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Jaiden � Chapters 143

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Greg Patrick


“Love, if this weather keeps up with the cold front moving in and meeting up with the hot atmospheric air, we are bound to have tornados break out again. I love the hospital, the staff, and the administration, but I won”t miss the bad weather they have here when we return to Erie. Even the snow is better in Erie.” “Jaiden, I agree with you. We only have four more months here, and then we are homeward bound. Then, we can get back to our temple, the children can see Mrs. Schwartz and their friends again, we can see Pete, Allison, Jason, Ally, and the triplets. I can”t imagine how much those kids have grown since we”ve been gone. One of the first things I would like to do once we get settled in at home is have the Grays, the Rabbis, Don, Jay, and Jeremy over for grilled steaks.”


“Yep, it will be fun to get back to our get-togethers and catch up on the Erie gossip line and see what has happened since we have been gone, Peyton. I”m also looking forward to starting our Master”s degrees in engineering. But before we can do that, we have something else we have to do.” “And that would be, Jaiden?” “Leon and Peter fly in Friday, and we take them on a turn-around flight to Boone to close on the house Saturday and take your brother and new brother-in-law to see the home we bought for them.”


“I”m dreading that trip, Jaiden. I have prayed consistently and constantly that they will love the home, the mountains the house sits on, and the close proximity to Peter”s job and Brevard for Leon.” “They will love everything, Peyton, so stop worrying about that.”


“Peyton, this is Peter. Leon and I will fly out of Maui tomorrow morning at nine Hawaiian time. We should be in Memphis around 9 p.m.” “Call as soon as you two land, and we”ll do a turn-around flight to Boone. The loan closing on the house is a 1 p.m. on Saturday. Your cars and clothes are already at the home, and the decorator has everything in place. So, as soon as the loan is closed, you two can move into the house and relax until you have to report to work and Leon reports to Wellstone for orientation.”


“Jaiden and I have booked you into the highest-rated hotel in Banner Elk near Boone. We”ve reserved two Cascades rooms at The Lodge at River Run. It”s rated 5 out of 5 except for 1 reviewer who rated it 4 out of 5. The rooms are beautiful and overlook the mountains. We”ll be truly blessed if it snows because the Lodge is beyond beautiful set against a snowy background. At any rate, Jaiden and I thought you would enjoy a stay at the Lodge; we know we will.”


“Peyton, how far is the Lodge from Boone?” “It”s only 17 miles, about a twenty-minute drive with Uber � provided it doesn”t snow during our stay. We”ll have a Uber ride pick us up around 10 Saturday morning. If the place is covered in snow, we”ll leave the Lodge at 9 a.m. shortly after eating breakfast.”


“Are the two rooms adjacent or in the same pod?” “Peter, you and Leon are still on your honeymoon, so the answer is no. However, we don”t want the two of you to feel inhibited by Jaiden and me being around.” “Peyton, that wouldn”t be a problem. We”ve had our time alone in Maui, and we”ve already stayed together in your home.” That”s true, brother-in-law, but you weren”t married then. I will tell you from experience, you still need your private time together. We honeymooned with Dale and Charley in Maui, but we gave each other alone time every day.”


“I have to admit, Peyton, that was a nice thing to do. So tell me: what was the most embarrassing thing to happen while you honeymooned?” “Getting locked out on the balcony while we were naked and having to stay outside all night until Charley and Dale got up the next morning.” “Well, at least Leon and I didn”t have that happen, but we were lying on the couch holding each other, both out cold when room service came in after we didn”t hear them knock.”


“That had to be hilarious to the attendant.” “She did retreat out the door in a hurry. We got dressed and let the attendants know they could come back in and clean the room. We were all red-faced when they came back to the room. Leon and I started laughing, and that cracked up; they howled as loud as we did at that point.” “I can imagine, Peter. I wouldn”t want that to happen to me, but the way you tell the story, it”s funny.”


“Peyton, the funniest thing was that after that happened, every time we saw the cleaning staff, they winked at us and grinned from ear to ear.”


