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I shut my eyes and wonder what turn my life would be taking if I hadn’t met Peyton, loved him, married him, become part of his extended family with new parents who have been nothing but amazing for and to me, and if I hadn’t gained a loving sister-in-law like Jenny. I am richer than any billionaire in this country. Early this morning, I arose early and went to the kitchen and fixed Peyton’s favorite breakfast with coffee and served him in bed. I am so fortunate to have him in my life. When he finished breakfast, I picked him up and placed him in a warm bath I had prepared for him. I soaped my hands and gently cleaned his face. When I had done that, I took the soap and gently massaged his entire body with it as he lay in the warm tub. When I finished his relaxing bath, I dried him off with the softest, most plush towel we have. When I dried him off, I again picked Peyton up and carried him to the bed. I laid him on his left side and told him I would be back shortly. I went back to the bathroom and took a warm shower, dried off, and then climbed into bed and cuddled with Peyton while we looked out of the bedroom windows and listened to the bird’s morning songs. Tomorrow, we would fly back to Abingdon to pack our clothes, load them into the truck and drive back to Erie to prepare for the start of med school. When we got to the house in Abingdon, there was a strange car in Mom’s driveway. We went into the house and looked for whoever may have been there and didn’t find anyone. Meanwhile, Dale had gone into the kitchen, retrieved a roast from the freezer and was thawing it in the microwave. When the roast had thawed, Dale put it in a roasting pan with enough chicken stock to cover it along with various spices. He peeled several potatoes cutting them up and placing them in cold water. He was going to make creamed potatoes with garlic-infused butter and fresh, steamed green beans that he would lightly saut� in real butter, not margarine. He mixed up and kneaded some dough for homemade dinner rolls that he sat near the stove to rise. After he had done all this, he called Becky and asked her to tell Mom he would have dinner ready when she got home. About 30 minutes before Mom got home, he put the rolls in the oven. Just as Mom drove into the garage, he pulled the gorgeous golden rolls from the oven, put them in a bun warmer, and sat all the food on the table. Mom came in the house and washed up for dinner and then came into the dining room and sat down for a homemade meal unlike any she had eaten in quite a while. He had decaf coffee for Mom and tea for the rest of us. Hardly a word was spoken during dinner, it was that good! When Mom finished her meal, she asked Peyton for the name of the rolls he had served. She was shocked when he told her he made them himself. Mom gushed over how good the rolls were and how good the roast was. We sat at the table and talked about our day for maybe an hour. Charley began clearing the table taking the dishes to the kitchen where he rinsed them off and placed them into the dishwasher. When everything was cleaned to perfection, we all went out on the deck to sit in the cool mountain air and talk. Mom was still inside but came out a short time later. She handed a set of keys to Dale and told him the car in the driveway was for him and Charley to drive to school and back every day and for whatever else he and Charley needed to do. Dale and Charley looked at Mom with disbelief in their eyes. Mom knew they were appreciative but understood emotion kept them from saying anything. She looked at Dale and Charley and said, “You young men earned that car and I am proud I was able to get it for you. We didn’t pay attention to what kind of car it was when we came home, but Mom made sure we were going out to check out the car. It was a brand-new Subaru Forester. Mom told Dale and Charley they would need an all-wheel-drive car when the snow hit in a couple of months or so. Dale sat in the car and looked at Mom with red, swollen eyes. Charley looked the same. Mom told Charley, Peyton, and I to get in the car and take a long ride with Dale so he and Charley could get used to the car. We obeyed. Dale got the mirrors adjusted for him, got the seat in the position that best fits him, and discovered that the front of the seat let out to support the thighs on long trips. He loved that feature. There was a sunroof he could use in the fall and spring. He had to make sure the sunroof was closed every time he got out of the car so he would not come out and find the car full of snow, rain, or both. Electric seats on the driver and passenger sides. Cruise control, a collision-avoidance system, backup cameras, a self-diming rearview mirror, and German blue glass in the outside mirrors so bright car lights wouldn’t affect Dale or Charley when driving at night. Dale drove into town and Charley drove home. The car drove like a dream and rode like a Lincoln. Jaiden told Dale and Charley to pull the car into the garage at night so the bears wouldn’t tear into it looking for food. First, though, Dale