Subject: Jaiden – Chapter 42 Gregory Patrick ail Jaiden � Chapters 40 after all, those boys earned such a gift. They didn’t wait on the laptops, when they had reviewed their notes and completed their assigned reading for Thursday’s classes, they headed straight to the Apple store and bought the best laptops for the boy’s needs. The computers were identical, so it didn’t matter which one either boy received. They called Pete and told him they had something for Jason and asked if he, Allison, and the children could meet them at Tony’s for dinner. Pete said they would and then asked what they had for Jason. Peyton told him they would find out at Tony’s. When the Gray’s arrived at Tony’s, they joined the Amigos inside and saw a wrapped box on the table. It was maybe 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Robert was working tonight and took their drink orders. He would take their food orders when he retrieved the drinks. Everybody looked over the menu and when Robert came back, he took their orders on the hand-held computer sending them directly to the kitchen. All the guys got eggplant parmesan. Jason shocked his parents by ordering the same thing. Jaiden looked up and said, “just watch him when it gets here. He’s tried ours before and loved it. I bet he still does.” When the food was delivered, all eyes were on Jason who carefully cut up the eggplant and pasta. With impeccable manners, he began to eat his meal to the amazement of his parents. Pete asked Jaiden how they got him to eat that. Jaiden replied that it was simple. You cut it up, don’t say what it is, and then get him to try it. So far, he’s had broccoli, squash, green beans, peas, and a few other vegetables chopped up and hidden in spaghetti sauce and served over pasta. We heard Allison say he wouldn’t eat vegetables, so I talked to Phil and had him fix that dish the last time he got spaghetti here. Allison looked at Dale and said, “Dale you are going to have to teach me some of the tricks of the trade on that one. I never would have thought of that.” “Allison, I got the idea from Jaiden’s mom when she told me that is what she did to get Jaiden to eat vegetables. I’ve tried it at home a few times and it still works.” That earned him stares from Jaiden, Peyton, and Charley. It got a laugh from Pete. When they completed their meals and had dessert, Peyton pulled out two wrapped boxes and told Jason he was going to let him open them but that he could not use them until his Dad set the parental controls. Jason was ok with that. All he wanted to do was open the presents. When Jason unwrapped the boxes, Pete and Allison could not believe the boys had gotten Jason such a nice gift and told the boys they shouldn’t have. Peyton told him that after the news coverage last weekend, they had been blessed way beyond measure with gifts sent to them. Pete said they must have been good gifts. Jaiden asked if he could invoke the attorney-client privilege. Pete said, “Of course!” Jaiden slid him a note with one thing written on it: $775,000. Pete’s chin hit the floor and he exclaimed, “You have got to be kidding me!” “Afraid not, Pete. Dale’s Dad is a very good accountant with a large firm in Pensacola and he has been here three days sorting things out as far as handling, investing, and growing the money so we can put it to the best use. The first gift was just given to Jason to use for his school work. The quality of the computer should last him until he is out of high school. When he starts college, we will get him whatever Apple has out then. By the way, there is a 10-year no-questions repair warranty that covers whatever may happen to the computer and there is a theft tracking system inside the computer that doesn’t show up in the apps. The little box is an external CD hard drive to make it easier to buy programs on a CD rather than having to rely on downloads.” Pete and Allison were beside themselves at Jason’s gift. Dale said to make sure that whenever he used the computer it was where they could eyeball it while Jason was using it. Allison said she would make sure that would be a standing rule. After handshakes and hugs, and Jason’s `Jason-Hug’ and his `I love you,’ everyone headed home. When the guys got home, they called Rabbi Kravitz and asked if he and the Rebbetzin could come over with the boys. He said they would be over in a few minutes. Dale had made some horderves and started a pot of coffee so they all could relax and talk. When the Kravitz clan arrived, the horderves were heated and ready to eat. Dale had fruit knishes, figs with goat cheese and honey-date sauce, and some cheese straws made with a variety of cheeses. The guys sat in the den with the Kravitz’s and talked for a good while. Jaiden had his laptop on a table in the