“It sounds like you and Leon had a wonderful and eventful time.” “We did. The thing I enjoyed most was seeing Leon”s face when we got on Little Beach; Leon turned more shades of red than anybody I had ever seen who was embarrassed. It took him almost an hour to get up the courage to undress; when he did, the first thing that happened was him rising to the occasion. I laughed so hard he got ticked, but his ire didn”t last long before he was laughing at himself.”


“Peter, you need to get back to Leon, so we”ll talk and laugh tomorrow night when we meet you two at the airport.” “OK, Peyton, sleep well tonight; tomorrow is going to be a very long day!” “Yes, it will be, Lon, but you”ll have a surprise awaiting you and Leon when you board the jet in Kahului.” “What”s that, Peyton?” “Nope. If I tell you, it won”t be a surprise.” “Fair enough; see you tomorrow night.”


“Who was on the phone, Peyton?” “Peter. He and Leon have apparently had a marvelous time. You know how much we sweated the room staff coming into our mezitli escort room while we were naked and locked out on the balcony?” “How can I ever forget that?” “Leon and Peter were worn out and fell asleep on the couch holding each other � naked. Then, the cleaners knocked on the door, and they didn”t hear the knock, so the staff entered the room while they were lying naked on the couch. Beyond that, I”ll let Leon and Peter tell you the rest of the story.”


“Somehow, Peyton, I think that story is going to be hilarious.” “Trust me, Love, it will be. They should be at the airport around 9 or 9:30 tomorrow night. After that, we”ll do the turn-around flight to Boone. I”m so looking forward to staying at The Lodge.” “That”s two of us.”


“Then, if it”s as nice as I hope it will be, we”ll go back up there with Dale and Charley and the children. There”s a lot the children can do in that area. We should have a lot of fun watching them explore the trout in the streams, seeing the wild animals, and visiting the zoo in the area.” “Not only that, we can take them to meet everybody at Wellstone and surprise them with a visit to the original Tony”s. They should love that; I know Tony will when we surprise him!”


“Jaiden, what are you doing?” “The children are in bed, and Dale and Charley have gone to bed, so I”m going to enjoy myself � with you.” “With me?” “Yes, with you.” But you”re getting naked in the den!” “Yes, I am, and when I have all my clothes off, I am going to take your clothes off of you.” “And do what?”


“I”m going to play with your der hintern. Then Ich werde dir einen Weltklasse-Blowjob geben. When you Ich werde dir eine verr�ckte, leidenschaftliche Liebe machen!, Ich werde dir eine verr�ckte, leidenschaftliche Liebe machen! Dann habe ich vor, dich wahnsinnig und leidenschaftlich zu lieben!”


“Babe, if you do that, Ribalter” il tuo mondo facendo la stessa cosa con te, tranne per il fatto che far” un lavoro cos� buono che urlerai come un cucciolo frustato! Ti sentiranno urlare fino a Erie, in Pennsylvania!”


“You would really do that, Sweetheart?” “You bet! I”m not going to let you be the only one to have fun. If you play, I play.” “Fair enough, stand up for me.”


“When Peyton stood in front of Jaiden, in one swift motion, Jaiden took Peyton”s shorts and briefs to the floor and had Peyton step out of them. Then, with his back to Peyton, Jaiden sat Peyton on his lap, bent him over slightly, and began sensually kissing up and down his spine, causing his lover to shiver and have goosebumps all over his body.


“Those goosebumps all over you are cute. Do they mean you are enjoying what I”m doing?” “Yes, they do. I”m so turned on that I am dripping everywhere; I hope I don”t drip on the couch.” “It”s cleanable if you do, so don”t worry about it. If it gets too intense, I”ll take care of it for you.” “Jaiden, Maybe I can attach a 69-price tag and reciprocate if you are doing the same thing.” “Hon, I assure you, I am definitely doing the same thing, and I am soaked.”