and Charley took a picture of the car to send to their parents. When they went inside the house Dale went over to Mom and hugged her and wouldn’t let go. She rubbed his back and said, “I take it you like the car!” “No, Mam, we don’t like the car, we love the car.” “Thank you so much for loving us enough to bless us that way.” Mom said, “Dale, you and Charley are my sons to me, and I will make sure you have what you need while you are going through school and while you are getting set up in your careers. If I find out you needed something and didn’t tell me, I will get upset. Just ask Jaiden.” Dale and Charley looked at Jaiden and he was shaking his head yes. Dale sent his parents a text with a picture of the car. A few minutes later, his phone rang. His mom spoke first and asked about the car. Dale told her when we got back to Abingdon from Erie, the car was sitting in the driveway with the tag on it. He told her that when Mom got home from her hospital rounds, she washed up for dinner that he had cooked and when we finished eating, we cleaned up everything and went into the den. Mom was in the back of the house and when she came back into the den, she handed him and Charley a set of keys and told them the car in the driveway was theirs and that they would need an all-wheel-drive car when the snow hit. mezitli escort He told his Mom it was a Subaru Forester with all the bells and whistles. Dale’s Mom asked why and he said he asked Mom the same question and she told him she considered them her sons and that she was going to make sure they had what they needed going through school and when setting up their careers and that if they needed something and didn’t tell her that she would get upset, to ask Jaiden. He said that when he looked over at Jaiden, he was shaking his head yes. Dale’s mother told him, “Son, you have truly been blessed.” He replied, “Yes, mam, I know.” They talked for about an hour and Dale told her he was so proud they had come up for the ceremonies at the temple and to see the house. His mother said the house was gorgeous and the yards were immaculate. She also said she and his Dad had truly enjoyed meeting Ginny and Gampy and that she knew that if he got into any mischief that Ginny would tan his hide. Dale got excited when he told his Mom that Tony had built a restaurant in Erie and had a huge mural of the four of us on one wall. He said Peyton spotted the restaurant on the way home from Sunday lunch with his parents and got his Dad to pull into the parking lot. We got out of the car and went inside and when Jaiden saw the picture, he got emotional. At that point, he told his mother Tony came out of the kitchen and asked how we liked the place. One of his `Tony huddle-hugs’ gave Tony his answer. He also told her our lifetime pizza pass would be good in Erie as well. They had a great time talking and she told Dale she would relay the conversation to his Dad when he got home from work. Charley got a call from both of his parents and their conversations were pretty much the same as Dale’s and his mother’s. Charley’s parents were beside themselves at the news and that they were so happy he had found someone to love him the way the other three Amigos did and the way Jaiden’s mother loved them. Charley told his Dad that he had given mom long hugs, thanked her profusely, and told her he loved her. He also told his parents that mom had said she considered them her sons and that she would make sure they had what they needed while going through school and while setting up their careers and that if they needed something and didn’t tell her she would get upset and to just ask Jaiden about that. He told them Jaiden was standing there nodding his head yes when his Mm made that statement. Charley’s Dad asked, well, what kind of car is it and he told his Dad it was a brand-new Subaru Forrester with all the bells and whistles, and all-wheel-drive Dr. Mom said he and Dale would need when the snow started in a few months. Mr. Leonard told Charley that he hoped Charley understood how much he had been blessed and Charley assured his Dad he completely understood. Charley told his parents what Jenny had done for Peyton and Jaiden and they got very emotional at that news. They told him to be serious and studious when school started and he promised them he would and that he would talk to them weekly to let them know how things were progressing. When they finished talking, both of his parents told him they loved him and Dale and were extremely proud of them. Charley was red-eyed when he hung up. Since Mom had retired to her office for the evening, we all went downstairs to the basement commons, went to our rooms and got comfortable in our baggy shorts, sans briefs, and a tee-shirt and watched some television in between making out with our spouses. Peyton was lying on the floor with Jaiden and Charley and Dale were lying down together on the couch. Jaiden was oblivious to anything around him and had slipped Peyton’s pants off and was slowly rubbing Peyton’s `Jolly Rodger’. Peyton reached the point where his body stiffened, his eyes