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Jaiden � Chapters 135


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Greg Patrick


“Good morning, cousin.” “Good morning, Dale; why did you call me cousin?” “When we went to court a few weeks ago, our parents were made your legal aunts and uncles, and that makes you my cousin.” “I never thought about that.” It”s more love for you, Leon; enjoy it.”


“The coffee is about finished brewing; would you like a cup?” “I would love a cup; it”d be good since it is so cool this morning.” “I”ll be right back.”


“Here you go; one cup of coffee the way you like it.” “Thanks!”


“You seem to be deep in thought; anything I can help you with?” “Not really, Dale. I”ve just been thinking about Pete. I never thought I would love another guy and be in a gay relationship, but here I am.” “Leon, are you OK with your relationship with Pete?”


“I am more than OK with the relationship. Pete is all I think about day and night; nobody has ever loved me the way he does, and nobody I”ve ever dated has ever shown me how much they love me the way he does. When I go to sleep, I think about Pete. When I awaken each morning, Pete is the first person I think about.”


“I close my eyes and imagine watching him sleeping next to me. I love the way he looks happy and at peace when we sleep together. He has a little snore that I love to hear as he goes to sleep. It doesn”t matter when I wake up and look at Pete while he is sleeping; he always has a gentle smile on his face. The way Pete cuddles up to me at night makes me feel so safe, more so than I have ever felt at night.”


“Pete never fails to say `I love you” before we go to sleep, and he always holds my hand or holds me until we fall asleep. Sometimes when I wake up in the mornings, Pete is leaning up on an elbow with his head resting in his hand, watching me with the most gentle smile you have ever seen. I have never felt more wanted, more needed, or more loved than I have with Pete.”


“We made love the other day, and he was so gentle with me, and he made it so easy for me. I was scared to death, and he helped me to relax and enjoy the moment. I have no idea how I will ever repay you guys for what you have set in motion for me.” “Leon, you don”t owe us anything. We have done for you because we genuinely love you and felt you deserved the good in life; you”ve never had that before.”


“You and Peyton started out as adversaries, and now you are brothers who share the same parents. Think about that. Jaiden”s mom wanted you to be a part of her family, so she also made that happen. So, just like you are with Charley and me, you and Jaiden are cousins by law, and you also are brothers-in-law. How awesome is that?”


“Dale, I think about that every day. I didn”t think about the cousin aspect until you pointed it out. That kind of drives things home even more for me. It”s still hard for me to fathom everything that has happened over the past six months: you guys giving me a beautiful home to live in; being a family to me that I never had before; loving me when you didn”t have to; and helping me face and conquer my problems.”


I have a friend, Keith, who has been in a situation similar to mine. We have talked about how you guys have helped me. I told him how you and Charley told me to look in a mirror every morning and remind myself that I am a good person who made a mistake and how it was time for me to put the past behind me and move forward. I have been so proud of him for doing the same thing and becoming the person he has become.”


“We both realize that while we are not perfect, we are good people, and we have paid our debt to society for things we have done. He is like you guys in that he is an easy person to love. I hope that someday you guys can meet him.”


“Without you, Charley, Peyton, and Jaiden, I don”t know that I would ever have been able to learn to love myself, much less anybody else. You guys literally saved my life, and I will always be grateful to you four for doing that.”


Dale put his arm around Leon and said, “Leon, there is only one favor I will ever ask you to do, no more, no less.” “What is that, Dale?” “No matter what happens down the road, let us be your family and let us love you.” Leon took Dale”s hand in his, laced their fingers, and said, “Dale, that is a given; I love y”all too, and I always will � no matter what happens down the road.”


“Leon, you mentioned your friend Keith; if you told him what you are most proud of about him, what would you say?”


“Oh, my; what would I say to him, and how would I want to say it?”


“I guess I would like to look Keith in the eyes and tell him that I am at peace with the fact that he finally has found some stability in his life; that he is forging a relationship with a young lady for the first time in a long while; that he has a friend with whom he can cut the fool in a good way � like bleaching his hair blonde.”


“But the thing I am most proud of for him is that he has learned to laugh and be happy. That”s an astronomical milestone for him. My only wish is that he didn”t live four thousand miles away so I could hug him and tell him how proud I am of him. It hurts my heart that I can”t do that, but he knows how I feel about where he has gotten to.”


“Leon, he must be a heck of a young man.” “He is, Dale; he truly is. If I had to compare him mezitli escort with someone, I”d say he is a lot like Charley. Where they were and where they now are has been a similar journey for them.” “Have you told Keith that, Leon?” “Yes, I have, Dale, several times.”