“What are you doing…Ooo, that”s nice; I am enjoying that. When did you get the new toy?” “It came in today; why?” “Because…Ooo, Ooo, I am about to blow!” “Go ahead, Babe, that”s what you”re supposed to do.”


“Ugg! Here it comes, pun intended.” “Dang, sweetheart, you have released a motherload. I”ve never seen you put out this much spunk before.” “You”ve never massaged my prostate with a massager before, Love. Wait until I do the same thing to you. You”re going to have the best orgasm you”ve ever had.” “Well, it”s going to have to happen later, Peyton.” “Why, Jaid…” Jaiden pushed the vibrator back to his intended point and turned it on high. Peyton began panting very heavily and grunting with each breath. Jaiden applied a little more pressure with the prostate stimulator, and Peyton soon released another massive load of spunk.


Jaiden removed his new toy and placed it into a plastic bag. Then he turned Peyton over on his stomach and cleaned him. “Peyton, our moms were right: you do have the most admirable, cutest, softest, most delicate bubble but ever.”


“And to what are you comparing my cute little bubble butt, Jaiden?” “Only to what I am feeling and loving, Babe. I”ve never touched anyone else”s butt; yours is the only one � and I do love to play with it.” “Sweetie, if it is any consolation to you, I love it when you play with it; your fingers are magical.”


Jaiden pulled the coffee table to him, placed a pillow on it, and then turned Peyton over and rested his head on the pillow and his legs resting on Jaiden”s shoulders. What Jaiden did next caused Peyton to inhale deeply: he leaned over and engulfed Peyton”s rod, applying the right amount of pressure and suction to make Peyton squirm wildly. Even with the two loads Peyton had already released, he exploded with an orgasm that surprised himself and Jaiden.


“Babe, are you ready to rest for a while?” Jaiden, I have to; it isn”t a matter of wanting to, I have to!” Jaiden picked up Peyton, took him to their bedroom, and laid him in the center of the bed. “Sweetheart, I”ll be right back. I”ll check the doors, make sure they are locked, and turn on the burglar alarm. Then we can snuggle for a while before we go to sleep.”


When Jaiden returned to the bedroom, Peyton had lain on his left side and was lightly snoring. Jaiden smiled, knowing the adventure he had given to Peyton tired him out enough that he could rest comfortably and peacefully. So he removed his briefs, climbed into bed, snuggled up to Peyton, and fell asleep quickly.


The following morning when the two awoke, Jaiden was lying on his back. Peyton had drawn his right forearm up to his chest, had thrown his left arm over Jaiden”s breastplate, and lain his head on Jaiden”s shoulder. If someone had the privilege to see the two lying in bed and sleeping the way they had, there would be no doubt how much in love those two were.


It was seven a.m., and Jaiden and Peyton had forgotten they were in the mountains of North Carolina � and that they had a meeting at noon with the lawyer. “Crap, Jaiden. We”ve got to shower, get dressed, and go to breakfast with Leon and Peter.” So they got out of bed, and Peyton rushed to get the shower going and get their toiletries out.


“Peyton, come here a minute and look at this.” “What is it, Love?” “Just look. Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as this scenery?” “Not hardly. I mean, we had some beautiful snowfalls while at Wellstone, but this is snowfall in this setting is the prettiest I”ve ever seen. “I have to agree, sweetheart. We”ll have to get some pictures to show Charley and Dale.”


I definitely want to bring them and the children back for a visit next year so the children can enjoy the snow and Dale and Charley can enjoy the beauty as we are now.” “Taking that trip with Dale and Charley with the children tagging along is going to be so much fun. And you know, our parents could come with us, and we could spend some time together pozcu escort that we haven”t had in a long time.” “That”s not a bad idea, sweetie. The children would enjoy playing in the snow with their grandparents, and we would all enjoy riding up to Tony”s to eat pizza and steaks. And there are some excellent restaurants around the lodge we could walk to.” “Jaiden, let”s talk to our parents and to Dale and Charley and start planning the trip.” “Deal, Peyton.”