rolled back, and he let out a whimper as he shot rope after rope of spunk all over Jaiden. Dale commented about how far Peyton’s shot traveled. I whispered in Dale’s ear, “Let’s see how far I can make you shoot. I slid Dale’s shorts off and began slowly rubbing his flag pole edging him over and over for about 30 minutes before I would let him cum. When he did release his tension, he shot his spunk in my hair, on my face, and everywhere in between. I told him, “Lover, you broke your record, look at the mess on me. Dale, Jaiden, and Peyton all laughed when I said that. That is when Peyton and Dale turned on me and Jaiden. Peyton looked at Jaiden and Charley and said, “Strip. Everything, now!” Jaiden had never been fully naked in front of Dale and me, and he was a bit timid about stripping in front of us, so Peyton stood up and removed Jaiden’s shirt and then pulled Jaiden’s shorts to the floor. Peyton sat down and sat Jaiden across his lap while Dale sat down and did the same to me. Dale told Charley to close his eyes. When he did, Dale started playing with Charley’s pecker and made him squirm all over him. Peyton had positioned Jaiden so he could see us and while he was rubbing Jaiden’s rod, he made Jaiden keep his eyes open and glued to Dale pleasuring Charley. Dale and Peyton edged Jaiden and Charley for over an hour before they would allow them some relief. When Jaiden and I let the floods descend, Jaiden’s first shot hit the French doors and my first shot hit the front of the television. Then Jaiden and I soaked Peyton and Dale. This time, instead of all of us going to our rooms to shower and clean up, we all climbed into one shower with each spouse bathing the other turning each other on all over again. This time, we wouldn’t let our spouses expend their horniness. They had to grin and bear it. Before we got out of the shower, dried off, and went to our rooms, Jaiden disappeared for several minutes. When he came back into the bathroom, he was unusually quiet. As we walked into the commons, Jaiden shut and locked their door. He grabbed Peyton’s arms from behind and walked him to the bed where he had positioned two pillows length-wise near the middle of the bed. He laid Peyton forward with his face lying between the pillows with just enough space for Peyton to breathe freely. He told Peyton to lie there quietly without saying a word. He walked to the other side of the bed, pulled one of Peyton’s arms forward and tied it to the headboard and tied one foot to the footboard. When Jaiden had done that, he grabbed Peyton’s right arm and tied it to the right side of the headboard. Then he pulled Peyton’s right leg wide apart from the left and tied it to the right side of the footboard. He made sure both of Peyton’s knees were on the floor and his rump was slightly elevated. When he had Peyton positioned the way he wanted him, he grabbed a condom and put it on in a way Peyton couldn’t tell what he was doing. He had taken the cap off the lube before Peyton had entered the bedroom so the sound that made could not be heard. He squirted a fair amount of lube on the end of the condom and then leaned over Peyton and whispered in his ear, “get ready for a pounding that is a going to be a little bit rougher than you have had so far.” After telling Peyton that, he leaned over and quickly pushed into Peyton and immediately started a fast pace that made Peyton grunt with each thrust. He would get to a point of orgasm and then stop until the feeling had passed. Then he would start up again and go until the feeling of orgasm came back. He spent an hour doing this over and over. When the feeling came back, he didn’t stop the orgasm and he pushed in hard when it started. After he had unloaded himself, he laid on Peyton’s back and said, “babe, how’d you like that?” Peyton uttered `Umm’ and didn’t say another word. Jaiden got a warm washcloth from the bathroom and gently cleaned Peyton until he was spotlessly clean. Then he started untying Peyton. When Peyton was completely untied, Jaiden climbed in bed with him and pulled him onto his back. That was when he saw Peyton’s red, wet eyes. When Jaiden saw Peyton’s eyes, he panicked and asked pozcu escort Peyton if he had hurt him and Peyton told Jaiden that while he enjoyed pleasing him, that session was too rough. Jaiden got so upset hearing what Peyton said, he went in the bathroom and vomited repeatedly saying over and over how sorry he was. He started sobbing and kept apologizing to Peyton asking for forgiveness saying he would never again do anything like that. He cried for hours and Peyton tried repeatedly to console him, but Jaiden could not get over hurting the one person he loved more than anything in the world. When they awakened in the morning, Jaiden was so distraught that he wouldn’t get out of bed to eat or do anything else. He just laid in bed curled up in a fetal position. Peyton was at the point of panic over Jaiden’s shut down. He laid down in front of Jaiden, placed his hands-on Jaiden’s face, and said, “Damn it, snap out of this. I told you I am ok. We now know where the limit is. I do not