Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde)

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Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde)Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde)a tale of two females as told to Curt Bruch and Julie Van*******Chapter One – How it all began*******I never knew that when I married my sweetheart that I had in fact married two different persons, not that it was apparent at the beginning of our marriage. For sure, there may have been signs when we were dating that all was not entirely normal but given my limited experiences with the opposite sex I really had nothing to make comparisons of what was normal and what was not. If I had sensed anything not quite right at any time I would have put such behaviour down to the scant knowledge I had that sometimes, especially at a certain time of the month, that the female of the species could be a little cranky and a tad unreasonable to deal with. Such was my innocent ignorance and, oh my, how things have turned out now after so many years down the line.I wouldn’t have said that Jacqui was a ‘wild c***d’ but she certainly had an independent streak to her nature and that was one of the things that attracted me to her. She had a certain reputation and there were some rumours swirling around as to things she was purported to have got up to plus gossip of the way-out behaviour that was whispered of her families’ life style. None of these things bothered me; they just made her more desirable in my eyes. We wed when she was in her early twenties with me being a few years older. I didn’t suspect at the time that maybe she had a ‘daddy complex’ but, in retrospect, it became clear she certainly felt more comfortable being with men more mature in years than herself. I guess in her eyes I fell into that category. Having said that, Jacqui was, and still is, forever young. I don’t know what her ancestors consumed to prime the family gene pool but she never seems to age in pace with her years and it has often proved an embarrassment whenever the question of her age has arisen.For example, in her late 20’s, after we were married, she went back at her high school to deliver a talk and was called out for not having a hall pass by a relatively new teacher who thought she was a student. He didn’t believe her, took her to the principal’s office and was sufficiently mortified to find out she was the day’s speaker! I recall that about 7, 8 years ago when arranging to rent a car the agent wanted proof she was 25 before signing up to drive the rental. Another time we were in a lounge in NYC and she was carded for being u******e to be served alcohol; she was 38!And so it goes on, suffice to say that my Jacqui looks forever young.When we married, let’s just say Jacqui was very cooperative whenever I suggested anything. She made no protest when I said I’d like us to sleep nude; she didn’t baulk at the idea of giving oral sex, indeed she surprised me that she was very good at oral sex. She pandered to my idea that she should wear sexy, but not slutty, clothes. I was to discover that there was a reason she was so compliant.We both loved sex and I was constantly impressed that often whenever I returned home from work I would find her naked and before I had even had time to put down my briefcase that she would be begging me to fuck her. It was wonderful and I felt blessed to have such a willing partner who never tired of the games that we used to play. It was in our quieter moments that I probed her to find out where this love of sex came from and, hey, what’s all this ‘naked thing’ about?*******As in the best romantic movies, I met Jacqui almost by chance and had I not accepted an invitation from an old buddy (who was soon to be retiring from the military) and with whom I had served then none of what I now relate would have happened.I was in the Navy, an Engineer, a ‘SEAL’ no less, and my buddy and me had enjoyed some great carousing times when we had served overseas. Intrigued by his invitation I put in for a long weekend pass as he had suggested and looked forward to 3 days of doing the rounds and carrying out sorties to a variety of clubs, bars or other spots where we might meet friendly females.Full of expectation I drove down from my base in Rhode Island to where he lived to be shocked and little dismayed when he announced, “sorry pal, no can do” and to discover that my pal, my buddy, had asked me down not for a bar-hopping weekend but to tell me that he had gotten engaged and to ask if would I be best man at the wedding in a few months time!I had no hesitation in accepting the honour but have to say as far as I was concerned that the weekend was a bit of a washout as he spent most of the time with his fiancée and I was pretty much left on my own.The wedding party was very small, bride, groom, me, the best man, and the bride’s sister as maid of honour. A few friends had been invited and it was at the rehearsal that I first caught sight of Jacqui who had come for the rehearsal and to help decorate for the reception. I was enchanted and decided I had a major military objective for the weekend.Since it was a rehearsal everyone was dressed casually except for me. I had driven directly from my base in Rhode Island and since time was tight I hadn’t changed before I set off and was still wearing my officer’s dress khaki uniform. I can’t remember if Nancy paid much attention to me as she was helping with all sorts of small wedding preparation details but I sure as heck kept checking her out. She looked gorgeous wearing cut-off