den, and said, “that reminds me, does David have a good computer he can use when he does his school work?” Rabbi Kravitz said, “Not yet, three boys are expensive and a computer is something we will save for and purchase somewhere down the road.” Peyton told the Rabbi they would like to help with that and he went upstairs and came back down with two wrapped boxes and asked the Kravitz’s if the minded if the guys gave David a gift. The Rabbi said that was fine, so Peyton handed the boxes to the Rabbi to give them to David. When David opened the boxes, his mouth was open in surprise as he looked at the guys. The Rabbi and his wife were also in disbelief. The Rabbi said, “a computer, and an Apple at that, why? Jaiden said David had earned it and that they had been blessed with some donations after last Thursday’s school board meeting and it was something they wanted to do for David and Jason. All the Rabbi could say was, “WOW!” Peyton told David he couldn’t use the computer until his parents set up parental controls on it. The Rabbi looked at Peyton and said he had no idea how to do that. Peyton said, “then let me do it for you while you are here.” He then went to the parental controls app and set controls on what David wouldn’t be able to access, controls the Rabbi and Rebbetzin approved. He then had the Rabbi write down a number so he could change the controls if he wanted to. He told the Rabbi to file the number away so he wouldn’t forget it. Like with Jason’s computer, Peyton told the Rabbi and Rebbetzin that there is a theft tracking device in the computer so that if someone stole it, they could easily find it. He also told them that the program will not show up in apps on the computer. They thanked the boys over and over for their generosity and promised they would monitor David’s use of the computer and would make sure when he was using it, they would eyeball it the entire time. Jaiden told them he thought that was a good idea. Oh, the item in the small box is an external CD hard drive so you can buy and more easily install educational programs you think will be useful to David. And there is a ten year no questions asked repair contract for anything that could possibly happen to the laptop. Guys, we simply cannot thank you enough. Rabbi, you already have. The stress has greatly reduced over the past few days. Mail and donations mezitli escort are still coming in but not at the rate they originally arrived. Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charley had sat down and decided that any additional funds that came in would be donated to Carolyn Spencer’s class for her to purchase whatever electronic aids she needs to make her job easier for her and more entertaining to the students. It seems the more fun she makes things for the class the better the students learn, and she has already taken them into next year’s math and they are excelling. The national test scores for her class are off the charts they are so high. Never in the history of the Erie school system has that ever happened. Since it is Friday night, the guys would have two days off from school which means they have time for each other. It was late enough that Peyton and Jaiden didn’t need to worry about the Kravitz children or their parents being up. Temple would be at 9 am tomorrow and the Rabbi had to get his sleep. So Jaiden took Peyton out on the deck and sat in the chaise lounge and pulled Peyton into his lap. Jaiden began kissing Payton tenderly, showing him how much he truly loves him the best he could. Words can sometimes be cheap, so Jaiden truly wants to show his love for Peyton. He held Peyton and ran his fingers through Peyton’s hair gently stroking the side of his head. Peyton laid his head on Jaiden’s left shoulder and before long, he had fallen asleep. Since Peyton had incurred a very stressful time over the past week, Jaiden just sat there holding Peyton all night right where they were. When the sun started to rise and the birds started singing, Peyton started to awaken. When he realized where he was, he asked Jaiden if he had been sleeping all night in his lap and Jaiden told him he had. Peyton started apologizing profusely and Jaiden looked at him and said, “shut up!” I have loved every moment I have held you and you rested better than you have in the past two weeks, so let me enjoy the privilege of getting to hold you.” Peyton looked up at Jaiden and said, “Yes sir!” Jaiden leaned town and kissed Peyton very lightly on his lips. You can’t measure Jaiden’s love for Peyton, it is simply too deep to do that. Dale stuck his head out the door and yelled, “wake up lovebirds, breakfast is ready. We need to eat if we are going to make temple services.” Jaiden and Peyton joined Dale and Charley in the breakfast nook for