love you any less because of last night. I love you more because I can see how torn apart you were and are over the fear of hurting me.” Peyton made Jaiden come out of that fearful fetal position and he climbed in bed in front of Jaiden and held him ever so gently kissing him on his forehead. Even so, Jaiden continued weeping for several hours. Now Peyton was getting scared. He went and told Dale what had happened and got Dale to help him get Jaiden out of bed. Peyton took Jaiden outside and took him for a long walk, his arm around Jaiden’s waist. Several times he stopped, took Jaiden’s face in his hands, and lovingly kissed him. He kept walking with Jaiden until he had calmed down. Jaiden didn’t say a word all afternoon. He kept a look of fear and hurt on his face. Peyton continually tried to reassure Jaiden. When Jaiden finally said something, he looked at Peyton and said, “I am so sorry I hurt you. I would rather die than to ever hurt you.” Peyton told Jaiden, “I know that love, I know you were trying to make things more exciting; it just went a little too far. As I said, now we know the limit and we move forward from this.” Jaiden had not eaten a thing all day, so Peyton asked Dale if he would fix Jaiden some soup and maybe a cheese sandwich. Dale turned around and headed into the kitchen and did what Peyton asked him to do. He couldn’t stand to see Jaiden hurt so badly or to see Peyton so worried. While Dale was preparing something for Jaiden to eat, Peyton drew a warm bath in the tub, took Jaiden into the bathroom, undressed him, and helped him get in the warm relaxing bath. When Peyton climbed in behind Jaiden, Jaiden flinched a bit. Peyton started massaging Jaiden’s back and neck. He reached around Jaiden and rubbed his chest and stomach as well. Dale got the food prepared and took it in the bathroom where Peyton spoon-fed it to Jaiden. Jaiden began to relax, but it was going to take some time for him to forgive himself. When Peyton fed Jaiden the last of the food, they got out of the tub and Peyton dried both of them with a plush, soft towel. Then he went into the commons area, sat on the couch, and made Jaiden sit across his lap. He quietly held Jaiden with Jaiden’s head on his shoulder until he could tell Jaiden had finally fallen asleep. He ran his fingers through Jaiden’s hair until Jaiden awoke several hours later. Jaiden still looked tired and weary, so Peyton put him in their car and took him for a long ride. At one point, Jaiden laid over and put his head in Peyton’s lap and again fell asleep. Jaiden pulled in to a park by a waterfall and sat there and let Jaiden sleep, running his fingers through Jaiden’s hair the entire time they sat by the waterfall. An hour or so later, Dale and Charley pulled in and parked. They quietly walked up to Jaiden’s car to make sure everything was ok. When they were assured it was, they left and went back toward home. If Jaiden’s Mom found out what had happened, she would be furious. So, they made sure to keep Jaiden away from the house until she had gone to bed. Peyton got Jaiden home and they entered the house from the basement to avoid rousing his Mom. Peyton got Jaiden in bed, crawled in behind him, and held him until Jaiden went to sleep. When Jaiden awoke the next morning, Peyton was still holding Jaiden with Jaiden’s head on his shoulder. Peyton was already awake and when he saw Jaiden’s eyes open, he reached down and kissed Jaiden ever so softly on the lips and said, “Babe, I hope you feel better this morning. I don’t like seeing the person I love more than anything in this world hurting and worried. I love you and you need to understand that. Now let’s get up, have some breakfast with Dale and Charley and spend some quality time together. Jaiden looked up and said, “Peyton, I am sorry” as tears again came from his eyes. I can’t stand the fact that I hurt you, I just can’t.” “Jaiden, tell me: what it is going to take for you to understand I forgive you a million times over? I love you and that is not going to change, so as Mr. Andrews used to say in high school, “Pull your thumb out of your ass and get over it. Life is too short to live it in misery.” I sat on the side of the bed next to Jaiden and he rested his head on my shoulder as he picked up my hand, kissed it, and held it to his face with his eyes shut. “Jaiden, get your ass out of bed and get dressed. There is something I want to do with you!” That got Jaiden out of bed and got him dressed. I took him out on the deck, sat on the deck couch with him, held his hand, pulled his head to my shoulder, and just sat there without saying a word. I pulled his hand to my lips, kissed it, and held it under my nose so I could smell the scent of his skin that I loved so much. After about an hour, I took Jaiden by the hand, led him into the bedroom, undressed him, and sat him on the bed until I could get undressed. I pushed him gently on to his back and then pulled him to the middle of the bed where I climbed on top of him with my head resting on his chest just under his chin. As I laid there, Peyton kissed the top of my head and started