“Peyton, there is one caveat we would have with that plan.” “And, Jaiden?” “Leon and Peter would already be here, and we could see if Sally and Richard would like to join us. We could rent out the bunk room for the guys and the children and get rooms for our parents. Maybe Jennifer and her family could join us, and the surrogates could bring their boys and stay in the bunk room with us.” “Jaiden, there is only one way to find out. Let”s take some pictures today, send copies to Jenny, and she can share them with the surrogates and see if they would like to join us.” “Sweetheart, that would be like a grand family reunion, and I would so love to do that.”


“Let”s talk to the lodge management and see what we can work out.” Want to do that after we go to lunch and take Leon and Peter to see the house?” “That would be great, Peyton. Peter and Leon could drive us back to the lodge so we could do that.”


“Good morning, little brother! How are you and your hubby doing this morning?” “Peyton, two weeks in Maui were unbelievable. Come home and see this beautiful scenery � it”s indescribable!” “Leon, get used to this beautiful site; you”ll see it every year for a while.” “Unbelievable, Peyton.”


“When you graduate from Wellstone and get your PsychD, you can keep the home here as a vacation home after you and Peter move to Erie, that is – if you still want to join the practice when the time arrives.” “Jaiden, Peyton, joining the practice is not negotiable as far as I am concerned.” “Good, I would be disappointed if it was.” “I thought so, Peyton.”


“Guys, you two have made my life so much better than I thought it could or would be. I owe you two so much and the family…I don”t know how I will ever repay their kindnesses and acceptance of me into the family.” “Leon, I keep telling you that you don”t need to try and repay anything. We did for you because we fell in love with the real Leon. We simply saw potential that we intentionally tapped into to help you develop.”


“I know you and Jaiden have stressed and keep stressing those two points, but the life I now have is still so surreal to me. I never in a million years would have ever expected this life.” “Hashem did Leon, and that”s why you now have this life, so work hard and enjoy it.” “I”m trying, Peyton, but it”s still hard for me not to panic with all the good things that have been happening.”


“I understand, Leon. But, deep down, you”re an awesome person. The families, and we, have gotten so much enjoyment out of helping you, loving you, making you part of the family, and watching the growth we have seen in you over the past year.” “Peyton, thanks for saying that. I love you all as well.” “We know, Leon, and that is part of the beauty of it all.”


“Peter walked up to Leon, popped him good on the butt, and said, “Where have you heard that before, my love?” “You”re right, Peter; you”ve told me that more than once.” “Wow, sweetheart, you have admitted I was right and that you”ve paid attention to what I said.” Peter kissed Leon on the cheek and said, “Leon, everybody loves you and knows that you are a truly good person. But that is one indisputable fact about that: nobody will ever love you more than I do!” Leon hugged Peter as a tear fell from his eye.


“Harold Anderson, gentlemen. Welcome to Boone. I have the paperwork for the loan closing set up in the conference room. This way, please.”


“Leon, if you and Peter will, one of you sit on my left and the other sit on my right, and we”ll get started. An hour later, Harold explained every form in detail and allowed Leon, Peter, Jaiden, and Peyton to read whatever conditions they wanted to peruse. Finally, Jaiden spoke up and said his and Peyton”s attorney, Pete Gray, had read all the paperwork in detail and approved everything. Jaiden handed Mr. Anderson a certified bank check, and the house became the home of Peter and Leon.


“Gentlemen, I forgot to tell you something about the cost of the house; Peyton, Jaiden, the owners found out about your reputations, and they lowered the price by a 100 K. Their son was a recipient of the changes you brought about for children having difficulties in school. His grades skyrocketed after y”all did what the two of you did. So they”ll send you a refund for the difference you paid.”


After Harry said that about the cost of the house, Jaiden cleared his throat and said, “Mr. Anderson, if I may, I need to borrow your phone to call an Uber ride to take us to the house.”


“Nonsense, Jaiden. I have a lovely, new Lincoln Towncar, and I”ll be glad to drive y”all to the house.” “That would be wonderful, Mr. Anderson, thank you.”