“Leon, when you get up every morning and look in the mirror, what do you do or say?” “Dale, the first thing I do is thank Hashem for carrying me from where I was to where I am today. Then I ask Him to continue blessing and helping me be the person I can and want to be. Then I ask Hashem to watch over the babies, keep them safe and healthy, and do the same for you guys.” “Leon, that is a loving thing to say and do.” “If you say so, Dale, you and Charley are the ones who taught me to do that, to be thankful for the blessings I have received � just like Keith.”


“The sky is so beautiful I could stare at it all night, but you have to go to work in the morning, and I have to go to treatment, so we need to get to bed.” “You are right, Leon; good night, rest well. I love you!” “I love you, too, Dale.”


“Good morning, Leon.” “Hey, Peyton” “What”s up, Leon?” “Not much; I was just thinking about the conversation Dale and I had last night and thinking about how blessed I feel. I still don”t fully understand why, but at least I am finally feeling blessed.” `That”s a good thing. You have been incredibly blessed because Hashem saw you deserved to be. I know I feel unbelievably blessed to have you as my brother with Richard and Seth.”


“What makes you feel so blessed, Peyton?” “It”s kind of hard to explain, Leon. When I see you every day, I have an overwhelming sense of pride and joy. Our parents are happy and feel a sense of fulfillment in having the size family they have always wanted. When I talk to them, they never fail to mention how proud they are of their children. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, and Mom and Dad try to improve on our strengths and push us above our shortcomings.”


“I love you and want to help you because I want to, and I can; nobody can get in the way of that. Jaiden feels the same way. With him, it`s not just love. You have worked so hard to overcome the things that were holding you down, and, for that alone, he has immense respect for you � and so do I.”


“Peyton, I am trying to respect myself, but it is hard when I think about how I treated Laura and you and Jaiden. I am really trying to do that, but it is so hard.”


“Leon, let me make a suggestion: stop trying and just do it. The only time we think about the incident in the park is when you bring it up. We let that go a long time ago, and we wish you would let it go too; when the thought of that day pops into your head, thank Hashem it”s in the past – and don”t mention it.” “I wish it was that easy for me, Peyton.”


“It is that easy, Leon. When you think about that day, simply look up to the sky and say, Hashem, thank you for helping me put that day behind me and for helping me move forward. Do that as many times as you need to, and you will eventually let go of that day and stop letting it try to define who you are.” “Do you really think so, Peyton?” “Leon, I know so!”


Jaiden walked onto the deck and said, “Hey guys, I have a cup of coffee for you the way you like it!” “Thanks, Jaiden.” “You”re welcome, Leon.” Peyton didn”t say anything because Jaiden leaned over and kissed him, and said I love you!


“Man, the sky is beautiful tonight!” “It is, Jaiden. When you look up at the sky, you see things you never expected to see in ways you couldn”t begin to imagine. Then, like in life, things happen, and you become more enamored with everything around you. As with the stars, you are a small part of the universe to take your place and show your existence.” “You are right, Leon, and when you and I looked in the mirror this morning, we saw two of the most beautiful parts of the universe.”


“Jaiden, you aren”t the least bit conceited, are you?” “Nah, Leon, not really; the truth is the truth no matter how you look at it.” “That”s funny.” “What”s funny, Leon?” “The fact that I have to agree with you on what you just said.” “About what, that the truth is the truth?” “Yep. The truth is the truth, I am good-looking, and we both know it.” “Leon, you know what you said about me not being conceited?” “Yep.” “We both aren”t, are we?” “Nope, not in the least!”


All three of the guys burst out laughing at the banter between Jaiden and Leon, and they should have; it was funny.


“I could use another cup of coffee; would you like a refill, Jaiden? Peyton? “Sure, thank you.” “I”ll be right back.”


“You know, Peyton, Leon has a cute, well-defined butt.” “He really does, Jaiden, but there is also something else about his butt that you need to recognize.” “What is that, Love.” “You better stop looking at his butt and start looking at mine.” “Yes, sir, consider it done.” “By the way, you were right!”


“OK, here”s your coffee the way you like it.” “Thanks, Leon.” “You”re welcome. I have to ask, what went on while I was getting the coffee?” “Why do you ask?” “Well, for one, your faces are as red as a ripe apple on a tree.”