some of the best onion, garlic, and potato knishes they had ever tasted. Peyton told Dale his mother made knishes but they were not as good as his. And when you add the fact that Dale makes the best coffee they have ever drunk, breakfast was heavenly. After they ate the potato and onion knishes, Dale pulled out peach knishes for desert. They were all perfect. They took one each to Rabbis Kravitz and Belson. The boys had truly come to love their Rabbis and their families. Rabbi Kravitz delivered his sermon that was based on the subject that sometimes there are good people we fail to notice walking through our lives and then there are people who walk among us whose works are impossible to miss, whose footprints leave such indelible memories in our lives that we must acknowledge their contributions. The Rabbi mentioned how four young men in the congregation had been blessed beyond measure after the recent school board meeting and how those blessings continued to pour in. He also spoke of how the nice young men chose to continue helping others rather than keeping the gifts they had received for themselves in honor of the tenants of their faith requiring charity where possible. “Two months in our community and as members of our temple, they have done more for the Erie community than anybody in the past 50 years. How blessed we have been because Hashem sent them to us. Hashem even sent me to Hawaii as an answer to their prayers to find a temple where they would be accepted and loved, and Anshe Hesed is where Hashim has sent them. Is that a blessing or not? I believe it is! The question now for everyone is this: How can we emulate their love for our temple, for our community, for our children? That is a question you each need to decide for yourselves and then act upon the answer you receive.” Since Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charley are members of the Country Club, they decided to have lunch there and they invited the Rabbis and their families and Pete and Allison and their children to join them. Peyton made Jaiden drive the Lincoln so the children could ride to the country club with them if they wanted to and if their parents approved. They guessed the parents approved because Jason and David climbed into the back of the vehicle and buckled themselves in. They guys got in and everybody went to the club for lunch. Jaiden slipped the waiter a note that everyone’s dinner would be on his tab and that whatever the boys ordered, they were to receive prime rib with the garlicky mashed potatoes and a vegetable casserole with the vegetables disguised as much as possible so the children would eat them. Josh, the waiter, understood the request and smiled when he said, “I don’t think we will have any problem doing that.” The boys ordered hamburgers and fries and were blown away when they were served the 8-ounce prime rib, garlicky potatoes, and especially the casserole which they loved. The waiter gave Jaiden a note saying the casserole was made up of eggs with no blood spots, mashed peas, butterbeans, squash, okra, and shredded brussels sprouts mixed with mushroom soup and plenty of melting cheese with a minute amount of sugar added to disguise the taste a little. The parents were surprised the boys downed the casserole first and asked Jaiden what made up the dish. Jaiden said I will show you but you have to promise me you won’t say anything about it out loud. He passed the note to Allison first and she passed it on to the Rebbetzin. They both looked at each other and then at Jaiden with broad grins on their faces. He just looked at the ladies and said, “That is Mom’s trick and it worked well on me. From what I UNDERSTAND, a Chef named Dale has done that for us in our home.” That’s when Dale got a stare from all three brothers. He laughed and said it was very true and that the brothers loved what they ate. Peyton said he hated to admit it, but Dale was correct, they truly enjoyed what he had prepared with that method. Allison looked at Dale and asked him to come to her house tomorrow and use what she had bought and prepare a similar dish for Sunday’s lunch and that the Rebbetzin would be there to observe. So there would be the Gray family, the Kravitz clan, and the Amigos at Sunday lunch at the Gray’s home. When Dale arrived early at Pete and Allison’s home he asked if she had an Instapot. It so happened she did, so Dale borrowed it and put a whole chicken in it with some Goya chicken seasoning, a little salt, a little more pepper than the salt, an eighth of a teaspoon of Rosemary and a fourth teaspoon of Thyme. He told them to always use a little Thyme with Rosemary to even out the rosemary. pozcu escort To that mix, he added Brussels sprouts, corn, fresh English baby peas, carrots, and, this