She was kind of thick all over, just the way I like them. (Actually at that point I was not prejudice, I liked all girls) and she was wearing Dolphin shorts & a T shirt. Her shorts were thin material and really showed her thick legs & her cute ass.

Jackie sat with us and proceeded to tell us how bitter she was with men. As we talked I started to ask little bit about her and everyone was dressed wearing as little as possible. Jamie looked extra hot today as well. Jamie & I had our usual seats & as the games started here come Jackie.

I rolled my eyes but Jamie said to be nice. I was still a little miffed about the night before but told myself to be respectful. By the grace of God, when Jackie pulled up she was nice & in a good mood. Wow, all of a sudden she looked way better then night before. What a new attitude won’t do for a person. This time she was fun & positive & happy! In short I was very turned on. Also, on this day she drove herself to the game. We sat and laughed & joked and had a great time, and before you know it the games were finished & we laughed some more cause we didn’t see a one. Jackie’s dad’s team had the last game so she hung out with us till I was finished. The last chore of the night was to drive the Jeep to the field house & lock it up. As I was headed that way Jackie saw me & indicated I should stop. When I did she came over and offered an apology for our first meeting. She mentioned that I had caught her at a bad time & she meant nothing personal. I was rather surprised and when she asked if she could ride with me to put the Jeep away I got hard, I blushed and looked down at the ground. When I looked back up Jackie was staring at my Dick. Now I was really red, cause I was also wearing a thin pair of shorts and had a the biggest hard on I ever had to date. I don’t remember saying anything, but she hoped in the other side & off we drove.

I was in heaven, my mind racing with all kinds of thoughts. The Jeep rode rough I remember watching her tits bounce the whole way. She never stopped talking & I never heard her say a thing. It was a short ride & we were in the field house way to fast. I was thinking about what my next move might be & how I could get her to kiss me, when she took charge. She climbed up on the high jump pit & asked me to join her. When she lay on her back with her knees bent I could see her exposed Pussy, sparse with hair and wet as hell. By the time I used my hard on to pole vault on to the mat, she was naked and getting ready to blow me. Oh my GOD! I had never had any woman, and all I knew up to this point was what I read in my fathers Penthouse magazine, but here she was mouth on my dick sucking me & licking the head & massaging my balls and before I could say anything I came down her throat with a roar. Like a pro she swallowed it all. Fuck, I was so worried about trying to get a kiss let alone her pants off and instead she did it all.

As she fell back she pulled me to her and I landed right between her legs. I had read about eating pussy but was now face to puss with the real thing. I dove between her legs and did everything I could ever remember reading and she was so fucking wet. I didn’t know a girl could get so wet. And the smell, it was musky & sweet & tart and running out of her. And although she wasn’t offer any verbal direction, she was moaning & had her legs in the air. I figured I was doing alright, and then I heard the loudest roar from any girl ever and then everything was silent. When I tried to look up I realized that she had squeezed my head & covered my ears, and although she still moaning & screaming I missed it all. When she finally eased up, my ears popped. She was still in the middle of the after shocks when she said that she had never cum so hard from being eaten. She mentioned that the reason she was mad at her last Boy Toy was he would not eat her, even after she blew him. Selfish bastard!

When I told I had never done anything with a woman before she even more shocked & told me she would let me practice on her as often as I liked. She said I was a natural & I would always have a string a women if I always ate pussy with that much enthusiasm. While we were talking & she was coming down, I was going up & was hard as a rock. I loved eating pussy and it made dick hard just thinking about it. In fact to this day, 20 years later, it still makes my dick hard to eat pussy.