“Nope, Leon, I”m not telling.” “Aw, come on, Jaiden.” “Nope!” “Leon, if Jaiden won”t tell you, I will: he said you had a cute, well-defined butt. Truth is, you really do.” “You guys think so?” “Sure do.” I”ll be right back; I”m going to the bathroom and take a look-see for myself.” While he was in the bedroom, Leon called Pete and told him what Peyton had said, and they set it up for Pete to come to the house and pull one over on Jaiden.


Before going back outside on the deck, Leon changed into a comfortable pair of khaki shorts like the shorts Jaiden and Peyton like to wear. Then, he went back to the deck and stood at the railing, looking at the sky over the mountains. A few minutes later, Pete arrived and used his house key to get inside. He walked through the den to the doors leading to the deck, opened one door, and said, “high, guys, hope y”all are doing well tonight.”


Then Pete walked to Leon, embraced him, and turned him so that his butt was facing Jaiden. Then he grabbed both of Leon”s butt cheeks and began squeezing them as he said, “Leon, babe, you have the cutest, most well-defined butt I have ever seen; it”s so soft and supple! I could stand here feeling up your butt all night long.”


Peyton was stifling his laugh the best that he could as Jaiden continued getting redder in the face with each passing second. Then, finally, Pete turned to Jaiden and asked, “Jaiden, don”t you think Leon has the cutest, most well-defined butt you have ever seen?” That”s the point pozcu escort where Peyton lost it and couldn”t hold his laughter back anymore. “Peyton, y”all pulled one over me, didn”t you?” “Babe, it”s not often we get to do that, so, yes, we pulled one over on you.” “I can”t believe you did that to me.” “Sure you can; didn”t you think we”d get you back for all the things you have pulled on us?” “I guess you”re right, Peyton; I just didn”t think about it.”


Jaiden got up and went inside the den where Dale and Charley were sitting. He spoke to the guys and set up a get-back plan for Peyton. Then he went to the kitchen and got another cup of coffee before going back to the deck.


When he got back to the deck, he started doing and saying everything he could to get Peyton so horny he would have to do something to get some relief. Jaiden didn”t stop or slow his efforts toward Peyton. Peyton got progressively more uncomfortable with a woody that made a baseball bat look like a twig on a tree.


It was Friday night, and the guys were off rotation at the hospital and free from any weekend educational courses they would typically be required to attend. So Peyton looked at Jaiden and suggested they get to bed so they could get up early on Saturday morning and get the children fed and ready for synagogue services.


The ruse seemed to be working for Peyton, and he saw a glimmer of hope at getting his predicament taken care of � at least he hoped so; however, that wasn”t to be. Five minutes after Jaiden and Peyton stripped down and got into bed, Dale knocked on the door and asked Jaiden if he had gone to the store and bought some coffee beans before he got home. Jaiden assured Dale he had.


Five more minutes had gone by when Charley knocked on the door and asked Jaiden if he had also bought some heavy cream for the coffee while he was at the store. Jaiden said he had and to look behind the milk in the refrigerator.


Another five minutes went by, and Charley knocked on the door again. Guys, here”s some coffee for you the way you like it. He put it on the nightstand beside the bed and went back to the kitchen.


A bit more than five minutes later, Dale knocked on the door and said, “Peyton, Jaiden, I”m sorry if Charley and I interrupted anything; we weren”t thinking.” Peyton said under his breath, “you damned sure weren”t!”


Charley waited about ten minutes before knocking on the door and saying, “Hey, guys, we just wanted to say goodnight and wish you a restful night.” Peyton replied, “Charley, somehow I don”t think that is going to happen.”


Charley closed the door, and when he and Dale got into their bedroom, they died laughing. “Dale, do you think we achieved Jaiden”s objective?” “Without a doubt, Charley, without a doubt.


Jaiden thought Peyton had gone to sleep when he slipped out of bed and went to Charley”s and Dale”s room to let them know the ruse had worked and that Peyton had gotten exasperated and fell asleep. When he told Dale and Charley that, Peyton was standing behind him and said, “No, I didn”t; I knew something was up and waited for you to slip out and tell them what you planned had worked.” Then Peyton pushed by Jaiden, walked to Dale”s and Charley”s bed, crawled into the bed between the two, grabbed Charley”s pillow, and settled down for the night. Before he went to sleep, Peyton looked at Charley and said, “if I”m not getting any tonight, neither are you.” Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.


Charley, Dale, and Jaiden didn”t say a word. What could they say? They got caught and were getting paid back for what they had cooked up and done. Jaiden turned around and headed back to his room while thinking, “there is some rest for the weary.”