jeans shorts and a halter top and tennis sneakers on her feet. She canlı bahis looked absolutely incredible but the other thing that fascinated me about her was her drop dead smile. As it turned out other than a quick introduction to each other we didn’t get to say much else to each other that evening. It wasn’t for the lack of me trying but it seemed with everything going on someone was always interrupting as soon as I started to say something to her. It was even more frustrating later at the rehearsal dinner when Jacqui and I were seated a few places apart at the table that anytime I tried to make ‘let’s get acquainted’ talk some older relative kept finding something to share with me about the Navy being the best service and anecdotes about his own time in the service. By the time I got free from him Jacqui was nowhere in sight!I wasn’t to see her again until the day of the wedding but the wait was worthwhile. If she had looked good at my first meeting, now she was drop-dead gorgeous wearing this really attractive green dress which was at least 4 to 5 inches above her knees and which also showed off her figure rather nicely. I overheard a guest comment to the bride’s mother something like, “someone should tell her that girl her dress is way too short”.My unspoken retort was, “it ain’t gonna be me that tells her and besides I wouldn’t mind it even a bit shorter’. My other reaction was that I was determined I was going to get to know Jacqui a lot better!The wedding was lovely and I guess that having the groom and best man wearing their military uniforms was a nice touch. I could see that I had certainly caught Jacqui’s eye and this time around I had no problem in engaging her full attention as at the following reception after the ceremony we were seated next to each other and there was no boring relative to distract us.The combination of my chat lines, ‘old world charm’ and the uniform must have worked for two months later after a whirlwind romance we were married ourselves and, boy, then I really did get to know Jacqui a whole lot better.*******It was shortly after we married that I left the Navy having completed my term of service. As an ‘ex-SeaBee’ I had plenty of skills on my CV and had no problem in getting a good Engineering job that provided us with a comfortable salary. Jacqui was doing teacher-training and we were confident that when she graduated that she likewise would find a good position. We had no money worries and the living was easy.Our first priority was to find us a place to live and given we had no intention of putting down roots in the area we decided to rent rather than buy and so we moved into a well worn mansion that had seen better days but which was still quite nice and reasonably well kept (and the rent was very reasonable.) The house had been converted to 3 apartments and we took the ground floor flat. There was another flat on the second floor occupied by a couple of a similar age to ourselves plus there was a small apartment for the owner who was a retired college professor, but who used it only whenever she was in town.We soon settled down into a relaxed schedule and I quickly recognised that our way of married life was not exactly what would be regarded as being ‘normal’ in the accepted sense of newlywed behaviour. Each day when I returned home from work Jacqui would be waiting for me naked and before long we would be fucking. I was delighted; she was seemingly insatiable and as she devised ways of keeping my cock in an aroused state we both drifted from one orgasm after another. At the time I was unsure what the upstairs neighbours made of the noises that drifted upwards but time would tell that I needn’t have had any concerns that we might be making a disturbance.In between our love making sessions when we gathered breath I would encourage Jacqui to tell me more about her life before I came on the scene. All I really knew was that she was a quiet girl who, in her own words, lived out ‘in the sticks’ and loved being naked and jokingly said that she was a great cocksucker. She smiled when I complimented her on her skills and she had no hesitation on telling me how she had become so relaxed on both counts, of being naked and sucking cock.She told me that both her parents had passed away just after her eighteenth birthday. She never did say what specifically caused their passing (I suspected that it may have been an auto accident) but as a consequence she went to live with an ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’. The actual relationship was a bit tenuous inasmuch as the aunt had previously been married to her mother’s brother and after he passed away, she remarried which meant that neither of her custodians were related by blood.She didn’t quite clam up when I pressed her to how she liked living with them, but it was clearly a painful time in her life, losing her parents and all. However, she did shyly mention that the ‘uncle’ was of German extraction and bought with him to the marriage the German tradition of FKK, Freikörper-Kultur, which translates as free body culture; naturism/nudism, and that the few vacations they took while she lived with them invariably meant they went to some Sun-club or naturist resort. She freely admitted that she found it invigorating and that she soon lost any inhibitions about being naked in front of other people.She also mentioned that at the time she wore her hair in braids and that her uncle complimented her on her ‘Germanic style’ and thereafter would always call her ‘Heidi’, his ‘Klienes bahis siteleri Madchen’. That