Jacking Off to Jennie’s Ass

Group Sex

Her ass was the first thing he noticed. It actually stopped him in his tracks as he was walking down the aisle at Macy’s. He’d been looking around for signs pointing to the nearest cashier, when he was suddenly staring right in front at the shapely figure of a salesgirl, bent slightly forward on a table displaying neat stacks of dress shirts that she was putting back in order and re-folding a few that had been tossed by shoppers. A fully-clothed woman in all black at a workplace had never seemed more nakedly tempting in his eyes! The perfectly firm ass wasn’t big, but plump enough to stretch the seams of her leggings and stood on a pair of nicely toned legs. She was wearing exactly the kind of tight leggings that you now see in “yoga pants porn” on the internet. In fact, this girl probably even does yoga, Fred wondered as he looked up and down the curves of her fit body. Gosh, women these days, Fred thought to himself. How does sexy, form-fitting clothing like this even count as professional attire? But then he suddenly felt a bit like a voyeur, to be thinking these thoughts so publicly in the middle of the store, and immediately turned right to walk away in between racks of clothing. A somewhat shy, proverbial nice guy like Fred should have no business checking someone out so shamelessly and objectifying her in this manner. Seriously, yoga porn? What’s wrong with me, he thought reproachingly.

He now found a cashier’s desk further down on the left, but he was soon dying to catch another look at that body. He went ahead and paid for the couple of work ties he’d picked up for himself, then walked slowly back the way he’d come and glanced to the right as he reached the aisle. There she was again, still leaning forward and focused on her work. Waves of silky brunette hair, a very dark brown like that British glamour girl Emma Glover’s, reached about halfway down her back. His eyes drifted downward again to ogle that ass. It was inevitable, really: the rare perfection of a rear-end that every guy on the street simply could not help but check out! By now Fred was beginning to feel definitely like a pervert. But he decided he just couldn’t miss an opportunity to take a look at her, properly. This one had to be a beauty, even judging her from the back. He took a short breath of courage and stepped forward nervously towards and then around her, pretending to be interested in the dress-shirts on sale at 20% discount. He must have lingered just a few seconds too long, as he soon heard: “Can I help you?” It was a sweet and feminine voice, slightly deep and with a hint of playfulness like a college coed’s and potentially even sexy if it weren’t just her doing her job. Fred looked up at her, a bit too quickly as if he were guilty of trying to hide something.

And that’s when he saw the cleavage! A wide cleft of smooth fair skin disappeared between two fleshy orbs of which you could only catch a glimpse, the rest pushed into a bra that strained her button-down shirt and would’ve popped out if it were open to just one more notch below. Fred had to immediately force himself to steal his eyes bursa escort away from her chest and look up. He found himself gazing at the smiling face of a cute brunette, and stammered as he forgot all about how one should respond to a sales associate. She had grey eyes, and wore tasteful light make-up with a sheer gloss on her lips. She looked a few years younger than Fred, not like a coed but probably no older than 26 or 27.

“Well, my name is Jennie and I’m here to help! Just let me know if you’re looking for something,” she said.

“Oh, uhmm thanks!” he muttered, as he glanced down at the white plastic name badge which said “Jennifer” on it. That brought his eyes down again to her boobs. They had a nice full look to them, and weren’t huge like Emma Glover’s but were still a handful and well in proportion with the rest of her figure. As he was standing slightly to the side, he could now see a slight bust-line gap in her shirt between buttons and caught a peek of the purple bra underneath. Fred didn’t have enough practical knowledge to try to guess her size, but he knew she would probably meet the definition of busty. If this were all happening in a porn movie, it might even have a description saying “busty brunette gets titty-fucked by thick cock” or something nasty like that. For a split second, Fred suddenly imagined his own hard cock right up that cleavage in front of him, squeezed between two heavenly tits now hanging bare as the unbuttoned shirt fluttered about. He felt a tingle in his pants, and then blinked and slightly shook his head to bring himself back to reality. He couldn’t believe himself. True, he was mostly a “tits man” and had lately been watching a lot of porn of this aforementioned genre but he usually never had such dirty thoughts going about his everyday life. He didn’t even think of himself as one of those guys who imagine naked bodies under the clothes of attractive women they see on the streets. Was he just genuinely horny today? Or could one person provoke in him such instant excitement out of her sheer hotness?

Jennie hadn’t stopped folding shirts on the table, leaning ever so slightly and squeezing her boobs forward, but she was still smiling and looking expectantly at him, wondering what got his tongue.

“Uh, thanks.” Fred muttered again. “I, uh, I’m just looking.” What the fuck, he scolded himself. What’s wrong with me? This would’ve been the moment to strike up a conversation, but he blew it. “Actually, I uh, I already got what I needed,” he said and sheepishly held up the small white Macy’s bag with his two new ties.

She responded with a short, soft giggle. “Okay, great!” she said. Fred had already turned around, and now embarrassed, sped away and out of the store.

At home, he found himself thinking about the girl. Even as he was getting ready to watch porn and masturbate before going to bed that night, his mind kept drifting back to the view of that round ass in tight leggings, and the tits nearly bursting out of her fitted button-down. He couldn’t understand: what kind of desire was this? Surely it couldn’t bursa escort bayan be any kind of romantic interest. Was this lust at first sight?