“Doc, if you call me Mr. Anderson one more time, I”ll drive halfway to the house, put you out of the car, and let you walk the rest of the way. My name is Harold or Harry, whichever you choose. Tony told me you would be respectfully polite.”


“You know Tony?” “Sure do, he”s my first cousin, and I”m his attorney.” “We are going to Tony”s for lunch and to Ruth Criss”s for dinner if you would like to join us.”


“I would love to, Jaiden; thank you for inviting me.” Meet us at 6 sharp this evening at Ruth Criss”. We fly out of Boone at 8 unless we get snowed in.”


“Count on it, Jaiden. We”re supposed to get six to eight inches of snow tonight, so the airport most likely will be closed down until at least noon tomorrow. It will take that long for the runway heaters and the snowplows to clear the runways.”


“Let me make a phone call right quick, and I”ll get your flight changed to fly out tomorrow at 2 p.m.” “Let me know what the change fee is so I can pay it.”


“It won”t cost anything. My brother is the airport manager; he”ll take care of the change; it won”t cost anything extra.”


Leon said, “unbelievable, good things keep happening.”


“Leon, get used to good things here. Tony and I will take care of you in this area. But, if you need something and don”t let us know, we won”t be happy campers.”


“Jaiden, Peyton, is this where the two of you got that saying?” “It is, Leon, and they mean what Harry just said. So if you need something, you better let them know.”


“Wow, unbelievable.”


“Not really, Leon. I also know Judge Anderson. He called and told me if I didn”t take good care of you, he”d make my life a living hell � and believe me, he would do just that.”


“How do you know Judge Anderson, Harry?” “He”s married to my mother, and if he didn”t make my escort bayan life a living hell, mom would.” Leon told Harry he felt sorry for him, which drew a laugh from everybody in the car.”


“Leon, dad told me he told you he wouldn”t be happy if you didn”t send him an invitation to your graduation. He also told me what he said about being proud of you.”


“To say what he did tells me he has sincere respect for you. Dad also loves you to the point that he told me he wished he had adopted you.”


“Really, Harry?” “Really, Leon. I also know Dad has made arrangements to take off work to attend the trial later this month. He wants to lay eyes on the man who hurt your mother. If that person ever shows up in Dad”s courtroom, God help him!”


Well, here we are. What do you and Peter think of the home, Leon.” Leon was so surprised at the beauty of the house and the area it was in that he was speechless.

When Harry took them inside, Leon saw how beautiful the decorator had made the home and lost it. Peter held Leon as he cried his heart out.


When Leon calmed down, he said, “Jaiden, Peyton, I don”t know what to say. It”s beautiful. I can believe you and our families did this for Peter and me.”


Peyton grabbed and hugged Leon as he said, “Leon, I told you why. We love you to mars and back. You are my brother, and this is what brothers of means do for their brothers, and it”s what families do for each other.”


Suddenly, there was an unexpected knock on the front door. Jaiden said, “I wonder who that could be. Leon and Peter just got to the house, and someone is already at their front door.”


The door flung open, and a tightly wrapped person walked in the door, looked at Leon, and said, “Well, jerk butt, what do you think of the place.” Leon recognized Jenny”s voice, grabbed and hugged her, and let loose his tears again.


“Jenny, when did you get here?” “I flew in while you were at Harry”s office.” “Don”t tell me you know Harry too.” “OK, I won”t, but Harry and I went to college together, and we”re old friends.”


“Jenny, this is so unreal.” “Yeah, little brother, it is. Do you remember what I told you at the wedding?” “I”m not sure, Jenny, you said so much, and that day was a blur to me with everything that happened.” “Leon, I told you I love you without reservation and that it was my aim to make sure the rest of your life was the best it could possibly be. I meant that, and…here I am. I wanted to see the home the family go for you. I”m flying back to Memphis with Peyton and Jaiden when they return home.”


“The doorbell rang, and Peyton said, “Now who could that be. You can”t be so popular this quickly.”