The following morning when Charley woke up, he said, “Peyton, I hope that”s a flashlight I”m feeling.” “Charley, I don”t have a flashlight in bed with me, but after last night, I can assure you that what you are feeling is as hard as a kel-light � and it hurts like hell.”


“Peyton, I”m sorry; Dale and I didn”t mean to aggravate you to this point last night.” I”m sorry, too, Charley; working today is going to be rough with the case of blue balls I have.” “Isn”t there something you or Jaiden could do that would help?” “Yes, there is; however, neither Jaiden nor I have three hours to work on the problem.”


“Damn, I”m so sorry, Peyton.” “I”ll get over it, Charley, but you have to wonder when I will get even. I can make you one promise in that regard, Charley: payback is going to be hell!”


“Peyton, why did you say that to Charley? Exactly what are you going to do to get even?” “Jaiden, I just got even; Charley doesn”t know it. So I”ll let him stew, wondering the what and when of me getting even.” “Peyton, that is about the most devious thing you have ever done to Charley!” “Yeah, it is, isn”t it, sweetheart?”


That evening Charley looked at Peyton and said, “Peyton, whatever you are going to do to get even with me, would you please go ahead and do it?” Peyton smiled and replied, “Charley, I already have!” He didn”t say another word. Charley was so dumbfounded he didn”t know what to say. Now he has to figure out what Peyton did to get even.


Dale joined Peyton and Jaiden sitting on the deck. “Peyton, you have Charley racking his brain trying to figure out what you have done to get back at him for last night.” “I know; it”s funny, isn”t it?”


“Peyton, you dog, you! You are getting back at him simply by making him wonder what you have done � or will do – to pay him back.” “Yeah, it”s funny, isn”t it!” “No, Peyton, it”s not funny; it”s brilliant! I”m gonna have to remember to use that on him when he gets me. Freaking brilliant! I promise I won”t say a word to him; I”ll let him stew until he figures it out for himself.” “Thank you, Dale; I love you too!”


That night, the guys took the children to B. B. King”s Restaurant for dinner. Peyton got and hid a container of broccoli salad. When Charley went to the buffet to refill his plate, Peyton gave the children a bite of broccoli salad. However, while he put a drop of Beano on his children”s and Alaina Noelle”s broccoli, he didn”t put any on the broccoli he fed to Charley”s and Dale”s boys.


When Charley got back to the table, no sign of the broccoli the children ate could be seen on their plates. When Charley sat down, Peyton asked him if he would mind driving the children home in the van so he and Jaiden could stop at Walmart and pick up some milk and other essentials for breakfast. Charley said he would be glad to, so the guys got the children loaded into the van when they finished dinner and headed home. Jaiden and Peyton drove to Walmart.

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“Peyton, that was mean of you to feed the children broccoli salad and not give all the boys a drop of Beano.” “I know, Love, but right about…now, Charley”s and Dale”s boys should be cutting some of the worst farts of the century in the van.”


About the time Peyton said that to Jaiden, his phone rang. “Peyton, dang you, you fed the children broccoli at B. B. King”s, didn”t you?” “Charley, I don”t know what you are talking about.” “Like your Dad said, Peyton, the hell you don”t!” “Now, come on, Charley; you know I wouldn”t do that to you!” “Yeah, right! I know the smell and the only reason the boys would fart like that is if they ate broccoli, and the only way they would have eaten broccoli tonight was if you gave it to them.” “Charley, be reasonable.” “I am, Peyton; even so, I concede defeat. Last night won”t happen again.” “Charley, do you swear to that?” “I do, Peyton.”


“Well, in that case, I”ll call a truce.” “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Peyton!” “What did Peyton say, Charley?” “He called a truce.” “Thank goodness.” “You got that right, Dale.” “Ya know, we are going to learn one day that Peyton is the king of getting even around here; he learned it well from his dad and Jenny.”


“Dale, the next time I get a wild hair up my bum to pull something over on Peyton or Jaiden, please remind me how good they are at getting even.” “Sweetheart, since I suffer along with you when they get even, I will stop you dead in your tracks if you decide to pull a joke over on either of them.” “GOOD!”


“Dale, when we get home, I am going to sit with our sons in Peyton”s and Jaiden”s room. Charley, don”t do it!” “One last time, I have to do it.”