Fred browsed a bit through a couple of his usual porn tube sites, but strangely felt bored and soon started searching on Bing for things like “tight leggings,” “busty brunette hottie,” “ass in yoga pants,” and so on. The ass stuff might now become a new interest, he realized. Not that he wasn’t always into all aspects and parts of the female body, but he did usually jack off to scenes of a topless hottie giving a blowjob until there’s cum all over on her face and boobs, or occasionally some nice titty-fucking. Fred was quite stiff already and was stroking his cock through his pajama pants, but ended up mostly picturing Jennie in place of all the softcore images he was looking at. He then began to imagine her teasing him, slowly lowering her ass down onto his lap until she could feel his hardness—which now instantly grew a bit more. Naturally, she would then gently swing her hips and rub her ass on his lap, even trying to nudge his stiffness towards and between her crack so she could ride it between the cheeks, slowly back and forth. Fred tried to picture what she would be wearing underneath on that ass: probably purple panties to match her bra. In fact, mostly like a pair of skimpy thongs to help avoid a visible panty line in those tight leggings!

By now Fred couldn’t bear it any more, and the bulge in his pants needed liberating right away. He pulled down his PJs and whipped out his hard cock, while picturing Jennie bending forward to stick out her rear at him and then slowly pulling down her tights to reveal a firm ass in nothing but g-strings! Fred’s cock was now throbbing impatiently in his hands and he started rubbing it vigorously, but he couldn’t immediately decide what he would do next in such a situation. Memories flashed back of countless lap dances at the strip club on desperate, lonely nights. But Jennie was a real-life girl, not a stripper. Doesn’t matter. He remembered again that view from the store: him standing behind her a few feet away, stunned by the sight of a woman whose face he hadn’t seen yet, but whose tight body would make him pant like a dog. He wanted to grab her hips, then feel the smooth curves as his hands gently slipped down to her ass. The meager, slutty string divided two supple cheeks toned to perfection by several years of workout. He wanted to grab her cheeks and then spread them apart with his thumbs. What would he find there?

An irresistible pink pucker peeking out from below the string barely covering it. Fuck! He wanted to pull it to the side and take a look at her asshole. Stroking with his left hand, Fred now pointed his browser back to Bing image search, then momentarily let go of his cock and managed to type in: “thong on asshole.” A smorgasbord of images popped up in rows: dozens of asses in thongs and g-strings, girls bending over face down ass up, pornstars holding apart their butt-cheeks to show spread assholes and fleshy pussies covered in tiny panties. In Fred’s mind, escort bursa this was all still Jennie and he was now so horny he forgot all about his earlier compunctions. He wanted to touch her asshole with his index finger, and then stick out his tongue on it. He would rim her and make it wet with sloppy spit before moving a little downward to find her pussy bulging under the small v-shaped patch of thin fabric. He’d have to pull his head back to take off the panties and then go back up close to inspect the pussy. If it didn’t feel too wet yet, he would spit on it and then use his fingers to spread the lips and gently push in. He could hear Jennie’s cute voice again, except now she was faintly moaning! That pussy’s gotta be ready, he thought.

He pictured himself grabbing her hip and then lowering her ass down on to his cock, which prods her pussy for a second before pushing right in. It’s a bit tight and resistant at first but gives in quickly as he slides all the way in and then slowly back out. Imagining this just made Fred’s cock throb violently in his hand as if it would explode, and he leaned slightly to spit on it and continue shoving it in and out of his left hand grip. He then pictured Jennie taking charge as she rode his cock, lifting herself up and down as it probed her insides. Fred could now slide his hands up along the sides of her hips until they reach up to her bust. He would cup her boobs and give them a slight squeeze. Her nipples were quite hard and poked his palm. He squeezed again, and felt the urge to turn her around and pull her down so he could fuck those titties just like in those porn movies. But he was ready to cum already. He could feel the pressure in his balls and needed to unload right then. So he rose up from his chair and imagined pushing down her torso and riding her to a doggy finish. But he could only manage a couple of more thrusts: the cock slipped out and into his right hand, which guided it as it sprayed a huge load all over her arched back and down to her ass. Face turned up, eyes closed and breathing hard, he grunted with intense pleasure as he spurted a couple of more times.

Standing there with cock in hand, Fred now looked down and saw the warm, thick cum oozing through his fingers and dripping onto his living room carpet. He darted to the bathroom, as the disappointing realization came over him that it was all fantasy. He had just beat off to porn, at his computer and alone at home, like every other night.

He washed up, wiped the wet stuff off the carpet with a paper towel, and then went to bed. As he lay in the dark, Fred began to wonder: actually, something was different this time. He hadn’t just masturbated to online porn, he was in fact fantasizing about someone real, a flesh-and-blood person he had seen with his own eyes in real life! And he wasn’t only focused on and responding to visuals either, for he was once using his own imagination. This certainly hadn’t happened in a long time, and it sure felt good. This was definitely better and more pleasurable than his average orgasm, Fred decided. And as he was thinking these things, Jennie’s pretty face, her sweet smile, and her lovely brunette hair, drifted back into his vision. Gee, he thought, I wish I knew how to actually talk to her!

Spent, content, but melancholic, he drifted off to sleep.

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