Jackie noticed my hard on pendik rus escort and reached down to give it a few tugs and then guided it to already soaked pussy. She put the head at the entrance & just rubbed up & down her slit. Fuck, it felt like velvet and the juice was running out of her puss & down the crack of her ass. I wanted to lick her clean but she had other plans. She moved her hips forward and pushed my dick in to her. She was on fire! I didn’t know a pussy could be that hot or that tight. I stopped for a second to let me calm down & catch my breath but it was hard cause she never stopped wiggling on my dick. She was trying real hard to get it all inside & I finally pushed the rest into her. I was balls deep in my first snatch & it was way better then I ever thought it could be. I was too stunned to even move, my brain was reeling & Jackie finally asked if I was OK. I told I was a virgin & she was the first, she told me she knew, Jamie told her. She asked if I liked things so far and all I could do was start to pump & show her my appreciation. Once I started I knew I wouldn’t last that long & so did Jackie, but she didn’t care, she was having one long orgasm and about 12 strokes later I was shooting my load deep into her womb. My whole body was tingling & on fire. This was fucking! Damn I wanted more and now. And the good news, being 19, I was going to stay hard for a while.

So Jackie rolled over, stuck her ass in the air we fucked Doggie style. This time I lasted a longer and Jackie was very please. She loving my dick sliding inside her wet, dripping pussy and she was telling exactly how I was doing. I reached around and played with her tits, her nipples where so hard, And she came again from my touch! To this day I love a girl who will talk in bed & tell me what she wants. I want to tell you we fucked all day and into the night but we were done in about 15 minutes. I came 3 times that day & Jackie came so many times she lost count. Being a Virgin, I’m sure I wasn’t the stud I wanted to be, but I made Jackie very happy and she promised I could have her any time we could find the time. She said she was in love with my dick and promised to teach me a whole lot more. When I got home from work that day, my father was outside cleaning the pool, and when he saw me he knew. He asked how it was, and I pretended to act like I didn’t know what he was talking about, but he said he knew I got laid so I told him everything. He was proud his boy was now a man.

For the next 3 weeks Jackie arrived at the park early and she helped me gets the fields ready and we then we used the extra time to fuck our brains out. She also stayed late she blew in the band room like a trumpet, and we fucked in the chorus room while we wore chorus robes, and in every classroom where I had a class before I graduated. She couldn’t get enough. We even fucked out side in the middle of senior court. She was nasty. She taught me so much in 3 weeks & I tried to show her how grateful I was by making her come as often as I could. I was a walking hard on and she left a snail trail all over the school!

The funny part was, during the games, Jackie, Jamie & I sat together like nothing was going on. Jackie treated me OK & Jamie seemed to be extra nice all of a sudden, which was interesting. Jamie later confessed that she told Jackie about me & sort of helped me lose my virginity. Jackie had been telling her everything about our sex lives since, which explained why Jamie was being extra nice.

On the last game of the season, Jackie showed up early as she had been doing and she seemed hornier then usual. We fucked & sucked like sweaty pigs in that field house before the game & I was almost late getting my work done. During the game Jackie teased the shit out of me. I was hard the whole time & I know Jamie was checking me out. It’s amazing the confidence you have once you been laid. When Jamie wasn’t looking, Jackie even “accidentally” rubbed my hard on, I’m surprised I didn’t come in my shorts. Jamie was doing her best to pretend I she wasn’t looking, but as big & hard as I was, I’m sure everyone was noticing.

When the game ended we all said our goodbyes. Jamie promised that we would get together before summer ended, and Jackie just gave me that look that made my hard on grow another inch. As Jamie drove away, Jackie & I stood and talked. She said now that the games are done so were we. I was heart broken to say the least, but she said she was leaving early for college out of state and her last day in town was the following Monday. I never even got her number & she never really offered it. We both knew that this was nothing more then sex but it still hurt. I walked her to her car and thanked her for a GREAT summer education. I kissed her goodbye and she drove away.

I turned and headed back to my work. I just had to haul the trash & put pendik sarışın escort the Jeep away. It seemed to take forever to get everything cleaned up. All I could think about was Jackie and her sweat pussy. I was hooked now it was gone. As I got the field house & was pulling in, I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye, and when I turned, there was Jackie, naked & wet. I went from being soft to being hard in an instant. She said I looked so sad when she said goodbye and she thought maybe she would give me a going away present.