revelation was more significant to me than she initially realised. From that moment on whenever I saw Jacqui naked or we were indulging in some sexual activity I just couldn’t get the connection out of my head; normal Jacqui equalled Jacqui, Naked/sexual Jacqui read ‘Heidi’.It would be some time before I got the answer to my second question as to where the practice of and her expertise of cock-sucking came about but eventually she revealed that her aunt and uncle both had a very liberal attitude toward sex and her aunt a real talent for teaching sex. Jacqui said that she responded very easily to any request and when she had once questioned the preposterous suggestion of people actually sucking a male member that her aunt’s reaction had been to take Jacqui’s fingers, suck on them and using her tongue to give her the idea of what to do with a man’s penis. From there it was to have no qualms about being taught the art of fellatio and for to take her turn and play this little game. She held her aunt’s fingers, put them in her mouth and began sucking on them as per her aunt’s instructions. When her aunt was satisfied she knew what to do, she gave Jacqui a banana which she had dipped in brine water for the salty taste. Auntie told her to practice and that it would feel and taste just like that when she did the same with a man’s erect penis! Her ‘moment of truth’ arrived when one evening her aunt asked a male friend join them. (Jacqui realised later that the meeting had all been contrived and what happened was part of the planned education.) After a few minutes of conversation her proper education began.When the guest arrived both she and her aunt were wearing housecoats but as soon as he was seated her aunt opened her robe and instructed Jacqui to do the same. Since neither of them was wearing anything under their robes, all of their female charms came into full view. Jacqui said that she had been naked in front of her aunt’s friend before when they had been at the beach but this time the atmosphere was different, it was in a different setting and she saw a light go off in his eyes as he looked at her naked young breasts and the small black fuzz of hair nestled between her legs.After untying her housecoat, her aunt shrugged her shoulders and the robe fell to the floor. She told the friend to stand up and she went and stepped closer to him. She pressed her naked body against him but he didn’t take his eyes off Jacqui so she then turned his head and kissed him after putting her arms around his neck. After breaking the kiss, she looked into his eyes and began unbuttoning his shirt. Pulling it out of his pants, she pulled it off his arms, over his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She then reached for his pants buckle, loosened it, then she pulled his zipper down and let his pants hit the floor along with his shirt. Her aunt went to her knees, hooked her fingers around each side of his boxer shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. All the while he kept his eyes on Jacqui who was watching intently as her aunt took her friend’s penis gently in her hand and brought it to her lips. She licked the underside of his penis a couple of times up and down and then opened her mouth and took the crown of his semi erect penis into her mouth. Jacqui was mesmerized. Watching her aunt suck on her friend’s cock was unbelievably exciting, she had never seen anything like it before. She said that as she watched she felt her body became all tingly; her breasts began to tighten and a surge of excitement began burning in her groin.Jacqui said that she was watching all this going on while she sat alongside her uncle on the couch. They both watched intently as her aunt continued sucking and licking on his cock, and she didn’t know who was obtaining the most pleasure, her aunt, her friend, her uncle or her but she did know that both her aunt and the friend were enjoying her efforts immensely.It was after a few minutes that she heard him begin to moan and her aunt then seemed to increase her efforts sucking and jerking on his cock. Then he groaned, “I’m cumming” and she saw for the first time the sight of an erect penis spurting and spilling out a fountain of cum. She said she was enthralled as she watched it happening and was so emotional, mentally and physically excited, having watched her aunt perform oral sex on her friend. She was so enraptured at the sight of how to give such pleasure that she could hardly wait to try it for herself and clearly her uncle sensing her eagerness as she squirmed beside him gave her every encouragement and he unzipped his pants. Jacqui was so excited and ready to perform for both her uncle and aunt and she slid off the couch so as to allow him space to get undressed. She said that in the short time she had been living with them she had seen him naked many times before so she was not shocked or disturbed when he stood up, took his shirt off, unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor. The only surprise was that he was already close to being fully erect already. He looked at her standing there and said simply, “Come here Heidi”.She told me that she was delighted once more to be called by that name and that she walked over to him and took his cock in her hand thinking about the last time they had been alone together and she had asked, “Can Heidi kiss it?” He just nodded and she remembered him sitting down in his easy chair bahis şirketleri and spreading his legs. Then, like now, she looked at his semi hard penis staring at her and she got down on her knees and