running his fingers through my hair. I didn’t say anything, I just hope this is the start of a new day with the person I love more than life itself. We went to the commons and sat down to watch a movie on the big screen. I snuggled up to Jaiden, laid my head on his chest, and quickly went to sleep. He started running his fingers through my hair and did his best to keep his tears from hitting my face. Jaiden never took his eyes off of me. The hardest thing Jaiden has ever tried to do in his life so far is to watch the person he loves so deeply hurt so badly. What Jaiden did is something he will never forget and something he will never do again. I don’t have to worry about that. Jaiden hasn’t lost my trust or my respect, so he doesn’t have to earn either back like he thinks he does. He feels so lost. Jaiden said, ” Damn, this is so hard. I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up.” That is not what I want for Jaiden. Peyton never opened his eyes when he said, “Jaiden, stop it, please! I know what you are doing to yourself because I can feel you tense. You are the love of my life and you always will be the love of my life. I have not lost one bit of my trust in you and I certainly have not lost one iota of respect for you, so, PLEASE, STOP PUNISHING YOURSELF! I hurt mentally when I see you hurting so badly. We have learned from our experience and it is time to move on and love each other more every day than the day before. Do you understand what I am saying?” “Yes, Peyton, I do, but that doesn’t stop the hurt in my heart. I am so very sorry, and it is going to take me a while to get over what I did.” “Jaiden, I miss your smile, may I at least have that back?” I will try, Peyton, I will try.” “Mom had a nurse call and let us know she had a problem at the hospital and would be late getting home and would get something to eat when she left for home. Dale went upstairs escort bayan and prepared some awesome home-made spaghetti and garlic toast. Dale called and left a message on Mom’s phone that he had food for her when she got home and he would keep it warm. When we finished eating, cleaning up, and washing dishes, Jaiden was sitting at the table talking to Charley so I took that time to go and sit on the deck and release the tension I had felt. I am so worried about Jaiden not being to let go of his feelings of guilt. I was having a hard, guttural cry when Jaiden came out and sat down pulling me into a hug holding me without saying a word. He kissed me on the top of my head and started running his fingers through my hair. Oh god, how I needed him to do that. I finally got everything out of my system and reached up and ran my fingers through Jaiden’s hair. I know now that everything is going to be ok. Jaiden asked me to stand up and then sit across his lap which I did. He put his hand on the side of my face and ever so softly laid my head on the left side of his chest. He never moved his hand away as he kept running his hand across my hair and also running his fingers through it as well. He kept his hand against my face as he softly rubbed the side of my head. The warmth of his hand against my head was so reassuring. I’m here for the night if that is what Jaiden wants. We knew Mom had come home, but we didn’t know she came downstairs, looked through the French doors at Jaiden and me, and without a word, turned and went back upstairs. Charley told us later what Mom had done and that she had said she knew something was wrong but she was confident it had been resolved. She said Jaiden was holding Peyton the same way Abe held her when they had arguments, and seeing Jaiden and Peyton the way she did brought back so many memories. She said that Jaiden and Peyton were just like she and her husband were and that made her miss her husband terribly. Charley said Mom sat at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and eating her dinner while quietly staring into space. She truly misses Jaiden’s Dad. The next morning when Charley and I got up and looked outside, Jaiden was still holding Peyton who had his face on Jaiden’s chest. They were sound asleep on the chaise lounge chair on the patio. It was such a loving sight to see because it told us Jaiden was finally starting to get back to his normal self. Dale went upstairs to the kitchen and whipped some eggs and cooked them to a fluffy consistency the way Jaiden likes. He added some bacon and buttered toast with strawberry jam that Peyton likes. As he got ready to take the breakfast to Jaiden and Peyton, he poured them a cup of coffee with cream and Stevia for Jaiden and two sugars and two creams for Peyton. Charley took one tray of food and I took the other to the deck. We quietly slipped out the French doors and sat the food on the patio table. Dale walked over to Jaiden and Peyton, and softly said, “OK lovebirds, it’s time to wake up and eat some breakfast.” Jaiden and Peyton slowly opened their eyes, stretched a little bit, and then sat up. Jaiden asked, “Did we sleep out here all night?” “Yes, lover boy, you did. The love we saw between the two of you was so beautiful that