She walked up to me, dropped to her knees, pulled my shorts & took my cock all the way down her throat. Good thing I had been practicing practicing, cause this time she had to work for my load. I wasn’t going to shoot off like some virgin getting his first blow job, no sir, I was going to last, but she pulled all her tricks on me & few she hadn’t shown me yet. Just when I thought I was doing alright in holding my load, she stuck a finger in my ass and I shot off like a rocket. I have never come some hard in my life. I was holding her head & pumping my dick and she was gagging and moaning and cumming. I had no idea a woman cum from giving head! Once I was drained I pushed her back, ripped off her shorts & ate her pussy like an Ethiopian having his fist meal. And then I did to her what she did tome. I put my finger in her ass and wiggled it around and she started shaking and groaning and was flooding my mouth with her juices. She had never been so wet in her whole life. I mean I ate her till she was screaming my name, begging me stop but never letting go of my head. In the middle of her latest orgasm, I crawled up and buried my dick in her sloppy pussy and fucked her with everything I had.

After 3 weeks we had gotten pretty good and I was more then ready this time. I was showing her everything she taught me in the last 3 weeks. We fucked for a long time and I finally shot a load in her so hard that it was coming out of her ears. We were animals in heat! I never got soft and she never stopped cumming. We fucked for about another 30 minutes, slow & easy and hard & fast, till she was shaking uncontrollably, like she was having seizures & spasms all at the same time. I thought she was going into convulsions. I had never seen anyone enjoy them selves so much. She had this dreamy look in her eye and could tell she was about to cum again and really big this time. And I was ready! Even after the first 2 orgasms I had, I knew my next load was a biggie & I started really fucking her good. I was in a great rhythm when I shot my load like a freight train in high gear rolling down the track. I mean I came in buckets & Jackie had one last orgasm with me. She was thrashing & screaming & leaving enough juice on the mats to fill a small pool. Fuck it was hot! It seemed that we were better after every romp.

After we were done, we both collapsed, trying to catch our breath. It was intense. And we both knew it would be our last time together. She started to talk and she said as she was telling me goodbye; that she could tell I was heart broken. As she was driving away she was remembering the great time over the last 3 weeks, and felt that she could not leave with out a proper goodbye fuck! That’s when she decided to turn around and meet me at the field house. She thanked me for a great summer, gave my still hard dick on last kiss and got in her car a drove away. My whole body was bursting with endorphins and my cock because it was very late by the time I locked up & left. On the way home, I stopped for something to eat and ran into Jamie. She had just gotten her food and asked me to sit with her. When I sat down she said I looked beat & tired. I told her that Jackie caught me in the field house after the last game and gave a proper goodbye kiss. I told her I fell asleep when we were done & I was just waking up.

Jamie could only smile as Jackie had been giving her explicit details about our summer fling. I’m sure Jamie knew exactly how sexual Jackie was & it seemed Jamie was living vicariously threw Jackie. I bet she could wait to hear about our last time together. I thanked Jamie for introducing me to Jackie, finished my meal & told her I had to get home to sleep & rest my cock. As I was leaving, Jamie told me to give her a call sometime real soon. She said now that Jackie had broken me in, and told her about my magic cock, she wanted to see what I learned. I was shocked, 4 weeks ago I couldn’t buy pussy from a hooker without getting turned down, 2 hours ago when Jackie said goodbye I was sure I would never see pussy again let alone get laid, and now another girl was offering me her pussy. And it was someone I knew! At that moment, Jamie became a women to me and not some baseball buddy from the park. I got up, threw my trash away walked Jamie to her car. She kissed me on the cheek and gave my dick a concealed, casual squeeze and off she drove. I couldn’t believe after my romp with Jackie that I could get hard so fast, but there was my dick, hard again. I drove home and passed out. And I knew then that the rest of the summer was going to be great! Thank you Jackie for my summer education! And Jamie really appreciated your teaching me how to please a woman.

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