time, canned rutabagas. He set the timer of the Instapot on the chicken setting and set the timer for 35 minutes. When the chicken had finished cooking, it slid off the bones. He got the Rebbetzin to shred the chicken very finely and had Allison to put the vegetable evidence in a garbage bag and take it to the refuse cans outside. When the vegetable mixture in the Instapot cooled down, Dale whipped four eggs and tempered them with the vegetable and chicken broth. While that sat for a moment, he pureed the vegetables in Allison’s food processor and then stirred in the tempered eggs. Allison cut the melting cheese into small cubes and Dale had her add the cheese to the vegetable-egg mixture and then had the Rebbetzin add the shredded chicken and stir the mixture well. He greased a 9 x 12 Pyrex dish with Pam Baking Spray and poured the mixture into the Pyrex dish and placed it into a preheated oven at 425 degrees. While that was cooking, he took two sleeves of Ritz Crackers which he pulverized in the food processor. About ten minutes before the casserole was ready, he removed it from the oven, added the crushed crackers and drizzled them with melted butter and put the pan back into the oven until the crackers lightly browned. When Dale pulled the dish out of the oven, he said, “here you go, ladies, chicken casserole and that is all you have to say. Let’ get the children, including the husbands, washed up and eat. Luckily, Dale had made the same casserole at home and brought it with him so there would be plenty to eat. When everyone sat down, the Rebbetzin used a large ice cream scoop and put a large scoop on each boy’s plate and Allison asked her to please dish out some for Jason’s plate. The adults served themselves and raved over how good the chicken casserole was. The young boys had already scarfed down the casserole on their plate and were asking for seconds. Jason and David had thirds. Allison and the Rebbetzin were about to die to laugh and Pete and the Rabbi noticed the twinkle in their eyes. They looked and asked their wives what was so humorous to them. Allison told the boys to go outside and practice juggling which they gladly did. When they had gotten outside, Allison and the Rebbetzin died laughing. When they composed themselves, Allison looked at Pete and asked him, “Pete, what is it that Jason absolutely will not touch if you put it on the table?” Pete replied, “vegetables. Why?” The Rabbi spoke and said it was the same for David and the Rebbetzin started laughing hysterically which puzzled the Rabbi. Allison said, “Pete, the casserole Dale prepared for us had Brussels sprouts, corn, fresh English baby peas, carrots, and canned rutabagas which Dale pureed in the food processor and added to the chicken and cheese with four whipped eggs to congeal the mixture in the oven. Pete and the Rabbi looked at Dale and asked if that was true and Dale told them it was and asked, “did you see how your boys enjoyed it and scarfed it down?” Pete and the Rabbi laughed in amazement with their wives. Pete said, “Dale, I just don’t understand how you make something like that work so well.” Dale replied, “it’s simple, don’t give your game plan away by telling them what’s in it. They’ll keep eating it until they are old and gray or develop a taste for what they said they didn’t like.” Jaiden chimed in that children have thousands more taste buds than adults and that a heightened sense of taste is why they won’t eat many foods that adults enjoy, prime rib excepted. Pete said he never thought of it that way and that if disguising healthy foods that caused intensive taste bud reactions in children could be remedied by disguising the food, it was a brilliant concept. Everyone agreed. Charley and Peyton very nicely washed up the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and wiped off the dinner table so Allison and the Rebbetzin could spend some time talking with each other without worrying about some of their normal mother and wifely duties. When they returned to the living room, they told Allison all the dishes were washed, the kitchen was cleaned Dale style, and the table had been wiped off. Allison was astonished and thanked the guys repeatedly. Charley looked at her and said, “enjoy that little bit of time off, you earned it. Allison got a little sick and turned a bit green. Peyton looked at her face and asked her to look at him so he could see her eyes. He said, “Allison, your face has a red tint to it, your energy level is increasing, you are smiling non-stop and your eyes are very glassine looking, and that can only mean one thing.” Allison looked at Peyton and asked what that one thing would be. “Allison, you are pregnant and it is going to be another boy.” “Peyton, how can you tell?” “It is something