When Jaiden and Peyton got home, Jaiden asked Dale where his boys were since the other children were playing in the den. “Jaiden, Charley is sitting with our boys in your and Peyton”s bedroom.” Peyton said, “Oh shit, I didn”t think of him doing that!” Dale looked up at Peyton, smiled, and said, “Peyton, I don”t think there will be shit in your bedroom, but it will certainly smell like it!”


Jaiden was about to roll on the floor; he was laughing so hard. “Peyton, you may be the king of getting even, but Charley is the best at one-upmanship; don”t forget that.


Peyton went to his and Jaiden”s bedroom to assess the oxygen damage. When he opened the bedroom door and walked inside his room, you could have heard him a mile away when he said, “Oh my word! Get the windows open, PLEASE! Charley, I thought I called a truce.” “Peyton, you did, but I didn”t � until now.”


“Charley, I swear! Life would be boring as crap if it weren”t for you. It would undoubtedly smell better, but it would still be boring.” “Well, I guess things are similar for both of us; I wouldn”t enjoy my escapades half as much if they didn”t include you.” “Peyton, Charley has a point; you both enjoy trying to outdo each other. Without doubt, you two make Jenny proud.” “Jaiden, you”re supposed to take my side in this.” “How so, Peyton? I am sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and that is what I have done.”


“There are a few things I have to admit, Peyton: you have the cutest bubble butt in the house. You are the only one I love with all my heart, and you are the only person I want to spend my life with, to be married to, and to protect above all costs. As much as I love our sons, they come in a close second to you, my love.”


“OK, I”m melting, Jaiden; what do you want?” “That”s a silly question, Peyton: YOU!” “When, where, and how, my love?” Another silly question; now, in the bedroom on the bed, and naked.”


“Jaiden! Do I detect a bit of horniness?” “No, sir, you don”t; you detect a lot of horniness. I”m still reeling from the night before last. You, Dale, and Charley bantering back and forth got me incredibly horny, and I have yet to have a release from that.”


“Tell you what, babe, when the babies go to sleep for the night, how would you like for me to rock your world?” “You need to stop asking me questions you know the answers to. But, of course, I would love for you to rock my world like it”s never been rocked before.” “Then you might want to get ready before the children go to bed, because once they do, I am going to send you over the moon.”


The boys, having been put to bed, Jaiden went to the bedroom and stripped from his clothing. Then he lay on the bed and waited for Peyton to come to the room.


Peyton entered the room, closed, and locked the door, and began to remove his clothing as he walked to the bed. When he got to the bed, he was naked. Jaiden thought he was getting on the bed, but Peyton walked to the cabinet on the far side of the bed and removed a device Jaiden hadn”t seen before. It looked like a vibrator, but it had a forked-like device with pads on the end of it. Peyton plugged the device into the electrical outlet and then laid it on the side of the bed.


Next, he applied some lube to his right hand, laid beside his husband, and began giving him a slow, methodical hand job. Finally, when Jaiden exploded with an intense orgasm, Peyton picked up the device he had lain on the bed and applied the pads to the tip of Jaiden”s penis. Then, he made Jaiden cup his hands under the headboard and told him not to move them.


When Jaiden had placed his hands as instructed, Peyton cut on the device and watched Jaiden intently as he began to squirm unlike he had ever done before. He was panting incredibly hard, and his breathing was painfully labored.


Suddenly, Jaiden released the most enormous load of spunk Peyton ever remembered seeing him shoot. When that orgasm happened, Peyton lifted Jaiden”s legs, placed himself against Jaiden”s porthole, and slowly entered him. They would have the longest session of intercourse they ever had before Peyton would spew copious amounts of sperm into his husband. This time, Peyton and Jaiden were both out of breath and trying to recover from their amorous escapade.


“Sweetheart, did you enjoy that?” Jaiden muttered yes in-between heavy breaths. Peyton snuggled up to his lover and held him while they fought to come down from the high they had experienced.


“Peyton, there”s no doubt in my mind that I couldn”t take two sessions like that in one day; I think I would have a heart attack if that occurred.” “What if we stretched it out and didn”t make things happen so quickly?” “I don”t know, babe, but the way I am feeling right now, I am game to give it a try � just on another day!”


“Tomorrow night?” “How about Saturday night after the boys go to sleep?” “Sounds good to me, babe. I should have myself worked into a frenzy by Saturday night.” “What about me, Peyton? Are you going to help work me into a frenzy as well?” “Jaiden, are you telling me I can play with my favorite toys on Saturday night?”


“Yeah, I guess I am; you”re good at playtime activities.”

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