slowly moved between his legs. Tentatively, reaching out, she took his penis in her hand and started to stroke it like she had just witnessed her aunt doing to the friend. She loved the feel of it and how it responded to her touch and was amazed at how fast it would grow and how fat it would get. She said that she likened it to having her own little pet. She finally leaned over and gave his penis a gentle kiss on the top then immediately looked up at him at him and asked if that was a good kiss? He said that it was but it would feel much better if she lifted it up and kissed the underneath. Being anxious to please, she naturally did so right away but as she did, her uncle give a little moan so she stopping licking and asked if he was alright thinking she might be hurting him. He assured her that ‘Heidi’ had not hurt him and told her she was doing it just right and that it felt wonderful. He asked her if she wanted to do it again. Heidi was both pleased and excited at being asked, so she did. Since she had already been practicing with auntie’s banana, she was tempted to go all the way and take his cock in her mouth just like she had seen auntie do with her friend but being an obedient and a good girl she didn’t want to be doing anything without being told. Also she could see that auntie was still busy cleaning her friend and so she did not want to spoil the surprise for either her uncle or her aunt although she was itching to discover what his penis would taste like. Would it be anything like the brine her aunt had been putting on the banana?She compromised and gave his penis a few quick licks with her tongue and was amazed as his penis literally jumped when she did so. This was the moment when she realized what effect a ‘Klienes Madchen’ could have on a man simply by using her lips. It made her feel like she had some secret power!Her aunt having finished cleaning her friend turned to Heidi and nodded in her direction. “Now,” she said, “it’s your turn.” Heidi turned towards her uncle, who by this time, was standing completely naked. She untied her bathrobe and let it slip from her shoulders to the floor. She took a couple of steps to him and pressed her young body against his. Her breast and nipples were hard and she said it felt good to feel his naked skin against hers. Taking his hand, she led him back to the sofa and once there he sat down and opened his legs so she could have easier access to his pubic area. Dropping to her knees, she stared directly at his penis, her body on fire with anticipation of what she was about to do. Tentatively, she reached out and took his penis in her hand. It immediately sprang to life and began to grow with his anticipation of what was about to happen. Remembering what she had been told by her aunt a few days before, she kissed the crown of his penis, then she lowered her head and began licking the underside of his penis, from his balls up and continued that action as semi erect penis grew into a hard cock. Once she could feel the hardness in her hand, she took one more lick from his balls, up the underside of his cock until she reached the head. Then for the first time, she began swabbing his cock’s head with her tongue. This seemed to have a tremendous impact on her uncle as a clear, almost tasteless liquid began seeping out of his cock’s slit. Finally, slipping her mouth over the head of his cock, she began sucking in earnest to pull the early discharge from his balls.She didn’t notice the brine taste that her aunt had told her would be there. She thought that maybe she hadn’t worked long or hard enough on her uncle to achieve it but she felt his hands in her hair as he held her mouth in place on his wanting cock.With his hands holding her head in place, she began in earnest licking and sucking and taking more and more of him in her mouth. She felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat before she moved her mouth back to the crown of his cock. All the while she was using her mouth and head up and down, just as her aunt had taught her before she moved her right hand from the base of his balls upward to give him the up and down, in and out motion, that simulates fucking and bought about his eventual discharge. A discharge that came a lot earlier than the eighteen year old was expecting. It was on a deep down stroke of her uncle’s cock, that she heard him moan and then felt him hold her head tightly against his groin and yelled, “I’m cummming.” With that, she received the discharge from a man’s balls for the first time. Jacqui had a faraway look in her eyes as she recollected the event and it was then for the first time I gained the distinct impression that I might be married to two different people given that the manner of how she related this was totally at odds in character to the sweet girl that I had led to the altar. Gone was the quiet demeanour of an innocent country girl, in its place was the personality of a sexually charged goddess. She seemed to be on fire and hearing her tell me so candidly and in such detail of this initiation had the required effect on me; my cock which had softened after our recent fucking was rock hard once more. I asked her, “What happened next?”She didn’t answer. She just looked at me with that same dreamy look still on her face and said, “Would you like Heidi to suck you off the same as I did with my uncle?”It was the perfect example of a rhetorical question. I lay back on the bed and let her get on with it making sure I held her head … just like her uncle. *******

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