I learned when my sister had each of her three boys and I haven’t missed a call yet for any of our friends who were pregnant. Allison looked at Pete and said, “I’ll call the doctor Monday morning and get an appointment for a pregnancy test. The doctor’s receptionist told Allison they had a cancellation at 11 and she could come in then. Allison took the appointment and was at the doctor’s on time. The doctor examined Allison and told her there was no need for a urine test to check for a pregnancy that he could tell she was at least four months pregnant and that he wanted to do an ultrasound which Allison agreed to. When the doctor squirted the gel on her stomach and began doing the ultrasound, he said, “Allison, look at the screen. See this area right here, look at it closely. You have a perfectly healthy fetus. He pointed to another spot and asked if she saw a little appendage?” “Yes sir.” “That is a penis, you’re having a little boy. There is a shadow in the background behind your little boy. I can’t tell right now, but I think you may be having twins.” He printed off copies of the ultrasounds and gave them to Allison. Allison took the ultrasound pics and headed straight to Pete’s office. She walked in the door and asked his secretary if he was with anyone or on the phone with anyone. The secretary said no, and Allison said, “I am going to leave his door open so you can enjoy what I am about to do.” They both smiled. Allison walked into Pete’s office and said, “Damn it, it is all your fault, you have stirred up a hornet’s nest and now you get to figure out what to do about it! ” Pete looked up at Allison and asked, “Honey, what did I do? I’ll do whatever I have to do to get everything straightened out.” “Well, sweetheart, it is going to take you about twenty years to fix this problem! With that, she put the ultrasounds in front of him and asked him what he saw. He looked carefully at the pictures and started crying when he looked up at Allison and asked, “you’re pregnant” Allison smiled and replied, “VERY, look at the ultrasounds again.” “Tell me everything you see, Pete.” Pete said, “I see the baby and I see what looks like a little escort bayan stick in the middle.” Allison told Pete, “Yes, you have a bigger stick like that that got me pregnant. The baby is a boy. Do you see what looks like a shadow behind the baby boy?” Pete said, “Yes.” When he said yes, Pete stopped in his tracks and looked up at Allison and asked, “Are you telling me it is twins?” “Precisely, sweetheart. The doctor said to prepare for two bris ceremonies.” Pete cried more at that point. He said to let him send two texts and he would go home with her. The first email was to Jaiden telling him that he was going to send Peyton an email asking that they come by his house when they got out of classes. “DO NOT TELL PEYTON THIS, but he was right on target yesterday when he told Allison she was pregnant and that it would be a boy. He did miss one thing, the second baby boy. ” When Jaiden got the text it was at the end of his last class for the day. He put his hand over his mouth as a tear rolled from his eyes. The professor saw the tears and asked Jaiden if everything was ok, and Jaiden told him everything was more than ok that there was a surprise waiting on Jason when he got home. To not clue Peyton in as he was standing in the hall, Jaiden slipped the professor a note and told him Jason’s mom just found out she is pregnant with twin boys. He said Peyton called it correctly yesterday before Allison had seen a GYN-ob. She is 4 months pregnant and didn’t know it.” The professor grinned from ear to ear. As soon as Peyton finds out, let me know.” “Yes sir, we are headed to the Gray’s house now. They are going to tell Peyton when we get there.” Peyton stepped back into the classroom and asked Jaiden why he thought Pete would be asking them to come by his house when they got out of their classes. Then he saw the tear in Jaiden’s eyes. Peyton, we are headed to their house now to find out the answer to that question but don’t worry about it, I know what’s going on and it’s extremely good but Pete wants to tell you himself. When they arrived at Pete and Allison’s, Peyton nervously knocked on the door which Pete immediately opened and said, “Come in guys and have a seat on the couch.” When Peyton and Jaiden had a seat, Pete started telling Peyton that he had correctly predicted something that was going to take him twenty years to straighten out. Peyton asked him what he meant. “Peyton, do you remember telling Allison in front of the Rabbi and Rebbetzin that Allison was pregnant and the baby would be a boy.” `Yes sir.” “Well, you were only half right!” “Pete, what do you mean?” “Peyton, Allison went to the doctor this morning because of what