there was no way we were going to wake you up to come inside and go to bed.” Jaiden said he didn’t want to sleep in that bed, that he wanted to pack up and head to Erie to stay in his own home and sleep in his bed with Peyton. We all agreed that might be the best thing to do. Jaiden called Mom and asked her if she would be offended if we went ahead and headed to Erie. Mom told him she would like for us to come by the office so she could see us before we left, so he said we would. We got in Jaiden’s car and headed for the clinic. When we got there, Becky let Mom know we had arrived. Mom said for us to meet her in her office, so we went to her office and sat down until she finished with a patient and came to the office. When she came into her office, she handed Charley and me a gas card and said, “use it but don’t abuse it.” “Yes, mam, we won’t” Dale replied. Then she asked if she could talk with Jaiden alone for a few minutes, so the other three of the Amigos went to the front to tell Becky and the ladies we were headed for Erie and we would see them as soon as we could. When Jaiden came to the front office to get us so we could walk out the backdoor together, his eyes were red and a bit wet. When we got outside, he told us that she knew something had been wrong but didn’t want to know what, but she said when she and Dad had a disagreement, an argument, she and Dad would do what Peyton and I did last night. She said for us to be careful, loving, and gentle with each other and to never forget what our vows truly meant. She also said to call her at least once a week and that if we needed a tutor for anything to let her know. Then she just held me for a few minutes and then walked out of her office with tears in her eyes. Jaiden said his mom was one awesome lady. We all agreed. We went back to the house and loaded up our clothes, plotted our route to Erie, and decided where we would stop for lunch and dinner. It is an 8-hour drive to go the 487 miles. We are going to swap drivers half-way, eat lunch and try to drive the rest of the way to Erie and get a pizza at Tony’s for dinner. We made it into Erie and to Tony’s Pizzeria to get dinner. We were blown away when we got inside and discovered Phil, our waiter in Brevard, was the manager here in Erie. He yelled out, “It is so good to see you guys. I wondered when you would come in. Have a seat and I will get your order and drinks and we can talk while the cooks fix the grub. Phil put the order in, came back, and sat down. Jaiden asked him where he was living and he said Tony set him up at the Hilton Inn for a month until he could find an apartment and get his furniture brought to Erie. When the word Hilton was mentioned, Jaiden looked at Peyton, Dale, and Charley and we all understood the unstated question and we all nodded yes. Jaiden looked at Phil and said, “you are not going to stay at the Hilton, that just won’t do. We have a four-bedroom house and we are only using 2 bedrooms. Here is a key to the house and here is the address. We’ll expect you to be there tomorrow whenever you can get there, and don’t even think of arguing with us about it because it won’t work.” Phil looked at us and said, “Are you guys sure? I don’t want to be a bother to you.” Peyton looked at Phil and told him we were all serious about the offer, that he wouldn’t be a bother to us, and we expected him to be our guest until he could find an apartment he liked and could afford. He gave the four of us a hug and said he would be at the house at noon since he was working afternoons and nights until the staff was fully trained and he felt he could trust them to do things correctly. Peyton said, “Good! We’ll see you tomorrow afternoon. Take the downstairs bedroom on the left.” When we got home, Tony called and asked if we were sure if Phil being at the house wouldn’t interrupt our routines. Jaiden told him that if he thought Phil would interrupt our routines, he wouldn’t have made the offer. Besides, he has his key and can come and go as he needs to. Tony thanked us for being so generous to Phil. Jaiden told Tony he and Phil were family and we expected him and Phil to stay with us whenever they needed to, especially while Tony was in town to check on the business. When the call was over, Jaiden took Peyton by the hand and walked out on the deck and sat in the chaise lounge chair. Jaiden had Peyton sit across his lap after which Jaiden then gently pulled Peyton’s head to his chest and rested his chin on top of Peyton’s head. He started stroking his hair and running his fingers through Peyton’s hair as well. What was so sweet was the way Jaiden would kiss Peyton on the top of his head and his cheek. The two lovebirds stayed on the deck until almost 11 p.m. when they finally got up and came inside to go to bed. They would be sleeping in their bed with good memories of the move to Erie. There is no doubt in my and Charley’s minds that all is well and that it will continue to be well. Tonight, we would sleep well and get up happy and refreshed tomorrow. It’s time to smile!

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