Leon went to the front door, opened it, and almost fainted. Peter caught Leon as his knees went limp. Mom, Dad, I don”t understand!” “Leon, son, this is a big day for you, and we wanted to be part of such a wonderful occasion.”


“A few minutes later, a young man came into the house and hit Leon in the back of the head with a snowball. “Hey, big brother, welcome home!”


Leon grabbed the young man and said, “Seth, thank you for coming; it means the world to me.” “I wasn”t going to let Jenny come, and I be made to stay at home. Nope, that wasn”t going to happen. Besides, Mom put steaks in the fridge, and she knew I”d eat”em.”


Leon”s phone rang, and he answered it. “Leon, this is Richard; I”m sorry that Sally and I couldn”t be there to share this day with you. The twins are kicking Sally around. She has to take it easy, and the doctor told her not to fly until the babies are born.”


“Richard, did you say, twins? So I”m going to be an uncle to twins?” “That you are, my young brother.”


Leon was so shocked he sat on the couch and once again lost it. His mom sat next to him, laid her head on his shoulder, and rubbed his back to help calm him.


Just as Leon calmed down, he heard a car door shut out front. I don”t know if I can take more people coming and telling me they love me. I”m not yet used to hearing that.”


No sooner had the doorbell rung than Judge Anderson and his wife walked in. “Leon, I see you have met my son I told you about. Did he take proper care of you?” “Yes, sir, he did. Thank you.” “Well, do you like your new home?” Yes, sir, it”s beautiful outside, but we haven”t seen the inside yet.”


“Let”s get moving so Leon and Peter can see the inside of their new home. Just before they started touring the main floor, the decorator came through the front door, hugged the Judge, and said, “Dad, when did you and mom get here?” “The Judge told her they arrived about noon.”


“Leon looked at the decorator, then at Harry and the Judge and his wife and said, “You all are related?”


The Judge started laughing and said, “That we are. You”ve met my son, my daughter, and you”ll meet my other son at the airport tomorrow. You”ve also met a cousin of mine and her husband.” “I have?” “You sure have, Leon.”


“Who are your cousins, Judge?” “Leon, don”t get excited and don”t tell anyone outside this room; my cousin and her husband are your Mom and Dad. Leon looked at his Mom and Dad. His mom was grinning like a Cheshire cat, and his dad smiled and simply shrugged his shoulders.”


“Peyton, did you know this?” “I apologize, Leon, but, yes, I did; however, like you, I was told not to tell anybody, so I didn”t.”


“Y”all really do love me, don”t you?” Leon”s mom took his face in her hands and said, “Leon, son, we love you more than you will ever know, and so do your brothers and sister. That”s why we are all here to celebrate with you.”


“Now, let”s see your new home.”


Denise, the decorator, and Judge”s daughter, began the tour in the kitchen, explaining everything that had been done. New cabinets, a new glass top stove, double in-wall ovens, and a new top-of-the-line Bosch dishwasher and Whirlpool refrigerator.


Then they saw all the lesser bedrooms and baths, which, like the kitchen, were beautiful. However, when they got to the master bedroom and bath, Leon and Peter lost it. They didn”t have the imagination to think of how gorgeous their bedroom and master bath would be. They held each other and cried together.


“Folks, we have one more floor to see.” But, Leon said, “another floor? Where?”


“Denise said, Follow me. So she took them to the basement, where an unbelievable stone fireplace had a warm fire going. There was another bedroom and bath downstairs. A 60-inch television hung above the fireplace mantel.


Through the French doors at the front of the den was a covered porch with rocking chairs overlooking the snowy mountains. To the right of the porch was enough firewood to last the entire winter.


There were enough bedrooms for everyone who came to visit, so Peter and Leon insisted that everyone stay at the house until the snow let up enough for them to be able to return home.


The adults would stay upstairs, and Jenny and Seth would sleep in the basement since the bedroom there had twin beds.


Leon”s and Peter”s return from Hawaii and finally getting to see the new home their family bought for them turned out to be a grand affair.

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