you said and she is indeed pregnant to the tune of four months and we had no idea. The something you missed is that it is not one boy, but two!” I took the afternoon off to discuss this with Allison and we both agreed that we are going to name one boy Peyton and the other boy Jaiden and hope they turn out to be as loving as you two are.” Peyton started crying and got up and hugged Pete and Allison. He asked if Jason knew and Allison said, “no, he is getting off the school bus right now. We want you to give him the news for us.” When Jason came into the house, he was thrilled to see Peyton and Jaiden. Peyton looked at him and asked him to come sit on his lap for a minute. He looked at Jason and asked, “Jason, how would you feel about having a little brother?” “Mr. Peyton, that would be super awesome, but why did you ask me that?” “Well, Jason, I have one more question for you. How would you like to have two little brothers?” “Mr. Peyton, don’t joke with me like that.” “Jason, I’m not joking with you, your mom went to the doctor this morning and she is going to have twin boys.” Jason started tearing up and looked at his Mom and asked if that were true and she told him it was. He cried at that point and said he had wanted a little brother for a long time but he didn’t want to be rude by saying anything about it. Pete picked him up and let him cry his little heart out while everybody cried with him. Damn, what a way to end a tough day! When Jaiden and Peyton headed home, Peyton said, “Told ya!” Jaiden said, “yes you did, love and it won’t be long before it is our turn.” Peyton leaned over and put his head on Jaiden’s shoulder and got very quiet. When they got to their house, Jaiden told Peyton to get in the Lincoln that he was going to take him for a walk on a mountain trail they liked that had a beautiful waterfall. The Lincoln rode so well that by the time they got to the trail, Peyton was asleep. Jaiden sat in the parking lot and watched the love of his life sleep so peacefully. About thirty minutes later, something woke Peyton and he said he was sorry for falling asleep. Jaiden told him to not be sorry because he had thirty minutes to watch his favorite person in life get some quality rest. They got out of the car and started walking up the trail when a light misty rain began to fall. It was perfect for them since they were walking under the canopy of the trees. When they got to the benches at the waterfall, Jaiden sat down and pulled Jaiden to his lap and laid Peyton’s head on his left shoulder. With the soothing sounds of the waterfall, Peyton was asleep in five minutes. Jaiden rubbed his hair, kissed him repeatedly on his head, and smiled. He was in heaven with his love sleeping so peacefully. He sat in the misty rain and the spray from the waterfall until it started getting dark. He woke Peyton and told him the park was closing and they needed to head home. When they got home, Jaiden led Peyton to their bedroom, took his shirt off, and laid him in the bed, and removed his pants and briefs. Jaiden then ditched his clothes and climbed into bed by Peyton and began to massage him from head to toe with the lotion Peyton loves that Jaiden always uses. When Jaiden completed his massage, he went down on Peyton and gave him the most sensual BJ possible. He was gentle, slow, and methodical so Peyton could relax and enjoy the attention he was receiving. When the mountains were moved and the mountain stream released its flood, Jaiden got a warm washcloth and cleaned Peyton and then climbed in bed and snuggled with him until both fell asleep. About an hour later, Dale knocked on their door and told them dinner was ready. They threw on their khaki shorts and a tee-shirt and headed to the dining room. Charley looked at Peyton and said, “bro, you look really tired.” Jaiden told Charley Peyton was tired from an earlier event. Naturally, Charley, being Charley, asked what that event was. Jaiden told him Peyton got a text from Pete asking us to come by his house when we got out of classes. He wanted to personally tell Peyton that he was right on the money yesterday when he told Allison she was pregnant and she was going to have a boy. She went to the doctor this morning and found out she is at least four months pregnant and had no idea. Peyton only missed one thing in his prediction: it is twin boys. Charley looked at Peyton and said, “bro, you are so awesome and I am so glad we live like brothers. You never cease to amaze me with the goodness that comes out of you.” He then got up and gave Peyton a real brotherly hug. Dale stuck his head in the door and said, “Ditto, Peyton.” Peyton laughed at that since it was reminiscent of our Wellstone graduation addresses.

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